The Top 10 best uniform suppliers in Dubai

The Top 10 best uniform suppliers in Dubai

There is a lot that goes into picking the right uniform for your company to use. This is especially in Dubai where the market competition is quite high. Therefore, you must choose the best supplier to guide you in making the right choices. People with the right skills, knowledge and experience will do a better job of giving you the kind of uniform solutions that will match your needs. For that reason, you should take the time to study the market for all the available options.

To get your uniform supplier selection right, here is a checklist to look at:

  • Think about any requirements for your workers’ jobs. At the end of the day, your employers should look professional with the right outfit on them while executing their duties. Therefore, it will help to procure uniform that matches their work description.
  • Check compliance with any uniform laws. Different industries have different uniform requirements. Therefore, it would be important to make your choices compliant with these laws and regulations.
  • Factor in branding. Uniforms are a great opportunity to help brand your company. Therefore, work with a company that is good at branding to help your business in marketing.
  • Consult widely. Getting the right uniforms and uniform supplier requires wide consultations. Therefore, you may need to involve other people including your employees in the search for outstanding uniforms.

If you are looking for trusted uniform brands in Dubai, the options are many. However, a keen look at the company’s specialization, experience, employees and capacity will leave you in a better place to decide. In that case, here are the top 10 best uniform suppliers to consider in Dubai:

Core Uniforms Dubai

Core Uniform is your home for high-quality uniforms in Dubai. The company offers end-to-end uniform solutions ranging from custom design requirements for industries to developing trendy outfits for branding. Therefore, you can contact them for outfits for promoting your company image and bolster campaigns for strengthening brand representation. Core Uniform will help you with such solutions should you need them.

To guarantee timely shipping and delivery of uniforms, the company maintains a well-equipped production facility located at the Dubai Investment Park. The facility is manned by qualified professionals heavily involved in the textile and uniforms industry. Therefore, there is an on-site team always prepared to take in customer concerns and for general support.

One of the company’s policies is to guarantee the realization of customer ideas through the creation of outstanding uniforms. Therefore, customer satisfaction is a top priority. For this reason, the company produces clothing that its customers will love wearing. The ultimate goal is to have the uniform serve its purpose – to fully represent customer institutions and organizations.

Help and support are available through the company’s sales team with well-trained professionals that discuss your uniform requirements and give your insight on how you can meet them. Many people contact Core Uniform for quality uniforms. This is because they have put in place the right facilities and human resources to help them realize their goals and objectives while at the same time meeting customer needs.

Contact Core Uniform, Dubai Investment Park 2, Zedklym Compound, B1W1 via Tel: +971-4-8800330 or e-mail: for more details and information.

Star Uniform Trading LLC

As a top-rated uniform store in Dubai, Star Uniform Trading LLC conceptualizes, designs and produces custom uniform solutions for hotels, hospitals, corporate companies and so on. The company gives its clients a wealth of experience in the production and delivery of quality textiles and uniforms. Over the years, they have served many corporate companies and hotels in Dubai in the area of uniforms. As a trusted dealer, Star Uniform Trading LLC guarantees nothing but the best quality uniforms for its customers.

The list of customers for this company also includes Salons, Cafes, restaurants and spas in both the UAE, the GCC region and the international space as well. Typical clients for the company have come from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo, Canada, the USA and the UK as well. This tells you of the company’s reliability when it comes to production and service delivery.

With a local manufacturing unit located in Dubai and other international units in India and China, Star Uniform Trading LLC can effectively serve all its clients locally and internationally. Therefore, the company has established enough capacity to take all types and volumes of orders from across the globe. With highly reputable equipment and machinery, the company has produced exceptional quality uniforms.

Contact Star Uniform Trading LLC P.O. Box 51408, Dubai-UAE located Opposite Dubai Museum, Near Royal Sweets, Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai-UAE via Outlet: +971-4-3526347 Mobile: +971-50-5096335 / +971-55-5096335 / +971-55-5211196 or email, for more details and information.

Polo Garments Trading Co LLC

On the list again is Polo Garments Trading LLC, a leader in uniforms manufacturing too. For more than 9 years in the industry, the company has been involved in the conceptualization of uniform ideas, design and their making for corporate organizations, hospitals, schools and hotels among other things. Polo Garments guarantees quality to its customers. This is a top reason why they have remained in business over the years.

The success of Polo Garments is built on the provision of top-quality uniforms in the market. They do not compromise on quality. Instead, they are always striving to offer exceptional fabrics design and exceed customer expectations. Further, the company uses the state of the art materials and equipment to guarantee the much-desired quality for their customers.

Polo Garments is your destination for stylish uniforms that improve customers’ corporate image with skill and professionalism. Uniform designs by the company revolve around the client’s corporate identity. The company has served major hotels and corporate entities in the UAE and countries in the GCC region.

Top in their list of products is a wide range of fits and styles for every product category and a variety of colors and sizes.  Every uniform is custom-made to match customers’ unique preferences.

Contact Polo Garments Trading Co LLC Shop No.12, England Y12, England Cluster, International City – Dubai United Arab Emirates via T: +971 4 5520060 F: +971 4 2264663, M: +971 55 7 234 111, +971 50 7534 111, +971 50 2184 111 or email them at to find out more about their products and services.

AET Uniforms

Established in 1988, AET Uniforms has been manufacturing uniforms over the years in the UAE. Later on, the company expanded to offer uniform solutions in the GCC region and India as well. Therefore, it has a wealth of experience in handling all kinds of uniform needs and requirements. Owing to this great experience, the company can now handle many uniform orders cutting across various industries such as industrial, healthcare, facility management, corporates, sportswear, retail, promotional wear, educational and security wear.

The main resource and manufacturing centers for the company are in Dubai, India and Ajman. The top priority in their operations is customer satisfaction. Therefore, their customers are always the focus of what they do. Over the years, they have built enough experience and capacity to understand customer needs and meet their demands. AET Uniforms has defined its knowledge of fabrics. That way, they have been able to help their clients choose the best outfits for their business needs.

With a pool of talented and experienced professionals, pattern masters certified tailors and cutting masters, the company has defined their processes that are now effective in handling all kinds of uniforms. In addition, they have the latest machines that have helped them make quality and timely deliveries. Therefore, there are no setbacks or delays in the manufacturing of uniforms by this company.

Contact AET uniforms Po Box 113278, Dubai, UAE. Via +971 55 770 5816, +971 55 249 2816 or email them at or to get more details and information about what they do.

Uniform Fashion Dubai

Visit Uniform Fashion Dubai for different kinds of attires and office uniforms serving the corporate world. Every uniform product is tailored to match flexible washing and wearing requirements. Therefore, you can walk in for every kind of uniform. This fully-equipped facility seeks to meet the growing demands of uniforms across the UAE. Most importantly, they apply a lot of precision and effort in the design of these uniform products. The management ensures that product design is done with the latest machines and materials.

With Uniform Fashion Dubai, you can get corporate uniforms designed to match different trends in the corporate world. You can also get custom designs based on the requirements of specific sectors in Dubai and beyond. Owing to this vast experience, this company is among the top leaders in the manufacturing and supply of corporate wear, work wear, medical uniforms, and security wear among others. This is a professional uniform company in the UAE with services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ra’s al-Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Choosing this company guarantees you variety. There is every kind of new outfit for casual events, business meetings and special occasions. There are also economical options where the company supplies preloved wear repaired and refitted for a fresh look. The company only works with meticulous and skilled alteration tailors with a rich experience in the textile industry. Therefore, they do not disappoint in the delivery of the kind of uniform you need.

Contact Uniform Fashion Dubai located in Russia V11 – S14 – International City – Russia Cluster – Dubai – United Arab Emirates via Phone: +971 4 422 9319, Mobile: +971 58 220 20 66, Mobile: +971 58 220 20 77, or Email: for more details and information.

Uniform Master Trading

At Uniform Master Trading, there are all kinds of uniform solutions. With more than 10 years of uniform manufacturing, the company can get you all the help you need for your uniform needs. The company has provided amazing solutions to many outfits including corporate companies and hotels in Dubai, the GCC and in the global space as well.

The company’s local production unit is situated in Dubai with other international establishments in India and China. That way, the company can take as many orders as their facilities can support in serving both the local and international markets. The company is committed to contributing and providing exceptional standards and quality that meet the high demands of the Dubai market and beyond.

Uniforms are important in the representation of the corporate image of organizations and hence a vital part of day-to-day business. Therefore, companies and corporations need to have uniforms of exceptional quality. This is a key focus by Uniform Master particularly on design and the fabric quality used. They guarantee the supply of uniforms that match the perfect image of your company.

Uniform Master Trading is an all-in-one store providing various uniform experiences to different kinds of customers. The company uses vinyl printing, hot press printing and screen-printing to produce quality uniforms.

Contact Uniform Master Trading Behind Old Makhtoom Hospital, Nakheel, Deira, Dubai – the United Arab Emirates via 04-2228639, +971-555-111-752 ( WhatsApp ) or email them at for more details and information.

Linkwell Trading LLC

Linkwell Trading LLC is known for the provision of personalized uniforms for different types of businesses. The company has been in business for more than 12 years. Over the many years, Linkwell Trading LLC has built a great reputation with its outstanding service and exceptional value in the delivery of uniforms with remarkable quality. This has been possible through the input of competent professionals and sophisticated machines for the textile job.

The company provides custom uniform designs for different businesses. All are manufactured in the company factory. However, the company also offers pre-made options. In addition, Linkwell Trading LLC also offers embroidery and silk screening to compliment all uniform items including T-shirts, jackets, polo shirts, caps and sweatshirts. Most importantly, they discuss apparel requirements with their clients and work together with them to meet all customer needs.

By contacting this company, you will speak with a representative who will guide you with all the options listed by the company. With the help of in-house designers overseeing the uniform production process, you have guarantees of perfectly made outfits. In addition, the company prides itself in offering competitive prices to its customers. They have well-defined procedures that have increased their speeds in moving from prototypes to actual production.

Contact Linkwell Trading LLC Office NO 505 & 506 Al Attar Business Center Sheikh Zayed Road Al Barsha 1 Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid Makani No. 16842 78265, Dubai, UAE via +971 58 669 7967+971 4 455 8309 or email for help and support.


Different uniform companies in Dubai have specialized in the making of various wears. One such company is Klothon, which is known for making workwear. Founded in 2012, this brand has established itself as a top workwear partner for most companies in the UAE and the Middle East at large. Therefore, if you are looking for work wear, think of Klothon first.  The company has evolved greatly in the provision of workwear for various industries, particularly in the Oil & Energy sector, health care and fast commerce & delivery services.

Due to its specialization, Klothon has kept pace with the evolving workwear designs and safety trends. Above all, the company continues to innovate and provide bespoke solutions that even exceed customer expectations. Most importantly, the company gives you the possibility to customize your orders to match your unique specifications. This is your destination for professionally looking durable and affordable solutions.

To enhance customer experience and satisfaction, the company provides free ground shipping within the UAE except for any shipments outside the country. In addition, the company delivers across GCC with an expected delivery time of 5 to 21 days for in-stock uniforms. Further, the company provides customers with many options to customize their orders.

Contact Klothon SIT Tower – Office # 1215 Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai United Arab Emirates via +971 (04) 2518724 or Email them at for more information and support.

The Uniform World

A leader in the uniforms industry, The Uniform World based in Dubai deals with all kinds of uniforms for different companies and organizations. The company can supply both ready-made and custom uniforms. Part of what they do is design, embroidery and printing production. They are passionate about the making and supply of quality uniforms both locally and globally while offering competitive prices.

The Uniform World offers flexibility to its customers. They provide both low-scale and bulk orders providing custom uniforms in Dubai and other markets such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Africa, and GCC alongside other export markets around the globe. This is among the top uniform suppliers in Dubai and within the region enhancing customer satisfaction through quality and timely uniform deliveries.

To meet the daily growing demands in all the markets, the company has a diversified team that is collaboratively working to make uniforms for different customers in the market. In addition, the company has ensured smooth operations with investments in reliable machines and streamlined processes. Above all, they engage in continuous training to ensure the supply of quality uniforms throughout.

Key areas of specialization in the company include workwear and custom uniforms. Their operations include head-to-toe stitching requirements, embroidery work and printing of uniforms according to global quality standards. This is a reliable company for all uniform needs in Dubai and beyond.

Contact The Uniform World 27th St. Mezzanine Floor, Port Saeed Bldg. Airport Road(Near Deira City Centre) Deira Dubai United Arab Emirates via +971-4-3349892 or email them via for more details, information and support.

Marshal Uniforms LLC

Founded in 2013, Marshal Uniforms is yet another uniform supply partner in Dubai. Over the years, it has specialized in the manufacture and supply of uniforms for corporates, health facilities, security agencies, utility services and the educational sector among many others. Therefore, they have enough experience and capacity to deliver all kinds of uniform requirements in almost every industry and sector.

Marshal Uniforms LLC is heavily involved in the production of a wide range of uniforms and uniform materials. In addition, it is your one-stop-shop for personalized formals for different organizations, individuals, institutions, businesses and industries. This is an acclaimed dealer and supplier of perfectly designed uniforms in large quantities through the company’s production unit located in Dubai Investment Park.

Companies and any other outfits in need of uniforms can rely on this company for genuine business. Marshal Uniforms guarantees transparency at all times while seeking to implement high standards of quality at all levels. Therefore, this ethical company gives reliable uniform solutions to its customers. Most importantly, they have a competent workforce that includes supervisors, tailors, designers, quality analysts and marketing executives to ensure sufficient production and supply of uniforms.

With close to 10 years of experience in customer satisfaction, the company has risen the ladder to become one of the trusted uniform brands in the Dubai market. Contact Marshal Uniforms LLC CEO Building, Opposite Carrefour Dubai investment park1, UAE via (+971) 48855228 or email them via or for more details and information.

The Best Partner for your Uniform Needs

Any company establishment has its identity that must be kept at all times. One of the best ways to do this is by having properly branded uniforms. For those looking for uniform solutions in Dubai, there are many options to consider. You have access to a variety of companies to choose from for your uniform needs. However, it is important to collaborate with the best supplier to get value for money.

If you need help with uniform solutions in Dubai, this guide will help you in your search. Each company has its strengths and specialization. Whether you need help with workwear, corporate events, or marketing and branding, there will be an option to pick. Most importantly, it will help a lot if you work with professionals with the right skill and experience in the textiles and uniforms industry.

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