Top 10 Tour Companies in Dubai

tourism company in dubai

Top 10 Tour Companies in Dubai

All of us have a busy life and there is nothing better than a vacation to relax your mind and body. And to get a good vacation from your busy life, it is necessary to decide on a good location and your budget. It is a bit tricky as there are many suitable locations to go on vacation. Moreover, planning of budget is also difficult as it can vary based on locations.


Apart from this, there are many other things that need to be taken care of while planning a trip. You need to look for flights, locations, and hotels. This task is also a bit tiring. Hence, it is necessary for you to get in touch with a good travel company or agency. If you are a resident of Dubai and planning on going on vacation, you need to consult a professional travel company. There are many travel agencies and companies in Dubai whom you can contact and get a good travel package for your vacation.


Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the best tour companies in Dubai. We will talk about the services that they offer along with the necessary information.

Top 10 Tour Companies In Dubai

Now, if you have planned to go on a vacation, there are things that you need to verify before going on one. Various aspects like ticket and flight booking, living arrangements, tourist spots to visit and other important things need to be taken care of beforehand. You can get in touch with the various tour companies mentioned and describe below for a fully enjoyable and stressless vacation experience.

Cox and Kings

tourism companies in dubai list

Cox and Kings is one of the long-established travel companies that have one of its subsidiaries in the city of Dubai. The travel company has its headquarters in India and UK  but serves all over the globe. The firm provides some of the best services to the clients that include everything from ticket booking to your stay at the location. Running their business successfully in more than 13 countries, Cox and Kings facilitate you with a well-planned trip.


Individual and Group Tours: Cox and Kings offer both individual and group travel to the customers with proper planning of everything. Their tour packages include all the necessary services. Apart from the individual and group tours, they also have other tour categories like tours for disabled people, luxury tours, Adventure tours, and many others.

Traveling: Along with all the other facilities, the travel companies also take complete care of the traveling of their customers. All the traveling facilities like flights cars, buses, cruises are managed by them. All you need to do is get the tickets and board them.

Sights: With the help of Cox and Kings, you can choose to go to any sight on your vacation, they will offer you all the transportation and staying facilities at that particular location. This all will be part of the package.

Locations: Although there are many locations on their site to choose from. One of their hottest selling tours is to Europe that is of 10 days and 9 nights.


Address: The Business Centre, Bank Street – Bur Dubai

Contact: +971-4-357-2628


Rayna Tours And Travels

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The second in the list of travel companies in Dubai is the Rayna tours and travels. Situated in one of the best cities in the world, Rayna Tours provides you options for some of the best inbound tours of Dubai. Along with this, they also provide you visa facilitation of tours to Canada, Australia, and Dubai. Moreover, their signature tours also include tours to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Other tour locations that you can choose to go with Rayna Tours are Paris, Prague, Amsterdam and more. Let us explore the other facilities of Rayna tours and travels.


Living arrangements: The website of the Rayna tours and travels displays the number of hotels that are available in the city where you are planning on going. You just need to browse through the list of hotels and make the appropriate choice as per your budget. Not only this, but you also get to know various aspects of the hotel like location, facilities and the exact location of it.

Packages: The website also features some of the coolest packages to choose from. Based on the locations, there are various packages of varying durations for places like the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Georgia, and more. Each package includes detailed information about the various activities in it along with food and living arrangements.

Visa: The best thing about Rayna Tours is that they help you to apply for the tourist visa for your trip. They provide you with all the necessary information about the whole process and the documents required for it. They make the documentation process easy for you and also provide an online payment option.


Location: ACICO Business Park Building, Port Saeed Road – Deira

Contact: +971-4-208-7444


Green Apple Travel & Tourism

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Don’t want to get in the tiring process of visa application for your upcoming vacation? Green Apple Travel and Tourism are here to help you with it. Located in the neighborhood of the rental apartments in Umm Hurair, this travel agency will help you to get the visa approved for your holidays. No matter where you want to go, Green Apple Travels will get your visa approved very easily. Its time to kick start your tour and enjoy. Let us take a look at the services of Green Apple Travel.


Visa Services: Branded with the tag of most trusted visa agencies in Dubai, Green Apple Travel and Tourism offers a variety of services to the customers. They include some of the high standard services of acquiring visas and permits along with eligibility assessment. In addition to this, Green Apple Travels also provides visa consultations and application submission services. You don’t need to get into the hectic process yourself.

Delivery and Pickup: As we know that Green Apple Travels offer visa services, they make them absolutely convenient for you. The Visa services firm provides pick and drop facility to its customers. The courier will come to collect all the documents at your doorstep and will also deliver the visa back to you. You can just relax while the work is done.

Holiday packages: Along with visa services, they also offer some holiday packages along with travel services. Their packages include flight tickets, stay in a 3 or 4-star hotel, tour for 3-4 days packed with pick and drop from/to the airport. In some of the packages, they also cover taxes. Their professional staff provides you proper assistance with all the holiday packages.


Address: Office 408, Nasser Lootah Building, Consulate Area – Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 4 370 5995

Deira Travels

Deira Travels is one of the renowned travel management company that has received over 50 awards for reaching targeted business volume. All these awards are provided to them by their partners and vendors. Moreover, the company is also one of the fastest-growing travel agencies in the UAE. The company is headquartered in Dubai and has a professional staff that deals with the customers. The firm offers various facilities to its customers through its holiday packages, let’s explore some of them.


Visa Services: The visa professionals at Deira travel assist the customers to get visas to almost all major countries like United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Schengen countries (Europe), Australia, New Zealand. On the other hand, you can also get assistance for visas to far eastern countries like Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand and gulf countries UAE, Qatar.

Holiday Packages: Well, if we talk about holiday packages, they are countless. Deira Travels has holiday packages for some of the best locations in the world. You can get holiday packages for the US, China, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nepal, Thailand, Austria, and many other countries and cities. The packages include flight tickets, hotel stays along with meals, pick and drop facility from the hotel, and a tour to some much watch places of the holiday destination. The services may add up or decrease in number based on the location you choose.

Cruise deals: You can also get some cruise deals from Deira Travels along with location-specific activities like Desert Safari, Ferrari World and Dhow cruise with dinner.


Address: Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 4 885 5855


Al Tayer Travel Agency

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When you think of a relaxing and enjoyable trip with your friends and family, let Al Tayer take care of it. We manage everything efficiently for you right from the visas to flights and accommodation. Since its inception in the year 1979, Al Tayer has been a pioneer in the tourism business domain. Al Tayer Holidays is one of the functional parts of the Al Tayer Travel Agency that offers customers various leisure products. Some of the services offered by the Al Tayer holidays:


Hotel Reservation: The first and foremost thing that Al Tayer provides is the hotel reservation. No matter where in the world you want to go. Al Tayer will provide you hotel reservations for both corporate and holiday travel.

Transportation: Your transit is one of the most important parts of your trip. To help you with safe and sound travel across locations, Al Tayer provides you rental cars and Chauffeured Limousine services, worldwide.

Packages: The packages of Al Tayer include tours to almost all the cool places on earth. Some of the prime places where you can go and enjoy yourself with your family are Armenia, Austria, Tanzania, Singapore, USA, Sri Lanka and many more. All these packages include day and night stay packed with flight tickets, hotel accommodation, pick and drop from/to airport, sightseeing, and Complimentary travel insurance.


Address: B62 – Al Maktoum Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 4 205 5000


Sharaf Travel

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Established in the year 1991, Sharaf Travels targets to provide premium quality services to business and leisure travelers. The company focusses on improving its services day by day that makes it one of the leading travel companies in the region. Marked by a strong financial outlook, high levels of customer satisfaction and constant improvement, Sharaf Travel has grown to encompass various facets of the industry. The major divisions of the company include tours for holiday and business travelers. Along with this, the company believes in giving a warm and welcoming experience to the visitors. This, in turn, helps in motivating their staff.


Holiday Packages: You can find holiday packages for various prime destinations of the world on the website of Sharaf Travels. You can choose from going to Oslo, Belgrade, Moscow, Barcelona, Turkey, Spain, Georgia, and many other countless locations. Almost all of the holiday packages include hotel stays, airport transfer, guided tour of the city, meals, all taxes and tips, air tickets and many more.

Business Travels: Sharaf Travels also provide facilities for all sorts of business tours. The management services of business tours are for Multinational companies (MNCs), Small and medium businesses (SMBs), and government organizations.

Benefits: There are many benefits of getting your tour booked from Sharaf Travels. The first one is cost-saving that includes negotiated rates and fewer service costs. You can get all the time support from our knowledgable and dedicated team. Booking of the tour can be done over the phone, mail, and website.


Address: Sharaf Building, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Bur Dubai, Dubai, AE

Contact: +971 4 397 6161


Regal Tours

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Well, if you are planning a trip to the city of gold aka Dubai, you need to get in touch with the people at Regal Tours. Housed in the Al Quasis location of the city, Regal Tours has a professional and multilingual staff that is fully capable of getting the job done for you. The services of Regal Tours include Visas, Dubai tours, and others. Thye offer visas to people for various important events in their city. Let us take a look at some of their services.


Dubai Tours: Regal tours are listed as one of the best travel service providers in Dubai with an absolutely clean record. It offers various Dubai specific tours to various prime spots in the city. Some of the best ones are a mid desert adventure of Dubai Dune Buggy, Dubai Desert Safari Tour, Musandam Trip, Dhow Cruise Dubai. Along with this, Regal Tours also offers various holiday packages for all nationals and class of people.

Visas and Services: Regal Tours are not just limited to providing tour packages but they also deal in providing visa services to their customers. You can easily avail of visa for 15-90 days in Dubai through Regal Tours. Along with this, they also assist you in getting visas to various other international locations. Moreover, you can also get your visa extended, you can avail the famous Hajj package and Umrah visa.


Address: P.O.Box: 10304, Damascus Street, Opp. Daily Restaurant, Bin Fahad Building, 3rd Floor, #312, Al-Qusais, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact: +971 50 847 4794


City One Tourism & Travel

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City One Tourism and Travel is another travel agency just like Regal Tours that provide inbound tour packages to people for Dubai. It is a local destination management company in Dubai that offers travel programs to both individual and corporate travelers. They undertake each step in the process of managing the tour package with the utmost attention. Their corporate travel team keeps a close relationship with the customers and offer them on the spot solution to their respective issue.


Tours: City One Tourism provides a plethora of choices for inbound tours of Dubai. Some of the primary names of the tours of Dubai are Adventure tour that includes desert safari, scuba diving, jet ski, camel riding, and many more. Other tours offered and managed by the firm include city tours, luxury tours, water parks, yacht charter, family park and more. You can also go for the Ferrari world tour and hot air balloon Dubai also.

Holidays: The tour management company also offers various holiday packages also to the customers. Some of the locations for which you can get holiday packages are Kenya, Armenia, Philippines, Georgia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bali, Dubai and many more. You get all the necessary facilities in these packages that include hotel accommodation, timely meals, visit various primary sites of the holiday destination and pick and drop facility from the airport. You also get choices for hotels to live in.


Address: G04, Tamani Arts Offices – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 4 252 5516



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Utravel is one of the leading travel agencies in Dubai. Utravel believes that one on one conversation helps in understanding the taste and needs of the client well and one can also give his or her utmost attention to the clients. With the help of this, they help customers in deciding the best destination for their holiday tour. They offer premium quality services to their clients while looking for new destinations and experiences for the clients.


Versatile packages: There are countless holiday packages offered by Utravel to many prime destinations. All these packages include day by day details of everything that they will cover including arrival and transportation to the accommodation location, meals, sightseeing, other important aspects. You can choose to travel to Norway, Iceland, Morocco, Argentina, Russia, Istanbul and other exotic locations around the world.


You can also choose to opt for a corporate trip through the Utravel website. They are professionals in that too. The benefits that are included in the package features total saving on the overall travels, both air and ground transit services, emergency SOS support, reporting tools and many others.


Address: 3806 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact: +971 4 447 4047


Dnata Travels

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With Dnata Travels support in your hands, you can choose to travel anywhere in the world for your holiday trip. With the tag of best travel agency in Dubai, Dnata Travels takes full responsibility for all your tour requirements right from the airlines, hotels to sightseeing of magnetic spots of the destination.


Holidays: For a holiday in any location you like around the world, Dnata offers you facilities to find the best hotels, flights, and leisure places. You can get a holiday package for Seychelles starting from almost AED 3000 per person. You can choose from locations like Paris, Istanbul, Bangkok, Madrid, Phuket, Singapore and more.

Travel Essentials: Dnata Travels provides you choices for various travel essentials like travel insurance, car hire, transfers, and others.


Address: Al Marsa Street, 66, Dubai Marina

Contact: +971 4 3166666


Final Words

In a nutshell, we can say that there are many different types of travel companies in Dubai. They have different features and benefits that you can avail of during your trip. You don’t need to do the hard work of planning and booking tickets and all that stuff. Just pack your bags and get on the traveling vehicle. The travel company will take care of the rest from ticket booking of the flights to the final accommodation and sightseeing of the places. Good luck with choosing the best travel agency for your travel arrangements in Dubai.

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