Top 10 Waxing Salons in Dubai

How much does waxing cost in Dubai

Top 10 Waxing Salons in Dubai

Waxing salons are among the top services that you will require when you set foot in Dubai. Whether you will be there for a short while or have moved permanently, it is important to know where to get better services to cater for your waxing needs. The hunt for quality waxing in Dubai goes on and the pursuit of excellence has led to healthy competition that has sparked growth in the industry. Therefore, you cannot miss quality service in this area because of the many salons operating in this great city. However, each has its unique offers hence offering different tastes and fashions. The ultimate choice depends on how knowledgeable you are and your research on the best waxing service provider.

Dubai has a sunny climate, almost a year-round and that necessitates the search for a proper waxing solution while in this prestigious city. You definitely need these services for a comfortable experience in this sunny environment. Getting the hair off your legs, armpits and so on is a priority for anyone who dreams in having a great Dubai experience. With the many Dubai beaches and pools at disposal all year round, it is obvious that waxing becomes a necessity to make the most of your stay there.

Waxing helps you to get rid of excess hair on your body parts and allowing you to feel comfortable when you are up and about. You can choose to do depilation where the full hair shaft is removed underneath the skin surface or go for other temporary options.  All these services are available in Dubai and it’s up to you to settle for what works for you based on your needs. Different services come at different budgets and for that reason, it would be good to assess your situation and pick a waxing solution that meets your budget. Here are the top 10 waxing salons to consider in Dubai:

L’atelier Hairdressing

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Waxing remains to be one of the key services offered by L’atelier hairdressing. The services are aimed at refining you and getting you the comfort you need while in Dubai. This hair salon offers a wide experience and skills in managing your body hair. This is made possible through the company’s hair artists and competent professionals trained to help you without inflicting pain on you. In your search for help with waxing solutions, you can consider L’atelier hairdressing as one of the preferred services in Dubai.

Looking to what the future holds in beauty and trends in style, the salon endeavors to ensure that every waxing service exudes comfort and confidence to all its clients. Here, you will be given exciting services that will leave you in a good feeling free of unwanted hair on your body. Meet professionals to explain to you what you need and how best you can be assisted in your waxing session.  You don’t have to worry when you are in the company of professionals helping you get rid of excess hair.


Contact L’atelier Hairdressing, 209, 2nd Floor, Kojak Buil oking to the future of the latest trends and styles to service our sophisticated patrons.ding, Motor City, P.O. Box 644752,
Dubai, UAE. Telephone +971 4 4201946 +971 4 4203096 +971 4 4201408 (Fax) +971 52 8538710 (Mob) E-Mail There will be a professional ready to take your call and advise you on what best you can do to make your life comfortable.

Beauty Connection Spa

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Reach out to the Beauty Connection Spa in Dubai for world-class salon services and waxing solutions. Established in 2002, Beauty Connection Spa will get you a great experience in waxing and provide you with the most favorable solutions to get rid of excess hair on your body. Here, you will get quality waxing services at affordable costs. The salon provides unique industrial concepts mostly through real-time walk-ins unless you want to book their services. Meet a team of talented professionals offering dedicated waxing services.

You will get help from hygienic rooms to get you the best of help without compromising your health. This is a spa you can rely on especially on grounds of professionalism and the provision of quality services. The Beauty Connection Spa uses the latest technologies and tools aimed to give you the best help ever. This has improved their efficiency, making them among the top salons and spas in Dubai. Their main objective is to help clients understand the reasons for waxing and how you can acquire it for your benefit.

To cope with the Dubai climate, get experts to get rid of your excess hair. They have the apposite tools and state-of-the-art equipment to work on you. Contact Beauty Connection Spa 2nd floor, Eiffel 2 Building, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: 04 321 2888 / 800 22772 (BCSPA) Email: Opening Hours: Saturday – Thursday 10:30 – 20:00. You will get help with all your enquiries and assistance with waxing solutions.

Mirrors Beauty Lounge

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Meet well-educated professionals at Mirrors Beauty Lounge with diverse knowledge on hair care science and makeup. This salon has the latest hairstyles and other salon services including waxing solutions. This team of dedicated staff is committed to excellence and will leave nothing to chance. The beauticians will examine your case and provide recommendations on what can be done before giving you any service. That way, you will be aware of what option to apply for your particular situation.

These experts believe in giving a customized solution to everyone. Each individual has their own tastes and preferences and that is why your situation cannot be generalized. You will be given assistance that matches your typical situation. This is both a service and an experience that will leave you refreshed and longing to enjoy the ambience of Dubai and it’s environs. Getting rid of excess hair on your body is not easy – the services of an expert are required. This is what you will get at Mirrors Beauty Lounge.

Contact Mirrors Beauty Lounge M03 – Buhaleeba Plaza Muraqabat Road. Deira – Dubai. Open Hours: 10AM To 10PM / Open 7 Days Email: Phone: +971 4 269 1449 / 056 537 3911 or M-02, Saraya Plaza, Al Rigga Road Dubai Open Hours: 10AM To 10PM / Open 7 Days Email: Phone: +971 4 234 0849 / 050 210 8344. These two locations are open for anyone in need of waxing solutions.

Rachaels Ladies Salon

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Waxing requires that you identify a professional with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to manage the whole process. Remember that this is not just an activity but an experience that you are looking for in such an environment. For that reason, it is important to make sure that you have reliable experts who will handle you professionally. The Rachaels Ladies Salon offers relaxing solutions to its customers characterized by tranquility and peace as you get waxed. This is made possible through the help of trained therapists that will ensure you remain comfortable throughout the process.

Get help with your waxing needs in a calm environment and soothing music to enhance your experience while in the salon. This is the place for a perfect procedure that will leave no excess hair on your body. Everything done here is geared towards having a perfect mind and body harmony. You can only achieve this by getting help from a professional. Rachaels Ladies Salon is dedicated to making sure that you get value for money. With the right tools for the job, you can rest assured that this will be a smooth exercise that will leave you energized.

Contact Rachaels Ladies Salon Oud Metha Road, Behind Movenpick Hotel, Dubai, U.A.E P.O.Box 124415 +971 4 357 2108, +971 5014 80288 or email them through for more details and assistance on how you can get helped. If this is the solution you have been looking for, you will definitely get to find out from the experts.

Serenity Cosmetic and Personal Care & Medical Center

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This salon is an all-inclusive center for personal care with cosmetics and medically-proved solutions. The Serenity Cosmetics and Personal care & Medical Center is a perfect choice for those looking for salon solutions in Dubai. They have a host of solutions touching on skincare, beauty and aesthetics. To give you good service, the salon has partnered with big companies to offer you the best product brands for enhanced customer experience. You can access their services at the center of Dubai Marina, ground floor section of the Princess Tower.

Serenity Cosmetics and Personal care & Medical Center was inspired by one Dr Azita Ahmadi who had a vision touching on the experience with high-quality skincare treatments and cosmetics surgery. Customers can, therefore, exudes calm and confidence knowing that they will be granted professional help when they need it. Here, you will get a wide variety of aesthetic treatments, also inspired by clients. By implementing the best practices in the industry, Serenity seeks to give you the best waxing experience ever.

Contact Serenity Cosmetic and Personal Care & Medical Center Ground Floor-Princess Tower Dubai Marina Book An Appointment by calling Phone: +971 4 55 15 105 Mobile-WhatsApp: +971 52 126 6664 Email: This is your destination for quality skincare treatments and waxing solutions. You will get professional tips and advice on how to get rid of unwanted hair off your body. For the best service, be specific with the kind of solutions you are looking for.

Cool Aroma Spa

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Cool Aroma Spa offers partial or complete hair removal services to its clients on a regular basis. Therefore, this is what you should be looking for in such a salon. The shop provides you with a wide range of treatments for men particularly with Rica waxes for hair removal. This salon uses superior quality products that guarantee less pain and effective waxing services leaving your skin smooth and in a desirable state. If you are looking for long-term waxing solutions, then the Cool Aroma Spa could be all that you are looking for silky smooth skin.

Get gentle treatments for your skin. These professionals will assess your skin type and then provide a solution appropriate for it. They do this with the understanding that not all skins are the same. Part of the services also includes traditional wax through the use of various herb blends and vegetable oils that contain honey-like consistency. These products are carefully chosen to make sure that they nourish and moisturize your skin. Ultimately, your skin will be left with smooth depilation that has long-term effects to prevent you from visiting the salon for the same procedure quite often.

You can now make an appointment with this spa to receive proper waxing treatment for good looking skin and great feel. This salon has various hair removal solutions that you would want to give a try. Contact Cool Aroma Spa  Branch 1: Prism Tower, Business Bay, Dubai. Branch 2: Shop 14, Al Nasr Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai. Phone: 04 370 9706  Email: You will be given all the care and help you need for your waxing.

Gladys Beauty Salon

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Gladys Beauty Salon is offering you the most recent technologies and trends in the beauty industry. Professionals at this beauty shop are committed to delivering top-notch services seeking to meet client needs and address their concerns. If you are not sure of what would be a perfect waxing procedure for you, don’t worry because these experts will help you. All treatments and solutions are tailored around your specific needs and the help you need for a hair-free body. You will get a complete waxing experience that will make you comfortable and relaxed for a perfect harmony of body and mind.

Help is provided based on your skin type and that is why you need a professional to help you do a body waxing. Gladys Beauty Salon has experts with thorough knowledge and understanding of skin and body care solutions and will help you know what works for your case. After the end of the waxing process, they will get the best products for you to make sure that your skin remains rejuvenated and nourished. There is no better way to explain the kind of service that you will get from the salon because everything is done from a factual point of view. They will collect and process your data to determine the best solution for your case.

This is a professionally operated and legally compliant salon that will give you quality waxing solutions. You can now contact Gladys Beauty Salon, Dubai Marina by filling this form. After that, they will contact you and advice on how you can get assisted.

Black and White Salon

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Visit Black and White Salon for all your salon care and waxing needs. This is a destination for superb client experience and satisfaction offering the best help to clients like you in the beauty industry. This salon is among the respected options in Dubai and you definitely want to try them out. They have the best and most recent brands of resources and techniques to give you the kind of waxing experience you would want. With these proven solutions, these experts have ensured that it will be a less painful process while seeking to leave you comfortable and relaxed.

Black and White Salon gives you a glamorous feel with its improved waxing techniques. The beauty of working with experts is that they are not only focused on getting the job done but also giving you a lifetime experience. You will enjoy extra benefits over and above the waxing procedure. Ultimately, you will leave the salon feeling light and energized following a thorough touch on your body systems after the waxing. Other typical services include massage services, hair treatments and other salon special treatments as desired.

Contact Black and White Salon Shop # 6, Jumeirah Business Centre 1, Cluster G, Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai United Arab Emirates P.O. Box: 392133 P:  +971 4 447 8041 M: +971 56 966 6647 M: +971 50 180 0039 E: They will be ready with a solution for you.

Pine Spa

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Get professional hair removal and waxing solutions at the Pine Spa. Services are available for both men and women at affordable prices. The Pine Spa in Dubai is a professional waxing service giving you painless solutions for a comfortable experience and feel. This salon offers high hygiene and quality standards aimed at giving you the kind of solution you are looking for. The main objective is to make sure that all your needs are met and that you get quality service and help for a comfortable stay in Dubai. This work is normally conducted by a dedicated team of professionals that continues to employ the latest technologies and tools to enhance waxing experience among its customers.

You can rely on and trust the Pine Spa for dedicated and high-quality waxing service for a comfortable feel and smooth skin after the exercise. Only professionals can do that. That is why the Pine Spa continues to be among the top waxing service providers in Dubai. These hair removal services are the kind you need for a fair skin free from hair for as long as you would want while in this prestigious city. All clients visiting this spa have experienced great comfort and help in their search for hair removal services. You too can give it a try.

Contact Pine Spa 6a St Al Barsha 1 -Dubai by calling 04 399 6866 to book an appointment. They will give you advice on what you need for a perfect waxing solution.

Eyana Ladies Salon

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Visit Eyana Ladies Salon for refreshing services based on Karama culture. Meet the professionals who know what it means to be in a warm and friendly Dubai environment. The beauty artists working here have the skills and experience needed for professional waxing solutions. Get a thrilling experience from professionals who understand why you need such services, especially in this city. These are passionate individuals who have everything you need or are looking for in a waxing salon. They have invested in the best resources to make sure get quality service.

This salon was established in 1993 by professional beauticians anchored around the use of quality and genuine products affordable to customers. Although Dubai is a luxurious city, can still get services that meet your budget. Part of the services offered here include waxing solutions hence an alternative to pick for that need. Over the years, Eyana Ladies Salon has continued to evolve, embracing the recent technologies and developments in the industry.

Make use of services provided by experts who have been doing this for years. They have both skill and experience to help you have a nice time getting excess hair off your body. Contact Eyana Ladies Salon PO Box 30366 Shop No 2 Naresco Building 4, Behind KFC & Pyramid Building Near Bikanervala, Karama Dubai, UAE Tel +971 4 396 7607 Email: They will advise you on what you need and the kind of service that you will get from them.

Final Thoughts

Dubai salons have a host of services to provide to residents or travelers to this region with a warm and sunny climate all year round. These services are indeed helpful in such an environment. There is a wide range of services to consider, and that includes waxing as well. Throughout this great city, you will find various salons offering help that will leave you comfortable and relaxed. With the advancement in technology, you should expect your waxing experience to be less painful. Therefore, make sure that you have done enough research and study to establish the most advanced waxing salon for your use.

The internet is full of information to help you choose among the best salon services in Dubai. This list gives you an idea of the types of salons you should consider for waxing. Study each one of them and pick the one that fits your needs on all fronts touching on the services offered and the costs applicable. You will find a perfect match for the kind of help and service you need.

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