10 Best Used Car Dealership in Dubai

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10 Best Used Car Dealership in Dubai

Are you on the lookout for a used car in Dubai? Getting a car, whether new or old is quite exciting. The thrill of getting your own ride is pretty much exhilarating. However, in anticipation, one does tend to overlook things which are actually important.

The first thing which you should consider is obviously your budget. Dubai is a car heaven. It is known to have the collection of the finest cars in the world. There are just so many dealerships out there. The key is to simply know what kind of used car you are looking for and you are good to go.

While you prepare for the exciting journey of a car hunt, keep in mind that giving into impulse is not usually the way to go. It’s easy to be swayed when you have a snazzy looking vehicle in front of you. After all who wouldn’t be star struck by the likes of the most luxurious cars in Dubai? The price might be too good to be true as well. But the question is whether you could actually afford it or not? By the rule of the thumb, the car installment plan shouldn’t be more than 20% of your monthly earnings. That might sound like a damper, but its common sense.

Tips for buying used cars in Dubai

  • Make sure you have updated yourself on all the models available within your budget. Get online and compare prices. This way when you actually set out to buy a car, you know what you should be expecting.
  • Always purchase the car from authorized dealers. This helps avoid any problem later on. These dealers usually offer a warranty for the first year of purchase.
  • Do not forget to get a checkup done on the car at a professional workshop. Usual charges start from Dh200 to 300. Doing so would give you peace of mind that you are buying the right car.
  • Before you purchase a pre-owned car, make sure you know its mileage. Consider a car which has under 13000 km’s of mileage.

You could make a list of three or four cars which appeal to you and which are within your price range. Buying a second hand car is an economical option and one which doesn’t require breaking the bank. The next step is to know all about the ten best used car dealerships in Dubai.

Finding an authorized car dealer in Dubai is important. Read on to see who you should be approaching for purchasing your next ride:

Al Futtaim Motors Automall


You can never go wrong if you go for Al Futtaim Motors. They are the best known used car dealers in Dubai. The main reason why you should actually go for their services is the smooth and hassle free car buying experience which they offer. There is a whole range of second hand cars which you could look at. The options are endless. You can either choose an affordable Toyota or even go for the high end Cadillac. Their used cars are less than five years old and driven below 75000 km.

Why you should go there?

With more than fifteen years of experience under their belt, Al Futtaim are quite reliable. It’s simply a matter of unlimited possibilities and what you can afford. What’s more, they even take your used car so you can upgrade to a better model. It’s a win win situation and one which often helps you save some handy cash.

You don’t have to worry about finding a buyer for your old car. Simply show up at Al Futtaim and have it exchanged for a snazzier model. While this sounds too good to be true, it’s one option which you should definitely consider. Plus these are not the only service which they offer. You can get multiple services under one roof. These include issuance of vehicle valuation certificates, car maintenance and financing solutions as well. With so many benefits, one can’t go wrong if they choose to buy their next car from this dealership. Using Google maps is the easiest way to find your way to Al Futtaim Motors Auto Mall. For more information on timings and services, make sure you call them at 600-567-005

Emirates Auction


Another place which you should consider for buying second hand cars in Dubai is the Emirates Auction. Since 2004, it has been the leading and prime online auto car auction in UAE. And it’s not just cars which they sell, there are a great many things which are sold under their banner. These include car plates and even property.  It doesn’t matter what brand of car you are looking for. Either it’s a simple Honda or a classy Ferrari, you get everything at the Emirates auction.

Is it actually worth it?

There are a lucky few who sometimes get luxury cars for half of the actual price. You need to be vigilant, that’s all. Bidding is simple and can be placed on their website too. Who knows you might be the lucky owner of an elegant and chic ride in no time. However, do keep in mind that you should review the car condition on paper, this is usually uploaded on the website listing.

The Emirates Auction office lies adjacent to the Al Aweer Auto Market. Just get down at a stop called Ras Al Khor 11.

Al- Aweer Auto Market


If you are looking for the best and authorized used car dealers in UAE, Al Aweer auto market is your go to place. It’s a car heaven for everyone. Those who are looking for a fuel efficient vehicle or a high end luxury car, you get everything here and more. Also if you are planning on buying a limited edition car, who knows you might just score lucky and find it at Al Aweer auto market. They house a large number of cars and you are definitely going to be spoilt for choice.

Why you should visit at least once?

You don’t have to worry when you are purchasing a car from Al Aweer. This is because each of the cars sold there have undergone extensive testing before they are put out for sale. Plus they do offer warranties. For those looking to buy a used car, warranty does hold a great deal of importance. On the other hand, the fact that they are offer tailor made insurance plans is a major plus too. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you do check it out.

Getting to Al Aweer is easier by cab or bus. Those going by the bus would benefit from stopping over at Ras al Khor. From then onwards there are several bus routes which would take you there directly.

Individual used car dealerships in Dubai

If you a haven’t been lucky finding the car that you want in any of the above mentioned places, you may benefit from visiting one of the various individual used car dealerships in Dubai. Also for those who have already made up their mind and are on the lookout for a specific model can benefit from individual dealerships as well.

Moatamad cars

What You Need To Know When Buying Used Cars In Car Dealers In Dubai

Moatamed cars are the leading company of Bhawan International Group. They offer a simple solution for buying a pre-owned car. The whole process is completely hassle free. If you have a car in mind and you may want to consider it, you are at the right place. What’s more they have a formidable reputation when it comes to selling quality second hand vehicles.  They have a full range of certified cars at amazing prices.

Car Sell Zone

Pre owned cars in Dubai - The Elite Carstheelitecars.com

If you are thinking about selling your used car and buying a new one in lieu of it, you can get things worked out easily at Car Sell Zone. Everyone knows selling an old car can be a major head ache. However, if you want to avoid the tediousness of the whole situation, make sure you talk it out with a professional at Car Sell Zone.

Expat Car Buyers

True Definition of Luxury

or buying a car is so much easier when you visit Expat car buyers. All you need to do is simply book an appointment and get there on the designated time. They will assess your vehicle and provide you with a quote completely free of cost. If you are happy with their quote, you just handover your car and you are done for the day. Selling a car has never been so hassle free.

Why buy your car from an individual used car dealership in Dubai?

There are several reasons why you should be buying your car from an individual dealership. Some of those benefits include the following

  • While it’s true that buying a car from an individual is much cheaper than buying it from a dealership, there is a catch. A private vehicle owner is not going to provide you with the complete information. Also they won’t offer you any financing option. On the other hand a dealership makes sure that they scrutinize every vehicle which they sell. They have to ensure that they are selling the right car, after all a dealership has a reputation which they need to maintain.
  • A dealership is usually an authorized dealer for used cars. This means that they are completely reliable. Buying your car from them won’t land you into any trouble. Sometimes the car might have an issue. Something which the private owner might fail to mention. On the other hand, staff at the dealership make sure that everything about the car is out in the open so there are no nasty surprises in the long run.
  • Also it’s really quite the convenience which you are after. Who wants to go through the stress of finding out whether the vehicle is in mint condition or not. You might have to get the car checked on your own by hiring a mechanic. On the other hand, just going to a dealership and getting a used car is a much simpler option and one which is very convenient.
  • Better financing options. A dealership can help you find a car in the right rate. Also they would help you get approved for a loan and you can own your own care in just a matter of days.
  • Another good reason to purchase your car from a dealership is the variety that is on offer. Even if you are looking for a particular make or model, you always have to look for car which is going to be best for you. This means taking a look at as many options that are available. Buying from a dealership allows you the freedom of choice.
  • Any of the pre-owned cars being sold at a dealership are registered. You can be assured that everything about those cars is genuine.
  • If you are looking for aftermarket upgrades for your used car, a dealership is always the right choice. They allow you to customize the car according to your requirements. This is something which you might not be able to avail if buy from an individual seller.
  • You don’t even need to worry about the paper work. Buying your car from a dealership means that they handle all the documentation. What you just need to do is read and sign the contract. The whole process becomes a great deal easier.

Online web portals

If you feel that you wouldn’t have the time to visit any of the above mentioned places, then try searching for a car on any of the online web portals. There is a huge collection of used cars for sale anywhere in Dubai. What’s more you can now choose a vehicle that you like online and get all the information about it in the comfort of your home. While there are many dealership which you could choose from, you need to specifically focus on those which deal in used cars only. The following are a few car dealerships you can take a look at:

Car Switch

Buy and Sell Cars at best prices from CarSwitchcarswitch.com

At carswitch.com you would be able to find your dream car in a jiffy. They make sure that you get the best deals out there. Now you won’t have to worry about any shady business while buying or selling a car. Everything is down on paper. What you need to do is find a car that you like and get a quote. Once you are ready to make the transaction, the whole process is pretty smooth then onwards. What’s more, everything is achieved with a simple click.

For someone looking to sell their car, you would need to provide all the basic details. The team would then quote an upfront price. If it appeals to you, then they would send over their professionals to photograph your car. They would make sure that those pictures come out beautifully. Meanwhile they would also assess the car. Once that’s done, they line up the buyers. The best thing is that there I a direct transaction between the buyer and the seller, so everyone gets a fair price.

Yalla Motor


At uae.yallamotor.com, you can find some of the most popular branded cars. Buying or selling a car is pretty easy. Also the paper work is handled with ease.

Dubi Cars

5 most reliable used cars you can buy for Dh10,000 in UAE

At dubicar.com you would find classified listings of each and every used car. Also if you are planning to sell your car and buy another one you can do so easily within the convenience of your home.

Auto Trader UAE

RMA Motors Used Car Dealer

Just the same as the above mentioned online web portals, you can get a great variety of vehicles at autotraderuae.com as well. The cars are reasonably priced and you can get a good bargain if you buy a car during the flash sale.

Why buy a car from an online web portal?

Online web portals have completely changed the way people have been purchasing cars. It’s a revolutionary concept and one which is pretty innovative. What’s more Asia has proved to be the largest hub for buying and selling cars online. People living here constitute more than 50% of the internet user base.

There are several reasons why people prefer buying cars online. The first and foremost is the convenience which they can get from it. Who wants to move around and go car hunting from one show room to the other? All you need to do is simply log onto the website and find a car that you like. Once found you can get the quotes and go around for a test drive.

Another benefit of online portals is that advertising or selling a car is also pretty easy. Plus there are no pressure tactics which sales people normally use at a regular car dealership. You can shop at your leisure and then decide on the car that you like.

The above mentioned are the ten best used car dealerships in Dubai. However, buying a car is something which requires a bit of attention. Whether you choose to buy a car from an auction, individual dealership or an online web portal, make sure to give it a test drive before actually making a purchase.

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