10 Best Event Organizers in Dubai

How should you Select An Event management Agency In Dubai

10 Best Event Organizers in Dubai

Events organization in Dubai is a serious business and those who engage in it know how important it is to both travelers and the locals. This city is a beehive of activities with both local and international tourists. High profile business people also flock here to do business and spent their leisure time. That said, the event management team you engage has the power to make or break your event and brand. Events, whether social or corporate, consume a lot of time, energy and also money. Finding a well-seasoned event organizer will save you unnecessary pain. You will receive top-notch services at reasonable prices and with lots of guarantees.

In Dubai, a variety of events are being held left, right and center owing to the fact that there are enough people available to attend them. Consequently, there are numerous event organizing companies both old and new all of which are striving to become the best that Dubai can offer. This means you will be spoilt for choice once you begin your search. However, getting hold of the best team to meet your individual event needs can be tricky at times. You will need to consider lots of factors so that you can avoid quacks and also get the best deal available. Referrals and customer reviews are usually very helpful when choosing service providers.

I may not exclusively refer you to one specific event organizer since needs, tastes and preferences vary from one individual to the other. However, there are a number of companies that top the list in Dubai events organization. Below is a list of the ten best event organizers in Dubai that will help you in making the right choice for your events:

Invent – UAE

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This company has existed in Dubai since 2009. Being a leading and award-winning event organizing company, Invent has won the hearts of many in Dubai and the UAE at large. They specialize in the creation of mall promotions. They do entertainment in social events as well as coordinating corporate events. Quality services and innovative event solutions are at the core of their very being. In the bid to entertain their customers’ audience, they provide interactive entertainment, stage shows as well as activity workshops. All these are done following high-level professionalism just to make sure that the customer gets real value for their money.

Invent-UAE has a copyright live events division that is dedicated to the creation and delivery of non-ticketed brand entertainment. To differentiate themselves from their competition, they ensure that international standards are applied in even management. They also hold exclusive licenses for several leading international brands in the id to build their international muscles. If you need live entertainment in theme parks and resorts, Invent will sort you out. They have a very dedicated team that will ensure everything is done to the detail. They also have a very open communication channel through which you can get your queries addressed.

By recommending this company to you, I hope to make your work easier as you search for the most suited company to work with. For any inquiries, contact Invent – UAE 1st Floor, Unit 16, EBC Warehouse Compound, Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. P.O. Box 30662 – DXB. Call 800 INVENT (468368) +971 (04) 427 8118 or email to enquiry@invent-uae.com for more details and information

Mosaic Live

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For the past twelve years, Mosaic Live has been one of the most sought-after events organizing companies not only in Dubai but also in the entire UAE. They are known for their commitment to customer satisfaction and creating lasting impressions on their target audience. One profound thing that Mosaic Live does is going beyond merely organizing and coordinating activities. The entire team works towards strengthening brand recall among potential customers. They also work hard to increase existing customer loyalty by all means possible. If you engage this company to organize your event, they will leave a lasting impact in the minds of the attendees.

To protect its position as a top-rated event management company in Dubai, Mosaic live provides a variety of services. They are well-known for brand activation, organizing and public and corporate events as well as entertainment. All these are done in consideration to your budget, campaign objectives and cultural landscapes. The teams involved work tirelessly before and during and after the events just to make sure that everything goes and ends as planned. If you have Mosaic Live organizing your events, you will get full value for your money and they will also exceed your expectations. All their services are tailored to suit individual customers and then follow instructions to the letter.

If you are interested in sampling their services or making any general inquiries, contact Mosaic Live Dubai Al Shatha Tower, 35th floor, Office # 3510 Dubai Media City, P.O Box 502023 United Arab Emirates via  +971 50 11 10 895 or email info@mosaiclive.com.

Sky High Events

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Just like the name suggests, this company will give your events a sky-high touch with their all-inclusive planning solutions. Sky high Events is a Dubai based event production company organizes and runs high-end events for their esteemed customers. The plans are executed to the last detail with the customer’s instructions being followed to the letter. Their strength is in the entertainment bit and they work with both social and corporate clients. Their main objective is to satisfy their customers and leave the audience thoroughly entertained.

Sky High Events has a team of experts who know how to engage their customers as well as the event attendees. They deliver a fresh perspective to events and ensure that all involved parties are satisfied. Both the management and the team on the groundwork together to ensure that your specific needs are met and prompt response is offered in case of any mishaps. Engaging their services will leave you satisfied that each one of cents has gone to proper use. Whether you are planning to have a corporate party or just entertain your friends, this company got you covered.

At the end of the day, you get to choose what works best for you. I know you will get what you are looking for if you analyze each of the companies on this list. Contact Sky High Events Office: 505, Al Qusais Plaza, Damascus Street, Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE Phone: +971 4 263 7998 Fax: +971 4 263 7994 Mobile: +971 55 844 8447 Email: info@skyhigh.ae for any enquiries.

Emerald Events and Exhibitions

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Having received a very impressive commendation one year ago, Emerald Events and Exhibitions has continued to win more customers into their client base. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction have catapulted them to their current position in the market. Emerald organizes launces, conferences, seminars, and Golf days among many more events across the UAE. If you engage their services, they will work with your objectives in mind and deliver above your expectations. They have mastered the art of customer attraction and retention through lasting impressions.

Emerald Event organizers and Exhibitions has a team of dedicated project managers who ensure that all departments work towards achieving the same objectives. They have designers, technicians, interiors experts and support team members who work together seamlessly. They undertake their projects in a very organized manner with equal regard for both small and big events. Besides, we all want to be on the right side of the law when holding events. Emerald has got all that factored in. They adhere to the UAE rules and regulations for events organization.

If you would wish to know more about this company, contact Emerald Events and Exhibitions  Office Number 2109, Churchill Towers, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE Po Box 450 170 Tel: +971 52 994 3325 Office: +971 4 589 7322 info@emeraldeventsme.com or email to robyn@emeraldeventsme.com.

Adduba Events

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With the kinds of busy lives that people in Dubai live, there has got to be a way of giving them a break. Events, especially social ones are used to help people unwind and get re-energized before they go back to their usual business. Event organizing companies in Dubai understand the need for well-organized events. Adduba Events is one of the most trusted event organizing companies in Dubai. They organize and manage events from parties, weddings music shows and even various business events. I can say that they give a magic touch to everything that they set out to do always leaving their customers awed.

Unlike many top-notch event organizers, Adduba Events offer high-quality services at reliable prices. They are keen to deliver unique and personalized services to all their customers whether new or existing. If you approach them to organize any event for you, your instructions and preferences will not be taken for granted. For the last close to four years now, they have made a good name for themselves owing to their consistency in customer satisfaction. For any of your event needs, this company got you covered. They will use what you give them to make your event memorable to you and your audience as well.

I am offering you options like Adduba Events so that you can do your own evaluation. Contact Adduba Events P.O.Box: 91929 Office No: 202: In Front of Al Qiyadah Metro Station, Dubai-UAE. Email them to Info@Addubaevents.Com or call 0526318888056 817 8371 for further engagements.


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Panache has managed events in Dubai and across the Middle East since 2008. Their services are not the ordinary kind where you end up getting less or just what you paid. This events management company offers exceptional services to its customers. Once you have them organizing your event, you end up with more than you bargained for. The teams work together seamlessly with unmatched creativity. They are adventurous and always looking for new ways to make their customers’ events bigger and better. They use exactly what you give them to deliver much more that you expected.

If you need a wedding to be organized either for you or for a friend, Panache will deliver exactly what you want. Throughout the ceremony, they will also be available to ensure that everything rolls out just as planned. They give private events like birthday and engagement parties a unique and personalized touch making them memorable. The Panache team will engage your audience to give them a larger-than-life experience. In the case of a corporate event, they will ensure that the attendees connect better with your brand in the manner in which they engage them. As they say, they are your event partners and not just facilitators of your thoughts.

If you are based in Dubai, you can easily access all their essential services with minimal trouble. For more information and enquiries, contact Panache UAE Office (Head Office) 3310, 33rd Floor, Shatha Tower. Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 454 8511

The Event Company

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This company has been organizing events in Dubai and across the Middle East since 2008. Their customer base has been growing impressively courtesy of their excellent services. They create over the top experiences by giving each event a customized touch. For your parties, launches, corporate and social gatherings, this company will give you value for your money. The Event Company teams are known to push their boundaries every time they serve a customer. This means they will not only deliver high-quality services but also with a touch of creativity and high-level customization.

With technology taking over the world, most people do not mind automation and all the good that comes with it. The Event Company has employed techno-savvy technicians who use technology to make things much better and bigger. Creativity and customer satisfaction are at the core of their service delivery.  If you decide to work with them, do not be afraid to go wild with your ideas. They can hack almost everything that a customer throws at them as long as it will leave the event attendees and the clients happy and satisfied. You can bank on their wealth of experience if you consider to have them as your event partners.

Since you will need to get more details about this company, you can contact The Event Company Head office – Dubai office 4003, JBC1, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE. Email them via hello@tec-events.com or call +971 4 557 9114 for inquiries.

Urban Events

How should you Select An Event management Agency In Dubai

For over twenty years now, Urban Events Company has been sprucing up events across the UAE. It is an award-winning agency whose team members are dedicated to giving people a lifetime event experience. Once they put their hands and minds on your event, they will not just follow through with the activities, but also become part of the event. Dedicating all their resources to make sure your event turns out better than you had envisioned. Being exceptional performers, Urban Events come to the table ready to take notes and with open minds too. They also work with the customer’s specific instructions following them to the last detail. In case you need to adjust something in the course of the planning, they will be more than willing to assist. They even offer professional advice to customers who are in a dilemma of some sort. They are not just given to activities but are at the very heart of every customer’s event.

Urban Events do the general event planning, they help with concept creation, décor, venue sourcing as well as entertainment. Once you trust them with an event, they are sure to deliver unforgettable memories to your audience. They will take the burden off your shoulders and even give you the liberty to enjoy the event just like the attendees. This means you will not have to worry about something going wrong since they got it all covered. They are also open to post-event analysis. This is how they get customer reviews and take note of what needs to change or improve.

For further information, contact Urban Events 903 Grosvenor Business Tower Barsha Heights Dubai United Arab Emirates via +971 4 551 6686 or email info@urbanevents.ae.

Country Wide Events LLC, Dubai

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Country Wide Events is one of the most trusted brands in Dubai. Having built a name for themselves, they have continually served their clients in a variety of events. CWE has got their speciality in planning and organizing trade shows, corporate events and weddings among others. If you are in Dubai and in need of an all-round event organizer, then Country Wide Events go you covered. They offer top-notch event planning and management services with customer satisfaction being one of their main objectives. They understand the power of customer reviews hence their commitment to keeping their clients happy.

Their speciality is in launching, positioning and elevating their customer’s brand image. If you plan to have a corporate event to interact with potential and existing clients, they got you. They ensure that by the end of the event your customers understand your products better. If you simply want to hold a social entertainment event, they will also take it upon themselves to have your guests well attended to. This company has a team of dedicated experts who give their best in every event giving it the unique touch it deserves. A combination of the right equipment, skill and passion are what has worked for them all these years.

The information I have provided here is not adequate for you to decide whether or not to engage their services. For more enquiries, contact Country Wide Events LLC 806, Park Avenue Building, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai U.A.E, P.O. Box 7275 Tel: +971 4 236 0534 or email info@cwe.ae.

M&M Group

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This event agency is known for great ideas and rich resources. M & M Group has served both local and global clients over the years. Their major drive in business is to help brands to connect, engage and evolve through different events. This, therefore, means that they do not just plan and execute activities to get the job done. They put their thoughts and strategy into every activity and everything that comes with it. They strive to integrate events and experiences to form a human connection with the audience. This means they study and understand the event attendees then offer them exactly what they need.

M & M Group will offer you highly-customized services at your event and thus they will do passionately regardless of whether your event is huge or small. They seek to give each event an authentic and memorable touch without deviating from the objectives. Whatever event that you would like to organize, this company will do so for you and make sure all goes well. Transferring the burden of event organizing to an expert will give you the break hat you need to enjoy the event too. This company has creative experts who are never afraid to break boundaries just so they offer the best to every customer.  

Contact M&M Group Office 1719, Shatha Tower Dubai Media City P.O. Box 38357, Dubai, UAE
They are open from Sunday to Thursday: 8 am – 5 pm and closed Friday to Saturday. You can also call them on this line +97144274044 or email hi@mnm.ae for further inquiries.

Final Thoughts

Planning and organizing events can be a daunting task if you do not get the necessary or the right help. Those who choose to do it all by themselves end up spending a lot of energy and time and things do not always turn out as planned. On the other hand, engaging an even organizer saves one all the unnecessary hassle. The only condition is finding the organizer who is best suited to handle your event.

For someone in Dubai, your search for a perfect events planner is simplified. All the top-notch event organizing companies in Dubai are available online for you to choose your best match. You could make telephone calls, do a live chat or even visit their various websites. Information about what they do plus customer reviews will be a great place for you to begin. The list provided here will be of great help as you begin your search.

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