10 Best Maid Nanny Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

10 Best Maid Nanny Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

10 Best Maid Nanny Recruitment Agencies in Dubai


Living in Dubai comes with a lot of benefits. One of them is the ability to get a maid and/or nanny to help you with your daily chores at a reasonable fee. There is a lot that you can do in Dubai and you obviously do not want anything to come in between. For that reason, hiring a nanny will definitely be a good idea for you if you want to make the most out of your stay in Dubai. Your nanny will help you do house cleaning, stay with your children, do laundry and most importantly, do the cooking for your family. That way, you can afford the luxury of doing other equally important things in your life.

Once you get to see the input made by a nanny within your premises, you will realize how much you have been losing occupying yourself with all these things. Ideally, getting a nanny should be in your must-do list of activities on your arrival in Dubai. Your life will become easy and as a result, you will get to enjoy being in this beautiful city.  Every traveler realizes how many household activities keep them hooked up all day long. It comes almost impossible to find time for anything else with the household chores waiting for you in the house. For that reason, it is important for you to make use of these services to ease your life of many things.

You need support in the house if you want to make the most of being in Dubai. Get your children a new company and get some time off to do other things outside the house. Anyone who really loves life will definitely be looking for nannies to help with their daily activities. So, how do you get to find a nanny for your chores? How do you get someone who is completely not known to you to come and stay with your children? Well, you are not alone in this but there is a solution – help from nanny recruitment agencies!

At this age of the internet and technology, life has become a lot complex and fun at the same time. All you need is to familiarize yourself with the growing trends in technology and pursue solutions that come in handy for hassle-free life. At a mere click of a button, you will come across a list of nanny agencies. Here are 10 best maid nanny recruitment agencies in Dubai that you should consider in your search for nannies:

Find Nanny and Maid 

Find nanny and maid is a renowned nanny agency situated in Dubai offering more than 7 years of experience in the industry. This is made possible through a team of dedicated professionals that are constantly updating the company’s database with nannies that may interest you. The company has been providing services to its clients looking for individuals to take care of their house and attend to their kids.

The data available on the company website is usually updated on a day-to-day basis to get you the help you need. Nannies are first interviewed before getting listed on the database. There will be every kind of information for you to check about all nannies to decide on which one to pick. You will find details of their performance and rating from past employers and their unique qualities that make them stand out. You will also get background information about them to help you know the kind of person you will be bringing to your house.

Everybody is looking for peace of mind at home and part of that is solved by having a helper in the form of a nanny. To get these services, all you need is to become a member by paying a small fee. Contact Find Nanny and Maid via info@find-nanny-and-maid.com or call +971501472890, +97144210163 for professional nanny services today!

Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co

Part time maid available

Located Alkazim Group Building – Alqarhoud – Dubai – UAE, Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co is a reputable maid recruitment agency also providing quality live maid services in the city. Its objective is to provide the nanny and her employer peace of mind by ensuring that the rights of all are given and not infringed. The company employs holistic employment practices and ensures that the employee gets her full labor rights. That includes but is not limited to WPS-Salary, an Employment Contract, End of Service, Medical Insurance and Workers insurance and so on.

The protection provided is two-way. The hiring families get ethical and fair hiring, flexible contracts and guaranteed replacements in case of anything. Having done a thorough background check on all nannies, the agency takes responsibility to follow up on your welfare and performance of your nanny. Basically, they do everything in their power to ensure cordial and fruitful working relationship for both parties.

To help them work better, Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co provides in-house first aid training for their Nannies as well. Other training include housekeeping practices and other helpful courses that make them ready prepared to take up any job. You can get a full-time live-in nanny to get you wonderful services in the daily running of your young family. You can get help when you need it. All you need is to contact Tadbeer-Housekeeping Co via info@tadbeerreferences.ae or call 042352499 for more information on what to expect from them.

Savoir Vivre

Find Today your Maid or Nanny in UAE!

Located at Burlington Tower 22 level, Business Bay Dubai, UAEP.O Box 124504 (UAE), Savoir Vivre is a premium placement agency for domestic nannies that was founded in 2013. It began its operations in Dubai, UAE and has since provided invaluable help to those in need of nanny services in the region and beyond. Today, the company operates in other parts including Eastern Europe and the like. With continued research and increasing demand, the company continues to make itself relevant by offering state-of-the-art solutions to housekeeping needs.

Services provided by this nanny recruitment agency in Dubai get actualized through domestic professionals who get to do challenging and demanding tasks in a refined way. The company boasts to have served royal families in the region but is not limited to the diplomats and affluent people only. Anyone can get these services and find a nanny that best addresses their needs. Having been trusted by the high and mighty in the land, Savoir Vivre promises quality services to all seeking help with their household work.

Savoir Vivre believes in a concept that puts together the customs of a holistic society, the ability to live a good life and enjoy it. They present you a solution to face life situations with elegance, poise and good manners.  There is no limit to what you can get once you have contacted the experts in the field. Contact Savoir Vivre through info@elite-housekeeping.com or call 056 7444 372 for help with a well-trained nanny.

Housekeeping Co.

Professional Full-Time Nannies in Dubai

This is an affiliate company to the Housekeeping Domestics Workers Services LLC. It is an extension of home care services now providing professional nanny solutions to take care of your children and home in general. The company’s mission is to provide cost-effective solutions in the form of domestic works coming from outside Dubai. Ultimately, the idea is to provide lasting solutions to families that need help with domestic management and hassle-free moments while enjoying the busy Dubai city. Most importantly, every worker is trained to do their job professionally and get you the answer you have been looking for.

Since its establishment in 2011, the company has taken the lead in providing continuous change on quality domestic services alongside commercial cleaning. The concept held by the company is not to get you, someone, to replace you when you are away, but someone who can bring value to your home.  That is why the agency invests a lot in doing thorough interviews and training nannies in preparation for domestic work.


Everything is done with observance to the laws and regulations of the land where the rights of all parties are provided.  Therefore, you are protected from any liability that might occur and will be given professionals who understand their job and are willing to work for you. For further guidance and information about these services, you can contact Housekeeping Co via jane@housekeepingco.com or call or WhatsApp location +971 4 706 0100.

Spring Cleaning Services

Dubai Nanny Salaries

Spring cleaning services initially started as a cleaning service but later diversified to babysitting services. Sometimes, these two jobs are inseparable and that is why the company saw it fit to put the two together. The company provides approved babysitters with the experience needed to take care of children of various age groups. Therefore, this is not just a cleaning company – you can also get nanny and babysitting services from them.

This service specializes in getting you English speaking nannies, Filipina babysitters and Arabic speaking nannies who can double as a maid and a nanny. That means, they can both do cleaning alongside laundry and still take care of your children. The company provides reliable, punctual and professional services that many people have come to like. You can also get special services on request. Therefore, don’t hesitate to find out from them providing details of the kind of help you need. When you feel like you are not sure of how to go about with your search for nannies, all you need is to contact professionals in the market. They will make the work a lot easier for you.


Doing everything in the house all by yourself can be a daunting task. However, getting a nanny for the job will change everything completely. You will not only get to do other things but also benefit from professional nanny services that come with thorough work. Contact Spring Cleaning Services via Toll-Free: 600 522 328 or WhatsApp 0551146264 them for assistance.

Morgan & Mallet Nannies

Dubai Nanny Duties

Located Office 508, The Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates Po Box 119724, Morgan & Mallet Nannies have been in the business of serving families looking for well-trained and skilled nannies, tutors, babysitters, maternity nurses and governesses. Therefore, you can never go wrong in engaging them for such-like services. Dubai presents residents with options of how to manage their lives while enjoying the beautiful city and what it has to offer. There are quite a number of workers to choose from especially if you want someone to stay with your children as you attend to other important things during your stay there.

Hiring nannies has become the norm nowadays and you better engage professional services like these to get a good one. Since you can’t just pick on anyone along the streets to take care of your children, it is advisable to visit a professional nanny recruitment agency for help. There will be all the help you have been looking for to get you going. It will not just be anybody but someone qualified and trained to do the job. Therefore, they will get straight to doing the work without additional training.

With a stringent recruitment procedure, Morgan & Mallet brings a promise of professionalism, honesty and trustworthiness in their services. Contact Morgan & Mallet Nannies via uae@nannies.agency or call +971 4 249 3564 for more information on how you can get assisted in your search for a nanny!

Maid Match

Finding the Right Helper

Maid Match is a professional service designed to give maid and nanny solutions to people living in and around Dubai. The company boasts of a community that is dedicated to changing the experience of having a nanny in your house. It has been quite challenging to get a nanny but this is what Maid Match seeks to offer up a solution. The company continues to refine its services by using input and feedback from past clients. That way, it has been able to enhance its services and make them even better for those seeking help with a professional nanny.

Families are getting help from nannies and nannies getting jobs via this service that specializes in providing professional solutions to all in Dubai. This is an award-winning providing quality nanny recruitment services and other similar professionals for those who need them. The company makes it easier for families to recruit professionals to help them with their daily activities in a cost-effective approach. Therefore, you can get help with a professional nanny from this platform. 

All you need to do is to set up your profile on their site and start looking for candidates for your nanny position. There are a lot of options for you to choose from and that gives you an opportunity to pick the best from the rest. When in need of a professional nanny, you can contact Maid Match via hello@maidmatch.ae or directly from their website for help!

Nannies Incorporated

Full Time Live In Maid Dubai-The Agency Debate

There are a host of services offered by Nannies Incorporated today. They include governesses, maternity nurses and nannies in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Although it has been in operation for over three decades, operations in Dubai started in 2009. Recruitments for the positions of nannies are conducted in a very professional way making sure that families get nothing but the best of nannies in the region. Every person available for choosing is a determined career professional with the requisite experience of working in private homes usually with high-profile homestead locally and internationally.

The company’s reputation in serving the high and the mighty gives them an upper hand when it comes to choosing a good nanny recruitment agency in Dubai. Therefore, it is important to look at all these aspects prior to picking your preferred solution. The type of nannies you will get are well-trained individuals in the area of childcare and in other related fields. Nannies Incorporated helps families to identify professional nannies who will not bother them in their work.

Professionalism goes beyond skill to the ability to live harmoniously with each other. Therefore, the nanny you get is one that believes in home values and will do everything to thoroughly do their job and leave everyone happy. If that is what you are looking for, you can now contact Nannies Incorporated via dubai@nanniesinc.com or call +971(0) 558 804 217 for help and advice of how to pick the best nanny for your household needs!

Nannies Dubai

Looking for reliable maid services in Dubai

Registered as an Authority Nanny and Maid Agency, NanniesDubai has been in operation for over ten years offering nanny services to families in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. You can get nannies of different background including Indians, Africans, Sri Lankans and Filipinos among other races. If you are specific on the type of nannies you are looking for, then NanniesDubai is the service you need. As of today, the company makes up to 250 nanny placements on a monthly basis all around the UAE and abroad. Therefore, it is definitely a reliable service to use.

Services provided on this platform include Governesses, drivers, gardeners, cooks, professional nannies for homes and office receptionists among other professionals. It all depends on what you want. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them if all you need is a nanny to take care of your children and the larger household. When you don’t have the time to go round looking for people to work as nannies, the professionals can do it for you. NanniesDubai is a trusted agency with strict recruitment procedures aimed at providing quality services to every family in need of a professional worker.

Getting the best professional requires research and help from reliable sources. Therefore, make sure you have understood what is in stake for you before picking any. Contact NanniesDubai via  nanniesdubai@gmail.com or call +971 50 8477537, +971 54 5680000 to get assistance with your search for a professional nanny!

Blue orb cleaning

Looking for reliable maid services in Dubai

Last but not the least, Blue Orb is yet another nanny recruitment agency operating in Dubai that has established itself in the market. The company has evolved from primarily giving cleaning services to recruiting professional nannies and training them for hiring by families in the region and beyond. Anyone looking for babysitting solutions can also engage Blue Orb for quality help with professional nannies. Many people have in the past used these services and are the reason why the company has continued to make a name for itself in the market.

Rising to become one of the trusted brands in the industry is not easy, especially in the dynamic Dubai market. Therefore, it is worth considering the kind of services and performance that has put Blue Orb on the map. You can establish this through online reviews and feedback left by past clients.  The company has enjoyed business from repeat clients and referrals made to them by their already existing customers.

All that you will get from this company are not cleaning services alone. You will also get to have professional and well-trained nannies who will take care of your home and children.  Once you reach out to them and table your needs, these professionals will help you choose the best help for your home setting. Contact Blue Orb Cleaning via info@blueorb.ae or call +971 58 242 1080 for help with your nanny and babysitting needs today.

The Bottom Line

Maid nanny services have been very important in our world today especially in Dubai where life is quite busy for every. Families living in Dubai have a lot on their desk to do and that is why they are looking for help with some of the work. For help with professional nannies, families are engaging maid nanny recruitment agencies that have been a lot helpful in the search for solutions. However, you should always do your due diligence in your search in order to pick the best help available in the market.

Take time to study the market and find out where people are getting help from. There is a wide range of solutions that you can go for as discussed here are some of the best nanny recruitment agencies you can contact for help. Read online reviews and feedback to help you identify the best match for your needs!

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