Top 10 Best Nursery Schools in Dubai 

Top 10 Best Nursery Schools in Dubai 

Are you considering a move to Dubai and still want your young ones to school there? Well, the opportunities to help them learn while you work in this city are available for your choosing. All you need is to pick a nursery school that will give you peace of mind knowing that your child is in safe hands. For that reason, you should do your research to find out the available options.

In your search for a good nursery school in Dubai, you may need to consider the following:

  • History and founders of the nursery school. Find out the qualifications of the school owners and how the school started.
  • Facilities owned by the school. Make sure the school has enough facilities as would support the learning and welfare of your child.
  • Learning environment. Look at the safety aspects of the institution. What is their security policy? Do they guarantee the safety of your child?
  • Philosophy and culture of the nursery school. What is the basis of learning and teaching in the school? What do they aim to achieve by teaching your child?
  • Fees and associated costs. How much does it cost to have your child learn in school? Is it within your budget?
  • Logistical aspects of the school. How far is the school from your work or home location? Pick a convenient location that will not strain you picking your child from school.

Having looked at all these factors in your search, here are the top 10 best nursery schools to consider in Dubai:

British Orchard Nursery

Leading the way in setting a strong education foundation for children, the British Orchard Nursery in Dubai is an institution to consider for your child. With more than 25 international and national awards for quality, this school is among the UAE nursery schools and in the larger GCC region. The institution has a singular focus on the quality of education and child development provided through several locations situated throughout the UAE.

With a commitment to offering quality, the British Orchard Nursery school continues to innovate solutions for effective learning among children. Due to these developments, the institution is now among the best and largest certified preschool chain in the GCC region. Based on the British Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) curriculum, the school follows on 7-main areas of age-suitable learning.

The nursery school has a holistic and well-developed curriculum that puts together learning with fun. Most importantly, it includes languages like Mandarin and a complete curriculum for Islamic, French, Arabic and English studies together with other extra-curricular activities such as Zumba, football, yoga and music among others.

The belief in the institution is that every child has its strengths and abilities. Therefore, they individually assess the children on developmental and learning goals through the 680 assessment goals contained in the award-winning baseline book.

Contact British Orchard Nursery, Centre – 2, 22nd St – Al Twar Al Twar 2 – Dubai via +971565071068 or email for details and information.

Rainbow Valley Nursery JLT

At Rainbow Valley Nursery school, the objective is to offer children a reliable, friendly, well-planned and caring atmosphere for learning. Parents and children get a service that enhances the diversity of values and equality. The objective is to ensure that every child is comfortable throughout the introduction to school and learning. Most importantly, it is an environment that shapes them from a tender age.

Education for these young ones comes with tender care. Therefore, it is the goal of this institution to offer high-quality care and support for education among children below 5 years. The objective is to help them develop through effective learning and bringing out their potential. To achieve this, the institution collaborates with parents in the learning and development process. That way, it becomes possible to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes that form a solid foundation for the future learning and living of these young ones.

The nursery school has creative and colorful classrooms alongside stimulating materials and equipment. Children can easily move from one point to another throughout the day enjoying and exploring various learning opportunities offered in the school. Indoor facilities offered here included themed classrooms where children get the encouragement to learn independently and acquire hands-on experiences. They also have a soft play section and junior gym among other things.

This is an institution with a big structured space for play and offers children-friendly outdoor activities. Contact Rainbow Valley Nursery JLT Dubai Arch Tower – 32 Cluster G – Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai – the United Arab Emirates via Call: +971 4 4232540 WhatsApp: +971 52 599 1917 or email for more information and details.

Alphabet Street Nursery

The Alphabet Street Nursery is an internationally recognized nursery school. The school offers a custom, warm and nurturing atmosphere perfect for young children in their learning and growth. Most importantly, the institution offers a safe and happy educational experience for learners while focusing on their self-esteem and other needs. They have done everything possible to provide a high-quality environment for learning through play.

Dedicated to the welfare of children, Alphabet Street Nursery seeks and selects the most fun, qualified and caring teachers. In addition, the school follows the EYFS curriculum that helps children get ready for mainstream school. Therefore, the transition from nursery to the next level of learning is smooth for them. The school values the involvement of other stakeholders such as parents in the building of a great future for the children.

The institution has a vision and a mission tailored to providing a secure, caring and safe environment for learning. This effort allows children to attain their full potential. In addition, everything done here is meant to encourage them to develop independence and confidence. Therefore, they lay the foundation needed to support children while in school. Most importantly, the objective is to stir positive connections between home, school and the community at large.

You can always find out more about the school by reaching out to them. Contact Alphabet Street Nursery Al Manara, Road 8A, Villa 11 via +971 4 348 5991, +971 50 937 3696 or email for more details and information.  They are available from Sun – Thur (8 am – 5 pm). The office is closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Little Dreamers Nursery

The Little Dreamers Nursery in Dubai is an award-winning school often known as “home away from home.” This British nursery school is situated right at the center of Dubai, Jumeirah 3. It is an EYFS kids nursery, offering you quality education services within the early years in Dubai. The institution is committed to ensuring that children have access to a secure and safe learning environment making sure they attain their full potential.

Children get to learn from highly trained and qualified teachers who apply a child-led strategy that seeks to meet the learning objectives of the British EYFS (Early Years Framework Statutory) curriculum. This school provides a comfortable and peaceful learning environment for children.  The idea is to make children feel safe, secure and comfortable while in this learning environment.

This is an award-winning nursery school whose mission and values aim at giving children the best in education. There is only one vision – to create an Early Years environment of excellence focused on the child as a whole. This institution provides high-quality specialists to meet the specific needs of each child.

To further meet the educational needs of the children, the institution has partnered and collaborated with education providers to enable them to have different experiences. This happens with planned play to ensure that children explore, develop and grow in various ways.

Contact The Little Dreamers Nursery Villa 44, Al Tawaash Street, Jumeirah 3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates via  +971 4 343 0050,  +971 50 566 7982 for more details and information about the school.

Kids Spot Nursery

Founded in 2014, the Kids Spot Nursery in Dubai has become a respectable institution of a Boutique Nursery in Jumeirah. Here, the school staff seeks to redefine the early education experience for the learners by offering a “home away from home” set-up. This is among the many schools built purposely to create fun and still provide children with opportunities to play, learn and explore.

The little ones from the age of four months to four years are invited to join the nursery school family. The institution has a pool of well-trained members of staff committed to ensuring that the foundation for future learning and education is fully set. At the same time, the school seeks to ensure that the children are developed into independent, social and confident persons.

Kids Spot Nursery is one of the leading schools for children. Based on the British Curriculum, the student also includes and combines various other curricula to boost the overall development and experience of these young ones and their parents. The vision of the nursery school is to redefine the learning experience for a child through a more pragmatic approach to learning. Teachers help the children to explore and discover new ideas and concepts.

This environment of learning is a place where children are led to realize their ethics, morals and values. Contact Kids Spot Nursery Villa 9, Street 12a, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai, UAE Landmarks: Near City walk and Jumeirah Post Office 5 via +971 04 344 8541, +971 56 176 1103 or email for more details and information.

Westfield Nursery

At Westfield Nursery, the school aims to guide children through a custom inquiry-based strategy. The commitment is towards instilling ownership and love for learning in children. Ultimately, children get guidance to realize their full potential. Every child has access to various learning sections in the institution that including the sensory room, gym, outdoor classroom, library and playground.

This great institution offers a unique strategy for learning with the help of certified and committed educators dedicated to excellence. Therefore, it is indeed a special environment for learners. For this great institution, every child is unique with innate abilities and talent. Therefore, they all get access to an enriched and nurturing environment to blossom and learn at their own pace.

Westfield Nursery provides a safe and stimulating environment of learning that helps to foster creative, intellectual and emotional welfare. The educators have founded a special curriculum that assists children to realize and maximize their full potential. Therefore, children are not only taught, but also given opportunities to express themselves through various activities where their potential is tapped.

The mission of the school is to offer a positive, nurturing and safe environment where children can grow to their full abilities. This is possible through personalized attention and care for every child and by establishing self-confidence and continuous love for learning. Therefore, it is a strategic place for children to learn and grow.

Contact Westfield Nursery 52B Street near City Walk (Al Wasl Area) Dubai UAE via or call 04 326 6772, 054 739 2120 for more details and information.

Toddler Town British Nursery JBR

Toddler Town British Nursery JBR is designed to provide the highest quality of childcare. It is a center for innovative, world-class and fascinating facilities for triggering curiosity in the development of knowledge. All this happens in a stimulating and fun atmosphere, which allows children to grow their unique abilities to their full potential. Therefore, it is the kind of environment desirable for children’s growth and learning.

The nursery school has a mission to provide the highest education standards and quality care as well. All these services are provided regardless of children’s race, abilities or religion. In addition, the institution values parent partnerships and allows them to get involved in the nursery experiences of their children. Every parent gets continuous feedback concerning his or her child’s welfare and progress.

At this prestigious institution, children get a comfortable, friendly and safe atmosphere for learning. Their minds are stimulated and challenged to learn, have fun and enjoy the discoveries they make in the course of their learning. For that reason, the nursery provides exciting and innovative facilities that take care of these needs. This is an environment where every parent, child and other stakeholders get proper treatment where they get a response to their abilities and unique skills with encouragement.

Get your child to a good start by exposing them to professionals. Ensure that your child gets an all-around exposure to learning to develop their unique abilities. Contact Toddler Town British Nursery JBR Amwaj 5 Plaza Level, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina – Dubai via +97144528080 for help with more details and information.

Little Minds Nursery

Like many other professional nursery schools around the globe, Little Minds Nursery is a warm nurturing environment for young children in their formative years. The objective is to offer children the best opportunities for their early learning in a secure, stimulating and caring environment. Most importantly, the premises are spacious enough and are designed to meet the needs of children from the age of 1 to 4 years.

Based on the British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum, children and parents can expect nothing but the best learning opportunities. The full day and year-round programs offered here march the needs of working parents. At the same time, the young ones get access to a rich and varied learning environment that works perfectly for the different needs of the children.

Conveniently situated in Villa #33 next to First Gulf Bank Metro Station, Umm Al Sheif, the institution simply has the right kind of atmosphere for learning for all. Most importantly, it has different facilities for different age groups enrolled in the institution. In addition, the learning programmes are well spaced and coordinated to make sure that the children get to benefit from it as intended.

You can find out more about the institution by visiting their premises and/or their website. There is everything needed to introduce your child to holistic learning. Contact Little Minds Nursery 33 17 B St – Umm Al Sheif – Dubai – the United Arab Emirates via their website’s contacts page. Here, you can make enquiries about the school and get more information from the management.

Future International Nursery 

Future International Nursery (FIN) is another top nursery school providing quality learning and educational experiences for children at a tender age. The school seeks to take the lead in providing early years education in the United Arab Emirates. It wants to achieve this by taking an active role in setting robust foundations needed to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. At the same time, the objective is to focus on reconnecting with the natural surroundings and affirming children as part of the culturally rich community of the UAE.

FIN helps children study and discover their roots. That way, they can understand and be confident in developing wings that allow them to actively take part in shaping their tomorrow. Every child is highly valued as a unique person with distinct talent. Therefore, special attention and nurturing are provided to explore their specific abilities. As a result, children consider FIN their second home due to the safe and stimulating atmosphere that exists there.

Innovation is at the core of this institution’s operations. Part of this includes an innovative dual-language programme that includes the research-based International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). They also capture the best practices from around the globe to anchor important learning areas and facilitate language and communication among these children.

In summary, FIN offers children endless opportunities to learn. Therefore, it is a great learning environment for your child while in Dubai. Contact Future International Nursery Dubai P. O. Box 36982, Dubai, UAE or call Tel +971 4 280 3399, Fax +971 4 280 3210, Mobile +971 56 801 5050 for more details and information.

Great Minds Nursery

As the name suggests, Great Minds Nursery is a great nursery school for children in their early years. Founded in 2014, by Areri Panagiotou, the school has risen to be among the top choice of nursery schools in Dubai. Panagiotou had a great interest in education from an early age, which got inspiration from her mother’s KG teaching job.

Later on, Panagiotou would pursue the same line of education, attaining a BA degree in early years education. She furthered her education with a masters course in speech and language therapy, worked in the UK in the same field and qualified as a Montessori-trained teacher.

Looking at the founder’s training, knowledge and experience, it is enough to say that children are in safe hands. She received great support from her family and brought her 8 years of work experience to establish this amazing nursery school. Her only objective is to help children get to their full potential through the Great Minds idea.

The Montessori philosophy applied in this institution is meant to bring out the best in learners using a more pragmatic approach than theoretical teaching and learning. It taps into children’s innate abilities by exposing them to stimulating and fun environments of learning. Therefore, it is a reliable strategy that works to build learners and prepare them for opportunities and challenges in the future.

Contact Great Minds Nursery Street 29, Villa 11, Al Wasl Next to City Walk Behind Box Park Dubai UAE via Phone (+971) 04 3445222 or Email for more details and information.

The Bottom Line

The early years education in any child is vital to their mental development. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have found the best nursery school for your child. In Dubai, there are several options to consider as discussed here in this non-exhaustive list. However, they are some of the top best nursery schools you will find in this prestigious city.

Look at all the options based on your children’s needs and your preferences as well. When you put together all these factors, it will not be difficult for you to pick the right school for your child. Use the information contained here as a guide to help you settle on a good choice of school for your young one.

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