Top 10 Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

What are the best Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

Top 10 Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

Hotel amenities count a lot towards the success of the hospitality industry. Therefore, investors look for quality supplies to have a competitive edge in the market. Dubai’s hotel and hospitality industry is among the well-established around the globe. There are visitors coming from different parts of the globe and therefore, meeting their needs has prompted the need for engaging quality suppliers in the market. In your search for hotel amenities suppliers in Dubai, it is important to look for trusted brands and renowned options that have gained trust among hoteliers operating in the city.

The growing competition in this industry has encouraged healthy operations through the provision of quality products sourced from renowned brands around the globe. There shouldn’t be any compromise on quality and that is why you should engage professionals with vast knowledge and experience. Visitors to this prestigious city are looking for great experiences. This is normally associated with high-quality hotel amenities. If you are not offering such, it is unlikely that you will win the attention of prospective clients. Many hotel suppliers in Dubai go to great lengths of sourcing the best resources from around the world. This ensures great quality and service to your clients.

If you are looking for professional supplies for hotel amenities, there will be several options to choose from. At this age of the internet, you can easily get information about the best offers in the market today based on price and quality. There are various companies doing supplies to big hotels and restaurants that you can use. If you want to have a competitive advantage in this busy Dubai market, working with the best suppliers is highly recommended. Use online ratings and reviews from trusted sources to find about the best suppliers in this city. Here is a list of top 10 Hotel amenities suppliers to get you started: 

Maples Hotel Supplies

Which Hotel Amenities Suppliers are great in Dubai

Founded in 2004 in the Northern Emirates, Maples Hotel Supplies has been offering hotel amenities in the Middle East, and more especially in the UAE. Dubai happens to be one of its main center of supplies owing to the beehive of hotel activities in the city. The company has invested a lot in research and study of the ever-growing tourism industry in Dubai and continues to match the needs of the hotel industry. They have a thorough collection of hotel services and products aimed at making your customers’ experience great.

Maples Hotel Supplies is definitely a top supplier of hospitality products that match the much-needed standards in Dubai. This city is home to people from all corners of the globe. Therefore, you cannot afford to be limited in the delivery of sufficient amenities. Instead of wondering what to do to make your clients happy, this company will do all the work for you. They offer branded products that match the desired standards in terms of quality. These come in a wide range and give your customers options for a thrilling experience.

Typical products include table lines, amenities for guest rooms, corporate gift items, furniture, electrical appliances, bath linen, irons, bed linen and so on. Contact Maples Hotel Supplies P.O.Box: 454797, Office # 201, Sama Building, Al Barsha 1, near Mall of Emirates, Dubai, U.A.E Tel : +971 4 551 5048 Mob: +971 50 2929253 Fax: +971 4 551 5049 Email: for more details and information.


What are top 10 Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

Pepperonz is your partner for all hotel and hospitality amenities to help you have happy customers. They supply trusted product brands and services that match international repute. The company’s staff is committed to providing quality brands at an affordable coast. Typical products include kitchenware, towels and beddings whose quality has been praised by past clients.  You can find all this information online and get to know other people’s experience with Pepperonz’s supplies. They operate bearing in mind the sensitive nature of the hospitality industry. It is all about similar experiences to people travelling from different backgrounds. Therefore, there has to be a mix of everything.

The company is inspired by multicultural aspects, background and social status in their search for quality supplies. They seek to cater for the needs of all in an effort of providing amenities that satisfy all the customers. Most importantly, keeping up with industry standards is essential for operations, particularly in Dubai. Pepperonz helps bridge the industry gap by providing you with the best products that can be personalized based on the hotel needs. You can also get inventory solutions based on the basic requirements of hotel products.

If you don’t know what is best for your hotel, this company will help you decide and pick the best solutions for your hotel amenities. Contact Pepperonz Address: Unit-07, Al Rajab Building, Near Shoe Bazar, Meena Bazar, Bur Dubai, Dubai , UAE  Phone: +9714-3292239 / 97156-3929832 / 97156-9039093 or Email: for more information and details on how you can be assisted.

GFS Dubai

Top 10 Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai review

GFS Dubai has been providing tailor-made amenity solutions to the hotel industry since 2003, particularly in the Middle East. The company has a rich background in the supply of hotel amenities and office furnishes. GFS Dubai is committed to providing personalized and innovative solutions that match the unique needs of different hotels. They offer a wide range of both personalized and branded amenities that are modified to match your preferred style. Over and above that, they have a wide distribution channel that makes sure there is a seamless delivery of suppliers to customers both locally and throughout the region.

This is your partner for customized concepts that enhance the experience of your clients. If you want to develop your concept, this company gives you the opportunity to do so. They will present you with a wide range of possibilities that will help you build your identity. You will not only get these supplies but also a thorough assessment of your needs for help with the most suitable designs for your operations. There is a lot that you will learn from them especially where you need guidance on certain aspects of hotel amenities.

Ask the experts to help you pick the best solutions for your hotel needs. Contact GFS Dubai I-Rise Tower | Office 31-C13 Barsha Heights | Dubai | UAE +971 4 421 6166 or drop an email at to gather information on how best to stock up your hotel for memorable customer experience.


Top  Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

The Zicnic Devcom Industries is also another option you got in Dubai for your hotel amenities supplies. They not only supply but also produce hotel guest amenities products in different locations around the world. Dubai happens to be one of their key markets and they have for years been providing hotel amenities solutions to their clients in the region. Some of their key products are hotel soaps and toiletries, non-woven bags, dental kits, shoe shine boxes and shaving kits among other items.


Part of what you should be looking for in a supplier is the ability to advise and offer up solutions as your hotel may require. When you need customized products for your operations, Zicnic can make that happen at an affordable cost. They will get you all manner of items that you may need without any hassle. If it’s a product they don’t produce, they have a big network of manufacturers from which they can source what you need. Here, you will be working with professionals that understand the hospitality industry through and through. Nothing is left to chance as these experts help you get your hotel amenities.

Contact Zicnic DEVCOM INDUSTRIES  for Hotel Amenities, Toiletries, Non-woven laundry bags / Restaurant Delivery bags, Dental kits, shaving kits. They will connect you with their Dubai Office from the following contact details: (+91) 992342 7722 / (+91) 7083580888 or Email at for more details and help with your hotel amenities supplies in Dubai.


Best Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

Work with a specialized domestic supplier and exporter of hotel amenities to the international hospitality market, ZAT for all your hotel needs. This is a reliable company operating in Dubai to get you solutions you need to keep going with your business. They have been in operation for over a decade now making them a leader in the provision of good quality hotel products to their clients not only in Dubai but also in the rest of the GCC region. With ZAT, you will get various hospitality items to support your operations for great customer experience.

Typical product examples offered by ZAT include room furniture, lobby décor, tableware and other hotel necessities. All these will be provided to you at good rates. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about where to buy quality and good quality hotel amenities. With a robust network of supplies, you can rest assured that these professionals will be resourceful in getting you all the supplies you need. Most importantly, they will get you the best brands and make you grow by offering the best of products to your customers. The company exercises diligence at all times to ensure that standards are not compromised.

Contact ZAT, Salah Al Din St., Deira, Dubai-UAE Tel:  +971 4 2598000 Fax:  +971 4 2557044 Email: for help with top-notch quality products to serve your customers. Make the most of their skill and experience to pick the best hotel amenities for your use.

Infinity Hotel Supplies LLC

Best Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai review

The best of hotel amenities come with seasoned and knowledgeable supplies about the hospitality industry. Giving your guests a great Dubai experience requires that you cater for their needs as they hold up their stay in your hotel. Infinity Hotel Supplies LLC gives you the promise of standard amenities for use in your rooms and other places within the hotel. The company is a leader in providing hospitality turnkey solutions in the areas where they operate. Over the years, they have created solid partnerships with their clients and continue to offer ready solutions to the hotel industry.

Infinity Hotel Supplies provide design solutions, procurement expertise and installation of hotel products in a seamless process. This is what they do and could be of great help for you while navigating through the busy Dubai environment. The company pledges to give you a good partnership to build trust by providing high-quality solutions to enhance customer experience and business growth. Every item in your hotel counts and that is why you need a knowledgeable hotel amenities supplier like this one. They will help you complete all your purchases and ensure that you get the best deals in the market.

Contact Infinity Hotel Supplies LLC, P.O. Box 23839 #3, 2nd Floor, Mohd, Obaid Al Majid Bldg.

Marrakech Street, Dubai. P.O.Box 238329 E-MAIL Tel: +971 42 639 688 +971 55 668 6354, +971 55 387 3297. They will be ready with standard solutions that match the standards already set in Dubai.

Al Taief Hotels Accessories Trading LLC

What are the best Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

The AI Taief Hotels Accessories Trading LLC has been in operation since 2005 and continues to offer amenities solutions to all its hotel owners’ clients. You too can make use of their skill and experience in the industry to get quality hotel amenities supplies. Over the years, they have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of event organizers, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality needs in general. Their wide experience and knowledge of market dynamics and the services offered in the industry have been key in helping their clients choose their essentials wisely. They offer their services and products not only in Dubai but also in the entire GCC region.


This is a well-known and reputable company that is trusted among hoteliers in the region. You can make use of their services to get to maneuver through the market in your search for the best hotel amenities for your use. You can never go wrong working with experts in your area. AI Taief Hotels Accessories Trading LLC is always looking forward to understanding your needs and picks a solution that fits them. They understand that every hotel has unique requirements and that is why they will always endeavor to get custom solutions as to you may need.

Your help is a company all away. You can reach this supplier by visiting their website for more details and information. Contact Al Taief Hotels Accessories Trading LLC Call: +971 6 5235050 for enquiries and guidance on what would be the best approach to source and manage your hotel amenities for great customer experience.

Hospitality Solutions Group

Which Hotel Amenities Suppliers are great in Dubai

Hospitality Solutions Group operating in the Middle East and specifically in Dubai looks forward to becoming your partner in the supply of quality hotel amenities. They work closely with you to ensure that you have the best of products for your hotel. Getting the best experience for your clients requires the installation of high-quality products in your hotel. Therefore, you can make use of this company to get you what customers are looking for during their stay in Dubai. This is a prestigious city hosting people from all walks of life. Therefore, quality standards are of the essence. Gaining a competitive advantage would require investing in the best amenities for your customers. Hospitality Solutions Group will help you do that.


If you are looking for repeat business, you can create great opportunities with your amenities supplies. It is important that you enhance the public outlook of your brand through the items that you source from your suppliers. They will make all the difference amongst your customers who will, in turn, help you grow through their testimonials. Happy clients can’t hide their joy and this will work to your advantage when you get the best amenities brands.


Contact Hospitality Solutions Group – Hospitality Solution the Middle East – FZE Office Number A2-120 Saif Zone Sharjah, UAE Phone: +971 6 5661681 Mobile: +971 50 765 92 90 for help with more details and information. There is a team of professionals waiting to take your requests and attend to them.


What are top 10 Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai

This hotels amenities supplier has been in operation since 1995. This is a good time for any serious business to fully understand an industry and give the right solutions to their clients. Metro Hotel Supplies LLC has over the years grown to become a leader in the supply of the best products to hotels especially in Dubai where the economy is growing at a fast rate. This has largely been attributed to the continuous growth in the tourism industry. The company has been there through different phases of growth in the region and stand out among the best to help you make the right choices about the hotel industry in Dubai.

Metro Hotel Supplies LLC has been a key partner of big hotels and restaurants in the city of Dubai and there is no doubt that they have been a lot helpful in enhancing their growth. Great customer experience is instrumental for more sales and growth and that is what this company continues to give it’s clients for the many years that it has been in existence. Their products are eco-friendly and will give you the service you need for excellence. Products offered range from those used in the rooms to the kitchen and the restaurant.

Contact METRO HOTEL SUPPLIES LLC. P.O. Box: 42994, Dubai, UAE.  Phone Tel: +971 4 2672698 Tel: +971 4 3539331 Fax: +971 4 2672798 or Email  for any enquiries and help with your hotel amenities supplies.

Renarte General Trading LLC

Top 10 Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Dubai review

Renarte General Trading LLC is your one-stop-shop for all the hotel and hospitality industry solutions. Hoteliers in Dubai find this company a perfect for all their needs for swift coordination and running of their business to enhance great customer experience. They major around hospitality supplies and for sure, you can trust them for quality and customized options. There is a wide range of products for you to choose and that gives you the freedom to only pick the best. They will help you with kitchenware and other materials for use in the restaurant and the in the rooms as well. There is nothing you won’t find in this supplier.

If you like all your things done in one place, which is good especially when it comes to branding, Renarte General Trading LLC will help you do that. You don’t need to engage many suppliers while this company can get the job done for you. Most importantly, they will help you cut costs for buying items in bulk from one place. The company’s attention to details and quality is something to take advantage of in your desire to establish reputable hotel services.


Contact Renarte General Trading LLC Office 1002 Grosvenor Business Tower Barsha Heights – Dubai Tel: +971 4 435 6994 Fax: +971 4 435 6993 for help with quality and standard hotel amenities. These professionals will ensure that you get your dream solutions to serve your customers in the best of your imagination.

Final Advice

There is no limit to what you can do to ensure a great customer experience inside your hotel establishment. One of the best of ways to ensure that is by picking a good hotel amenities supplier to help you. Dubai is known for great standards and quality services. People come from different parts of the world with great expectations and that is why it is important to look for quality supplies. The ultimate experience of your customers will largely depend on the products and brands you have set for them. It is very important to consider making suitable choices for the rooms, the kitchen and the restaurant as well.

Choose your hotel amenities supplier wisely because they can either build or taint your image. Therefore, ensure that everything in place for continuous delivery to keep up with the great customer experience. There is a lot of information available online to study the options you got for your supplies. Make sure you have done a thorough search before making your final procurement decision. Go for the best there is in the market. There is every bit of information to help you decide.

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