Top 10 Manpower Supply companies in Dubai

Top 10 Manpower Supply companies in Dubai

With the increasingly growing market in Dubai, more and more businesses are flooding this space. As a result, the search for an effective workforce is central to their operations. Having the right skill set in your business will unshackle your operations and become profitable in ways you have never imagined before. It is all about connecting with like-minded people that meet your stipulated job descriptions.

Manpower supply and recruitment companies in Dubai help organizations identify the right talent for effective operations. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about if you get an expert HR professional doing this work for you. All you need is to share with them your specific needs, goals and mission of your company.

What to look for in a Manpower Supply Company?

You could look for many things in a recruitment agency to ascertain its credibility and worth.  This is very important to keep off any concerns that may work against your organization. Most importantly, you would need to do this to ensure that your business runs smoothly without any hurdles.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that you should prioritize in your search for a manpower recruitment agency:

  • Professionalism. Work with experts only. To get the best out of your HR efforts, you need experts who will get you the kind of people you need. They must be well-trained to understand HR sourcing and staffing. You can ascertain this by checking the qualification of the company personnel.
  • Legal Aspects. Ensure you are working with a registered entity. This will help should any liability cases arise. In addition, you should ensure that you are working with an ethical institution to get the people you need for your business.
  • Physical Address. Where is the agency located? How can you reach them? Even in this age of technology and the internet, you need to determine the physical location and address of your recruitment agency. That way, you will get to know about the labor laws and regulations by the government and any private authorities operating there.
  • Quality of Service. Get to know about the reputation of your recruitment agency. Check online reviews and feedback to know the kind of people you are working with to get help. Will they offer you the kind of support you need for your employees to settle? An agency that provides complete HR solutions will be of more use to you.

You can choose to study various recruitment services in the Dubai market guided by various factors and considerations. To get you started, here is a list of the top 10 manpower supply companies to consider:   

Ontime Manpower Supply

Ontime Manpower Supply is a renowned manpower supply company in Dubai providing excellent services in the supply of affordable personnel. Their services help various industries all through the UAE.  Founded in 2001 the company has since redefined its staffing processes and procedures while serving the Middle East region.

The company provides a timely supply of employees to its clients upon request. Most importantly, Ontime is registered with JAFZA. Therefore, it strictly adheres to the stipulated laws and regulations contained in the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE).

The objective of this recruiting agency is to provide well-trained certified employees. Therefore, it has met the demands of different businesses ensuring efficiency and productivity of the recommended workforce.

Ontime Manpower provides wide and flexible options that meet the demands of all kinds of work engagements. It can either be in the short or long term. Therefore, there is every kind of employee solution for different industries. This company is envisioned to provide reliable and efficient support going into the future of employment. For that reason, the company continues to offer innovative and outstanding staffing solutions.

Contact Ontime Manpower Supply located at 204, Garhoud Star Building – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. You can reach them via for high-quality and exceptional services. They are also available on call+971 4 256 6333 from Monday to Saturday between 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM.

People Source Management

Growing your company requires effective use and management of all kinds of resources. People Source Management guarantees this value to your business by managing your expansion efforts through manpower supply. This is especially when you do not have the time to manage these tasks on your own.

People Source Management provides you with an opportunity of managing your hiring expenses effectively. Most importantly, this comes without compromising the quality of your work. This company ensures this by providing highly skilled talent for your business. They guarantee a strong work ethic from their recommended employees tailored around building a strong team for your company. Therefore, this is a well-renowned manpower service for labor recruiting solutions.

The main goal of this company is to help companies have the right people in their teams. Therefore, they help you manage your HR efforts effectively and guarantee value addition.  People Source Management prides itself on a full-fledged team with HR experts prepared to help you with the end-to-end HR duties of employees

Efforts by this company have grown over the last ten years. They now offer integrated HR services with a commitment to offering human and human-related solutions. That way, they have been able to promote the net worth of organizations’ human capital.

You can reach out to People Source Management located Bay Square, Bldg. 12, Office# 408 Dubai, United Arab Emirates for help with your human resources. You can also write to them via PO Box – 113241 or call +971 4 5546851, or +971 4 5546852 or reach them through for assistance. Their services run from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM.

Dulsco HR Solutions

Founded on the idea of finding a solution to every problem, Dulsco HR solutions started several decades ago. It was very helpful to a British trading ship that required men to offload its clothing and foodstuffs. The pioneers of this great company provided much-needed help by getting able men for the job. This has continued over the years while diversifying into all kinds of industry and trade.

Today, Dulsco considers itself a top labor supplier Company in Dubai and the Middle East region at large. Over the years, the company has widened its portfolio, providing people solutions to more than 3,500 organizations and companies in the region. According to David Stockton, the CEO & Managing Director, of Dulsco, his expertise in financial management and strategic planning has helped them build a reliable recruitment agency.

The pillars of this agency are client engagement, talent attraction and development. These qualities have propelled them to help organizations realize high growth. As a result, Dulsco has excelled in areas and industries such as people & technology outsourcing, logistics, hospitality and aviation.

The company continues to grow each year. They have together put in place a reliable team committed to sustainability and innovation. In addition, the CEO fosters great synergies among the employees, the communities around them and their clients as well.

You can get these labor supply services in Dulso HR solutions located at their HEAD OFFICE P.O Box 6238, Dubai, UAE 800 DULSCO (385726). Call them at +971-4-3404660 or reach them through for more information. 

This company presents itself as an all-inclusive solution for concerns related to staffing. Found in the UAE, has transformed and curated manpower supplies to match the needs of the ever-volatile market in the region. The company boasts of wide experience in the field spanning over 15 years. As a result, they have special teams and extensive experience to help with all kinds of staffing requirements. comprises professional teams that are dedicated to helping organizations find the right people for the tasks. Therefore, this is the company to reach when indeed for instant hiring of experts or when looking for people to work on a project. They guarantee both skilled and unskilled workers based on company needs and preferences.

The company can supply manpower for both short and long-term work at affordable rates. Throughout the years, they have consistently provided such solutions in the UAE. They have helped various clients through a wide range of human resource services. Therefore, they have built a name for themselves in the market and have proved to be reliable at all times.

Contact #2nd Floor, Office No: 18, Al Mozna Building, Al Nahda St – Al Qusais, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Tel: +971 4 2632006 Mobile: +971 55 8777717. You can also email them via for more information and details.

ManpowerGroup Middle East

The need for innovative workforce solutions in Dubai is at the center of ManpowerGroup Middle East services. This is a recruitment agency providing outsourcing and outplacement services to organizations in the larger Middle East region. The idea behind this company is to link people with meaningful work from a wide set of skills and industries.

Creating successful clients demands selecting the right people through rigorous HR efforts. This philosophy behind ManpowerGroup solutions offers workforce solutions and links human potential to the power of business. They serve both small and large business organizations in different sectors. Therefore, you will most likely get a solution that works for your tailor-made needs.

ManpowerGroup success is pegged on its innovative workforce solutions. They have developed an ability to focus on new thinking, new possibilities and new workforce models. These have helped the company become a well-respected and recognized manpower supply agency around the globe. Therefore, it is worthy of consideration owing to the huge milestones it has made in the past.

The company’s experience, expertise and goal footprint have immensely helped its clients realise great results with an effective workforce. You can contact ManpowerGroup at DIC Building @1 – Office 204 – Al Sufouh – Al Sufouh 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Or else, you can Call 97143910460 or reach them via for more details and information.

Al Muhandes Labour Supply Services

Al Muhandes Labour Supply Services (MLSS) is a locally owned company in Dubai offering workforce solutions to companies. It is owned by a UAE national, Engr. Ahmed Abdulla Saif Bin Darwiesh Al Shehhi. Located in Al Reqqa Road Deira Dubai, the company offers professionally managed employee recruitment and labor supply solutions.

MLSS services have been a huge possibility owing to their highly professional team with experience spanning over 40 years. Therefore, companies have benefited a lot from their services. The company recruits both semi-skilled and skilled workforce for companies in the UAE and beyond. These services are available to people in various industries. They include engineering, construction, oil and Gas complexes and Hotel catering among others.

Most specifically, the company recruits personnel from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Africa and Arab countries as well. This is coordinated through associate offices around the globe. The team is tasked with the selection of suitable candidates as described by prospective employers in the UAE market. Most importantly, MLSS makes replacements for medically unfit personnel free of charge within 3 months of appointment.

Contact Al Muhandes Labour Supply Services P.O. BOX: 82200 Al Hawaii Bldg, Flat M-03 Al Reqqa St., Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Telephone: +971 4 2977225 Fax: +971 4 2977226 or E-mail: for more information.

AON Management Consultants

This is yet another renowned recruitment agency in UAE and the global market as well. AON Management Consultants provides various professional services to clients. Most of their clients are from the United States, the United Kingdom and other European nations. Due to its efforts in providing great HR solutions, the company has emerged as a top partner for many organizations.

AON is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company due to its quality of service to companies operating in Dubai and beyond. They continue to provide vital solutions to start-ups and developing companies in this volatile business landscape.

To ensure a global reach, the company experts have a global awareness providing a way for finding HR solutions for organizations. The company is continuously updated on the changing demands and standards set by governments across the globe. That way, the company can offer clear solutions without any hurdles.

This company has earned a high reputation over their years of experience in the industry. As a result, it has helped them build a sound and solid platform with both private authorities and the government.  Most importantly, the company uses a simplified approach that guarantees a thorough completion of the recruitment process in an organized manner.

Contact AON Management Consultants Suite No. 1906, City Tower 2 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 42 56 4686 or reach the Managing Partner: Mr Sojen Manjila via +971 50 210 6787 or email them through for assistance.

Perfect Manpower Supply Services

Perfect Manpower Supply Services is an ISO 9001 certified manpower supply agency located in the UAE. Founded in 1995, the company provides quality personnel to different expertise fields in the UAE. Therefore, it is a reliable service for complete recruitment solutions, which involve the sourcing and delivery of quality workers around Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The company provides skilled laborers and highly qualified people that support the best workforce at different levels. In addition, they provide short, medium and long-term workforce solutions in various industries. This is a licensed company useful in the provision of the workforce. Their main objective is to minimize client worries about HR-related issues. This includes compensation, labor, accommodation and insurance for their workers.

Perfect Manpower boasts of its unflinching commitment centred on client interests and those of the job seekers as well. The company has gained a reputation owing to its fair-minded, reliable and straightforward services. Over the years, the company has provided an exclusive and certified workforce for various sectors. They include engineering and construction, Marine and ship, Information Technology, Hotel and Hospitality, banking and general trading among other areas.

Contact Perfect Manpower Supply Services P.O Box No. 43799, Abu Dhabi, UAE or via Tel:   +971 2 5514475 Fax:  +971 2 5514472 Mob: +971 55 1124247. You can also reach them for General Enquiry through or for Sales Enquiry via

Ultimate HR Solutions

Founded in 2001, Ultimate HR Solutions (UHRS) is a leader in employee recruitment and other HR services. This is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with experience spanning over 20 years. The company has grown to become one of the most reliable services in the provision of HR solutions to organizations in Dubai.

UHRS scope of services ranges from employee outsourcing, talent acquisition, and temporary staffing to contract staffing. All this is done to take care of all the HR functions including PRO services, payroll management, visa solutions and formalities of employee exit. The company believes in providing complete solutions for all HR-related matters.

This company gives you a rich industry experience that comes with certainty and assurance of the services you will get. In addition, the company has qualified specialists in the sector offering unmatched client-friendly procedures and solutions. Their goal is to offer custom and precise HR solutions tailored to your needs. This is done to match the constantly changing needs in the market to enhance efficiency.

Centred on the provision of an excellent workforce, UHRS has successfully managed to provide the right people for their clients. Their satisfied clients have confirmed the quality of service offered by this company. The company has managed to outsource more than 30,000 employees from close to 100 nations around the globe. In addition, the company has met the needs of over 80 job functions serving 300+ clients.

Contact Ultimate HR Solutions Head Office – Dubai: 201, 2nd Floor, Hilal Bin Taraf Building, Adjacent To Business Bay Metro Station, PO Box 72703, Sh. Zayed Road
Dubai – UAE. Call them on Telephone: +971 4 343 3737 or via +971 4 343 3737 or email They also have a Branch Office – Abu Dhabi: 1205, Tower B, 12th Floor, Al Samaan Tower, Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi – UAE, which you can reach via Telephone: +971 2 666 2464.

Meethaq Employment Agency

Meethaq Employment Agency, which is part of AI Ghandi Group, was established in 2013. This recruitment agency is built on trust to bring a special proposition that guarantees a seamless connection between employees and their prospective employers. Therefore, this is an agency to consider for temporary assistants or even outsource your specific operations such as customer service.

The company promises the provision of motivated and engaged employees to create effective teams for work. Most importantly, the Meethaq meets this need by recruiting the best employees tailored around client needs. Further, the company works with you to ensure that employees are fully trained and that they fully understand the culture and values of your organization.

Proper employee integration is at the core of Meethaq’s operations. This is vital for maximized engagement and most importantly, avoiding co-employment situations. This is made possible through the company’s team of HR experts. They are passionate about realizing the daily requirements of the company’s task force. In addition, they provide sufficient support to ensure that they are forever dedicated and focused on serving your organization’s needs.

From the start, Meethaq works continuously with you to enhance employee enthusiasm and engagement levels. That way, the company has been able to build an environment of security, trust, career development and longevity. Ultimately, they have succeeded in building successful teams with low rates of attrition and absenteeism.

Contact Meethaq Employment Agency Unit 113, One Central Building 2, World Trade Center P.O. Box: 33663 Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can also reach them through Tel: +971 4 208 3000 Tel: +971 4 297 3333 Mob: +971505909884 or via Email: for more information.

Final Thoughts

Having the right people for your organization is very important. Therefore, it is important to engagement in effective HR efforts to get them. Today, Dubai is one of the lucrative markets to venture into with a business of your choice. However, establishing an effective workforce is vital to realizing your goals and objectives. These worker supply companies are there to get you off the hook. You can contact them for help with your human resources needs.

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