Top 10 POS Machine for Restaurant Suppliers in Dubai 

Top 10 POS Machine for Restaurant Suppliers in Dubai 

Point of Sale (POS) machines are a great and revolutionary solution that has helped many retail businesses to streamline their processes around the globe. Therefore, they have become an important part of doing business in the modern-day business, especially in the restaurant industry. To match the growing needs of customer satisfaction in the rapidly growing Dubai market, restaurants need the support of POS machines from restaurant suppliers.

With the many POS machine suppliers in the market, you probably may face challenges in picking the right choice. However, there are various factors to consider picking your appropriate choice. Here is what you should put into consideration:

  • Top in the consideration is the price of your POS machine. Even if you want to catch up with technology and boost your operations, you must invest profitably. Therefore, it is important to compare different prices in the market before picking your preferred choice.
  • This has everything to do with the ability to access data captured in the machine for assessing growth. Therefore, your POS machine should give you more than just taking transactions. They should also have the capacity to help you manage inventory and your employees as well. Above, you should access data in it to revolutionize your restaurant business and drive your sales forward.
  • Ease of integration. Any POS system should be easy to integrate with your business processes and procedures. This compatibility is vital in serving the intended use of such a machine. Therefore, take time to look at demonstrations of various systems before making a final choice.
  • Ensure that your POS machine is user-friendly. It should take you less time and money to train your staff to use the machine to serve your customers and business at large.
  • Work with a vendor that can provide 24/7 support for the POS machines in case of any eventualities. This will help you have seamless operations.

With this information in mind, here are top POS machines for restaurant suppliers that you can consider in Dubai:

SoluWise Labels LLC

SoluWise Labels LLC is a company that specializes in barcode printers, barcode scanners and barcode labels. All these are must-have solutions for contemporary businesses. They help to reduce time, enhance accuracy and enhance efficiency at all times. Part of these solutions is a POS machine for use by restaurants. This is among the many solutions that help in avoiding unnecessary losses.

This is a company with specialists to help you with the right products for doing business. At this company, there are various device configurations and label materials for you to choose your preferred solution. They will take the time to understand your needs and suggest to you options that can suit your restaurant. Therefore, SoluWise will make sure that they have understood your requirements and proceed to offer solutions that would give you value for money.

With over 20 years of combined experience in labelling and barcoding, the company is determined to provide solutions that match and exceed the expectations of customers. Therefore, you will get quality retail labels for your restaurant. Most importantly, the company will give you custom POS machine solutions that suit your restaurant needs. They deal with big brands such as Citizen, Honeywell, Zebra and TSC for label and barcode printers.

SoluWise is your partner for quality POS machines. In addition, they provide 24/7 support for any concerns or queries that you might be having. Contact SoluWise Labels LLC Office 11, Jaziri Bldg, 33rd St, Naif, Dubai – 14650 UAE via Tel: +971523826353, +971552379652 or email: for more details and help.


OVERSEE POS is your partner for a completely integrated and all-in-one restaurant POS system in Dubai. The system includes digital ordering, inventory, reporting and employee management. Providing access to cloud-based reporting using any device, Oversee POS machines also have extra features. These include data analytics, loyalty programs, and business reports among other things. In addition, the systems are scalable. Still, it can easily be integrated on various platforms.

This company allows you to pick remote and in-person options of installation for secure payment processing without paying extra fees. The idea is to give you contactless payments that guarantee more flexibility for your team. The POS machines by this company are solid and enhance casual dining, fine dining, fast-casual and other different restaurant types, that includes small cafes.

The POS machine solution for restaurants offered by this company is windows-based. Therefore, it is specially designed to maximize your revenue processes by ensuring real-time monitoring. Ultimately, this gives guests quality experiences through enhanced service delivery. The system can also run offline by capturing all data and uploading it upon the restoration of the internet connection. That way, you can roll back to your clouded server to review data in the time of need.

Oversee POS has the next generation of robust and secure restaurant POS machines in Dubai. It is perfect for enabling unique modules such as online delivery and recipe management.  Contact Oversee POS, P.O. Box 237923 Dubai UAE, Khalid Bin Waleed Rd, Al Esbij Street, Bur Dubai via +971 42381798, +971 56 745 6810 or email for support and purchase.

Restaurant POS

Providing a contemporary point of sale (POS) machine, the Restaurant POS Company provides a system that perfectly matches the needs of today’s hospitality. The company has achieved this by using the most innovative technologies that offer a fast and curious service. The POS machine is developed with passion by restaurant experts to meet the unique needs of full restaurant service and enhance quick service delivery.

This restaurant POS system is reliable, affordable, and developed with the cutting edge and latest technologies.  The POS Company puts your heart into the restaurant just the same way you have invested in it. For that reason, the company designed a restaurant POS with passion through restaurant persons to match the specific and varied needs of your restaurant.

Restaurant POS provides a great experience with complete POS solutions to the hospitality and retail customers. The company has invested in providing the best technologies for various operations. This includes setups for complete POS systems from scratch or adding software and peripherals to an already existing system in the search for finding the most suitable solution.

The company’s pioneering engagement models and focus on superior technology have ensured the delivery of robust and valuable systems. That way, they have been able to meet the needs of companies and large enterprises let alone startups. Therefore, this is a reliable solution for perfect business monitoring and a better return on investment.  Contact Restaurant POS Cluster P Jumeirah Lakes Tower Dubai UAE +971 55 332 8236 or email for more details and help with quality POS machines for your restaurant.

POSone Systems

As a leader in the business solutions space, POSone is involved in RMS implementation. Part of the solutions provided by the company includes restaurant POS, retail POS, HR information management, Asset tracking and other technologies. Therefore, the company is heavily involved in the provision of various cost-effective, custom services that assist organizations to realize their business goals.

With many years of technology experience, the company has the capacity for extensive community outreach and public relations to make sure you meet your compliance objectives. This is possible with a quality consultant team, which is continuously assessing the latest business practices and creating innovative features and tools aimed at offering extra functionality to the business life cycle. Other than offering POS solutions, the company offers electronics, computer accessories and other relevant equipment for streamlining processes.

This IT solutions provider is heavily involved in the production of great-quality POS machines, barcode printers, receipt printers and barcode scanners among other business solutions. The company’s focus is on delivering top-notch products at affordable prices for retail and wholesale markets. This includes supermarkets, departmental stores, hospitals, resorts, groceries, beverage outlets, hotels and restaurants. Therefore, they have garnered enough experience to help restaurants streamline their operations.

POSone is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive technologies and IT infrastructure aimed at enhancing processes and making them more profitable. Contact PosOne Systems PO. Box: 112744, Bab Al Hara Electronics Trading LLC M66, IT Center, Bur Dubai – UAE via Call us: +971 50 363 5757| Toll-Free: 800 7671. You can also reach them anytime via email at for sales and support.

iPad POS Middle East

Founded in Dubai in 2014, iPad POS Middle East has worked with thousands of innovative concepts and inspiring brands to deliver quality systems for business operations. As a result, it has been listed as the only Gold Certified Partners of Revel Systems reseller programme internationally. They have also established close relationships of working with other specialists and software resellers for vend and the FineDine software.

The objective is to provide cost-efficient, international and flexible POS machines in Dubai and throughout the UAE for both established and startup businesses in the retail and the food and beverage industries. iPad POS Middle East is constantly increasing its portfolio, accomplishments and the team.

Over the years, the company has had the pleasure of engaging with business-focussed and passionate restaurateurs and entrepreneurs. They have the commitment and dedication to providing modern and internationally recognized software solutions for optimizing business operations for all. The company has the best team and products needed to realize business goals.

To meet the needs of restaurateurs, the company invests in universally acceptable software with renowned credibility. The objective is to help customers find the best POS machines based on their operational needs and budget. Further, they have done extensive consultation and have gained a lot of information and understanding of customer requirements. Therefore, they can recommend the best POS system for a specific restaurant and other business establishments.

Contact iPad POS Middle East Al Shafar Tower 1 – Office 2102 – Barsha Heights – Dubai – the United Arab Emirates via +971 54 422 9009, +971 54 704 2138 or email for sales and support. You can also reach them via social media platforms such as Facebook: LinkedIn: or Instagram

Armada POS

Armada POS system is the most recent service for hospitality and retail establishments. With the help of the most sophisticated technologies today, the company has succeeded to provide continuous and reliable services for any business establishment to use. There are all kinds of solutions including ways to manage multi-location operations of casual restaurants, returning the delivery side of businesses, or managing existing outlets.

The focus of Armada POS is to work with customers as partners. Therefore, they will walk with you listening to your needs and getting to know the latest trends in the market to offer a continually growing set of features for success. The good thing is that you can start with one POS and add more as you move on. There are over 30 POS terminals offered here to help you as your operations grow.

Armada POS will give you a POS system demo before buying it. The objective is to give you a means to succeed and that is why you have an opportunity to test it first before acquiring one from them. This company will give you a flexible and scalable retail management platform that is complete and easy to use. This stand-alone POS solution is designed to meet your specific retail needs.

Contact Armada POS – Point Of Sale, Armada Towers, JLT, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Phone number:  +971 4 395 7777, for Support:  24/7 – 365 days and for Sales: Sunday to Thursday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. For sales inquiries, email for all general inquiries, email or email for support.

Omega POS Technology

Founded in 2004, Omega Systems is committed to using the latest technologies in the retail world. The company provides enterprise management solutions and point of sale machines to fast food restaurants, delivery operations, casual restaurants, resorts and hotels. Therefore, their experience is enough to build and supply the kind of POS machine you want for your restaurant.

Having served all kinds of retail surroundings, Omega POS Technology has well-thought-out solutions offering practical help to restaurant operations. That way, they help you to increase efficiency, effectively manage your needs, save time and keep up with the quickly changing business world. Therefore, they will discuss with you all the details you need to focus on to realize success.

To enhance efficiency and speed, Omega systems are easy-to-use platforms for restaurants. Therefore, they have user-friendly interfaces packed with various features to guide your employees. Most importantly, they come with cloud support that makes your data available for access at any time and location. These are flexible machines for consumer faces and enterprise businesses. In addition, you can expand them as the needs arise thereby meeting the demands of all retail shops.

The Omega POS Technology is powerful for managing restaurants. It is a quick and efficient answer to your operations. The ease to integrate them and train your employees to use them makes it a perfect choice for your restaurant.

Contact Omega Pos Technology located at Asb Tower, office 101, Dubai Silicon Oasis. Dubai, United Arab Emirates via +971 4 333 5 332, +971 50 971 9911 or email them at, for sales and support.

Pro Dynamics Technology L.L.C 

Founded by a group of dynamic people with rich knowledge and experience from the retail and hospitality Industries, Pro Dynamics Technology LLC is yet another POS system supplier. Most importantly, this group of experts has a good understanding of both the global and UAE markets. Therefore, they have vast knowledge to help clients with operational and technological needs.

The team comprises industry veterans and reliable technical professionals who continuously are informed on the latest technologies. Above all, they are dedicated to offering the best support to all customers looking for POS machines for their restaurants. The company’s core objective is to enhance the POS experience for your retail outlet and the customers as well.

The company takes pride in a good working relationship that has helped them realize the challenges of the constantly evolving market and meet them with cost-effective solutions. Therefore, they seek to provide one point of contact for all business technology needs. As a result, they will have provided a refined way of managing operations and streaming them. Most importantly, the company will help you pick the best solution whether you know what you need or do not have an idea of what is best for your operations.

Pro Dynamics Technology LLC guarantees your superior technical knowledge. For that reason, they can come up with working solutions that will be of great benefit to your business. Contact Pro Dynamics Technology L.L.C. Dubai – United Arab Emirates Al Khaleej Centre, First Floor, Suite#108/107/102 via Office: +971-4-3522550 Fax: +971-4-3522556 or for sales and support.

Point of Sale Tech

Operating in the international market since 1999, Point of sale tech IT-based Company is a reliable point of sale for web and mobile applications, and sales and software solutions to both small and large business establishments. This has been possible with the help and input of a pool of tech-minded people recognized by independent advocates and leaders in high-quality standards outsourcing.

The company introduced their unique and advanced point of sale software in 2013. This was a great online shopping experience for businesses and customers in the UAE. From that point onwards, the company started to provide different categories of point-of-sale products and software at affordable costs based on the latest trends. Through the provision of POS software solutions, the company has shared the burden of managing business activities.

Point of Sale Tech offers user-friendly, secure, prompt and safe advanced and innovative featured POS machine solutions where users can access services with a single click on them. They offer various point of sale products and related software. These included POS touch screens, cash register machines, barcode readers, cash drawers, consumables, receipt printers, barcode printers and pole displays among others.

Contact Point of sale tech Dubai office, Technology – Al Hudaiba – Dubai – United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 56 494 7700 or Email: for more details, purchases and support.

SCREL Info Pvt Ltd

Established in 2013, SCREL info Pvt Limited had the vision to offer software development, web application, real estate and e-commerce with experience and knowledgeable IT consultants offering valuable business solutions to customers. The objective was to integrate these solutions with vendors and empower workers to deliver to their fullest potential.

Today, SCREL is known as a multinational technology organization with a keen focus on software development, artificial intelligence, real estate and e-commerce. The company is always dedicated to developing productivity gains and great value for clients by offering quality solutions to different functions of the business. With good experience in customer service, information technology and global operations, the company has succeeded in delivering the best solutions to its customers.

As they continually put together their strategic thinking and use the best technologies, processes and people, it has been possible to produce quality POS machines. The commitment of the company is to provide a unique blend of operational and functional knowledge, result-oriented management experience and technical expertise in end-to-end IT implementation and application development projects.

POS machines and solutions are just part of what they do in their many IT solutions. Therefore, this well-experienced company has the objective of offering technology solutions that streamline business operations and maximize profits. Contact SCREL Info Pvt Ltd  Nr Kinfra Park, Kakkancheri, Calicut University, and Malappuram via 04952937575 or email for more information and details.

Final Thoughts 

Nothing is more profitable than refining your processes by saving time and money, while at the same time giving a great customer experience. These are some of the benefits of investing in a POS machine. For that reason, you should take some time to choose the best for your restaurant in Dubai. This guide will help you get started with your search and choosing a solution that works for you.

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