Top 10 Restaurant equipment suppliers in Dubai

best Restaurant equipment suppliers in dubai

Top 10 Restaurant equipment suppliers in Dubai

At the heart of Dubai’s economy is the hotel and hospitality industry. With many visitors flocking the city from different parts of the globe, there is a high demand for restaurant services and that is why investors go for the best equipment to manage their kitchen and hotel operations. Many restaurant equipment suppliers in Dubai are aware of the demand and are providing varied solutions in this industry. Therefore, you will get options for your restaurant equipment based on your needs and budget. Equipment supplies come in great quality especially from the biggest and renowned brands in the market.

When looking for equipment supplies for restaurants, you should take time to study the available options in the market. Comparing equipment brands and prices will give you the chance to pick solutions that fit your application. The most trusted brands in Dubai will be a good option for you. This is a prestigious city offering nothing but the best products and services. Therefore, you can be sure that the options will be many. Quality brands have flooded the market owing to Dubai’s standards set by investors in every industry. A lot of investors are interested in building high-end kitchens and that comes with the installation of top-notch commercial kitchen equipment. Therefore, you will not fail to get options for your kitchen as well.

The choice of equipment for your restaurant will be a lot easier if you understand what you need against the options available in the market. Professionally manufactured equipment will serve you the longest. Therefore, durability is a key factor to consider when making the buy decision. At this age of technology and the internet, you will find a lot of information to guide you into the best materials for kitchen equipment. That way, you will stand a good chance of picking the best from the rest. The competition in the market is high but you won’t miss the opportunity to pick what works for you. Here are top 10 restaurant equipment suppliers that you can contact in Dubai:


Restaurant equipment suppliers in dubai

Buy your equipment supplies online from Ekuep. This is a well-known brand not only in Dubai but in the entire GCC region. Contact them for high-quality kitchen equipment with competitive prices. The company offers you a variety of supplies to choose from. This allows you to get what you want under one roof. You can pick a wide range of kitchen equipment supplies from their stores. The good thing with Ekuep is that you can buy equipment online from the comfort of your premises. They do deliveries and get you high-quality service that includes installation and commissioning of your kitchen equipment.

This is one of the biggest brands in the region and has over the years been providing quality brands of kitchen equipment to top restaurants in the region. The company has maximized its supplies to meet the ever-growing demand. Most of its supplies have been to hotels, cafes and restaurants operating in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and several other countries in the GCC region. They have established a name for themselves by supplying top-quality equipment to all its customers.

Get reliable equipment supplies offering you great service. You can contact Ekuep office in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain UAE via (+971) 48856290 or email them through for help and assistance with what you need! They will get you quality kitchen equipment supplies with unmatched quality in the region. You will place your orders online and get deliveries as fast as possible.

Al-Halabi Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment LLC

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Al-Halabi Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment LLC is involved in the design and manufacture of kitchen equipment. They will not only sell you the equipment but also help you to install them on your premises. They also do kitchen maintenance and therefore, this is the kind of partner that you need for all your kitchen equipment needs. They provide solutions to coffee shops, fast-food chains, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and palaces among other places. As a leader in the industry, the company continues to offer custom solutions and personalized service to all its customers. You will be given specialized attention and help based on your needs.

This supplier will give you great customer experience right from the purchase to the installation and maintenance of your kitchen equipment. They will get imaginative solutions that match your custom needs. The competent team of experts working here have the skill and knowledge of manoeuvring through kitchen solutions for your benefit. Every situation is assessed separately and given the solution best suited for the application. The team will carefully listen to your needs and assist you in picking the best equipment there is in the market.

Don’t worry if you are not sure of where to get started with your kitchen equipment search. Once you make contact with the experts, all your questions will be answered. You can now contact Al-Halabi Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment LLC via Tel: 00971-4-2652002 Fax: 00971-4-2699499 P.O. Box: 31029, Dubai, U.A.E Location: Deira, Salahudheen Street, Next to Abu Baker Metro Station.

AVS Trading LLC

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The AVS Trading LLC is a supplier of commercial kitchen equipment to restaurants, hotels and bakeries just to mention but a few customers. For some time now, the company has been doing installation and maintenance of kitchen equipment and allied systems in Dubai and several other places. This is the place to go if you are looking for a ready-to-use kitchen. Everything will be sourced and matched with your needs to make sure you get what you want. This is at the core of what AVS Trading LLC does and you will have an easy time working with these professionals.

As a renowned supplier in the region, these professionals will connect you with the best kitchen equipment manufacturers for quality service. You will get after-sales services alongside maintenance contracts ensuring that your kitchen equipment serve you in a good way. AVS Trading LLC also offers advice on the best kitchen equipment choices and practice to ensure you pick the most suitable options for your application. Therefore, you will be met with a host of solutions more than you anticipated.

When you need kitchen equipment in Dubai and are not sure of where to get started, you must consult the experts in the market. They will get you all the help and solutions to match your needs. Contact AVS Trading LLC P.O. Box 234307 Dubai, U.A.E. via Tel: +971 4 447 7428, Fax: +971 4 447 7429 or email for help with the kind of kitchen equipment you need.

Al Razana Kitchen Equipment Tr. LLC

top Restaurant equipment suppliers in dubai

Work with Al Razana Kitchen Equipment for all supplies for restaurants and other kitchen establishments. These are leaders in the manufacture of kitchen equipment and set up of commercial kitchens in Dubai and the surrounding areas. The company prides itself in the delivery of professional kitchen equipment solutions got chains kitchen, palaces, coffee shops, hotels and hospitals among other places. This is your company for quality commercial appliances suitable for all types of foodservice businesses. Experts in kitchen equipment have the kind of solutions you need and this is what you will get from this kitchen equipment supplier.

Al Razana offers commercial-grade kitchen solutions in design, manufacturing and subsequent installation. Everything will be done in one package ensuring that your kitchen is completely fitted and ready for use. There is a lot to learn from these experts as they endeavor to get you an all-inclusive solution that will get you going. Getting the best quality kitchen equipment is important for you especially in Dubai for your efficiency and probable impact on the environment. Working with professionals will help you install quality kitchen systems and equipment that will not be a hazard to the environment.

Contact Al Razana Kitchen Equipment Tr. LLC via +971-42-6939 60+971-56-50034 64 or email for help with the best equipment for your restaurant. The supplier has experts that are knowledgeable in the industry to help you match your needs.

Wahat Al Dhafrah Restaurant & Kitchen Equipment

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Wahat Al Dhafrah is regarded as one of the best suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment and will get you quality products that surpass your expectations. The company has constantly followed through the industry changes and will provide you with state-of-the-art equipment to serve you for a long time. Their efforts have been pushed by the desire to meet the ever-growing industry demands and make work easier for the foodservice market. The company supplies innovative kitchen equipment solutions helping their clients to get to new growth levels every time.

This company provides everything to do with a kitchen setup. Therefore, you can rely on them for kitchen equipment supplies, installation and maintenance. Get a fully functional kitchen setup with professionals that have been doing this, especially in Dubai. Having served many clients in the past, you can rest assured that you will get quality services from their skills and experience earned over the years. They are not limited to a specific type of kitchens. Wahat Al Dhafrah installs kitchen both for small and large food business establishments ranging from fast food outlets to big restaurants.

Contact Wahat Al Dhafrah Restaurant & Kitchen Equipment Jamal Abdul Nasser Street – Al Majaz 3 – Sharjah UAE via Phone06-5691718 Mobile: 050-4999320 Email: They will provide you with all the information on matters to do with kitchen equipment, their installation and maintenance.

AMTC Foodservice Equipment

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AMTC Foodservice Equipment has been in operation over a decade now. These are reliable suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment serving clients in the UAE and the entire GCC region. With their presence in Dubai, they definitely are an option to consider in your search for quality restaurant equipment suppliers in this great city. Having served many clients, both small and big, you can rest assured that they got the best solutions for your kitchen. This is an ISO certified company that has been designing, installing, supplying and maintaining various types of kitchen equipment. This is the kind of supplier you need for an all-inclusive kitchen solution.

Looking for custom-made turnkey kitchen equipment solutions of high-quality? You can consider AMTC to get you help with their rich technical knowledge about exotic kitchen setups. They have quality designs born from creative ideas that get you an optimally functioning kitchen on matters of safety and operation. They will not only sell you the equipment but also offer after-sale service to ensure that your kitchen is ready for use.  This has been possible through a team of dedicated experts who have thorough knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Contact AMTC Foodservice Equipment Gold & Diamond Park, Office 2226, Bldg. 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box 8495, Dubai, UAE via +971 4 332 2124 (Dubai) or email them via This is a company you can rely on for the best kitchen equipment solutions. All your needs will be personalized to get you a solution that is exactly what you need.

Restofair RAK

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Operating as a joint venture comprising ECF France & RAK Porcelain, Restofair RAK is another reliable kitchen equipment supplier that will get you quality solutions. They have offices located in Dubai to help their clients install and maintain their kitchen equipment and systems. Their direct sales agents will get you details of the information you are looking for to get you the best kitchen equipment that matches what you need.  There are solutions for bakeries, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and any catering company in need of kitchen equipment. The quality of services has been informed by the need to provide personalized solutions and care. 

Working with these professionals gives you the promise of quality designs and professional kitchen equipment that will serve you for a long time. After listening to your needs, these experts will advise on the best solutions to pick for your kitchen. If you are not sure of what to choose among the many kitchen equipment solutions in the market, let these professionals advise you.

Contact Restofair RAK located Near Miracle Garden, Al Barsha South 3, Dubai, UAE P.O BOX: 31394 via Phone: (+971) 4 333 54 74 or Email: This is a professional kitchen equipment company and supplier that will help you setup up your kitchen. They have a variety of solutions to choose from.

Alpha Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment Tr.

best Restaurant equipment suppliers in dubai

Kitchen equipment solutions in Dubai come in different shapes, designs and sizes. Therefore, you can pick what matches the size of your operations. Today, Alpha Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment Tr has some of the best equipment for kitchens in different settings. The company has proven experience with the fabrication of custom stainless steel solutions for your kitchen equipment if this is what you need. Their team of skilled and competent staff will ensure that you have the best of solutions to cater for your kitchen needs. They have the best kitchen cabinets, stainless steel tables and commercial fridges among other items.

Customer needs and specifications vary and that is why the company is passionate about providing personalized solutions to all its customers. Working with this company will ensure that you have a properly-equipped kitchen ready for your use. Get quality products from the experts to serve you with the best knowledge and experience for an all-inclusive kitchen design. Having been in the industry for some time now, you can trust them for the delivery of reliable solutions that will enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

Contact Alpha Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment 3146 Almajaz Lane, UAE via +971 65500399 or email them via for the best kitchen equipment solutions in Dubai. They will ensure that you have the best setup for your operations.

Al-Khaleej Al Arabi Kitchen Equip.Ind L.L.C

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Get high quality and glamorous industrial kitchen equipment from Al-Khaleej Al Arabi Kitchen Equip. Ind L.L.C. Located in Industrial Area 11, this company is among the top kitchen equipment suppliers that will give you personalized solutions and care for your kitchen. They specialize in the design and manufacture of various quality kitchen solutions for a fully-functional kitchen space. Part of what they do include engineering design and steelworks, food truck kitchen, Luxury SS panels design and fabrication, among other kitchen solutions. Matching Dubai standards will require working with professionals that are fully compliant to work in the industry.

Their main customers have been hotel owners, gold foundry & refinery, bar lounges, restaurants, central kitchen, and hypermarkets and cafeterias among other kitchen establishments. Each project is given proper attention and care to ensure that you get your concept actualized on your premises. They take some time in planning, designing and manufacturing custom kitchen equipment that are personalized to your kitchen space and needs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything when dealing with experts who are good at their job especially in installing and maintaining your kitchen setup.

Contact AL-KHALEEJ AL ARABI KITCHEN EQUIP.IND L.L.C Industrial Area 11, Near National Paints, P.o Box 150447, Sharjah, U.A.E. via +971-6-5340326  or email or for help with your kitchen solutions.

Emirates Kitchen Equipment

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The Emirates Kitchen Equipment Company has been in operation for close to three decades now and has been providing commercial kitchen equipment solutions to its clients over the years. You can, therefore, use their skills and experience in the delivery of professional equipment and solutions matching your desired quality. Throughout their work period, they have established themselves in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and in the UAE providing kitchen equipment to both small-scale and large-scale establishments. They have a team of dedicated staff that has been helping clients identify the most suitable equipment for their application.

When looking for professional kitchen equipment in Dubai, you may want to seek the help of experts if you are not sure of what to go choose in the market. This is part of the strategy to employ to identify a reliable solution for your kitchen. The best suppliers will outline the features that make their kitchen equipment ideal for your use and that is what should guide you. Understanding a company’s competitive advantage over the rest would help make the most appropriate decision about your kitchen equipment.

Contact Emirates Kitchen Equipment Dubai Office 2503, 25th floor, Marina Plaza Tower, Dubai Marina P.O. Box 30510, Dubai, UAE Phone: +971 4 3999905, Fax: +971 4 3999250 or Email: You can make use of these contact details to make inquiries of kitchen equipment even before buying anything from them.

Final Recommendation

Dubai continues to be among the top homes of excellence in almost every aspect and therefore, it would be important to match that standard in everything you do. Restaurant equipment suppliers are situated allover in Dubai offering quality products and services but the ultimate choice is all yours. Every product picked in the market should be the one giving you the ultimate benefits and efficiency. For your restaurant kitchen to function as desired, there are various factors to look at and that includes the quality of equipment picked, the size of your kitchen and operations to be carried out.

Many commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Dubai have mastered their work and have continued to offer solutions that their clients want. It is therefore important to go for an all-inclusive package that includes the purchase, installation and maintenance of your kitchen equipment. Professional commercial kitchen suppliers will ensure that they will not only sell you the equipment but also make sure that your kitchen is fully functional following the installation of such equipment.

The companies outlined here are the type of solutions you will be getting in Dubai. However, you can customize your search by highlighting your specific needs and scope of operations.  Some equipment may be too big for your kitchen while others may be small. That shouldn’t worry you because there are those offering custom-made solutions to your kitchen. With these many options, it is unlikely that you will not find the best equipment to buy. Make use of online sources and customer’s feedback to pick a solution that matches your operations and budget.

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