Top 10 Best Arts Classes for Kids in Dubai

Top 10 Best Arts Classes for Kids in Dubai

Not many institutions teach arts and crafts despite their evident importance. As a result, children suffer due to the lack of these important skills ignored in conventional school setups. Art is an important foundation for learning other things such as math and reading. Therefore, arts and crafts boost the creativity skills of children especially when introduced from an early age.

Kids get more and more confident as they learn the art. In addition, they can make decisions for themselves. The creative impulse created in them helps them a lot outside the confines of the art classes. In essence, art skills help children learn ways to get organized with their information and think of solutions to problems. Art helps them develop the following:

  • Decision-making skills. The ability to know the colors to use and the imagery to paint gives children a taste of authority and the ability to decide.
  • Accurate techniques. Art courses enhance brain function in a way that polishes motor skills and learning the correct techniques.
  • Social Skills. Art provides opportunities for children to socialise as they cooperate and collaborate in their creativity
  • Fine motor skills. Children’s mental capacity is challenged hence fostering brain growth as they seek patterns and improve their geometry skills.
  • High self-esteem. With arts, children feel accomplished, which is vital for their self-esteem and can take a stand after they feel justified.
  • Creativity skills. Arts classes in Dubai encourage children to solve problems by thinking outside the box.
  • Good memory. Good art skills help children remember what they created and this goes a long way to enhancing their memory.
  • Self-expression. In its simplest definition, art is a means to express one’s self as learners convey their ideas clearly to their audience.

Here are the top 10 art classes for kids in Dubai to help you benefit from this great field of learning:

Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC

Since 2001, Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC is a human resource development and training center that is duly licensed. The institution operates based on the rules and regulations provided by the TECOM Free Zone Authority situated at Dubai Knowledge Park, United Arab Emirates.

Among the things they do is to offer children aged between 7 and 12 opportunities and arts classes for afterschool activities. These include painting, drawing and 3D and sculpture courses for kids.

Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC has a special mission of “Holistic Approach to Education” that follows the standard guidelines of doing programmes for the development of performance and human skills. With a team of multi-national and highly trained faculty members, the institution offers globally recognized qualifications in arts and design.

Learners attending the Lotus Educational Institute get awards for different levels of study attested by the Dubai government KHDA. In addition, there is flexibility in training programmes founded on individual and organization’s needs. Most importantly, learners can enrol at any time of the year. Still, they get private, semi-private and group art classes on weekends and weekdays as well.

This is a friendly atmosphere of learning for all children regardless of their race, age, color and religion. Part of the facilities owned by this institute is an art gallery, technical services, transportation, clinics and health clubs, food courts and restaurants, hotels and so on. All these facilities provide the best way to enhance the creativity of children enjoyably through well-defined art courses.

Contact Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC Office G01, Block 13, Dubai Knowledge Park, P.O. Box: 500775, DXB, UAE via WhatsApp Number: 050 8465321 Phone Number: +971 4 3911718 +971 4 3911727 or Email: for more details and information. Offices are open on Saturday – Thursday from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Art Kala Drawing, Painting, Abacus

The Art Kala Fine Arts started in 2016 following its establishment by Mohanan Ponchitra, a talented and profound artist who has achieved a lot in this field. He started as a freelance drawing tutor prompted by his passion for fine arts. These activities further grew to levels where he began to mentor young people with skills in fine arts.

Over the last few years, Art Kala Fine Arts has had a competent and talented team that has inspired youths and adults to unearth and groom their skills using different fine arts modalities. These include shading, drawing, painting, acrylic painting, calligraphy, pastel color painting, oil painting and mural painting among others.

To inspire the youth, the institution seeks to offer different avenues to display their creative works. They empower them by bringing about their emotional well-being and channelling their creative energy to boost their career and art skills to new levels.  In 2017, the institution managed to conduct one of the biggest exhibitions in GCC. This was a welcome initiative by students, parents and the community at large.

Contact Art Kala Drawing, Painting, Abacus located at Al Nasiriya Building, Block A, Flat no. 216 Al Quasis Industrial Area 1, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates via Tel no.: +971 4 2380095 or Mobile no.: +971 50 9165726 (WhatsApp) to get more details and information.

We Love Art 

Founded in 2013, the We Love Art Company in Dubai has realized a lot of growth and success in the art world. The founder, Denise ventured into this world having grown up in the company of entrepreneurs and artists. Despite having a master’s degree in law, her passion for art and painting overrode other interests. This is what led to the founding of this great place for art enthusiasts.

It all started with teaching 8-week painting courses. As more and more positive feedback came through, Paint and Grape Evenings began. It was all about the art history of the most famous painters. Bringing on board fellow creatives, they soon became real masters of art and started to create masterpieces.

In 2020, the institution made progress in coming up with exclusive new We Love Art boxes. This was all about the real, guided experience of a step-by-step painting guide alongside great visual content for tutorials to help in creating unique masterpieces.  Denise is committed to producing the greatest pieces of art with love and to the finest details. Further, she is more than willing to share her experiences with young ones to discover themselves through art.

Training starts with the basics with a focus to develop artistic styles and skills for building the foundation of painting principles and techniques. Learners get the initial guide through the art courses. However, they are allowed to express themselves freely and learn through exploration as well.

Contact We Love Art UAE / Netherlands Creative Tower, PO Box 4422, Fujairah, UAE (+971) 56 76 91 995 or ema Denise at Denise@Weloveart.Com for more details and information.


Founded in 2005, thejamjar has continued to engage the community through arts. This is a community arts space with the objective of engaging audiences, supporting local artists and promoting the development of the art scene in Dubai. This community seeks to achieve this through extensive educational initiatives, art programmes and community projects.

They have diverse public programs with an aim of increasing knowledge and appreciation of arts in the UAE. Most importantly, the idea is to build a bridge between education and the arts, hence opening a cultural discourse in a non-judgmental environment.  All their activities and engagements help in carrying the ideation process into creation. To actualize this, they hold talks, workshops, events and opportunities to grow a like-minded community.

For the community objects, learners have the opportunity to share their vision. The focus is on helping creative contributors including groups, individuals and non-profit making establishments. Further, they also build awareness through partnerships using their unique position alongside an active and well-integrated community art space. Over the years, community projects included artist talks, film programmes, performances and pop-ups.

In addition, Thejamar has a Teen Art Mentorship that allows students aged between 11 and 18 to dig deep, get inspiration and develop their artwork over four consecutive days. This is part of the many things happening in this community. Kids get to learn new techniques in acrylic painting and drawing, enhancing their self-confidence and creativity.

Contact thejamar Unit H74, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via +971 4 3417303 or email at for more details and information.

The Palette Art Training & Consultancy

Established in 2016, this art school has experienced tremendous growth over the years. During the first three years, it created the inter-school art competition. In addition, it participated in the World Art Dubai in 2017, 2018 and 2020 and the Sikka Art Fair in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Further, it hosted many other exhibitions such as the Palette Share and Care Exhibition 2017 and the Fashion Illustration Exhibition 2018. Therefore, it will give your kid the right exposure to the art world. This is a great platform for artists and art, design and designers in pursuit of creative excellence, professional networking, career aspirations and design solutions.

Palette Art Training & Consultancy provides various classes for both beginners and the experienced in the art world. The classes include training in conventional sketching and other specialized courses such as batik painting. The institution offers various skills from designers and artists who can help meet various business needs.

The institution’s special art and craft classes train mixed media painting and simple painting in various mediums such as pot, glass, plate and knife among others. Others include oil painting, life drawing, acrylic painting, realistic drawing, watercolor, pen & ink and so on.

Your child will also get exposure to abstract expressionism, Arabic calligraphy, clay sculpture, fashion design & illustration, jewelry design and making, photography and silk painting.

Contact The Palette Art Training & Consultancy #501, Yes Business Centre Al Barsha 1, Dubai via +971 50 2471609 +972 50 1139038 or email or for more details and information.

Yadawei Ceramic Studio LLC

Yadawei is the home for handcrafted, handmade works by people who appreciate the effort and time that goes into developing something unique. This is what drives this great studio and is a great inspiration for them to share with others through training. These are ceramics and pottery enthusiasts in Dubai that have come together to create a community space for different people to explore this form of art.

Over the years, pottery has been a community activity. Therefore, Yadawei Ceramic Studio LLC has created a ‘members’ studio to inspire their space and workshops. There is room for creativity as it strikes, both in class and during the actual work. This is the only open-access pottery studio that you will find in the Gulf. It is a platform for students to work freely at any time of their choice without any restrictions whatsoever.

Yadawei is the right place for those interested to grow their pottery talent and showcase their pottery artwork. In addition, it is a place to come out of your comfort and refocus to develop some unforgettable memories.

This studio is a specially built space for students and members that want to explore clay as a medium of art design and expression. They run a gym-like membership plan for using the studio facilities when you please. The membership includes the use of free LF clear glaze and firing services.

Contact Yadawei Ceramic Studio LLC Warehouse 30, First Al Khail Street, Corner 19 Street Opposite AlSerkal Avenue – Al Quoz 1 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates via +971 4 379 1312 or email for more details and information.

Dubai International Art Centre

Since its inception, the Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) has changed its name many times from the Art Society of Dubai to Folk Art Charity Association for Teaching and Showing to The Dubai Arts Centre before settling for what it is today in 1995. Over the years, DIAC has become a global business center with growth and diversity at its core.

Today, DIAC boasts many students, teachers and friends from different cultures and backgrounds. They have constantly evolved to match the new Dubai demands for better art and art facilities. This is a great center for drawing and painting. Here the training involves help on how to perceive, read and translate the visual world into pictorial representation and expression from a personal view. Learners get knowledge of history, theory and criticism as they develop their relationship to the physical art production.

Kids classes include art and craft courses where children create, learn and interact with what is taught with fun. The objective is to unleash the creativity of your child. There is the proper use of color to bring out the therapeutic benefits in children. Therefore, it is always a feel-good moment being at DIAC. That way, they can easily process information from their surrounding, which is important for their social development.

There are also crafts and design courses meant for beginners and experienced art enthusiasts to take their creative ideas to higher levels. Experts in dressmaking, jewelry, fashion, interior and graphics offer these.

Contact Dubai International Art Centre Villa No. 27, Street 75b, Jumeirah 1 via 97143444398 or email for more details and information.

Ocean Kids Academy 

Ocean Kids Academy is a center for entertainment for the young and the elderly. This is a great academy characterized by art, music, yoga and karate among other things. The academy has been in this field since 1989. Over the years, they have immensely succeeded in building an unparalleled brand image with the unending hard work of individuals associated with them.

Ocean Kids Academy continues to plunge into more and more forms of art. As a result, they have realized huge success in the Arab world. They are dedicated to sheer professionalism for all their students. They are constantly working to bring out the talent of every learner and chisel it out to perfection.

To our imagination, the world is a canvas. For that reason, children have imagination in front of any paintwork. The art classes allow them to paint their imagination on a canvas and through drawing classes as well.

The academy is always prepared to teach children from scratch. Children get to learn how to hold drawing pencils. Through practice, they end up becoming perfect knowing well that no child was born an artist but it is achievable through training. This is an opportunity for children to chisel their talents and paint new colors to their world.

Drawing is not only what you see but also what others can make out of it. Therefore, the objective is to make others get into the imaginary world of these kids. Contact Ocean Kids Academy Crystal Business Center, M-01 near ADCB Metro Station Al Karama, Dubai, UAE via 043709676, +971 501812205 or email for more details and information.

Medaf Studio LLC

Medaf Creative Studio has great art spaces designed to ignite the creativity and curiosity of your child by using multi-disciplinary art practices that target developing and building their skill-set through art-related workshops. Medaf in Arabic means “the rower of the boat.” Here, they embody the “Medaf” spirit acting as the tools that assist adults and children in their journeys in a way that helps them to learn, grow and develop.

In Medaf, you can walk anytime to create a masterpiece of your custom design using the studio. In this atmosphere, children can direct their creative energy in designing sculpture, clay making, drawing, bookbinding, and exploring collage and painting courses among others.

Young visitors get a one-of-a-kind expression room that allows them to express themselves freely. Here, no rules exist. In this setting, the walls and floors are an open canvas where these young upcoming artists are empowered to create exclusive masterpieces.  This is a space where innovation and creativity can be born outside the home and school walls. Further, Medaf offers adult and children workshops that help them to improve their skills and learn new ones.

Contact Medaf Studio LLC Uptown Mirdiff, Mirdiff, Dubai – United Arab Emirates via Telephone: 04-2719797 WhatsApp: +971506284291 or Email: for more details and information.


Founded in 2006, the SIP Academy has been creating intelligence in kids. To facilitate this, the school has a great pool of trainers, franchisees and instructors located in all the learning centers that continue to grow throughout the UAE. Further, the love and support of parents are vital in making this a reality for their children.

Among many other things, SIP Academy UAE provides offers Art and Crafts skill development program. This includes painting and sketching. These classes help to foster great imagination and thinking among children. Moreover, they hone the students’ art skills and help them become better in their creativity both mentally and physically. Students go through various levels where they learn basic art skills and gain insight into their implementation.

The SIP Academy focuses on more than learning art techniques. For that reason, they teach children to appreciate art as they see it and have the creative impulse of thinking from scratch. Therefore, your child gets help to implement art ideas and at the same time help them foster and appreciate the motivation and impulse of creative art. These are important basics to help children appreciate art.

Art classes offered at SIP Academy have much wider implications. The technological revolution based on math and science thrives heavily on creativity. Therefore, the creative impulse instilled into children is of much more use outside the confines of the art studio.  As children learn these art skills, they learn how to organize information and come up with solutions to existing issues.

Contact SIP Academy UAE, Al Nahda Suite 307, Platinum Center Building, Al Nahda, Dubai, UAE via (+97152) 166-0276, 166-0277, 166-0278 or email them at for more details and information.

Final Thoughts

Art is an important skill for students’ growth and development. Therefore, it is an important aspect to instill in your child as they look forward to being more creative and free in their imaginations. This important skill helps children learn how to express themselves and boost their self-esteem.

If you are looking for art classes in Dubai, the options provided here are great to help you get started in your search. Most importantly, your focus should be on classes that seek to develop your child in much better ways than in a conventional learning setup. Therefore, the institution offering art classes must have enough facilities to cater to these needs.

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