Top 10 Translation Services in Dubai

Top 10 Translation Services in Dubai

Top 10 Translation Services in Dubai

Expanding your business and entering new markets requires preparation on many fronts. Today, translation services have become a lot important due to the growing globalization and opening up of markets in different parts of the world. With an effort of getting in touch with the local customers, it is important you get to know their language. Basically, you will need translation services for communication purposes. This is mainly for the purposes of selling your products and offering the much-needed services for your businesses to thrive. The case is not different in Dubai.

Over the years in recent times, Dubai has established itself as a leader in the world of business and that has attracted many investors from around the world. This has necessitated the need for auxiliary services to boost foreign establishments coming into the city. Getting a localized experience for your customers should be your number one priority if you want to succeed in doing business in Dubai. This is important for increasing your sales and boosting profits. Customers will only buy if they understand your language and therefore, it is important for them to know what you are offering them.

Proper translation, especially on legal grounds, is also very important. Understanding the rules and regulations of doing business in Dubai is probably more important than anything else in your establishment efforts. It is very important for you to understand the confines of your operations even before getting help with other things. In your search for a translation service, you will have to look at the credibility of the available choices and whether or not they are licensed to offer such services.

Every translation job is special with unique needs. A lot of factors come to play based on the subject of your text, its length and the sensitivity thereof. There is a lot that goes on in the world of translation especially where there is a combination of languages, the specific need for translation and delivery times of the project.  It is important to make sure that the chosen service will translate and customize your content in a culturally correct way that matches international standards and markets.

There are key things to look for when searching for translation services. These include the genuineness of the services, costs involved, legal compliance and the scope of services being offered among other things. Definitely, the choice is tailored around your needs. If you can get all the help you need from one translation service, the better for you. Here is a list of the top translation services in Dubai to choose from:


Translators and Interpreters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Among the first things to look at in a translation company is its legal compliance. Well, Transn is an ISO9001 certified translation service known for the delivery of international standards in the world of translation. It also has CMMI level 4 certification that shows its maturity in process assurance of client projects. Over the years, the company has continually enhanced its organizational process performance by exercising control and tracking what they do from time to time.

Transn is a service operating in Dubai to offer professional language solutions and translation services for anyone who needs them. This is specifically for business establishments seeking entry into the lucrative Dubai market. The company is considered among the top translation services in Asia and around the World as a reliable language service provider. You can get interpretation services, language and translation services from professionals who are experts at their work.


The sole objective of the company is to help its clients communicate without barriers and make language services accessible to all. This is what you need as you prepare to enter the Dubai market. Effective communication will be very vital for your business. Contact Transn via or call (001) 888-992-4678 to get help with your translation needs today!

Language Translation Services Company in Dubai

Al Syed Legal Translation Dubai is another reliable service for those seeking translation and language services in Dubai. It has acquired ISO certification for is consistency in the delivery of professional translation services in the city. The company is duly licensed through the Ministry of Justice of UAE and that is why it is a credible service for your use. It is particularly helpful in the interpretation and translation of legal matters concerning anything you will ever do in Dubai. You need such credibility to succeed on all matters legal.

The firm has a nationwide and global reputation for the delivery of such services as related to translation between languages. Approved for the delivery of these services by different government arms, Al Syed legal Translation has worked closely with the French Embassy, Slovak Embassy and Czech Embassy among several others. The company has certified translation that is also widely recognized and accepted by UAE courts, Dubai Land Department, Free Zones, RTA and Dubai Municipality among other embassies in UAE and government offices.

With the main office located in Dubai, UAE, you definitely will get the help you need to settle in the city. The company has a pool of highly-professional individuals with quality training and qualifications making them the best for anyone in need of translation services in over 200 languages. Contact Al Syed Legal Translation through or call +971 43987126 for assistance with translation today!

Elaph Translation

UAE Translator

Elaph translation helps you get over language barriers making everything possible for you to do while in Dubai for business. Telling your story perfectly is all that sells and that is what this service endeavors to do. They are the kind you need for persuasive, compelling and powerful communication in the search for effective communication forms. Elaph offers more than juts translation were every work is done with an objective of ensuring effective communication through candid translation.

The firm has been in operation for over a decade now and has actively helped businesses get established in Dubai and render their messages in various languages. This has enabled them to expand their reach, engage their audience, boost their revenues, drive traffic and attract more attention to their prospects in the market. In its name, Elaph simply means “causing to come together” and that is exactly what it helps its clients to achieve – creating a closeness, intimacy and friendliness through a shared language in the belief that words create worlds.

Translation services are central to what Elaph does especially in the pursuit of ensuring effective communication for all. The world can be wordless where language barriers exist but Elaph seeks to get rid of that through the translation services. Contact Elaph Translation via or call + 971 4 331 03 32 for help with professional translation services for effective communication.

Translation Agencies in United Arab Emirates

The Al Resala Legal Translation Services located deep within the heart of Dubai business district is a renowned translation service in the city. Entry for foreign business is a lot easier when such services exist. The company offers an unlimited scope of translation services touching on the legal aspects of doing business in Dubai, economic aspects, financial, administrative and medical issues among other things that would help you assimilate seamlessly into the market.

Translation is available from Arabic to English and the other way round and in other versions include from Arabic to German and Vice versa. For purposes of maintaining professionalism and authenticity, Al Resala Legal Translation services make use of qualified professionals who know their work and are trained to provide help to clients as required.

The types of services offered in this firm include three broad classifications: field translation services, language services and in exclusive cases such as VIP public notary services, attestation services and so on. Contact Al Resala Legal Translation Services by writing to P.O. Box: 251934, Dubai, UAE, Acico Business Park, office no. 405, Port Said or email or call (0097)1569398060 for help in any of these services.

Translation Agencies in United Arab Emirates

Petra Legal Translation services have been in existence for over two decades now. Therefore, it is definitely among the leaders in the language and legal translation services in Dubai and the larger Middle East. The head office is located in Dubai and that makes it a favorite for those coming to the city and are in need of translation services. As a vibrant tourism and commercial hub, Dubai is a destination for many people coming from different backgrounds. For your business to thrive, such translation services would come in handy.

If you are looking for hassle-free translation services, Petra Legal Translation is worthy of consideration. The company has well-trained proofreaders, linguists, translators and paralegals making it possible for them to offer quality services that meet your needs and requirements and even much more. Petra Legal Translation has been able to serve clients entering the Dubai market providing them with the necessary legal translation of things that they need to thrive in the market.

There is practically every type of translation help for businesses and anyone in need of these services. Certified by the Ministry of Justice in UAE and also registered with the Dubai Economic Development Department, Petra Legal Translation is a credible source of translation services for those seeking entry into the Dubai city market. Contact Petra Legal Translation via or call 04-228-6896, 0561921110 for translation solutions today!

Andalus Translation

List of the Top Dubai Translation Agencies

Andalus Translation Company is a translation service provide specialized for businesses seeking establishment in Dubai.  The company matches high industry standards with a team of highly competent translators, project managers and proofreaders. All these professional groups are put together to ensure that you get the best outcome for effective communication out of the translation work.


There are translation solutions for all businesses from various industries in Dubai. Therefore, all your translation needs will be handled by the same provider. Packed with a team of dedicated professionals, Andalus will ensure that you get all your documentation translated for your use. Services provided include financial, medical and legal translation for your business. You can also get help with literary materials, automotive documents and for public relations, subtitling, localization, desktop publishing and interpretation among others.  

Typical projects include translations from Arabic to English to get you a thorough understand of both the basic and multifaceted aspects of doing business in Dubai. The scope of services offered in the company reaches far and wide. The company’s mission is to guarantee excellence in the industry with a vision of offering a wholesome approach to translation.  Therefore, clients can expect meaningful documentation to help in effective communication. Contact Andalus Translation via or call (+971) 4 386 55 03 to get help with your translation needs.

Alsun Translation Services

List of the Top Dubai Translation Agencies

Alsun ranks among the top translation services in Dubai. The company offers cost-effective translation solutions in Dubai and within the UAE. In the translation efforts, the firm covers over 100 languages from different parts of the world especially in the delivery of quick, accurate and quality translations for the business world. The company covers translations in various sectors in the world of doing business. This has been a huge possibility through innovative and quality solutions.

Translations by Alsun Translation services are done with the help of translators who are native speakers of your target audience. Most importantly, they have first-hand experience in your area of doing business. The objective is to provide clients with services in the native language to help them have a solid presence in the international market and establish their business in the region and beyond.

This company presents itself as a global translation Agency both in UAE and in several other parts in the region and beyond. The translation projects are usually of different volumes and types. Usually, they are assessed for quality once translation has been done to ensure that they match the applicable standards in the industry. Clients get 24/7 support to walk you through the translation process. Contact Alsun Translation Services via or call 054 43 79997 for help with your business translation needs.


UAE Translator

One of the ways to scale and go beyond the borders is to ensure that you got good translation services to help you enter new markets. Torjoman was established with that understanding in mind. The company aims at making content for a global audience and reach for businesses coming into Dubai. The localization and translation efforts are designed to match the needs for this digital age. Most importantly, it is customized in a way that pushes your content into the market in a cost-effective and speedy manner.

Torjoman focusses on ensuring effective communication between businesses and prospects in the market. With more than 1000 expert translators having a good command of more than 100 languages, the company’s mission is to guide clients coming into the Dubai market. The work of translation offered here is meant to break boundaries and enhance understanding in all these languages.

This company provides support for the international business cycle in many levels of the industry starting from the legal translation services, website translations, marketing and content localization for effectiveness in business.  You need such services as your focus on the operations of your entry into the Dubai sphere. Contact Torjoman via +97143911813 or visit their website for details on how you get assistance with your project.

Language Translation Services Company in Dubai (2)

Located 1707, Blue Bay Tower, Al Abraj St., Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, the Front Line Legal Translation services is a trusted company for providing legal translation services for anyone entering the Dubai market. Without a proper understanding of the rules of engagement and entry into the market, doing business in the region can quite be difficult. This company takes care of all your linguistic needs that are important for your success in the new working environment. The ability to connect with your customers is key to your success. That is what Front Line Legal translation endeavors to do.

There is help with such documentation as technical manuals, business letters, medical reports, financial statements, contracts, website content, brochures and continuous legal translation services as may be required from time to time. There are professionals who are skilled and experienced to handle such matters and will help you to achieve your goals and objectives in the market. It is all in ensuring that you have a common language with stakeholders in the market environment.

Front Line Legal translation does all legal documentation for you ensuring that you have your content in a language that can be understood by all. Experts are knowledgeable and experienced in their work and that is why they can do a quick job for you and get your business running almost immediately. This is what you will need as part of the business setup process in Dubai. Contact front line legal translation via or call 04 321 2747 for assistance with legal translation help today!

DarLukman Translation Services

Translators and Interpreters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

DarLukman Translation services help businesses coming into Dubai to go past language barriers. The company offers professional translation help and interpretation alongside other linguistic services targeting your audience for effective communication. Identifying a common language for all in the market is the secret to becoming successful in the world of doing business. DarLukman presents over 40 languages that include French, Arabic, English, Portuguese, Italian and many others ensuring a wide reach for businesses of diverse backgrounds.

The effort made by the company is to help assimilate all cultures in an environment that they can complement each other in producing a harmonious market place. Having worked with people from different cultures, the firm has every translation solution that any business entering the UAE might require. For that reason, it is worth considering its services when similar needs arise. Check their online reviews and feedback from past clients to help you decide on whether or not to use their services in your translation needs.

The vast experience gained over the years has made DarLukman Translation Services a reliable source of help for businesses getting into the market. Everything is refined to offer new entrants into Dubai market cost-effective solutions that are quick and accurate to get you going with your business. Getting the most accurate translation should be your number one priority is meeting the needs of your business.

DarLukman promises to give you more than just verbatim translation. Instead, they will get you the help you need based on various cultural orientations to ensure you get to understand each other with your prospects. Contact DarLukman Translation Services via or call 0097142369033 for reliable translation solutions to help you grow your business in Dubai.

Final Remarks

If you are considering entering the Dubai market for business, there are a lot of things that will help you become successful. Part of that is the translation service that you are going to use for your business content. To understand your clients perfectly and reach out to them in a language that they can understand, the help of professional translators will be important. There are matters to do with legal requirements, basic language for making transactions, keeping financial accounts, preparing manuals and other documentation. Therefore, make sure that you got the right answers for all your needs.

You need reliable translation services to go past language barriers and win the hearts of your esteemed customers. A lack of effective communication will hinder your ability to communicate effectively and limit the much you can do in such an environment. Understanding the legal aspects of doing business there cannot be overlooked. For that reason, you need a credible translation serviced licensed to do so by the government. That is the only way you can succeed with your business operations while in Dubai.

Having understood your needs, you can now choose from a variety of translation services in and around Dubai. At this age of technology and the internet, there is invaluable help for you to match the kind of needs you have to make your content readily available for access by your target audience. These translation services are among the best that you can use to help you set up your business effectively in Dubai.

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