Top 10 Pest Control Companies in Dubai

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Top 10 Pest Control Companies in Dubai

Pests can be a bother to both commercial and residential establishments. Therefore, it is important to have the right measures put in place to manage them. There is a lot that can go wrong if you don’t get to find the right solutions for controlling pests in your premises. Dubai is a great destination from people from all over the world and everyone is looking to live in safe and secure environments. Regions in the city that are infiltrated by pests are not a pleasant option for anyone and that why it is important to get the help of professionals for advice and suitable solutions to manage the issue.

Nuisance pests are a huge problem. A good number of them cannot be managed by simply spraying chemicals on your premises. You need expertise and professional solutions to manage them. Therefore, a simple insecticide spray may not suffice. Not every pesticide in Dubai will work for you. However, you can get proper treatment from professionals situated all over the city and take care of your homes and business establishments. These issues sound common but a perfect solution for them is not guaranteed and may in most cases not be a DIY thing. This is more especially in Dubai where you want to remain competitive in business or even have the best of experience from the comfort of your home.

First, it is important to note that the UAE government regulates and controls the use of pesticides in the country. It is a serious offence to use illegal service providers for pest control. For that reason, it is important to make sure that you have the right people to help you out. Prior to choosing a given pest control company, make sure that you have enough information concerning the same. To get started, here are the top 10 pest control companies in Dubai that you should consider:

Supreme Pest Control

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Services offered by the Supreme Pest Control Company include cockroach treatment, bed bug treatment, rodent control, termite control and treatment and solutions for curbing the infiltration and attack by flying insects. Everyone in Dubai is looking for cost-effective solutions and that is what you will probably get from this company. More than that, you will get the help of experts and pest control professionals giving you advice and information on how to go about your specific situation.

The company offers services to different regions in Dubai and therefore, you can be sure that there will be people attending to you should you ask for their services. This is possible with the company’s pool of experts who are knowledgeable and well-trained in this area. To comply with the set standards by the government, the company has its team trained on the trade and have together with the company employed the approved pest management technique within Dubai. A company with a national reputation is all that you need to be sure of the services you are getting in this great city.

Get reliable pest control services from knowledgeable individuals. This company has the right resources and solutions to manage and protect your premises from pest attacks. However, you may want to check information online on what they do and are willing to offer you. Contact Supreme Pest Control Services, P.O. Box: 231470, Dubai, UAE by calling 04-5136885, 055-9483077 or email them at for more help and information concerning the services they offer.

Akkad Pest Control

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Dubai is not short of companies like Akkad Pest Control that will help you manage insects attacking your premises. Even with the severest of measures on your own, you will always find some pests that have infiltrated your premises and are interfering with your normal day-to-day life. Akkad pest control offers you a solution. With their expertise, you can easily manage bed bugs, rodents and cockroaches among other insects invading your home. This is among the trusted pest control companies in Dubai and you will want to find out more about what they offer in this trade.

The problem of pests can be humiliating but it shouldn’t be a problem if you are working with experts. For that reason, your problems will be solved once you get the right partner to help you deal with the situation. Akkad professionals will bring you skill and experience that you will need in the treatment of different types of pests. Therefore, it is an option that you will want to consider to take care of your premises in Dubai. The company has been in operation since 1991 and has over the years continued to provide pest control solutions to investors and homeowners in the Dubai market.

Contact the Akkad Pest Control – Dubai Head Office, Dubai Bur Dubai – Al Attar Center – office 114 Opposite Burjuman Mall, Tel: 04 39 66 211,Tel: 04 252 1009,Mob: 050 400 1344, P.O Box:234341. You can also email them at for more information and help with their services.

Pro Shield Pest Control Services

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Get the help of dedicated pest control services from Pro Shield Pest control in Dubai. The company offers a variety of pest control solutions drawn from a wide spectrum. Great solutions come from experts. Even in the most demanding scenarios, you will get help from individuals who have mastered this trade in the wonderful city of Dubai. You don’t have to get worried about your pest situation. All you need is to reach out to these professionals and they will get you solutions to stay in a safe and secure environment free from pests.


Pro shield pest control provides authentic and accredited pest control services in residential and commercial settings. The range of services includes control and treatment of ants, bedbug, rats and termites among other pests and insects. The company’s team of experts will be there to give you answers and guidance on how to effectively manage your situation. They will not only make you understand what you need but also solve your problems. If you want to take full control of the situation, work with professionals. They know the best solutions for you and the legal ones especially in Dubai where quality is key.

Contact Pro Shield Pest control services, Office #2101, Khalid Al Attar Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai Operations: Office G04, Sky Business Centre, Vista Boulevard, Nad Al Hamar, Dubai or through Tel.: 04-3888235 Mobile: 050-2705667 (Whatsapp). You can also email them through for more information. You will get all the answers you want!

National Pest Control

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Owned by Rentokil Initial, the National Pest Control Company is yet another reliable company to consider for pest control in Dubai. It is arguably among the best pest control businesses in the region and also a renowned brand globally. If this is what you are looking for, then the National Pest Control is worth of consideration. You will get the benefits of well-standardized procedures with proven efficiency in managing pests and controlling them. The company is big in terms of solutions and resources available for your use. Therefore, you will have a wide range of options to consider.

The National Pest Control Company came into existence in 1992 and has over the years continued to offer in-depth solutions in this trade. This is possible due to its resource and technical capability of offering the best pest control solutions in the city and beyond. Having the best pest control solutions from a globally recognized brand, it is a great solution for you to use for your premises. They will come with the best of help with a team of well-trained and certified individuals who are passionate about their work.

When you want real solutions, don’t give room for guesswork. Only the best pest control services have a solution for you. Contact National Pest Control head office 523 Oud Metha Dubai UAE. Tel 043242342, fax 043242347 or email them through They will get you all the help you are looking for control pests in your home and office!


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This is a certified pest control company operating in Dubai and its environs. They provide a sure solution for a safe working environment free from pests. With a host of resources and the latest technologies in the industry, the company has continued to provide help for those struggling with pest challenges. Pesticides used by the company are approved by the government and have widely been used for both residential and commercial purposes. They complement the environment without adversely affecting it. These are the type of solutions you should be looking for and for sure, Ecocare will help you.

Ecocare provides pest control solutions and water cleaning services. They will give you cheap and effective pest control services to help you live comfortably and safely on your premises. Solutions are available in small and large scale and therefore, you can choose what suits your application and use. The range of services offered by Ecocare includes pest control in industries such as hospitality, property management, health care, learning institutions and manufacturing among others. This has been made possible with contemporary technologies and equipment in the trade.


Get the best of pest control solutions from professionals and treat your premises thoroughly. Find out more about the company online. Contact Ecocare Emerald Properties Building Industrial Area 3, Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE via Telephone: 00971-4- 3307779, Fax No: 00971-4- 3307776 or reach them through for help and assistance with pest control measures.

Lulu Pest Control and Cleaning Services

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Get 24-hour pest control services while in Dubai offered by Lulu pest Control and cleaning services. As a licensed pest control company, you can rest assured that you will get professional and certified services that will leave your premises safe and secure to use. The company has been in operation for more than 10 years offering both cleaning and pest control services. These two go together because most pests thrive in unclean environments. Therefore, you will get a thorough solution and help on how to deal with pests on your premises.

Lulu pest control and cleaning services include treatment for cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, tick, spider, fleas and so on. You will get free estimates and a thorough assessment of your premises before being given the solution you need. The company has adhered with all legal requirements and has been approved to operate in Dubai. Therefore, you will be safe using their services since you will be protected from any liability. There are solutions for both commercial and residential premises covering flats, offices, townhouses, malls, factories and villas among other properties.

Working with professionals gives you the confidence that you will get quality service. Get the peace that comes with experts knowing that nothing will be left to chance. Contact Lulu Pest Control and Cleaning Services Hor al Anz, Deira, Near Habib bakery, – Dubai – the United Arab Emirates via Phone: +971 55 155 450904 2346753 / 06 5215008 055 1554509(24 Hours) or email them through for help!

Alkanz Alzahabi Pest Control and Cleaning Services

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This Company has been in existence for more than 15 years now providing pest control and cleaning services in Dubai and its environs. Alkanz Alzahabi Pest Control and cleaning services will help you with thorough cleaning help and advice before treating your premises for pests. This is what you need to make the right decisions and choices concerning the treatment approach to take for your premises. Get more than just pesticides being sprayed on your premises. You need experts who will guide you into making informed decisions about your pest control measures.

Alkanz Alzahabi provides solutions for restaurants, residential premises, warehouses, shops, learning institutions and so on. Therefore, you can get customized help for your specific need. You need someone that can listen and advise you on what to use for your pest control. Different scenarios require different solutions and that is why you need an expert to guide you into understanding the best option for your use. This company has a team of knowledgeable and certified professionals who understand their job and will help you do a thorough job to keep pests away!

Reach out for help with control for cockroaches, rats, commercial pest solutions, bedbug solutions and so on. Contact Alkanz Alzahabi Pest Control and Cleaning Services Dubai, UAE through TEL: +97142724210, MOB: +971508636798 for help and assistance with pest control or email them through

Jumeirah pest control services

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Work with the experienced in the industry to get the best pest control solutions for your residential buildings and commercial purposes as well. This company was established over four decades ago and has since been providing pest control solutions with the latest technologies in the industry. The Jumeirah Pest Control Services has been providing solutions for a clean and safe working environment free from pests in Dubai. Get reliable and trusted pest control measures provided by professionals who have been in the industry since 1978.

This company provides a wide spectrum of solutions including solutions for health care centers, catering, warehousing, residential apartments, government and public services and so on. Having been trusted for public and government use, this is one of the companies that you should put into your consideration. This exercise costs money and therefore, you want the best value for your money. Jumeirah pest control services are, therefore, among the best that you can use in Dubai. If you are looking for the best fumigation and pest control services with the latest technology in Dubai, try this company.

You can now contact Jumeirah pest control services located at building # B1 Street # 13B Dubai United Arab Emirates via + 971 (0) 50 553 8927  + 971 (0) 52 303 8976 or +971 (4) 396 4721. You can also email them for enquiries through They will provide you with advice and a list of options to choose from.

Golden Falcon Pest Control Company

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The Golden Falcon Pest Control Solutions Company is among the top pest control companies in Dubai. Their services include a comprehensive plan touching on various aspects of your situation and necessary advice to address it. You will not only get professional pest treatment and control measures but also preventive solutions that will keep pests away. With a careful plan, this company will help you prevent infestation issues. Thorough cleaning is part of this plan alongside with the use of the most recommended pesticides and insecticides touching on a variety of conditions.

This company has custom solutions for different insects including bedbugs, cockroaches and any other insects that may be a bother on your premises.  Experts have the skills and experiences to carry you through your need and advise you on what you need. Get the help of professionals who understand the trade and have the latest technologies and resources to do a thorough pest control job on your premises. Ask all sorts of questions related to the exercise and you will be given clear guidelines on what to do with your situation. Make sure you have understood everything before making any financial commitment.

Contact Golden Falcon Pest Control Company located at Mazda Showroom Same Building, Office # 232 Al Ithihad Road, Dubai UAE Dubai: +971 4 272 5392 Sharjah: +971 6 565 9715 Ajman: +971 0 6 744 2706 P.O Box: 88241. You can also email them via for reliable solutions in controlling pests.

Al Rasa Pest Control and Building cleaning services

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When looking for a pest control company in Dubai, you must look at the legal compliance issues and help that you will get from that company. The Al Rasa Pest Control and Building Cleaning Services is one such company whose services are spread out in the UAE operating 24/7 throughout the year. This is a professional pest control and cleaning company that will get you the best of solutions for different applications either within your residential premises or commercial centers.

Excellence in service within Al Rasa Pest Control Company has been a huge possibility, thanks to the skills of qualified experts who have thoroughly been trained and certified to carry out inspection and fumigation services. When you work with an expert in the trade, you will reap a lot of benefits that come with quality service and effective solutions. The range of solutions includes anti-termite solutions, cockroach treatment and control, bedbug and rodent solutions among other solutions. The firm will conduct a pest audit and also advise you on what to do for sustainable control measures.

Instead of wondering what to do on your own, you can engage experts to do the work for you. Contact Al Rasa Pest Control and Building Cleaning Services Dubai- UAE via 06 5356231 or email them at for assistance with your pest control needs. There will be professionals waiting to get your answers to what you have been looking for to manage and control pests on your premises.

Final Thoughts

Pests can be a nuisance both at home or in your commercial premises. Dubai is one place you wouldn’t want a problem of this kind. With the government taking strict measures in regulating the control and management of pests, you can rest assured that you can find reliable solutions in this great city. Therefore, it is important to check online for feedback and reviews of the companies that offer these kinds of services. You will come across a list of options.

Professional solutions are available for anyone in need of pest control. In your search, make sure you pick a company from among the accredited services providers. Compare various options based on legal compliance, resources available and cost to come up with the best choice for your use and application. Take time to read through all the information about these pest control companies to understand the help you will be getting from them. The options are many but only one company has the kind of solution you are looking for. Ensure that you are working with professions to realize great results in the exercise!

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