Top 10 best investment companies in Dubai

Top 10 best investment companies in Dubai

Investing in the Dubai market is one of the best ideas in this age. For several decades now, the city has taken the lead in making the UAE a top destination for many people across the world. A big group of travelers to this country in the Middle East region consists of business people looking for investment opportunities.

The search for an investment company can be stressful. This high-risk venture requires a careful search and study of the market. In addition, personal tastes and preferences for investment opportunities count largely. However, there are underlying factors that cut across all kinds of investments. These include:

  • Revenue trends and price history to know the company’s growth and stability
  • Net income growth. This is a good indicator of company growth, which is vital for making a well-informed investment decision
  • Legal compliance. Trading with a legal entity protects you from any form of liability should it arise
  • Profitability of investment companies. This goes a long way to determine the amount of returns on your investment
  • Market competitive advantage. Choose a company with a better competitive advantage over others when it comes to investment
  • Background history of the company and its owners. This helps build confidence and trust
  • The company’s business model. How does the company make money? Make sure you agree with that before investing in anything
  • Debt to equity ratio of the company. This helps you to understand how the company manages its total debt

Having known that here are the top 10 best investment companies to consider in Dubai:

Dubai Investments PJSC

Dubai Investments is arguably a top investment company in Dubai if not the best of the best. It is one of its kind in the UAE and its environs. Founded in 1995, the company has become a key player in Dubai’s economy and that of the UAE at large. This is largely due to it is diversified and prudent investments in finance, real estate, industrial, education and healthcare among other markets and economic sectors.

In 2000, the company was listed on the Dubai Financial Market. Today, Dubai Investments boasts of more than 15,000 shareholders and total share capital to the tune of AED 4.25 billion. The company has empowered communities through its businesses in a way that has driven growth on various fronts.

As a pioneer in the investment world, the company is now among the first companies to appear on the Dubai Financial Market. Over the years, it has become a force to reckon with in the UAE and the region.  It has significantly raised investor and shareholder values by putting in place strategic investments and visionary plans. In addition, the company has executed profitable divestments and successful acquisitions.

Diversely equipped with a variety of portfolio investments, Dubai investments provide attractive returns to all investors. As a result, this has continued to strengthen its position in its many growth sectors with a strong emphasis on determination, excellence and continued innovation.  This has also been possible due to their resilient strategy, dedicated management team and stable financial position.

Contact Dubai Investments PJSC P.O. Box 28171, Dubai UAE via +97148122400 or email them through for more details and information.

Ali Cloud Investment

Located in Dubai, Ali Could Investment is a boutique Investment Banking firm that began through a team of professionals to serve the financial and strategic needs of the constantly changing global corporate segment. The company has developed an in-depth ability to reward its shareholders through planning and strategic thinking. This has ensured realistic and continuous business solutions for all.

Packed with a team of skilled professionals, Ali Cloud Investment provides guidance and can resolve matters with ease in the search for suitable financial market solutions. The team leader and founder, Mr Ali is an influential magnate who has gained great experience over three decades of exposure and familiarity with the finance world. He has been at the centre of designing the venture capital framework and economic policymaking within India and internationally.

As a gifted professional with empirical wisdom and practical acumen, Ali has helped this company remain profitable over the years. He has helped a lot in devising viable solutions for wrecked world economies. His prowess in being the architect of alternative economics has been a great pillar in this company.

Ali Cloud Investment specializes in project financing, private equity investment, financial vehicle/SPE, enterprise management, public-private partnerships and financial engineering. The company aspires to be the best cohesive investment firm in the world due to its commitment to excellence and financial stability. They hope to achieve this in their push for sustainable economics while spearheading reliability and innovation.

Contact Ali Cloud Investment 705,706, 7th Floor & Al.Ithraa Tower AlGarhoud P.O BOX: 237270 Dubai – UAE via +971 50 235 6234, +971 58 147 6086 or email for more details and information.

Gulf General Investment Co. (P.S.C.)

Commonly abbreviated as GGICO, Gulf General Investment Co. was founded in 1973 as a public shareholding organization bearing the name Arab Economists Corporation. It was originally established to act in the founding of industrial projects and residential real estate companies’ development.  This was in both rentals and sales of property developers in Dubai.

The company is now one of the best investment companies in Dubai owing to its optimization of the different opportunities available in the market. Going forward, GGICO seeks to be among the top investment companies in the city of Dubai. Its main investment arms include hospitality, real estate, financial services, manufacturing, services and retail industries.

As the UAE continues to make progress on various fronts. Therefore, it plays a big role in the world market due to its strategic vision, determination and boundless enthusiasm. As a result, GGICO has tapped into this uncompromising and inspirational strategy to transform its investments and develop robust business opportunities for continued growth. The company has capitalized on various openings in Dubai that have helped them build a strong portfolio. Today, it is among the top independent family business groups you will find in the city. Most importantly, it is a leading corporate outfit in the global space.

Contact Gulf General Investment Co. (P.S.C.) Al Fattan Plaza Building, 4th Floor, Airport Road, P.O. Box 22588, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates via Tel: +971 (0) 4 2821 888 Fax: +971 (0) 4 2868 828 or email them through to get more details and help.

Al Mazrouei Investments

This is yet another investment company with an extensive portfolio. Al Mazrouei Investments is a diverse conglomerate and family business established on strong family values. In addition, it enjoys a wealth of experience from the company chairman, Abdulla Humaid Almazrouei. The company started from a strong family-owned business establishment that had diversified business interests in construction, real estate, strategic investments, facility management, F &B, representation of international companies, healthcare and education.

Al Mazrouei Investments is continuously in the search for successful business ventures and acquisitions. This has been taking place through full ownership or partnerships to diversify further and build a strong business portfolio. So far, the company has built a sustainable diverse assets portfolio. This gives the company a healthy position in the market to even attract more investment opportunities.

The founder’s vision and experience stemming from both the private and public sectors have been strong pillars in their push to create a solid investment foundation. That way, the company has been able to guarantee a prosperous and bright future for all the stakeholders and aspiring investors that want to join them.

This is a company with the resolve to conquer new territories as they come across new opportunities. Therefore, it is a lucrative option for investors looking for business opportunities in Dubai.  It is an investment company that has achieved tremendous growth over the years.

Contact Al Mazrouei Investments Office 2301, Vision Tower, Business Bay, PO Box 445372, Dubai, UAE via +971 4 323 1503 or email them through for more details and information.

The Ghobash Group

The Ghobash Group is an investment company in Dubai that has built huge success through strong partnerships with top-notch global brands. Its long-standing relationships with customers and the ability to attract and retain the best talent have been key to its growth. The company is constantly pursuing active diversification and expansion into the international market to guarantee growth and stability for its stakeholders.

Due to the energy and spirit of the well-structured family driving the company, the company has established high standards of operations founded on global practices. The Ghobash Group works closely with investment partners and the stakeholders to promote and support their shared economic interests locally and abroad.

The company is founded on three overarching macro trends aimed at enhancing and optimizing service and product solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations. These include digitalization, personalization and customization, and sustainability. This approach is vital to widen the scope of operations and boost growth.  The use of digital transformation technologies helps create new business processes, customer experiences and culture needed to meet changing market and business needs.

Further, the company uses personalization and customization strategies for enhanced customer experience. Specifically, they employ Omni-channel technologies to make sure there is a seamless customer experience in every state. Most importantly, every choice made is based on the idea of sustainability looking at the environmental impact of the company’s actions in everything.

Contact The Ghobash Group Makeen Building, Airport Road, 3rd Floor, Suite No. 309, Dubai via +971 4 251 7777 or email them via for more details and information.

Binghatti Holding

This is yet another lucrative investment company in Dubai. Binghatti Holding is among the biggest holding companies in the whole of the UAE. Located at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Binghatti operates in various sectors including hospitality, construction, fast-moving consumer commodities, design, real estate, food & beverage and industrial.

Owing to its wide catch of investments, the company is UAE’s leader in the development of affordable artistic homes. Its real estate portfolio spreads over 40 projects and is more than AED 3.5 billion. In addition, the Binghatti brand seeks to introduce the world to properties identifiable via superb architecture and branding.

All these ideas are under the leadership of the founder and chair of the company, Dr Hussain Binghatti Aljbori. He has a strong background in innovation, electrical engineering and technology. Founded in 2008, the company started as an umbrella for all his earlier successful establishments. The wealth amassed through his efforts is a testimony of the mercantile excellence and diligence of the Binghatti family for over three generations.

The stability exhibited in this company spanning over such a long time gives them credibility as an option for investors. Therefore, it is a great door and opportunity for those looking to invest in Dubai’s lucrative economy and beyond.

Contact Binghatti Developers Experience Center Gate Avenue, Dubai International Financial Center Dubai, UAE, P.O. BOX: 341186 via Telephone: 800-15 or Email: for more details and information.

Emirates National Investment (ENI)

Abbreviated as ENI, the Emirates National Investment is an investment company that offers diversified investment opportunities covering agriculture, construction, real estate, and industry across the UAE and the Middle East region as well as Africa.  ENI began its operations in 1982 through the late H.E Dr Mohammed Khalfan Bin Kherbash.

The company’s idea coincided with the great economic development drive, innovation and diversification that we see in the UAE and GCC region today. Therefore, there is no doubt that the company reaped big from these efforts based on the path they chose to follow in their investments.

ENI’s investment approach is defined through the search for value through commitment and having a lasting focus. Over the years, the company sustained a steady growth trajectory by having a good understanding of the industries and markets. In addition, it built sustainable models of business in consideration of all stakeholders. Therefore, it values the input of all towards the successful implementation of programs of diversification and growth.

The company’s philosophy is built on complete adherence to social, environmental and governance principles. These have been vital in creating sustainable returns and at the same time contributing to the advancement of countries and businesses matching the economy diversification vision of the UAE. In that case, ENI seeks to be an investment leader group in the region and set the benchmark for business practices as well.

Contact Emirates National Investment 32nd Floor | Churchill Executive Tower | Business Bay | P.O. Box 474 | Dubai | UAE via T: 800 – MY ENI (800-69 364) or email for more details and information.

Century Financial

Headed by the visionary Mr Bal Krishen, Century Financial has one sole vision of providing better investment prospects to customers in the financial markets. The success of the company is greatly influenced by Krishen’s noteworthy organizational skills. He takes full responsibility for the company’s actions and takes a personal approach to business hence developing trust among shareholders and investors. This has largely been reflected in his outstanding business acumen.

For close to 30 years now, the company has arrived to provide various professional services to corporate and private investors. During this period, the company has also succeeded in extending its network all through the Middle East and the GCC at large. So far, the company has been successful in simplifying the global financial markets and making them accessible to both local and overseas investors. Therefore, Century Financial is a leader in the provision of quality customer services and various trading instruments via different asset classes to all its UAE clients and beyond.

This company is a pioneer in global financial markets in the Middle East region. They have enough experience in getting investments close to investors by having a customer-focused strategy, cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading experience. To realize all these, the main emphasis has been on educating all investors to empower them to make the right decision.

Contact Century Financial 6th Floor, Building 4, Emaar Square, Downtown, Dubai P.O. Box 65777, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Toll-Free: 800-2368879 (CENTURY) Fax: +971 (4) 355 4630 +971 (4) 356 2800 or email for more information and details.

Daman Investments

Daman Investments is another company with extensive experience in the delivery of unmatched customer satisfaction. They engage in transparent and professional standards backed up by good governance. This company is arguably among the top investment companies with more than 20 years of experience in the market.

Today, Daman investments offer a flexible and personalized approach using its professional team that has a rich knowledge of the local and international markets. For purposes of maintaining credibility and professionalism, the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) regulate the company. In addition, the company has a deep understanding of the MENA investment landscape owing to its experience. Therefore, they are a great investment partner to investors.

Part of what they do is asset management. This includes an assortment of key asset classes and various styles appropriate for investors’ financial goals. In addition, they also offer securities brokerage. That way, investors can get access to financial markets alongside an in-depth analysis done at the company’s trading platform. Still, the company offers investment and advisory services to help investors meet their financial targets. Moreover, they also provide innovative investment ideas for proper wealth management.

With a vision of being at the centre of the new Arab world economy, investors can rest assured of growth and stability. Daman investments seek to excel in financial services by way of realizing growth and attaching value for shareholders and clients alike.

Contact Daman Investments Dubai World Trade Center, Suite 600 P.O. Box 9436 Dubai, the United Arab Emirates Via Phone: +971 4 332 4140 or Email: for more details and information.

The MAG Group

In Dubai’s investment world, The MAG Group is a multinational conglomerate whose portfolio includes contracting & engineering, real estate, freight services, industrial & commercial trading, and the hospitality industry. Established in 1978, the MAG Group has grown to become one of the biggest investment companies in the region. It maintains a big pioneering and leadership position in the market.

This investment company is a vibrant and powerful company with more than 2000 personnel running operations in over fifty companies and outlets. All these are scattered all over the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. With the ever-increasing work volume, the company is assured of growth and development. Over the years, there has been a constant push for customer satisfaction and that has ensured success for the company’s operations. As a result, the company has continued to expand its horizons through such efforts.

In the search of excellence, the MAG Group wants to realize economic growth and development in the industrial, construction, commercial and real estate sectors. All these efforts are targeted toward meeting the needs of both local and international customers. Further, the company continues to innovate in search of better productivity. This creates more and more opportunities for growth in the future, which is a good sign for any interested investors.

Contact The MAG Group 25th Floor, South Tower, Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O.Box:23325 via Tel:+971 325 4660 Fax:+971 4 386 5066 or Email: for more details and information.

Invest in Dubai

Investment opportunities are ever on the rise, especially in the Dubai Market. Investors, both local and international are investing in all sectors including hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, financial services, construction, engineering and general services among other things. Therefore, there is no lack of opportunities for more investors to come in.

The good thing is that there is a wide range of investment companies for anyone looking for opportunities in Dubai. There is a company in almost every sector with both local and global partners and a diversified portfolio. Therefore, you can choose what company suits your interests in this lucrative market. These top best investment companies will help you navigate the market and make a well-informed decision.

Top 10 Best Dubai