Top 10 Gardening Services in Dubai

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Top 10 Gardening Services in Dubai

Gardening projects are very dear to all of us especially in a place like Dubai where the quality of environment and life is a key factor. For that reason, every person is looking forward to achieving a certain experience at the end of the project. The ultimate goal is to have an elegant outdoor space that meets certain needs as desired.  Even with that plan in mind, it is not always clear how you will achieve that. That is why a professional gardening service becomes inevitable to execute this project. Effective gardening can only come with the help of experts who have the skill and experience needed to make your environment inviting and attractive.

One of the most important qualities of effective gardening is an attractive garden appearance. This is of utmost importance for everyone seeking to take on this project. At the end of it all, it should be appealing and attractive to viewers. Whether in commercial or residential space, landscaping and gardening play a significant role in the perception that residents and visitors will have towards that environment. The general look speaks a lot and the impression created sets the mood for the setting.

The gardening work should create an inviting atmosphere with a simple look that is pleasant for all community members. Most importantly, it should enhance the functionality of your premises. The visual appeal created is therefore critical in defining the tone of the surrounding. This is usually evident in through every feature including the overhanging trees and spotlessly clean walkways. A unique appearance should be sought after to make your premises different from the rest. This is very possible with a professional gardener in Dubai.

Above all, effective gardening and landscaping should be practical in a sense that can it can serve you throughout the year. It should be something that you can manage comfortably without incurring huge costs that may adversely affect your finances. The idea is to complement your environment and make it better without spending a lot of money. In that case, here are the top 10 gardening services in Dubai that can help you realize this effort:

Clean Deal Gardens

This service has been established by the owners to meet the growing and highly-demanding gardening in Dubai. Success has been through the delivery of quality services and the use of sophisticated resources. With a team of competent professions, Clean Deal Gardens can deliver custom solutions aimed at giving you the help you need for an attractive environment. Services provided here are both professional and personal to create landscapes that bring you the joy of living in an electrified surrounding.

Clean deal gardens service was established in 1997 and has over the years provided quality gardening services in and around Dubai. Employees in this company have diverse experience that will be of benefit to you working with them. They will not only get you the solutions you are looking for but also advise you on the best options to pick in your gardening project.  Services offered cover floriculture, horticulture, lawn care and garden maintenance as well as an automatic irrigation system. Expect help with garden design management and nursery and allied services that touch on indoor plants and sports field marking as well.

If you are looking for professional gardening services, then the Clean Deal Gardens service is among the top companies to consider in Dubai. They have invested in the latest technologies and other resources that will help to professionally complete your project. Contact Clean Deal Gardens via +971 55 564 4786 or visit them at Al Warsan 3, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates for help with your gardening needs, either at home or in your commercial space.

Green Glades

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Green Glades does maintenance on gardens, irrigation, hard landscaping, water features and lighting among other allied services. Therefore, you can hire their services for help with the design and installation of water irrigation systems, provision of maintenance solutions, outdoor furniture selection and the choice of plants and trees for gardens. This is among the best gardening services that you can find in Dubai for your use. This gardening and landscaping contracting service located at the heart of the UAE.

This company was established to create landscapes and gardens that merge artificial and natural structures seamlessly. Eye-catching solutions provided by Green Glades made them a top landscaping company for residential and commercial settings in Dubai. Their focus on functionality was key to their success in this trade. They have over the years been able to offer quality and timeless services for their clients. This has been a huge possibly due to the team of professionals working to deliver value for money. Green Glades’ integrated nurseries supply chain, competent experts and thoroughly-equipped garden centers have made all the difference.


Working with professionals is all you need for high-quality gardening services. If you want the best of help, do a thorough study of this company. You can get all your questions answered before engaging them. Contact Green Glades  Warsan 3, Dubai, UAE via +971 52 5883 964 / +971 52 5883 965 or for enquiries and information to guide you.

Green Concept Landscape and Irrigation Services

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This is a gardening and landscaping company offering a wide array of services that include irrigation for gardens and their maintenance as well. Green Concept Landscape and Irrigation Services established in Dubai provides individualized solutions in gardening and landscaping for a variety of businesses. Services available include for private residents, hotels, institutions and developers as well. Professionalism and excellence are the key driving forces for Green Concept Landscape and that is what has made the company a favorite for many people in Dubai.

Using the services will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that you are dealing with professionals. The company’s management has one goal of providing the best of gardening services to clients in and around Dubai. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your project will be done according to international standards. Everything is displayed in the open for everyone to see and you can get to know the service you will get before hiring Green Concept Landscape.

Dubai is a luxurious city and for that reason, you must be careful with your choice of gardening service. There are many options to consider before making your ultimate choice. This company ranks among the top services I Dubai and can be a perfect choice for you. Today, you can contact Green Concept Landscape and Irrigation Services P.O.Box: 390332, Dubai, UAE by calling Tel: +971 4 2434969 Fax: +971 4 2971228 or Email: They will give you all the information you need to succeed.

Green Vision Landscaping

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The services offered by Green Vision Landscaping are among the best you will find in Dubai. Work with these professionals for the building and maintenance of your Green walls usually arranged vertically with a collection of elegant plants. Green Vision Landscaping is focused on forming lush gardens through the provision of innovative design solutions. Ultimately, the idea is to change your living space into green dream gardens. Typical services that are offered by this company includes soft landscaping, gazebos and pergolas, automatic irrigation, weed control, fencing and paneling, water features and hard landscaping among other things.  

Part of the help that you will get from a company of this nature is professional advice and guidance on how to create and manage your garden. Every need is well-taken care of by professionals that understand how important it is to have inviting gardens in Dubai. There is no limit to what you can get from professionals that are experts in this trade. Just imagine something for your gardens and these professionals will be there to offer guidance.

If you don’t know where to start, you don’t need to be worried in any way. You will get the help of experts that will provide you with options to choose from. There is no cause of alarm when you have the best minds working for you. Contact Green Vision Landscaping # M29, Mezzanine Floor, Al Hudaibah Building, Al Hudaibah Street, Al Satwa Al Zaabeel P.O.Box: 23742, Dubai via +971 50 644 7178 – 0508700912 or Email: –  for gardening solutions.

Desert Group

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Every good work requires a professional. In Dubai, you cannot leave anything to chance and that is why a company like the Desert Group would be of great help to your gardening needs. Since 1988, Desert Group has been transforming arid regions into lush green gardens, which is typical of the Dubai landscape. With this in mind, you need these services to make the most of the experience and skills acquired in this trade over the years. You shouldn’t fail to succeed when you have experts with the kind of answers you are looking for. Let them work on your garden as you take care of other equally important things in your premises.

Desert Group works through the infusion of creative designs and technical expertise in the diverse field of agriculture covering horticulture and floriculture. If you are looking for a solution for Dubai in the creation of beautiful gardens, then this is a perfect option for you. The ultimate goal with the Desert Group Company is to enhance your life while in Dubai and its environs. Therefore, you should not feel incapacitated while there are professionals to advise you on matters to do with your garden.

Once you get the best minds for landscaping and gardening solutions, then there is no limitation to what you can do with your living space.  They will come with all the ideas that you need and make everything work for you. Contact Desert Group  2nd Floor, Lotus Plaza Building, Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Dubai via +971 4 590 4000 or  for help.

Hortus Landscaping Works LLC

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Hortus landscaping works LLC is a reliable gardening service in Dubai has voted for and reviewed by many people online. Today, they are among the best services that you can use for gardening solutions particularly for recreational purposes such as swimming pools. These are among the top services that are provided by this professional landscaping company. With Hortus landscaping works LLC, you can expect to get landscape design solutions, building and maintenance solutions for different kinds of properties and projects. All this help comes with consultations and estimates of how much you will spend on a specific project.

Get proper plants installation services as well as the construction of landscapes such as walkways, water features, swimming pools and patios among others. There are various solutions that you can get from professionals who have a thorough understanding of what happens in this trade. They will be there to offer help and guidance into choosing the best of gardening solutions. This company has specialized in proper craftsmanship ensuring that you get the best designs, installations and maintenance of your garden.

Reach out to the experts. Let them advise you and guide you into choosing what is best for you.

Contact Hortus Landscaping Works LLC Office #213, The Light Commercial Tower, Arjan, Dubailand, Dubai, UAE via +971 (0) 4 4219272, +971 (0) 50 2831341, +971 (0) 56 9746305. Email them through or for help with your gardening needs!

Best Choice Landscape Gardening LLC

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Every gardening service comes with its promises but you can get to read a lot from online reviews and feedback concerning each one of them. In Dubai, the competition is very stiff and therefore, you can not just rely on the information available on a specific gardening website. For that reason, make sure that you have done thorough research to establish the genuineness and reliability of a given service. Since its establishment in 2005, Best choice landscape gardening LLC has been offering professional gardening solutions in Dubai. This is a highly demanding market and for the company to have existed for more than a decade is proof enough that you are dealing with professionals.


There is a lot that happens in this field and that is why you should always aim at making the best out of every opportunity to tend your gardens. Let the experts show you how to do it. You will have nothing to worry about. They will provide you with the skill, knowledge and experience to your benefit. Competing favorably in Dubai requires that you engage only the best minds for your work. This is one such company that you can try.

Contact Best choice Landscape Gardening L.L.C Manama Street, Ras Al Khor. Awazel Building Office, 18 Dubai +971 43360555 or WhatsApp:  +971 55 807 2225. They will be more than willing to advise you and leave you to choose the best option for yourself.

Cracknell Landscape Design LLC

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Looking to make a positive impact through inspired gardening and Landscaping? Well, professionals like Cracknell Landscape Design LLC have got the solution for you. The company’s policy prioritizes the environment and its inhabitants. It has a team of dedicated visionaries who provided invaluable input and support to the ideas that get executed by the company. This team comprises engineers, landscape architects, designers, horticulturists and so on. The main drive for the company is to create a positive impact on the lives of the people. Their collaboration intertwined with all design aspects and input from various departments makes it possible to come up with unique solutions for the moment.

The company’s presence in Dubai had not been without a reason – professional gardening and landscaping consultancy and solutions. Having done massive projects in this prestigious city, Cracknell Landscape Design LLC could be what you are looking for to make your life comfortable in Dubai. No project is too complex for professionals to execute. What seems difficult for you will be addressed in the shortest time possible while maintaining the desired quality.

When choosing a gardening company, their reputation among clients in the region will help you decide on whether to choose them or not. Today, you can contact Cracknell Landscape Design LLC  3rd Floor, Building 6A, Dubai Design District, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via +971 4 510 6500 or Email: They will provide you with details of what you need to excel with this kind of project.

The Gardener Smart Landscaping LLC

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Work with the Gardener Smart Landscaping LLC service for quality gardening solutions. The company has been in operation since 2017 but has taken the market by storm due to its competence amongst its employees who have previously worked in such environments. This is the kind of company you need for comprehensive solutions touching on a variety of interrelated issues. When choosing the company, you are not only getting their professional services but also consultancy help for free. When you are not sure of how to get to your end goal, these experts will be there to show you the way.

The Gardener Smart Landscaping LLC offers a wide range of gardening solutions touching on kids playgrounds, swimming pools, irrigation systems and lighting solutions among others. Anyone looking for gardening solutions in Dubai can consider this company for exceptional quality services. With a team of professionals collaborating to offer guidance, you will get custom solutions that are unique and specific to your needs. That is the beauty of working with experts because they will transform your dreams into reality. Their work is to capture what is in your mind and transform it into a reality.

Match international gardening standards by hiring the best solution in your area. Class and status are very key to your ability to thrive in Dubai. Therefore, you should find a way of how to bring the best people on board. Contact The Gardener Smart Landscaping LLC Al Qusais. Damascus Rd. Bell Rashid Block B. Office 104 via +971 4 264 2119 or email them through for help with whatever solution you are looking for your garden.

Azhar Al Madina Landscape

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Choose Azhar Al Madina Landscape for architectural and landscaping designs for your garden. It is among the top gardening services in Dubai as well. Over the years, the company has been providing outstanding gardening solutions to investors and homeowners in Dubai hence the reason why it is common in this industry. It has attracted many loyal customers and continues to be among the best companies in the region. This has not been without the help of professionals who have honed skills in the trade and have continually offered help to clients in Dubai.

There is a lot to learn from these experts. All you need is to take your time and ask for their services when you feel ready to leave engage them. Their team of well-trained and professional workers has made their dream of providing elegant gardening solutions, a reality. Work with the experts for consultancy services and practical solutions for every kind of landscape. Such a company as Azhar Al Madina Landscape will guide you into making the right decisions about everything.

You can now contact Azhar Al Madina Landscape  Suite # – 204, 2nd Floor, Yes Business Centre – Dubai – United Arab Emirate +971 55 9804287/+971 4 2778093 or Email: for help with any information that you may need.

Final Thoughts

Dubai has undergone a major transformation due to the landscaping and gardening solutions present in the city. The work involves reshaping your outdoors and giving them an attractive look that creates the right impression for inhabitants and visitors to your living space. It is all in the kind of people you have chosen to work with. These top 10 gardening services in Dubai will give you an insight into what you should be looking for.

Skill and experience are very key when choosing this type of company in Dubai. There is no room for guesswork. Everything must be carefully throughout and crafted to give you the end-solution that you are looking for. Experts will be there to offer you the appropriate option for your kind of landscape. Professional gardening solutions have both advice and solutions for you to pick.

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