Top 10 Maid Cleaning Services in Dubai

Top 10 Maid Cleaning Services in Dubai

Top 10 Maid Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleaning services in Dubai are a thing to outsource especially if you are busy with your daily schedules or are looking for professional cleaning services. Maid cleaning services come in handy both for home and commercial cleaning solutions. If you have just moved to Dubai, you could be in need of maid cleaning services to help you take care of the clutter in your premises and enhance your living and working space. It is within your power to decide what you want and your help will be only a click of a button away. It doesn’t take you long to find reliable maid cleaning solutions in Dubai. At this age of the internet and innovative technology, you can get access to these services from the comfort of your home.

There are various cleaning services cutting across different lifestyles and budget. Therefore, it is upon you to choose what you want with the type of maid cleaning services you are looking for. Having all these facts in place, it shouldn’t be hard for you to get the kind of services you are looking for. Initially, it may look like a hard thing to do but that is not the case. There are many cleaning agencies to choose from, some of which are not known to you. For that reason, you should assess and evaluate your needs to get the right fit based on your budget and lifestyle.


The ultimate plan is to get an agency to send a maid to your premise for cleaning services once a contract has been signed. Therefore, you must be sure of the offer you are getting and the kind of help you will get from such an arrangement. Make all the possible enquiries to establish the facts about what is in store for you prior to receiving such services. In that case, here are top 10 maid cleaning services that you can consider engaging in and around Dubai:

Probee Steam Cleaning Company

Your trusted maid service in UAE starting from AED

This maid cleaning service is committed to doing all the dirty work for you. Probee Steam Cleaning Company boasts of experienced cleaning professionals who are well-trained to deliver top-notch cleaning solutions. Most importantly, they all are taken through a strict vetting system and interviewed prior to being engaged in any way. Thorough scrutiny of their documents is done to ensure they are legit workers and can be traced when a need arises for purposes of maintaining authenticity and professionalism.

Prior to engaging any maid cleaner, the company conducts a background check to ensure that the person comes to your place with the relevant skill and experience for the job. Every household is unique and solutions will be customized based on your needs. The details of jobs for our clients differ from one client to another and that is why your case is always treated differently. Therefore, the company assesses the situation and provide suitable advice on what things should be done to make things work for you.

Hassle-free cleaning solutions are possible if you work with professionals like Probee Steam Cleaning Company. Get value for your money by taking specialized cleaning solutions for your premises today. Services include mattress cleaning, upholstery and deep cleaning among others. There are also general residential cleaning services available for different regions within Dubai. Contact Probee Steam Cleaning Company via or call +971 (04) 388-3370  and on mobile: +971(055) 335-2644 for help with reliable maid cleaning help!

Spectrum Services

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Located at Office #906, Al Thuraya Telecom Tower, Al Barsha Heights, Tecom, Dubai, UAE, Spectrum Services offers professional maintenance and cleaning services for all cleaning needs. The company has realized success and has realized huge milestones in delivering high-quality customer service with unwavering professionalism according to reviews made by past users.  These people have mastered the art of cleaning and are committed to delivering excellence in everything that has to do with maid cleaning services.

In an effort to deliver reliable services to all, the company has invested in hiring qualified professionals and have provided intensive training to all to ensure consistency in the delivery of quality cleaning services. There is a wide range of skills among these professionals ensuring that you get the help you need at a high-quality level. Basically, there is everything you need to create time for you and be occupied with other things. You can get such services as residential cleaning and babysitting among others.

Maintenance and cleaning go hand in hand and that is why Spectrum services will stop at nothing but to ensure that you have gotten the help you need to stay in a clean environment. That means that our professionals will know how to handle your equipment and get rid of clutter from your premises and leave you in healthy space. Help is available both for residential and commercial purposes. Contact Spectrum Services via or call 8007274 | 04- 4310113 to make a booking today!

Elite Maids

Trusted Cleaners

Located at Office 201B, Prime Business Center, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Elite Maids deals with domestic and commercial cleaning services with the help of competent maids. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been offering reliable, professional and cost-effective cleaning solutions in and around Dubai. The type of services available for house and domestic cleaning include spring cleaning, ironing, end of tenancy, after party, eco-friendly cleaning, after builders and office cleaning among other cleaning solutions.

The company is totally insured to protect you from public liability claims and therefore, you have nothing to worry about the safety of your equipment. Such characteristics make Elite maids cleaning services the first choice among those in need of such services in Dubai. Professionalism is key in maintaining a reputable maid cleaning service. The workers are motivated to work with good pay and this helps a lot in the delivery of quality services to our esteemed clients.

Elite Maids aims at keeping good relationships with clients and deliver more than just cleaning help. The idea is to become part of a program that seeks to make life better, cleaner and healthier for all. The passion of the company has led to many other innovative solutions that have worked magic for their clients. Therefore, it is worth considering these services for your premises. Contact elite maids via or call on toll-Free: +971 800 258 and on mobile number +97158 286 4783 for reliable service and great cleaning experience!

MI Maids

Where to choose Good maids

Situated at Office 105, Commercial Bank of Dubai Building (Al Quoz Branch), Near FGB Metro Station, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai, UAE, MI Maids was founded in 2010 with the sole objective of providing quality maid service in the city. All maids are trained in quality cleaning services in different areas. Therefore, clients expect nothing but the best because of standardized cleaning procedures ingrained in each of the MI maids. Consistency is key for excellence in maid cleaning services and that is why training forms a central part of the efforts taken by MI Maids to deliver quality cleaning.

The company is big enough to accommodate staff training and offer flexible cleaning schedules that will match your needs and program as well. The company can help you with cleaning your premises at a time of your choosing. The focus is on the specific customer because the needs are different. Basically, the company has various cleaning plans for different customers. The company reviews and feedback online are enough to tell the kind of service they offer to their clients in Dubai and beyond.

MI Maids believes that happy maids are synonymous to quality cleaning service. Therefore, the company offers incentives to its workforce to stay motivated in their job and do a perfect job on your premises. The company is a leader in raising domestic and commercial cleaning services in the city of Dubai. This has been made possible through quality service and continuous improvement in cleaning processes. Contact MI Maids via or call +971 4 343 6900 for thorough cleaning services!

Fleur Maids Cleaning

 wellknown Maid companies.

Although a relatively new maid cleaning service, Fleur Maids Cleaning Company located in Deira, Dubai is another cleaning solution to consider. Despite being new, the company has shown speedy growth is now competing with renowned agencies in Dubai. This is due to the quality services offered through its team of skilled and competent professionals. Fleur conducts in-house training for all its employees and that is why they have been able to replicate good and standard results in the city.

Clients like you can get help with residential and industrial cleaning solutions from this company. They offer specialized and custom solutions to different premises as the situation dictates. Therefore, you can get a package based on your particular needs and not a general one that may cost you for services that you don’t even need. Solutions provided include one-hour cleaning, contract cleaning and weekly cleaning in a high-quality and professional way.

Fleur Maids Cleaning is always thinking ahead and has invested in the latest technologies in the industry to offer state-of-the-art cleaning solutions. Everything is run professionally for excellent quality. Thorough preparation and assessment of your premises ensure that the Maids don’t miss out on any detail during the cleaning process. Online reviews and feedback from past clients show why the company is growing by leaps and bounds in the region. The company will come to check and estimate the cleaning costs before coming in to do the job. Contact Fleur Maids Cleaning via or call 0505265766 for more information on what they can do for you!

Dunclean Residential Cleaning Services

Should I trust Maid from whhich company

The experienced in the Maids cleaning services have a lot more to offer and Dunclean Residential Cleaning Services is among such. The company has established itself over the years among the top cleaning services in Dubai. Operations within the company are guided by the objective of delivering high customer satisfaction with consistence performance on quality. For purposes of professionalism, the company invests time and resources to scrutinize the background of their maids. Ultimately, they are able to deliver ethical and honest services to all its clients.

Dunclean Residential Cleaning Services offer management support, performance and encouragement in an effort of nurturing effective client business development and enhance corporate success.  The main focus for this company is residential cleaning and therefore, you should consider it if you are looking for expert maids in residential cleaning services. A lot of investment has been made on the latest technology solutions. Therefore, the work will be accomplished with the modern cutting-edge tech ideas and management processes and procedures.

Efficiency in cleaning is a multifaceted aspect and that is why the company puts together both equipment and human resources and invests in each to balance the outcome. The reputation earned by the company is due to honest services offered to clients. Contact Dunclean Residential Cleaning Services via or call 0505824648 for help with your cleaning needs today!

Workforce Technical Services

 wellknown Maid companies.

Located at Work Force LLC, PO BOX 24385,202, Hassan Ali Building, Al Quoz 4, Dubai,

Workforce Maid Services takes pride in offering professional customer services. There is a lot of investment in staff recruitment to ensure that they only have the best and honest people working for them. More than that, the company does in-house training for the employees to ensure that they have understood the company’s mission and vision in the delivery of cleaning services to clients.

In an effort to ensure quality customer care, the company does follow-ups and inspections on every service provided. To improve on their services, Workforce maids cleaning services encourage feedback from clients and that has helped them improve on their service delivery over the years. Having a thorough understanding of what goes on in the Dubai service industry, the company employs high-level standards and technology solutions to all its clients. Every case is approached different ensuring that the results are standard across each one of them.

WorkForce Maid Services is constantly researching on new modalities of providing the requisite assistance to those with cleaning needs. Therefore, the solutions are getting better and better each year. The company is scaling up its operations every year due to its commitment to quality service delivery. Contact Workforce technical Services via or call +971 4 380 6380   WhatsApp: +971 50 332 5403 for help with lasting solutions that will enhance the look on your premises.

Perfectly Cleaning Services

Should I trust Maid from whhich company

This is another maids cleaning company offering full time and part-time cleaning solutions to its clients in and around Dubai. There are cleaning solutions both for commercial and residential premises in the Dubai city. The company uses well-trained professional maids who understand their work and have been scrutinized to ensure that they are of a good background. Training is also offered on their job expectations to provide quality service.

Maids from Perfectly Cleaning Services have certain qualities that define them. First, they are well trained and educated to offer professional cleaning solutions. Secondly, they understand how important it is to meet client needs and requirements. Above all, they are honest and have high work standards as ingrained in them through regular training. The company has been able to develop such a team through rigorous training and scrutiny during its interviews!

If you are looking for any type of cleaning solution, then Perfectly Cleaning Service is the company to go for. It has invested in various solutions to help you get assistance with all types of cleaning for your premises. The company will give you full-scale cleaning help across a number of sectors. Investments have been made on environment-friendly and industry-proven cleaning items. Contact Perfectly Cleaning Services via or call +971 4 2240021 for assistance with your cleaning needs today!

The Maid Company

Book a reliable house cleaning service in UAE within 60 seconds

The Maid Company is a cleaning service in Dubai offering cleaning services on hourly, live out, live in and sponsored cleaning solutions. Once you have contacted the company through the information provided on their website, the company will assist you in choosing the best solution for your cleaning needs. They will discuss the requirements with you and assist you in understanding the kind of help you need for the work at hand. Once this is agreed upon, they will schedule an appointment of when the job will be done.

The Maid Company has continuously redefined its standards in the industry, operating a wide range of facilities and services that include staff outsourcing, recruitment and debt collection. The company focusses on providing hassle-free cleaning solutions to all its clients. With the Maid Company, you will be able to get professional maids that can deliver quality work on your premises. Everyone in the Maid Company is inspired to live in a clean environment and with this understanding, it has been possible to deliver quality help to anyone in need of maid cleaning help.

You need the help of cleaning professionals especially when you are too tired to do anything. Instead of living in unhealthy premises, reaching out to maid cleaning services is all you need. You can contact the maid Company via, WhatsApp +971 50 4569200 or call 800 624326 for cleaning solutions today!

Smart Maid Cleaning Services

Where to choose Good maids

Since its establishment in 2010, the Smart Maid cleaning services LLC has been offering bespoke cleaning solutions to clients in Dubai. The company boasts of having more than 4000 customers in their cleaning list and this has made it among the top maid cleaning agencies in the city.  With a team of well-trained individuals, the company has been able to realize success in the cleaning industry. Clients can hire part-time, one time or full-time maids for their cleaning needs. Professionalism is exercised at all levels ensuring that everyone gets value for their money. The company ensures that they work closely with you to get to the bottom of your needs and identify a good solution for you.

Smart Maid Cleaning Services has a host of professionally trained maids from Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines to give you cost-effective cleaning solutions when you need them. Cleaning is done based on your needs and prevailing circumstances and that is why the company endeavors to provide reliable solutions for all. The company is prepared and well-equipped to handle any complex situation while taking care of the assets on your premises.


When you need help with cleaning help on your premises, you can rely on Smart Maid cleaning services for quality assistance. Contact Smart Maid Cleaning Services via or call +971 4 397 3030, +971 50 881 0630 with details of the kind of job you want to be done on your premises!

Final Thoughts

Prior to engaging any maids cleaning service, it is important to conduct enough research to help you decide on the best solution. Getting a reliable and trustworthy cleanings service is your ultimate goal and with the right information, you should be able to do that. Guiding factors to choosing the best maid cleaning service include the cleaning package versus the costs to be incurred in the cleaning efforts, the type of equipment used by company and level of training for the maids among other factors.

In Dubai, there are a host of different maid cleaning services for needs. However, not all have the kind of help you are looking for. Therefore, you must do your own assessment and find out the one that is a perfect match for the kind of help you are looking for. Make use of online reviews and feedback from past clients to gauge the quality of service to expect from the list of cleaning services you have.


Of the maid cleaning services discussed here, you can study more to find out which one is the best for the kind of cleaning job you have. The most important thing is to ensure you are getting quality cleaning maids that are honest and can be trusted. It should be a hassle-free process for you at the end of the day!

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