Top 10 Car Glass Coating Shops in Dubai

Is ceramic coating good for your car

Top 10 Car Glass Coating Shops in Dubai

Dubai the home of great experiences with many people looking for the best of services to realize their dream in this great city. Part of what many travelers and residents do in this city is to enjoy a great experience from their cars. To achieve this, they must be in perfectly good condition. Having the best of experience from your car comes with ensuring that it is sorted in all aspects including glass coating. Owning a car is expensive and therefore, it is important to make sure that you are making the most out of it by adding pimp and color to it. Car glass coating shops are, therefore, a common service in Dubai to give you a wonderful car experience. If you have spent a lot of money on your car when buying it, you shouldn’t feel the pain of even making it better through glass coating.

Adding beauty to your car will give it the perfect shine it needs and at the same time win the attention of onlookers as well. This confidence in your car is part of the experience you are looking for through quality coating services. As a result, you need someone who has knowledge and understanding of how to help you achieve this. In Dubai, you will come across a variety of these services. There will be the best of the best to choose from. For that reason, you have to know what you need and the kind of solutions to look forward to. That way, you will narrow your search to only the best in your area of interest.

Glass coating is a liquid glass manufactured from Siloxane and Silica. Ideally, it is a clear and pure material that gets hardened upon exposure to air. The ultimate objective is to ensure that your car has a superb shiny gloss that is durable enough to protect the paint on your vehicle. A good car glass coating should go for at least three years before replacement. Therefore, you must pick the best service for this job. It will help you save a lot of money and at the same time get valuable help. Here are the top 10 car glass coating shops that you can use for your car in Dubai:

Car Ceramic Coating

Is Ceramic Coating good

The car ceramic coating company stocks and installs high-performance hard oxide layers that will provide perfect protection on your car. With this kind of service, your car will be safe from scratches, corrosion and sun damage. This is one of the top companies that you will find in Dubai providing you with quality car glass coating services. A great experience comes with quality products and professional experts who understand what is required for this kind of trade. Car ceramic coating services come with this guarantee.

There is a lot of information available online to help you decide on what is best for you from this shop. Therefore, you can pick a lot of information from them and decide on what works for you. There are professionals who are well-trained and experienced to do this kind of job with a quality finish that matches Dubai standards. Everything provided here is good both in durability and aesthetics. It will not only enhance your car’s look but also boost your experience with it once it is completed.

Dealing with professionals is all you need to boost your Dubai experience with your car. Glass coating shops of this nature have the kind of answers you are looking for. You don’t have to go to the physical site all the time. Every help you need is online. Contact  Car Ceramic Coating P.o Box 300530 Sharjah Media Free Zone Owned and operated by WS Group LLC via +971528788550. You can also email them via for help with car glass coating products and services.

I-Shine Dubai

What is a ceramic coating

Professional I-shine glass coating shop is among the top services you will find in Dubai. When you want your car to be coated, all you need is to surf online for the best services for glass coating. Among those, you will come across is the I-shine glass coating shop. This shop provides professional coating solutions using the latest technologies in Dubai and around the world. These services by I-shine glass coating shop come with the help of knowledgeable individuals who are competent in this trade. This shop specifically does ceramic coating that has good strength and durability properties giving you good resistance to impact while on the go.

I-shine has invested in the latest nanoceramic coatings for all its clients. Glass coating services offered here at for shielding your car from blast effect, mechanical damage and any threatening impact.  You will get the opportunity to test and see everything for yourself before committing to use these services. Such transparency gives you the confidence that you will be in for a good deal.  You can sample out several options to help you choose the best glass coating of n for your car.

Work with experts for the best solutions to car glass coating in Dubai. I-shine shop is packed with a pool of professionals who are well trained for this trade. Contact I-shine  shop via or call  +971 52 915 4455,  +971 50 324 2401+971 50 366 7248 for assistance. You can also visit their premises at DIB Warehouses Beside Al Ahli Driving Institute Industrial Area 4, Al-Quoz.

Elite Shine

How do you tell if a car has been ceramic coated

Offering quality glass coating services, Elite Shine was established in 2004 and has since established itself as a leader in the market. This is definitely among the top companies that you can rely on for help. Many people looking for glass coating solutions in Dubai have used Elite Shine to protect their car from damage. The shop offers variety to meet different kinds of budget based on your needs and preferences. The experts will help you pick the best solution for your car glass coating services.

Over and above that, the shop also offers swirl removal services, alloy wheel cleaning and maintenance valet. Everything is done professionally to take care of your car and give you the type of quality and finish you need for a great Dubai experience. You will get a complete paint correction procedure that will leave your car sparkling with beauty. Elite Shine maintains good quality service and practices for all clients and this is what you need to get the assurance of professional glass coating services.

This shop has been in operation within the city and in many other places around the region. Contact Elite Shine  Ras Al Khor Ind. Area Dubai, U.A.E. via Phone: +971 55 993 4823 OR +971 56 524 1047 OR 056 524 1047. You can also reach them through e-mail: for assistance with professional glass coating services.


How many layers of ceramic coating does a car need

Menzerna provides you with professional and quality automotive polish and glass coating solutions in Dubai for a great car experience. With the latest technologies being part of the processes applied to your car, the shop aims at preserving value, protecting and taking care of you safely and more economically.  The shop stocks suitable automotive polish for various clear coat applications catering for high-end cars as well. Therefore, there is no cause of alarm should you need such services while in Dubai. There will be experts willing to help you fix your situation and give your car the protection and look you desire.


This glass coating shop has custom solutions revolving around specific needs. Therefore, you will not go wrong by choosing their services. They have been providing systematic polishing solutions that guarantee quality results within a short period, more specifically without fillers and silicones. This ensures that you get reliable and good-quality coating for your car. Make good use of your money by getting the value you need from experts working in this environment. Menzerna is a car shop with experts who know their job and will be ready to help you with your need as well.

Contact Menzerna via or call them on 043332949 or 00971555566621 to get more details on what to expect from their services. There will be a lot of options for you alongside professional help coming from experts who have been in the industry for long.

Orange Auto

s ceramic coating a gimmick

All your car glass coating can be done at Orange Auto shop in Dubai, giving you a look and experience that befits that status and environment. Dubai is a city of class and you have to look for the best of service to stay relevant. There are many people in search of these services and therefore, you can learn a lot from online reviews about Orangeauto. Find out more information about their services online and get to know how much they will cost you. There is a lot of help that you can get here without risk.

You will benefit from the skills and experienced horned by professionals working in this glass coating shop. Their ability to work on high-end cars gives you the confidence that your car will also be treated professionally and safely. This is very important for any car owner. Get all your car repair and maintenance from experts who have mastered this trade over the years. They literary have everything you need to keep your car in good condition.

The best glass coating solutions only come from experts with a thorough knowledge of this trade. Orange Auto has invested a lot in making sure that their clients get the best. Contact Orange Auto  364-425, 318th Road, Opp National Taxi Garage, Al Quoz Ind 3, Dubai, UAE. Also, you can call them on Phone: +971 4 3381551    Fax: +971 4 3381552 or Email: to find out more about what they do and how they will help you with your needs.

CPF Emirates Trading LLC

How do you tell if a car has been ceramic coated

Your car needs high-performance glass coating solutions that are comfortable, safe and come in style. This is what CPF Emirates Trading LLC promises and deliveries to all its clients. Over the years, the company has been distributing and installing high performance fills in the country and more specifically in Dubai. Services have been provided in the residential, automotive and commercial marketplace. Its core objective is to provide high-end solutions that are efficient and economical to install and use. Therefore, you may want to consider using their services. You can get all types of glass installations in this shop.

Specialist window films and retention systems are part of what CPF Emirates Trading LLC provides and installs. There is no compromise on quality. The shop has experts who will give you professional advice and tips on how to make the most out of your situation. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried because there are professionals to guide you through the glass coating process for your car. Ultimately, you should be in a good position to pick the best from the rest.

Pick products that are designed to boost aesthetics, safety and energy-saving aspects of your car. You can also get residential and commercial glass solutions as well as are offered in this shop. Today, you can contact CPF Emirates Trading LLC Dubai: +971 4 3389382/0501804547 or email them at for more help and assistance with glass coating.


Can you wax over ceramic coating

Shops that specialize in glass coating solutions in Dubai often do a thorough job on your car than you will find elsewhere. With the stiff competition in this luxurious city, Xmotorworx has come a long way to become one of the most valued entities in this trade. The shop has for some time now been providing vehicle protection solutions in a way that prolongs the life of your car. That way, it remains intact and safe from any damage and serves you better. You will get the best of services from skilled individuals that have learnt this important trade in the automotive world.

Xmotorworx also specializes in revitalizing older fashion cars by conducting several paint correction operations. Therefore, you can get all your needs addressed from one point as the professionals here give you a thorough detailing of your car both inside and outside. You won’t have to keep jumping from shop to shop to get different solutions. It is an all under one roof setting that comes with a promise of high-quality products. Part of these services includes window heat rejection, nano-ceramic coating, security film application and paint protection.

You can now contact Xmotorworx through +971 4 234 9991 for a lot more information concerning your car safety needs, especially in the glass coating. These are experts that have established themselves in the market and will stop at nothing but getting you the best of answers to your car needs!

Majestic Car Care

How long does a ceramic coating last

Majestic Car care is a true definition of quality that matches Dubai standards. Therefore, you can expect nothing but the best quality for your car glass coating. This shop offers ultra-modern luxurious car care that will get you a thrilling experience. Most importantly, it is a detailing center that will ensure that all your car needs are met and addressed to the best of knowledge that exists in the market today. The success of Majestic Car Care is attributed to the use of modern technologies and quality products that have been tested and proven in the market.

For purposes of maintaining professionalism and excellence in this job, the shop has employed the best minds in the industry. There is a pool of competent and well-trained individuals that understand what needs to be done for your car at all times. Therefore, all your questions will get answered before you can get the specific help that you are looking for your car. Everyone here is aware of the glass coating processes and procedures and will all collaborate to ensure that you have everything that is needed for quality glass coating.

Contact Majestic Car Care P.O. Box 283118 Warehouse 1, Opp. Uni-Mix, Al Qouz, Dubai
United Arab Emirates or call them Tel: +971 55 241 8817, Tel: +971 (4) 3937372 or Fax : +971 (4) 3884557. These professionals have the latest technologies in the market to ensure that you have your need addressed. Give your car the look and safety it deserves by hiring a professional.


How long does ceramic coating last on cars

AutoMagic in its nature is an automotive body shop offering detailed car service that also includes glass coating work. These professionals offer services that include detailing and paint correction that will give your car a superb look and safety as well. Therefore, you will have all your concerns addressed in this shop concerning glass coating. Experts in this shop have a methodical approach to address imperfections in your car and correct them. Therefore, they can deliver these services seamlessly. Hire the best minds in the industry for great results with your car looks and safety. This is what Auto Magic is all about. 


Since 2002, the shop has been in operation through experts who have excelled in the detailing service for cars. Therefore, you will get the benefits of both experience and expertise put together. There are many options for the kind of service you are looking for. In that case, you should be worried when you have experts working for you. They will guide you into finding the best answer for your car project.

Your car deserves nothing but the best. For that reason, you should not hesitate to get the best service for it. Today, you can get all this help by contacting Auto Magic 384 St- Dubai – the United Arab Emirates, Email:, Landline Number: 04-3390039, Phone Number: 0508996644. They will give help to make sure that you have reliable car glass coating.

PowerTech Auto Services

Does ceramic coating prevent rock chips

Get Nano ceramic car glass coating and paint protection from Power Tech Auto Services. This shop provides services based on the protection level that you need for your car. Therefore, your budget is well-taken care of. Ideally, there is variety and that way, you can get to choose what works for you based on your needs and budget. Power Tech Auto solutions are among the best that you will find in Dubai and is worth considering for your type of car. With the wide range of glass coating packages, you will get one that suits your car and application.

A lot of caution is exercised when working on your car. The objective is to add value on it and make sure that it is well-protected and shielded against any form of damage. Professionals understand how important your car is and this has been evident through the Power Tech Auto shop in Dubai. These experts will explain to you all the requirements and leave you to decide on what to do with your car. If you don’t know anything to do with car glass coating services, you don’t have to worry. Someone will be available to explain it to you.


Contact Powertech Auto Services Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 Behind Al Ahli Driving Center
Dubai, UAE or call Toll-free: 800 787, Tel+971 4 343 3789. You can also for assistance with your car glass coating today!

Final Advice

Professional car glass coating solutions exist all over in Dubai but only the experienced and skilled have the kind of help you are looking for. This is a costly affair although reasonable based on the cost of your car. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you will get value for your money. Based on the condition of your car, you will be advised by the experts in the market on the best solution to pick. You can never go wrong by picking a reliable shop for your car glass coating needs.

Dubai is a great destination for travelers or those seeking to relocate there. For that reason, it would be good to match its excellence with top quality services for your car. You can pick from the variety of services highlighted here based on your specific needs and budget! Each one of them is unique in their own way!

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