Top 10 Security camera installation Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Security camera installation Companies in Dubai

Dubai is no doubt one of the fastest-growing cities not only in the UAE but also globally. Business is thriving here with both local and international investors being featured in the commercial scene. It has also become a very popular shopping destination for people from all walks of life and from around the world. All this means that there is a lot of wealth creation happening in Dubai hence the need for a security boost. There is a need for both residential and commercial security systems to keep both people and commodities safe. In this regard, numerous security firms have risen to the occasion providing diverse security solutions.

Security cameras are the most common digital security solutions which have enabled individuals and corporates to operate safely. By installing the right security camera, people are able to deal with theft, trespass and other kinds of offences. There are several companies in Dubai that offer security camera installation solutions. Most of these firms operate globally with their offices in Dubai and other parts of the world. This also means that a good number of them offer high-quality services that meet international security standards. As long as you have properly done your due diligence, then you will definitely land a deal with a reliable security firm.

The UAE government has put in place regulations that govern the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of security systems. The companies which provide security camera installation services must comply with the set regulations. Work with a company that operates on the right side of the law. The list of security camera installation companies in Dubai is endless but there are those whose services are considered top-notch. For you to find the best security services, you will need to search among the best. Below is a list of the top ten security camera installation companies in Dubai:


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This company offers a wide range of security camera solutions. It is a leading IT and security services company in Dubai and the whole of the UAE. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has continued to offer high-quality security services across the country. Its reliability and exceptional customer service have earned them a giant market share in Dubai. Customer referrals have brought in many new clients as well as very promising leads. VITS LLC offers top-notch security camera installation services to both individuals and corporates. Customer satisfaction is usually at the core of their service provision. Their commitment to this one goal has earned the company a place among the top ten security firms.

VITS LLC provides security solutions for educational centers, hospitals, residential and other commercial enterprises across the UAE. Their security systems are diversified to meet a wide range of customer needs. If you are in Dubai and in need of security cameras, then this company will provide you with excellent services that meet your individual needs. Its technicians are adequately trained and with the relevant experience. They also use updated modern security technology to ensure that their systems are reliable and up to the task.

As a leading security services company, it has undertaken several projects in UAE and this has strengthened its credibility. If you are considering this company for security camera installation services, you can easily reach out to them. Contact VITS LLC located at 19th Floor, Office No: 1939 Thamani Arts Building near Bay Squire, Business Bay Dubai, the United Arab Emirates via or call 054 579 9883 for help!

UAE Technician

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This top security services company has its wings widely spread across the UAE with its undeniable expertise in security systems. UAE technician offers high-quality surveillance services to hotels, factories and educational institutions among others. They offer a wide range of security camera installation services as well as repair services. In case you have any issues with your home security systems, the company’s technicians are able to troubleshoot. Their security system solutions are offered as a package depending on the needs of the customer. Its servicemen are well-qualified and ensure that the cameras are installed in the right locations.

UAE technician has a very mobile team who will deliver their services at your doorstep. They have easy remote access with free pickups and onsite assistance. Regardless of where you are or the location of your premises, they are able to respond in a timely manner. The services offered are as quality and excellence in the remote areas as they are in the city center. If you are in need of professional security camera services, then this might be your time to get in touch.

Apart from the assurance of quality, hiring UAE technician will spare you some bucks since their services are quite affordable. Also, their security cameras are assorted and they offer expert guidance on how to choose and use the best camera for your location. Contact UAE Technician located Millennium Plaza Hotel Tower, Office: 1504, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call 045864031 or through Email for camera installations!

Vector Digital Systems L.L.C – Dubai, UAE

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This is an IT and Telecom service provider for companies in need of such services in Dubai. The company has invested in a cutting-edge solution that includes the installation of camera solutions in both home and commercial premises. Vector Digital Systems LLC has established itself as one of the leading providers of business surveillance solutions with high-quality support whenever it is needed by clients. The company has been able to offer these services due to the availability of high-level technological skills among its employees. That way, the company will be in a position to get you the solutions you need for surveillance.

Work with a team of professionals and engineers to get strategic technologies that will come in handy to help you fix your security concerns. The company strives to give you solutions for balancing the quickly changing IT priorities with limited resources. This is one of the companies that has established itself in Dubai and across other parts of the world in Africa and in the Middle East. There is a lot that you can pick from a wide range of functional capabilities that provide solutions to your IT goals.


Vector Digital Systems LLC is parked with all kinds of CCTV solutions that you could be looking for today. Engage the experts for quality surveillance work on your premises. Contact Vector Digital Systems L.L.C – Dubai, UAE via +97144504145 for assistance with your security camera installation needs!

VRS Technologies

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Many big names dominate the security camera installation industry. One such big name is VRS Technologies, a reliable CCTV camera installation company in Dubai. The company has been offering professional security services that are solely dedicated to your home. If this is the kind of solution you are looking for, then VRS Technologies is what you need. This is one of the pioneer companies in the provision of seamless CCTV solutions and their consequent maintenance in Dubai. You will get an end-to-end solution as they will precisely plan your CCTV installation execution with state-of-the-art technology solutions.

VRS Technologies brings you experience and skills in the conceptualization, design and installation of quality CCTV systems. This comes with professional maintenance to ensure that your installations serve you as desired. Services provided include an assortment of CCTV installation for IP cameras such as IP CCTV camera installation, HDCVI cameras, Digital Video recorders, Network Video recorders and the like. You can get both standard CCTV installations and customized solutions as well.

All you need is to contact VRS technologies for your CCTV installation needs. They will get you the solutions you are looking for and walk you through the journey of getting the help you need. You can contact VRS Technologies at Office No 5, 3rd Floor, Suk Al Kabeer Building Computer Street, Al Raffa Police Station Road. Opp. Arab Udupi Hotel, or call them Tel:+971 4 3866001 / 3866012, Fax: +971 4 3866017 or email them via

Krishcom Satellite Equipment Trading & Installation LLC

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Get satellite and electronic surveillance and security solutions from Krishcom Satellite equipment Trading and installation LLC today. The company offers custom installations for your office building, home, banks, automation, hotels and in many other commercial places. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been providing satellite and security systems to clients in Dubai and within the region. This includes security camera installations and allied security systems for a secure residential and commercial place.

Krishcom has employed professional, honest and committed staff to deliver quality security services to all its clients.  Starting out as a Satellite Communication company, the company went on to diversify into the security and building system industry as well. It has since been providing installation services and maintenance as well. Today, the company is an agent of leading brands in the region and is now supplying, installing and doing maintenance on security camera installations and other electronic systems.


This is a trusted company doing installations for the government as well and serving hotels, commercial buildings, schools, hotels, residential and hospitals. Ideally, there is a lot that you can benefit from this company based on your needs. There are a variety of solutions and custom-made ideas that can help fix your security camera needs from this company. Contact Krishcom Satellite Equipment Trading & Installation LLC through P.O.BOX 115290, Office #210, Hermitage Building, Besides Karama Post Office, Dubai, UAE or call +971 4 397 0444 or vial email on

Whitehats Surveillance Solutions

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Looking for security camera installation help in Dubai? You need the help of experts and seasoned installation companies. Whitehats Surveillance solutions is one such company that you can rely on for help with such kind of needs. Increasing the safety and security of your assets is the company’s number one priority. With the increased security risks in Dubai due to the infiltration of investors flooding the market, you need reliable solutions that will help you take care of your security concerns.

There is a combination of professional excellence and expertise that you need from Whitehats Surveillance solutions. That has made the company complete all security tasks on your company with high-quality services. All IT engineers are thoroughly trained and qualified to do CCTV camera installations. Whitehats is one of the renowned camera installations in Dubai and has established itself in doing night vision camera installations, day & night camera installation, motion detection camera installations and heat-sensitive camera solutions!

Due to their expertise, Whitehats services will give you the best advice to and help to do the best camera installations on your premises. If you are not sure of what to pick for your security needs, you have nothing to be worried about. They will help you choose the best solutions to fix your security needs. Contact Whitehats Surveillance Solutions through PO Box 38149, Al Quoz 3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 33 82 500 or email them via

AllCAD Solutions

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AllCAD solutions is among the top IT companies in Dubai providing quality IT infrastructure for companies in and around Dubai.  The company provides such services as cloud computing, networking, website development and IT security. All these solutions are tailored to give you business identity. They will work with you to give you optimum security surveillance solutions in your home and/or office as you may prefer. This is a renowned CCTV solution company operating in Dubai with the latest surveillance camera solutions.

Part of what the company provides are high-end cameras with quality features that enhance their functionality. The company installs CCTV cameras and provide support and maintenance of the same. Everything you need will be provided to ensure that your premises are perfectly protected. AllCAD brings you seasoned technical professionals to assist you in getting the best installation location for your cameras and in choosing the best CCTV cameras for your use. Further than that, they will go ahead to help you install them and providing you with requisite maintenance for optimum performance.  

The company provides dome cameras, fit for indoor applications and use and superb CCTV surveillance systems to help you track what is happening in your premises round the clock. Key features include night time recording, high definition picture, weatherproof solutions and wireless solutions among others. Contact AllCAD Solutions located at 119, Al Hilal Bank Building, (Next to Metro Station), Al Qusais, Dubai (UAE) by calling +971 50 102 3455 or email them through for assistance.


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EMTECH is a tech solution company and integrated service management organization that offers standardized and complete life cycle services for a wide range of ICT and Cloud solutions. The company offers strategic help and service aimed at getting you high level of reliability, efficiency and productivity in the security sector. This has been possible through proven international standards in security camera installations. With the corporate head office situated in Dubai, the company has been able to reach its customers far and wide and has continued to provide answers to camera installations needs amongst its clients.

The company uses a pool of competent professionals, trained and certified in the proper installation and maintenance of security systems. That way, they are able to offer both standard and customized solutions for their needs. They will work with you to get your specific requirements and help you design cost-effective solutions to help you match current standards in the market with a clear road map into the future.

Services provided through EMTECH include technology solution design, IT consultancy, support services and project implementation with a key focus on security systems. There is a wide range of security solutions touching on security camera installations and their maintenance. You need the help of experts for your security needs when in Dubai for your home and commercial building! Contact Emtech through the Head Office, Emtech Computer Co LLC. PO Box: 28023 Dubai, UAE or call them via Tel: +971 4 3966233 Fax:+971 4 3967306 or email today!

CCTV Dubai

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CCTV Dubai is a CCTV surveillance solution provider to residential homes and commercial centers. Their services have widely been used by companies in the region and those in need of surveillance systems for their homesteads. It is one of the best ways that individuals and companies have used to deal with illegal activities in and around their premises. Proper surveillance systems are packed with well-positioned cameras and that is what CCTV Dubai seeks to do. Therefore, you can make use of their services to get all the help you want in this area. This is a seasoned camera installation service that will get you cutting-edge technology solutions to boost your security.

Security not only provides the much-needed surveillance on your premises but also enhances efficiency and productivity of your business. All this will be advised by CCTV Dubai professionals who are knowledgeable in the provision of quality security systems in the region. If you are looking for a secure working environment, then you need to engage experts who will not only offer the solutions but also advise on what is best for your use and application. This company is among the top ones in the region and will do all that job for you.

If you want help with your camera installation needs, you can now contact CCTV Dubai via +971 4 4504145 or email them at for help with your camera installation needs! After analyzing your situation, they will advise on the best option to pick for your security needs.

The Camera Installers

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Located 505, Al Dana Centre, Al Maktoum Road, Dubai, UAE, The Camera Installers is a camera installation company with more than 25 years of security systems experience in UAE.  The company has over the years provided quality services, thanks to its team of dedicated and qualified engineers working on all their systems. They bring more than 65 years of combined experience and skill in the field of security surveillance.

Having served thousands of clients in Dubai and the UAE at large, you definitely going to be a happy client too if you engage them. In your search for the best services in the market, you have to look at the experience and skillsets that you will benefit from. This is what makes The Camera Installers among the top companies in Dubai.

The company provides home and property security installation solutions and for commercial premises as well. Their clients range from government institutions to private establishments in need of security help and services in the region. You can also get help with the maintenance and servicing of your already-installed security cameras in your premises. This is what the company endeavors to deliver for all its clients.

Based on your needs, you can check The Camera installers online and study feedback and reviews to gauge whether they are the kind of company you are looking for. There is a lot that you can get from them. Contact The Camera Installers via +971 4 294 0699 or email them through for help with camera installation services!

Final Thoughts

Security camera installation companies have greatly diversified in offering the right solutions for their clients in this age. The market has become very competitive and only the best are making it big in the industry. If you are looking for this kind of help, you definitely have to go for the best providers in the market. Therefore, don’t hesitate to do your own research and identify the companies that have the right solutions for you. Professionalism and quality service are vital to the choice that you will make!

Discussed here are some of the top security camera installation services you will come across in Dubai. However, each has its own unique characteristics and therefore, it is important to decide on the one that is tailored to your needs. There is a lot of feedback and online reviews about them. You can pick one that has a huge presence in the Dubai market because it is most likely going to give you the services you need!

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