Top 10 Wedding photographers in Dubai

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Top 10 Wedding photographers in Dubai

Memories are made of well-done photography, especially for weddings. Part of what you don’t want to forget are those beautiful memories especially in a city like Dubai where there are beautiful wedding scenes. At the end of it all, every person wants the services of a professional wedding photographer experienced in capturing every bit of their wedding. You cannot afford to lose any of those glamorous moments and that is why professional photography is vital. Over the years, photography has grown to give a much-desired experience of the current moment and keep it for the future.


Dubai is a city for those who love fun and are looking for a life-changing experience. You cannot go wrong by doing your wedding in this beautiful city. Even with that, you need someone who can photograph your event and help you keep memories of it. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best photography service for your wedding. All the same, none should override the need for quality photography that will help you cherish and reminisce these moments many days into the future. That is what memories are made of.

Photography gives you an opportunity to carry along your sweet wedding memories throughout your lifetime. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss one of these important shots right from the beginning to the reception grounds. For that reason, you need people with proper equipment to make your memories great. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Expert photographers know their work and that is why they should get you professional photography within your budget. Therefore, set your priorities right and you will definitely get a good wedding photographer in Dubai. Looking at the growth of the industry and the increased competition in his field, you will get to find a list of services with the kind of help you are looking for. Here are the top 10 wedding photographers that you should consider using their services in Dubai:

Dubai Photographers

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Dubai Photographers ranks among the top professional photography studios in Dubai offering state-of-the-art photography services to people like you. Therefore, you can engage them for full-fledged photography services within the city.  Services offered included for both indoor and outdoor photography and that includes for a wedding in either of these settings. Everything is conducted in a professional way, ensuring that you have the best of experience for your lifetime event. You cannot afford to take chances with your wedding photography and that is why you need professionals to handle your work.

The photography services have completed many photography assignments in and throughout Dubai and will be looking forward to giving you the same experience. Photography is an art and that is what you will be getting from these professionals. All you need is to let them understand your needs and leave the rest of the work to them. Having been in the industry for some time now, Dubai photographers will help you pick the best answer for your wedding photography needs. They will not only give you the help you need but also make sure that you get the best of service for your wedding.

Get the help of proven and quality professional wedding photography services today. You can check their ratings and reviews online to establish their quality. Contact the Dubai Photographers  Post Box # 62193, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Phone: 971 – 50 – 7744164 or Email: for more details and help with wedding photography.

Blue Eye Picture Studio

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Founded by one Gregory Grytchenko, the Blue Eye Picture Studio is the kind of photography service you would want for your wedding. The service has a pool of premium photographers located in the Dubai city ready to get you pictures that capture unspoken words, gestures and vital moments during your wedding event. All your photography will be carried out professionally and will get you answers to your needs. The photography service will get you quality artworks that celebrate all the wedding love, fund and laughter. The objective of these professionals is to document your life in an artful manner.

The company offers a variety of options including a female team that has a great eye for authentic emotion and beauty. They will capture the wedding story as it unfolds and provides you with a well-edited album of the activities in your event. This happens through a brilliant combination of editorial-style wedding photography alongside fine-art photojournalism. Ultimately, they will help you capture all the beauty in your wedding based on your style and every part that you would want to keep for future reference.


Contact Blue Eye Picture Studio, Showroom and Studio Tower Fifty One at Business Bay, Al Abraj Street, Dubai, UAE via Tel: +971 50 539 5937 – Greg – Mix weddings, corporate, Tel: +971 56 775 8685 – Cherry -Female Team Section or the office through 04 379 04 82 or email them through for help with your wedding photography.

Studio 360

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Studio 360, a Dubai based photography company will give you professional wedding photography services and videography as well. The company is packed with a team of creative photographers who do their work in an artistic manner. Checking from their previous works, every seen is captured and put together in a way that will impress you and cherish the moments you had during your wedding. They present you with ideas beyond your imagination. Part of their work is to impress clients with great photography that will bring you memories that you will want to keep for ages.

This service has been in the industry for over 12 years now and continues to offer excellent photography in Dubai and its environs. You can’t let go any of your moments in this wonderful and great city and that is why you need professional wedding photographers with the skill and experience of getting you more than an experience long after the wedding. You definitely want to have every moment of this event with you and that is why you need experts to be there with you.

Professional photographers don’t need to be told what to do. They know their job and will do everything to put every detail together to make your day memorable. Contact Studio 360 #1205, 12th floor, Tameem House, Barsha Heights, Dubai, UAE via 04 240 6445 WhatsApp +971 54 452 2500 or reach them on Instagram and Facebook for more help!

The Photography Co

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Looking for a company to package every detail of your wedding in Dubai? You may want to engage the Photography Co. This is one of the biggest names in the industry, especially in Dubai. Their belief is based on taking each of your moments whether small or big because they count in making sure that your wedding remains memorable. The team ensures that they have every moment captured during the photography sessions ensuring that you have all details to pick the best from them. For that reason, none of your moments will be lost. It is important to have master photography of everything and later choose what would be desirable to you without a rush.

The company has invested a lot in picking the best photographers and artists who have the skills in covering weddings and many other functions of this kind. Therefore, you will only be served by the top cream in the industry. Checking from online sources, the company has gained a great reputation that is admirable for anyone looking for wedding photography services. This is what you should be looking for in a wedding photographer among other things.


Over the years, The Photography Co has continued to offer excellent services to clients in Dubai and this is probably the kind of experienced photographers you need. Contact The Photography Co Office 1001, Grosvenor Business Tower, Barsha Heights (Tecom), Dubai, UAE via Tel: +97145149896 +971585144875 or email for wedding photography assistance!

Christophe Viseux

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Freelance photographers like Christophe Viseux are among the solutions you might want to consider for your wedding photography as well. This freelance photographer has for over 10 years built a reputation for himself as among the best wedding photographers you will find in Dubai. His vast experience in shooting editorials, corporate events and weddings are probably what might make you want to engage him for your wedding.  Chris is a renowned photographer and his work speaks for itself. You may want to see it for yourself by checking online reviews and comments about the kind of services he has offered over the years.

Viseux work spans over a number of regions around the globe and that includes Dubai as well. His professionalism and dedication to photography as his career tells you that you will definitely get quality service from him. He has been featured in many renowned publications including the USAID, Le Monde, The New York Times, Monocle, Al Jazeera, BrownBook Middle East and The Guardian among others. Therefore, there is no doubt about the quality of work to expect from such a photographer.

Nothing beats excellence services that are delivered through quality equipment, skill and experience that spans over a decade. If you are looking for photographers who understand these services especially for weddings, this is an option for you. Contact Christophe Viseux Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via WhatsApp on +971 56 11 66 894 for more information and assistance.

Studio Plus

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Dubai is not short of quality wedding photography services if you are in need of them. You simply cannot miss some of the best services in Dubai especially because the city has in recent times become a top destination for travelers around the world. A lot of investments have been made and the competition is quite high in almost every industry. Therefore, there will be a wide variety of quality services to choose from in the photography industry as well. Studio plus presents a team of professional photographers specialized in weddings and corporate events among other functions.

Your wedding deserves nothing but the best photography and videography services. Having realized the environment in which it is operating, Studio Plus has established itself among the top-quality services in photography fit for all kinds of weddings. Attention to details has been their great strengths and they are always looking to give you a unique experience with their photography. This has been made possible through their team of competent male and female photographers, video editors, cinematographers, art directors and designers, all working together to give you an excellent job. 


You cannot take chances with your special wedding day. For that reason, you need experts in wedding photography for the job because they got the skill and experience you are looking for. Contact Studio Plus Mobile +971-56-5667741 Telephone +971-56-6999179 or via Instagram, Facebook and Google+. You can also reach them via Email: for help with your photography.

The Studio Dubai

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The Studio Dubai is a wedding photography company providing a unique experience to those doing their wedding in this great UAE city. Detailed photography presenting different themes and capturing every moment of your big day is what you can expect from Studio Dubai. You don’t have to understand how everything will be captured during the event – the Studio Dubai experts take care of that. This is a team of professional photographers who will work closely with you to give you photography solutions for your wedding beyond your imagination. They will bring experience to your work and make sure that you have the best memories captured for future reference.

Weddings are part of our precious memories and for sure, no one wants to mess up with such moments. Professionals understand how important they are and that is why you need to work with them for quality results. You cannot rely on a photographer using one camera because there are many moments that should be captured. Otherwise, you will miss out on special moments that define the very nature of your wedding and make the story complete.


Photography is supposed to tell the story of your wedding. Every detail counts in capturing the storyline and that is why you need a professional to do that. Contact The Studio Dubai on +971 4 347 1745 or WhatsApp them through  +971 54 458 9107 for more details on their services. You can also reach them by filling an online request form.

The Melrish Studio

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The Melrish Studio was founded by Melon and Arish alongside other creative photographers who have since established themselves in the city of Dubai. They have together set up a photography service that serves clients in the region and could also take care of your wedding photography. There are a lot of things that you need to know about what makes wedding photos great and that is why you need the help of professionals to do that. Creativity and originality are what has put the company on the map for those looking for photography services in the city. There is no short of ideas with the Melrish Studio.

The expertise offered through the Melrish Studio is aimed at giving you a unique experience to forever cherish your wedding day. Dubai events cannot be any special without excellent photography to capture the moments. For that reason, you need professionals like The Melrish Studio experts to help you through. With this service, you are simply getting artworks and images that will tell others about your big day in the future.

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is what the Melrish Studio seeks to do with your wedding photography. Let the professionals take care of this important part of your wedding. Contact The Melrish Studio Office 605 The Onyx Tower 1, The Greens, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Telephone No.: +971 4 8836787, Mobile.: +971 52 7629512 or Email: for help with your wedding photography needs.

Kashyap Sagar Photography

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Wedding ceremonies remain to be among the most celebrated events in our lives. Therefore, capturing those moments in photography is very important. That is why Kashyap Sagar Photography, a Dubai-based wedding photography service will help you to accomplish. This service has a team of expert photographers specialized in photography and videography for wedding functions. This comes along with great ideas of both your pre-wedding and weddings sessions. For that reason, they will not only take the photos but also advise you on how best you can use that moment to capture the most important details of your day!

When choosing a Dubai Wedding Photographer, it is important to look at their portfolio and establish whether that is the kind of help you are looking for. At this age of technology and the internet, you can never go wrong in picking the right choice of photographer for your wedding. You can make comparisons between the Kashyap Sagar services and those of other photographers to help you decide on which one to pick. All this should also be made based on your budget.

If you do your research well, you will get to know the kind of photography you will get for a particular service. This is one of the best companies for wedding photography that you will find in Dubai. Contact Kashyap Sagar Photography via email or through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information and help.

Ajay Golani Photography

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Wedding photography, when done correctly can help you create timeless memories of this important day in your life. This is what the Ajay Golani Photography service is focused on doing. These professionals combine artists’ aesthetics and other emotions to capture the best moments of your day and make sure you will live to treasure them. This is a day that you invest a lot of money and other resources in hence deserves the best of services to keep the memories alive any time you look at the photographs. Doing your wedding in Dubai will be a memorable event only if you manage to get the best photographers.

Ajay Golani has established itself among the trusted photographers in the city and that is why it is among the top wedding photographers you will find in this region. There is no room for chances and that is why the company works with the best professionals only. They have done different kinds of weddings from different cultures and that is why they have been a favorite among those looking for wedding photographers in Dubai.


Professional photographers from Ajay Golani make your day memorable by getting quality pictures, designs and setting up artworks that tell a memorable story built around your big day. This creativity is needed to make your event unique and a classic memory. Contact HD25 CNN Building No. 2, Dubai Media City Dubai UAE Ajay Golani Photography via or call +971502249894 | +971507470830 for help with your wedding photography!

Final Comments

In any industry, there are qualities and factors that differentiate the best from the rest. For weddings, you need the best photographers if you really want to have the best of memories concerning this important day of your life. Dubai presents you with a list of wedding photographers to choose from but only one has the kind of solution you are looking for. This, of course, is pegged on your budget and the quality of service you will be getting from there. Therefore, take time to research the various options available from your site and decide on which best suits your interests and needs.

From the list of photographers discussed here, you can make a good choice of your wedding photography service. Be specific about what you want. Otherwise, you may be spoilt for choice, considering the many professional photography services available in this great city. Competition continues to rise and everyone is seeking to get noticed in the industry. Therefore, you must invest some good time and effort in establishing the best from the others. Remember that any beautiful moment missed will be lost forever and you obviously do not want that to happen.

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