The 10 Best Massage and Spas in Dubai

10 best message and spa in Dubai

The 10 Best Massage and Spas in Dubai

If you are a tourist or a resident of Dubai, you might have an idea that the city is full of attractions and magnetic spots. And to visit and enjoy the beauty and essence of those spots, you need a lot of time and energy. This is pretty obvious that one gets tired after their journey, whether it is long or short. And, to get rid of that tiredness and refresh your body. One needs to give it some time to heal and energize.

One of the best ways to do that is going to spa and get the treatments and massages. And if we talk about Dubai, the city is one of the centers of tourism. This is the reason that it has a number of spas in it. The infrastructure and facilities of these spas are off the charts that offer people world-class services. To keep it plainly, if you are feeling tired and want to give your body a treat. Go and visit a spa in Dubai!

To help you with it, we have compiled a list of spas that are in Dubai and have all the necessary and world-class facilities that will soothe your body and mind. Let’s go through the list.

Top 10 Spas in Dubai

Here in this section, we will take a look at some of the best spas in the city built on the desert.  To keep it simple, we have described spas with their basic features along with pointers that reveal the exact services they offer.

Mandara Spa

Professional spa worker from Egypt,Jordan, Thailand

The Mandara Spa is an awesome and spacious spa residing in one of the distinguished luxury hotels in Dubai. The H Dubai hotel has an area of 8,611 square feet allotted to the Mandara Spa. The facilities offered by the Mandara Spa are remarkable, along with a peaceful environment. Some of the best facilities offered by this spacious spa are:

  • Spa Suites: The spa suites are made while keeping luxury and privacy in mind. The spa features suites for both males and females.
  • Hydro Facilities: Apart from separate suites, the spa also provides various water facilities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Some of the primary ones are Steam, Sauna, Experience Showers, and Jacuzzi. All these provide you an excellent and relaxing experience.
  • Ideal Environment: The classic blend of exotic aromas added with mind soothing music, will create an ideal environment for relaxation.
  • Other facilities: The Mandara spa has one double Deluxe Suite with en-suite bath and shower. Plus, the spa features Traditional style on-floor Thai Massage. On top of everything, you can also get a wide range of face and body treatments.
  • A variety of Treatments: This spacious spa in the luxury hotel of Dubai offers you many options for spa treatments. The categories are Packaged rituals, ELEMIS Face, ELEMIS Body, Face Rituals, Massage Rituals, and more. All these contain a number of massages that will refill your body with energy.

Contact: +971 4 501 8270

Address: The H Dubai

One Sheikh Zayed Road

PO Box 125511

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: Mandara Spa

Tao Spa

Spas & Wellness Centers in Dubai

As far as the Tao Spa is concerned, you won’t ask any question once you will read the customer reviews about it. The spa rated as 5/5 has some of the best facilities. Situated in the downtown area of the city, the spa has various unique features. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • Mesmerizing Interior: Half of your mind will be relaxed just by entering their facility. The awesome lighting, along with the state of the art facilities and tools, makes Tao one of the best.
  • Wide range of choices: The facilities are not just the part. Tao offers you various massaging choices like Swedish, Balinese, Shiatsu, Thai, Pregnancy, Sports, etc. Organic Hydrating Body Scrub and Organic Luscious Salt Glow are the body exfoliation treatments offered by them.
  • Eyelashes: The unique eyelash spa encompasses adding natural-looking volume to your eyelashes. Besides this, there are various varieties in this like 2D, 3D, and 4D-7D.
  • Home Services: This feature might not be possessed by every spa. But, the Tao spa offers you services at home. This means that you don’t even have to leave your home, all you need to do is book online and get everything done at home.

Contact: +971 4 227 2304, +971 56 659 5222

Address: Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 3, Opp Jumeirah Beach Hotel 


Website: Tao Spa

Amara Spa

The five best spa experiences in Dubai

Amara is an extremely popular spa that has its branches across various countries apart from just in the UAE. You will get the feel of the spa just by looking at it. Polished with a white exterior along with a Blue Dome gives it a ravishing look. And the features of the spa are off the charts.

  • Royal Location: The Amara spa is housed by one of the royal hotels of Dubai named Park Hyatt. It has a total of eight private rooms that have experienced staff to provide premium quality service to you.
  • Exquisite And Nourishing Environment: The spa has a beautiful and mind nurturing environment. Attractive lush greens along with a swimming pool add a lot of value to the overall look of the spa. Along with this, the essence of rare oils in a calm environment makes a classic blend for both body and mind.
  • A Plethora of Spa Packages: In addition to a super nurturing environment, the spa also offers various exciting packages that include different types of body treatments. Some of the treatments are Sandalwood and Rosewater Body Wrap, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Stress Release Massage, and many more.

Contact: +971 4 602 1660

Address: Park Hyatt Dubai

PO Box 2822, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: Amara Spa

Timeless Spa

10. Dubai Self-Destruction on Relaxation Day

Among the top names of the spas in Dubai. Timeless Spa has a unique value. Now, the unique thing about the Timeless Spa is its location. The spa is located at terminal 3, Dubai Airport. If you had a hectic day at work and are waiting to catch a flight, which is late. Hop into the spa and relax. This will not only energize you but will also make you ready for what is coming next. And of course, it will help you utilize the time productively. Take a look at the various features that the spa has.

  • Irresistible Packages: Being on the airport location, Timeless Spa has designed their packages accordingly. Some of the prominent ones are Timeless Teaser, Revive, Restore and, many others. All these packages take relatively less time as compared to others.
  • Variety of treatments: All the above-described packages have various spa treatments that will nurture both your body and mind. Classic Mini Facial, De-Stress Back Massage, Organic Body Scrub, Desert Aroma Massage, Nourishing Facial, etc. Another important and unique feature of the Timeless spa is nail therapy. It may sound familiar, but it is not offered by all the spas in Dubai. The treatment is classified into two categories, namely foot and hand therapy. You can choose anyone you want along with Nail Varnish.

Contact: +971 4 505 9555

Address: Dubai International Hotel

Terminal -3, Dubai International Airport

Website: Timeless Spa

Jiva Spa

You can relax all day with 10 spas in Dubai

One of the authentic spas where you will get a warm welcome and a complimentary Yoga session. Along with this, the spa uses Indian spirituality to offer its guests the best quality services. The names of all the spa treatments are also Indian in Jiva spa. Hence, for people from India, this spa will be an ideal one.

  • Spa treatments: Some of the authentic spa treatments that Jiva spa offers are truly beneficial and relaxing. They involve relieving body stress, foot massage, deep cleansing, exfoliation steam, and a herbal mask. The names of some other treatments are Trupti, Jivaniya, Pehlwan Malish, and more.
  • Soma: This is a special type of therapy only for couples. In this, you and your partner can get the benefit of a rose petal bath along with romantic aromatherapy with candlelight. It is a two-hour session in which you both can enjoy and relax to the fullest.
  • Scrubs And Wraps: The Jiva spa also has choices for scrubs and wraps. Some of them are Narikela, Masala, Prithvi Mrit. Along with all this, they also offer beauty treatments like Jiva Signature Facial, Jamarosa Root Facial, Anana Lepa.
  • Indian Aroma Therapy: These are the overall body packages that are a bit costly as compared to the above ones. Just like their cost, their benefit is also better as they include full body, deep muscular, and detoxifying massage. Vishram, Orja Dayaka, and Pavithri are some of the names of these therapies.

Contact: +971 4 505 9555

Address: 3rd Floor, Taj Dubai – Burj Khalifa Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Website: Jiva Spa

So Spa

Thai massage center in Dubai

Loaded with beautiful aesthetics and other states of the art facilities. The So spa has some distinguishing features that are really appreciated by the users. The facility of the spa is equipped with modern machinery and experienced staff. Some of the irresistible features of the spa are as follows:

  • Infrastructure: The spa has an awesome infrastructure that has eight treatment rooms along with a couple’s treatment room. Other facilities that So spa offers you are the signature treatment, hammam facilities, steam room, dry sauna, etc.
  • Treatments: All the treatments that So spa provides can be classified under 3 categories named as Facial, Body Massage, and VIP couple spa. The specific names of some of the treatments included in their menu are Express Hydro Facial, Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy, Thai massage, Sports Massage, SO ultimate journey, and Wedded Bliss Romance.
  • Oligoscan Test: This is a unique thing that the So spa offers its guests. The heavy metal test is used to confirm if any heavy metal is affecting your health in a bad way. The type of test may vary based on the metal and their specific concentration.
  • Add Ons: The So spa also offers some add ons that you can get with your regular treatments. The name of some of those add ons that you can get are oxygenation session of 30 minutes alone or with your partner.

Contact:  +971 (04) 503 6333

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road | Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: So Spa

Soul Wellness & Spa

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Soul Wellness & Spa is the spa that offers you a beautiful view of the Dubai skyline while relaxing peacefully. Along with this, the spa has beautiful lighting along with a ravishing interior that will make you fall in love with it. The spa is at the 52 storey of the Sheraton Grand Hotel with some of the best facilities.

  • Delightful Packages: Situated on the 52 storey is not all about the Soul and Wellness Spa. It also offers its guests various choices in the case of packages. Some of the best packages offered by the Spa are The Day Detox, Gentlemen’s Retreat, Couple’s Dream Ritual, Couple`s Dream Ritual, Private Spa for a day, and countless others.
  • Specials: Although the specials of the spa keep changing, some of the popular ones these days are Ladies Wednesday, Speed Spa Experience, 2 for 1 Special offer, and others. If you are reading this, you need to check the specials of this spa beforehand, as they may have changed. Refer to the website link mentioned below.
  • Loaded Menu: The menu of the Soul and Wellness Spa is filled with various treatments for body and face. The treatments like Soul Spa Signature Massage, Hot Stone, Foot Acupressure, Arabian Scrub are worth trying. Apart from them, there are many others with some weird yet cool names.
  • Awesome environment: Apart from all the packages, the interior of the spa offers a satisfying look. The exterior of the spa includes a pool that refreshes the mind just with its one look. You will definitely have a good time here.

Contact:  971 4 503 4100

Address: Soul Wellness & Spa, No. 3 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates PO Box 123979

Website: Soul and Wellness Spa

Talise Ottoman Spa

the best message spa in dubai

The factor that makes this spa stand out from the others is that it has been awarded the Hotel Spa of the year 2018. Along with this, it is also regarded as the favorite spa retreat and rests on the popular palm island of Dubai. Moreover, the Talise Ottoman Spa has the maximum number of treatment rooms among all the spas discussed until now. The number of treatment rooms is 42, along with steam rooms, sauna rooms, and others. Let’s dive into some other features of this spa.

  • Packages and Treatments: As grand as its name, the spa offers various packages. Some of the prominent ones are Traditional Turkish, Coffee Peeling, Royal Ottoman – Talise Signature, Green Tea Revival, Revealing Facial, Collagen Myoxinol. Along with all these, there are many more that provide soothing relaxation and peace.
  • Additions and Upgrades: These are some of the treatments that a person can add to his or her package. They take an average time of thirty minutes and are named as the scalp massage, express massage, express facial and eye treatment.
  • Wellness Rituals and Therapies: These therapies are a long time job and hence give you the ultimate relaxing experience. The popular names under this category are Spa experience, a day at the spa, soothing chakra body treatment, and more. Most of these treatments take 3 to 4 hours. They totally rejuvenate your body while de-stressing your mind.

Contact:  +9714 453 0456

Address: The Palm Jumeirah, Crescent Road West | Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: Talise Ottoman Spa

Armonia Spa


The Armonia Spa is the one on this list because of its glamorous appearance and super friendly staff. The interior of the spa looks like Christmas and to talk about the staff. The staff of the spa is professional European therapists. Each member of the spa is professionally trained and is licensed to provide the required treatment you want. Let’s move ahead and explore more about the Armonia Spa.

  • Service Categories: Armonia spa offers some great service categories like massages, baths, beauty spas, wellness spa. All these help your body relax and rejuvenate after a hectic week at work.
  • Treatment Categories: The friendly staff of the Armonia spa offers you various types of treatments for men, women, and couples. Some of the primary ones are Swedish massage, Relaxing massage, Aromatherapy massage, Hot Stone Massage, Bamboo massage, Moroccan bath, Solarium, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. These all are the names of baths, massages, and wellness treatments.
  • Special Offers: The Armonia spa in Dubai offers its guests various offers with discounts and added benefits. The holders of fitness first card get a 20 percent discount on all types of massage except the facial massage. Those who possess the emirates card also get a 20 percent discount on all treatments except facial, body scrub, and tanning. Moreover, they also have some more offers that you can avail of.

Contact:  +971 52 931 1909, +971 4 777 2796

Address: Fraser Suites Hotel Dubai, 7th Floor, Sidra Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 502306, Media City

Website: Armonia Spa

Armani Spa

The five best spa experiences in Dubai (2)

Located in the tallest building of the world, the Armani Spa has a distinguished way of attracting people. The 12,000 square feet landmark offers outstanding personalized services to its customers. Along with this, Armani offers its every guest personal consultation with its professionals. Its awesome interior, along with attractive packages, will make you go wow. To know more, read ahead!

  • Treatment Collection: As royal as its name, the spa treatments offered by Armani are also royal. The MU face and MU body treatment will diminish the tension and stress from your facial and body muscles. Along with this, the MU body scrub and wrap will bring back your glowing skin.
  • Special Offers: Not always, but Armani Spa also has various offers. But, they keep on changing, so it is necessary to be updated before you go there.
  • Special Treatments: Apart from the conventional treatments, there are some special treatments also that are offered by Amani Spa. Some of them are Liberta Face, Liberta Body Massage, Liberta Textured Body Scrub, and Wrap.
  • Armani Terme: As different as the name, Armani spa offers you a variety of spa bathing experiences. Armani takes special care of the herbal infusions that are made to the baths. It helps both your body and mind rejuvenate and refresh.

Contact:  +971 4888 3282

Address: Shk Rashid Rd | Burj Khalifa, Dubai 888 333, United Arab Emirates

Website: Armani Spa

If we take an overall view of all the choices of spas above, all the spas have one or the other thing unique about themselves. This gives you a lot of choices to choose from and make your trip to Dubai rememberable. The pricing of all these spas is kind of costly, but on the bright side, the services offered are also up to the mark. Hence, it is a win-win deal for you if you choose any one of them.

Final Words

Well, as you have gone through the list of some of the best spas in the city of Dubai. It would have become a bit easy for you to make a better choice. To put it plainly, the services offered by some of the spas may differ from the others, so do the prices of these spas. The key thing is that after a hectic week at work, it is worth it to spend some money and give your body relaxation.

This is important both for the long term and short term. And these days, there are plenty of options that are even economical. In the end, health is wealth, if have a healthy and relaxed body, your productivity will automatically increase. Hence, if you live in Dubai or are on a trip to Dubai. Do go to one of these spas and get your body the ultimate experience of the lifetime.

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