Top 10 Best Music Schools for Kids in Dubai 

Top 10 Best Music Schools for Kids in Dubai 

Music and arts are great disciplines for your child. It helps them discover themselves more as they express themselves through art and music. However, this innate ability and talent may never develop without the right exposure and training. Children’s potential needs guidance to be properly exploited for their good. Therefore, choosing the best music school in Dubai will be important.

So, what is the best music school for your child? Well, there are a few considerations to make. Here are some of them:

  • History of the school. Details about the school’s history in the area of music will help determine whether they have the skill and experience needed to bring out the best in your child.
  • School facilities. Music teaching requires a good investment in instruments and halls of performance for learners. Therefore, this is a good pointer to any good music school out there in Dubai.
  • Music curriculum. Check whether the school has both theoretical and practical sessions in the training. Confirm there are activities for live performances and reviews to track your child’s progress.

Most importantly, it would help if the institution has collaborated with big names in the industry such as Trinity College of Music, London.

  • Costs and fees. Compare the different costs for music training in Dubai. Pick the one that works for you on monetary grounds.
  • Logistics. Ensure that the school is easily accessible to learners. That way, it will help in managing their learning processes without any hurdles.

With this information, you can easily make a good choice. Dubai has various options for music schools for children. Here are some of the top music schools to consider:

Thomsun Music Institute

Established in 1976, the Thomsun group is a diversified and multi-faced entity. The work ethic and vision of the Thomsun group over the years have been to diversify and venture into other disciplines hence the establishment of the Thomsun Music Institute as part of the activities that it does. The group started to retail and distribute musical instruments and audio products over the years in 1990 in the UAE.

Later on, Thomsun got into music education in the year 2000 and has since been providing quality lessons. Today, the group has three music institutes in Dubai: The Popular Music Institute, Wafi Mall; Sing & Swing Training Centre, IBN Battuta mall; Song & Swing Training Centre (Be.), Lamcy Plaza.

Thomsun Music Institute offers music education in guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, violin, wind instruments, vocal and different dance forms. The objective is to impart music lessons to children in Dubai and adults as well. That way, the institution enhances the family-oriented music education concept where kids and parents learn how to play instruments.

This institution offers a progressive and dynamic musical environment that makes it possible for kids to learn music individually or in groups as per the requirements of each student. Most importantly, the classes are fully equipped with branded instruments, learning, and teaching aids to enhance a positive music learning atmosphere. Musicians get a step-by-step process of building themselves through knowledge, performance, creativity and motivation.

This is one of the top Yamaha Music Schools in Dubai. Contact Thomsun Music Institute Level 1, Near Marks & Spencer Wafi Shopping Centre Wafi City, Dubai, UAE via 04 – 3242626 or for more details and information.

Crystal Music Institute

Founded in 1993 in Dubai, Crystal Music provides year-round classes in music and dance fine arts. The institution’s curriculum is created with a conventional teaching strategy with modifications to match the needs and experiences of learners in the UAE. Students from this prestigious institution perform regularly in different events throughout India and the UAE. Therefore, children not only get to learn but also get the right exposure to the world of music.

In this institution, students have the freedom to do everything in their power to make their careers as professional performers, dancers, artists and musicians. Music instructors are there for training on an hourly basis providing intensive music courses. Initially, students have free trial classes, online classes, face-to-face classes and home tutorials as well. Top of the list in the subjects offered includes Western vocal, drum kit, guitar, piano, electronic keyboard, Hindustani vocal and saxophone.

The training is offered at the institution at various centers in Dubai, home tutorials and online classes. There are eight classes each month, two classes per week and each session go for one hour. Most importantly, training is open for all people from children of 5 years to people aged 60. The institution has enough music experts and facilities needed to enhance the training.

This is a perfect music school for your kid in Dubai. Contact Crystal Music Institute P.O Box: 30259, Shop #027 Rawdat Al Karama, Karama Dubai, UAE via +97152 257 5471 +97152 808 2981 or email for more details and information.

Melodica Music & Dance Institute

This is a great music institution with 18 prime locations in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Dubai. Up to date, the Melodica Music & Dance Institute has served over 10,000 students. Therefore, it is the biggest music and dancing school in the UAE. Most importantly, it was top-rated as one of the best music & dance institute from 2017 to 2021.

Founded by Afshin, a pop star with over 500 professional concerts internationally. Afshin has millions of followers around the globe with many concerts internationally in the past 15 years. Therefore, he is among the top most successful songwriters and singers in the Middle East. Music is the life of the institution and what they do because of the passion they have for it.

Melodica Music & Dance Institute specializes in teaching dance and music classes to adults, professionals, teachers and children as well. They have succeeded in offering high-quality dance and music classes with the help of their professional instructors drawn from different nationalities around the globe.

The institution is registered with renowned examination boards that include Trinity, Rad Ballet and ABRSM.  They will make the dreams of your child come true.

Contact Melodica Music & Dance Institute   – Palm Jumeirah M Floor, Golden Mile Galleria 1 Dubai – UAE via +971 4424 3039, +971 52 105 7020 or email for more details and information. They are always open from Sun – Thu: 10am – 10pm, Fri: 01pm – 09pm and Sat: 09am – 09pm. However, there are many other locations in Dubai as indicated on their website!

Melody Makers Music & Fine Arts Centre

Melody Makers Music & Fine Arts center promises perfection in the provision of quality music training for excellence. Founded in 1997, the institution has one objective to provide the best quality training in vocal & instrumental music, drama & communication, art and different forms of modern and classical dances in a friendly and professional atmosphere for the young and adult persons to build their hidden talents.

Over the years, the institution has grown from a modest start to one of immense reputation, largely respected for its best quality training and professionalism. Some of the achievements made by the institution include sending their students for certification exams done by reputed global music brands like Trinity College London. Most importantly, their exemplary performance in the said examinations was a great achievement.

This music school provides both regular music training and enhances students’ public performance skills. At regular intervals, students participate in shows and concerts whether they perform before large audiences. These are great opportunities for them to demonstrate their achievements and talents on public platforms. Most importantly, it helps them overcome stage fright and get used to these performances. Contact Melody Makers Music & Fine Arts Centre 8C Street, Kuwait Road, C 110, First Floor, Karama Center – Dubai – United Arab Emirates via + 971 4 335 1221 / + 971 50 168 3044 / + 971 50 696 3044 or email for more details and information. Their working hours are Saturdays – From 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM and 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM Mondays thru Fridays – From 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM.

Brooklyn Melodies Music Center

Opening its first branch in 2007, the Brooklyn Melodies Music Center went on to flourish into a great garden. It is among the best music schools in Dubai providing group and individual courses in dance and music Dubai. Since its establishment, the school has grown over the years to set up other branches conveniently situated in strategic areas in Dubai.

Further, the school has recorded the largest number of music learners presented in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and RSL Rock School International Exams. They have continuously inspired and enhanced growth and development in many people through music. These ballet, dance and music courses are available for all ages starting from young children to adults. In addition, training is available for all different levels of learners starting from the beginner to the advanced music students.

Brooklyn Melodies Music Center promotes the famous phrase, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Every student is given the chance to identify his or her unique means of expression. They have a wide selection of instruments to pick including Piano, Flute, Ukulele, Guitar, Violin, Vocal, Saxophone, Cello, Drums and Clarinet. In addition, there is Music Theory including Contemporary Ballet, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop Classes, Jazz Dance and Children’s Music Classes.

If you do not know what your child is best at in the music, this great institution will provide many options to help them decide. Contact Brooklyn Melodies Music Center Building # BS-08 Al Qudra Road, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates via 800BMMC1 or email for more details and information.

Ocean Kids Academy 

The Oceans Kids Academy in Dubai offers an engaging atmosphere for learners ranging from young children to adults. The institution allows students to express and enjoy themselves through different activities such as karate, yoga, art, dance and music. The institution has been around since 1989 and is widely known on the international scene all those years.

In August 2011, the Ocean Kids Academy ventured into the Arab world where it has enjoyed great success and growth. The institution’s staff had helped music students with a high level of hard work and professionalism. This has been a great place for children that want to develop their gifts and learn new skills. Therefore, it is worth seeking enrolment in this prestigious institution.

Training is available for all that discover the artists in them regardless of their backgrounds and age. With capable, experienced and well-qualified faculty, the academy has succeeded in facilitating creative growth and learning for all. The school is set up in an easily accessible region, Karama – Dubai. Most importantly, it has well-furnished studios with mirrors and wood sprung floors that add to its extravagance.

After experiencing tremendous growth, the academy has opened additional opportunities in Al Nahda Dubai while retaining its conducive ambience for learning. So far, the institution has transformed the lives of over 5000 students throughout the UAE. Their website says it all owing to the testimonials from the school alumni.

Contact Ocean Kids Academy Crystal Business Center, M-01 near ADCB Metro Station Al Karama, Dubai, UAE via 043709676+971 501812205 or email at for more details and information.

Symphony Music Learning Center

This is a place with extraordinary opportunities for everyone interested in learning, producing, performing & certifying Music. Symphony Music Learning Center sets learners on the musical journey of life. The institution provides quality music education on a one-on-one basis using a perfectly designed curriculum suitable for learners of different ages and levels.

The institution’s progressive spirit is seen through the weekly performance club. This is where learners are allowed to display their efforts and talents by doing live music performances on stage in front of an audience. Learners can do this in solos or a band setting. Moreover, Symphony MLC has earned recognition and various awards for their outstanding excellence in music training. Further, it is a registered center for Trinity College of Music – London.

By choosing this music academy, you get to work with people that are passionate about music. The team here is focused on imparting unique skills of musical instruments to everyone that wishes to discover their inner musician and show their talents to the world. The curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of all ages.

Learners will get the opportunity to display their talents in live performances. They have a wide collection of instruments for interested students to interact with them among other resources and facilities. There is everything needed to help one learn music and practice it.

Contact Symphony Music Learning Center P.O. Box 89715 Suite 207, Ahli House C Amman Street, Al Nadha2 Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Tel: +971 4 220 5533 or email for more details and information.

Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts

Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts is a premier hub in the UAE for learning all forms of Indian Performing Arts and that includes music as well. Therefore, this is a great institution if this is what you are looking for in music training for your child. The training offered here helps students to become complete performing arts through a holistic learning strategy under the ‘Listen, Learn and perform’ model.  They have been able to achieve this through collaboration with other institutions of learning.

The teaching methodology is based on the philosophy that learning is not complete without some level of appreciation through listening and inculcating a culture of practising what you learn through performance. Therefore, students get to learn about their progress and improve after each performance. The institute teaches 10 different disciplines targeting all age groups including children from 4 years of age.

Malhaar Center for Performing Arts teaches everything including artist management, performances and events. Presently, the institution has a unique distinction of training over 5000 children through the initiation of an Integrated Indian Performance Arts curriculum in various primary schools in Dubai. Over the years, the institution has built a reputation for itself in the provision of quality arts education, especially to children.

Contact Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts No. 309 & 310, Tiffany Tower, Cluster W, Jumeirah Lakes Towers. P.O. BOX- 336846, Dubai, UAE via Mob: +971 56 4334258 Tel: +971 4 4306988 or email for more details and information.

Royal Institute of Music & Dance

The Royal Institute of Music & Dance has an objective to provide opportunities to people of all ages to learn music in a structured manner. This happens through the help of inspirational and dedicated dance and music instructors. The institution seeks to create an inspiring and beautiful place for children and adults alike from different backgrounds to play music as solos or in a team alongside their teachers.

Royal Institute of Music & Dance is open for all after school, during holidays and on weekends as well. The institution offers great music lessons, practice, facilities and workshops for people to play together in a variety of ensembles and bands. Here, you will get genuinely unique opportunities and a perfect atmosphere of learning music with the help of experienced teachers. The institution has enough space for undertaking all activities geared towards the welfare of all learners.

This is a place for students to learn and participate in music drawn from different cultures. Different types of music are put together for anyone to learn the diversity of all and grow their skill. They are dedicated to providing affordable and quality arts instructions to the community.

The institution has embraced a basic mission of teaching dance and music to people of different abilities and ages. Ultimately, students have succeeded to find joy and inspiration in music. This has been helpful to their soul and mind while strengthening the sense of community in all neighborhoods.

Contact Royal Institute of Music & Dance MOTOR CITY, KOJAK BUILDING, OFFICE 208 DUBAI – UAE via Phone:+971 – 4 – 4528800 or Email: for more details and information.

Sruthi Music and Dance Training Center 

Founded in 1987, Sruthi Music and Dance Training Center have realized immense growth in all it does. Over the years, the institution has been the breeding space for eminent young musicians who have excited audiences in Dubai and the UAE at large. The institution includes dance classes and music classes in various locations in Dubai including Satwa Dubai, Bur Dubai, Oud Metha and Mankhool.

The institution has a vision of using its highly qualified instructors and other staff members to help music and art students grow with them as they aspire to be the best training center in entertainment. Its mission is to awaken the latent talents in children and to provide quality teaching to them in the area of music, dance, art and abacus.

Children undergo training to appear for periodical testing both theoretically and practically as conducted by Trinity College of Music, London. The examination fee is based on the prevailing tariff. Eligible students will also get opportunities to do stage performances, especially during the annual celebrations of the center. The institution can also arrange music shows for social and stage functions. Sruthi also provides instruments needed for music classes. However, students are advised to have their instruments at home for practice.

Contact Sruthi Music and Dance Training Center P.O. Box 50321, Al Maskan Building Adjacent to Lulu Hyper Market Behind Emarat Petrol Pump Karama, Dubai, UAE via +971 4 3377398 +971 4 3353835 +971 55 1280685 or email for more details and information.

The Bottom Line 

Finding a music school for your child in Dubai is not difficult. All your child needs is the right exposure to interact with the best talent available in professional music and arts school to bring out the musician in them. Therefore, this should be your primary goal – identify a professional music school with enough experience, facilities and teaching fraternity.

Learning becomes easy if you work with the right people. Great music teachers can listen to students and help them reach their potential. Therefore, read various testimonials available online to identify an institution with all these qualities. This list of the 10 top music schools for kids in Dubai will get you off to a good start.

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