Top 10 luxury car dealership in Dubai

Top 10 luxury car dealership in Dubai

Top 10 luxury car dealership in Dubai

Do you want to experience your life as a luxury spender? Are you a fan of luxurious materials? Or you simply love the life of fame. Well, Dubai is the right place for you. Known as the top city for luxury spending, Dubai is what makes the reputation of the Middle East region. This city has a unique way of defining the kind of vehicles that are driven on its road. Furthermore, Dubai is considered as the world’s leader in motoring. The Emiratis who have a deluxe lifestyle often choose to acquire the most expensive car. Astonishingly, there are different types of cars available in the market. Keeping in mind the cumulative trend of extravagance vehicles, below you will find a brief review of the top 10 luxury car dealership in Dubai. Car fanatics look for luxurious cars in terms of their design, features and especially speed.

The increasing purchase of luxurious cars has led to the emergence of numerous car dealers’ showrooms in Dubai. You will find exorbitantly priced cars such as the Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Mc Laren, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and much more.

Elite Cars

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To no surprise, Elite Cars is one of the fastest-growing luxury car dealerships in Dubai. This showroom has gained a phenomenal status which catapulted its business. The company promises an outstanding quality of cars. These are available at competitive market prices. You will witness a world-class customer service and an international presence. One of the key factors that have enabled the company to achieve such a landmark is the expertise and passion of its creators. The Elite Cars has its founders originating from a multicultural background and with several talents. They came to the industry with a mission to dominate motor commerce by devising revolutionary methods and strategies that would benefit the business. As of now, this car dealer has a manifold of showrooms in different locations across the United Arab Emirates. 

Furthermore, their outlet houses the best iconic collection of luxury cars, exotic cars, and supercars from different trademarks. Hence, rest assured that you will be served with nothing but a wide variety of options that will suit you. The company takes care of every customer’s taste, way of living and budget. What distinct Elite Cars from other companies is that the company wants to be well-known. It not only wants to create a distinction by selling iconic cars but also promise to depict a place where your dream will come true.

The Luxury Lounge

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Its name says it all, Luxury Lounge. At this showroom, you will find Dubai’s most exotic luxury cars. The company took the responsibility of extending the luxurious experience beyond just buying cars. Hence, the Luxury Lounge offers its client excellent services and several interactions to make every customer witness a memorable and pleasurable experience. Moreover, being a fan of luxury cars, we know that any automobile aficionado like you think trademarks make the car. For this reason, in our showroom, you will only find brands that have built their reputation. You will see cars that are of revolutionary engineering, style, and luxury.

Apart from putting for sale brand new cars to customers, the company also provides services such as trade-in, park and sell along with purchasing luxury cars on behalf of customers. In case you want a car that is not found in the showroom, just inform The Luxury Lounge. The company will make it a must to search for it locally as well as in the international market. Building trust and depicting the best expertise to customers is key. Therefore, the company is not just a dealer in the automobile but also understands the bond a client creates with its car.

Pearl Motors

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If you are in quest of an iconic car, then you are in the right place. Pearl Motors is a luxury car dealer in Dubai that will satisfy your needs for a comfortable trip. It offers a wide collection of the world’s legendary brands. To name a few, the list comprises of BMW, Aston Martin, Audi, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. The company promises to make every customer’s shopping experience pleasurable. You will receive world-class customer service from the team of experts working at Pearl Motors. Each staff upholds the philosophy of giving outstanding service and high-quality standards to customers. All the cars are either new or pre-owned which will satisfy the need of customers in terms of budget and traits.

The company prides itself on maintaining its mission and vision. It preserves its integrity and promises the best experience to its customers. Whether you are a first-time purchaser of a luxury car, you want to sell your car or you simply want to trade it for another one, the showroom offers flexible finance options. You will also get complimentary services with your deal. Thus, giving you the most enjoyable luxury car shopping experience. Offering great services is among the factors that set Pearl Motors apart in the competition with other luxury car dealerships.

Exotic Cars

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Considered as one of the pioneers in luxury and sports cars dealership in Dubai, Exotic Cars offers both brand new and pre-owned cars to its customers. The showroom has made its way in the business of cars for over 16 years. It is a distributor of automobiles that most clients preferred. The company has the vision to gain a world-wide recognition for providing luxury, sports and exotic cars on best deals. It wants to ensure consistency in presenting the cars at affordable prices and at the same time ensuring the quality of service. Thus, satisfying customers needs. Nowadays, owning a car is truly a dream for many people. Everyone living a luxurious lifestyle wants to make their dreams come true.

As one of the leading distributors of premium cars, Exotic Cars has its showroom showcasing a hot selection of the latest models. These brands range from British to American styles as well as Japanese and European. The collection includes the following but is not limited to Cadillac, Bugatti, Jaguar, Maserati, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Infiniti, Aston Martin, Mc Laren, BMW, Range Rover, Nissan, and Toyota. The company provides a one-stop-shop solution for you to make your dream of having a luxury car come true.

RMA Motors

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This company has a completely different story. Being a car enthusiast, RMA Motors has made its existence from a family of 3 generations vehicle technicians. It wants to empower every luxury car lover to achieve their dreams of owning an exotic car. Having a strong background in the automobile industry, RMA Motors is reputed for providing quality products and services. Certainly, as car enthusiasts themselves, they are experts in the buying and selling process. Such experiences have led them to create a strong company that carefully selects its staff. Their team of workers is trained in the mechanical and technical aspects of prestigious cars. At RMA Motors, you will not only have new cars but also used cars. That is why they choose their staff meticulously.

Being completely different and having 3 generations years of experience in dealing with luxury cars, at the showrooms the owner has a vision of sharing their knowledge and expertise with their customers. All their staffs are trained and will provide you with the necessary information you need for buying your car. They will create a sense of trust and transparency with the car you are buying. Moreover, every customer will benefit from long-term business service from the company.

House of Cars

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Previously, House of Cars was known as Centurion Cars LLC. This was the first showroom established in Dubai in the year 2005. Centurion continued to grow and later the founder decided to merge with House of Cars in the year 2015. Both entities worked together over a decade and have achieved fame by consistently providing the prestigious choice of luxurious cars at extremely competitive prices. Such an attitude has helped the company meet the diverse range of their client’s needs. Currently, they are operating with different markets such as North American, Middle Eastern and European to get the most wonderful cars for you. House of Cars is now announcing to work towards the Asian market to bring cars from the Chinese sector to cater to all price range.

At the showroom, you will find both new and pre-owned cars at great prices. The success of the company has been due to a long-standing professional relationship with the different actors the business is affiliated with. A wide range of luxury cars from the most desirable trademarks is available. If ever you need a specific brand, you can talk with the staff there, and they will help you look for the model you want. Customer satisfaction is their pride. Providing excellent customer service during and after the sale of the luxury car will benefit both the company and the client.


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One of its kind, Albacars is among the best luxury car dealer in Dubai to sell used cars. In case you are searching to buy a pre-owned car in Dubai, then your one-stop destination should be Albacars. The company is among the largest showroom putting on sale used cars of different brands. They aim to become the leading and trustworthy used luxury car dealer in Dubai. There are very few showrooms who are specialized in the purchase and sale of high-end used luxury cars. Albacars work with numerous partners and take care of inspecting the condition of all the cars before putting them in the showroom. Some of the popular brands you will find there are Ford, GMC, Volkswagen Volvo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Maserati, and Audi. 

How do Albacars work when it comes to buying a pre-owned luxury car from you? If you want to sell your car, you only have to visit the company’s sell car website page. Submit all the required details and in the shortest delay, a team will contact you with an offer. Once you agreed upon all the terms, you will receive your money on the same day. However, if you are among those who want to buy a car from the showroom, you have to go through the collection and either book it online or visit the showroom in person. Albacars is committed to delivering the best service at a great deal.


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Operating in several territories of Dubai, Al-Futtaimauto is an innovative leader in the automobile industry. This company has a customer-centric approach and incorporates international standards. Providing a stellar and authentic experience to every customer, Al-Futtaimauto has become the leader. The local expertise of this luxury car dealer is globally trusted. With a value-added business philosophy, it has enabled the company to be among the choice of most customers across Dubai. It prides itself on showcasing the world’s renowned and most recommendable brands of luxury and exotic cars. 

Furthermore, this company not only offers new luxury cars but also put on sale used cars and motorcycles. You will be able to discover a wide selection of pre-owned cars as well as an extensive availability of high-quality motorcycles. Rental and leasing facilities are also available to cater to any customer needs and promise the most affordable luxury car for your trip. Al-Futtaimauto is known to be a pioneer in the African and Middle Western automobile industry. It offers services that encompass all the aspect of the automotive value chain.


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Another group to buy and sell used luxury cars, CarSwitch is a small company with big dreams. It aims to increase sales of used cars in the 21st Century. You will have peace of mind since all cars they buy from owners are rigorously checked by a professional mechanic. Every car in the showroom are inspected and warranty certified by 3rd party experts. Therefore, rest assured that there will be no bad surprises. As a customer, you will know what you are buying. At CarSwitch, there is a team of professionals who will handle every step be it you want to sell your car or buy one. 

So, here’s how the company proceeds if you want to sell your luxury car. First, you have to give the basic details of your car. Then staff will review all details and set a price. You will be informed about it and if you agree, partner switchers will be contacted to take photos of your car. There will be a lineup of buyers who would be interested in your car. You get the best price. However, if you are among the customer who wants to buy from the showroom, then you have to visit the website to get all the details. Choose the car once your heart is set and make a deposit. The company will get all the paperwork done and contact you for a signature.

Car Vault

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Co-founders of Car Vault are committed to procuring primeval cars for you. They aimed to be the perfect luxury car dealer in Dubai. All the partners of Car Vault have spent several years to devise concepts and ideas on making the business stand out without the need to sacrifice customer service. To make customers have an extraordinary buying experience, the company has set high bars to ensure quality standards are met. Car Vault is dissimilar to other car dealership companies. Apart from putting luxury cars on sale, there is also a parking lot that customers who are usually abroad can make use of it. The company combines parking facilities and trade concepts that help customers who want their car to be in safe custody.

New concepts continue to emerge at Car Vault, and the co-founders make it a must to fulfill them. Being among the best to deliver high-rated customer service and supplying the most demanding luxury cars, the company is the one-stop-shop of many customers. Their showroom has top-quality luxury cars for all car enthusiasts from across the globe. You will experience a loyal car trading environment with high-class service. With all these positive attitude Car Vault invite customers from across the globe to have a unique experience when it comes to buying luxurious cars.

Finally, the global economy is emerging towards the automobile industry. Dubai being the land of rich and millionaires, these people can make their dream come true to buy famous brand cars. Even pre-owned cars are getting high-value as most customers want to save money. Several car dealers sell both new and used cars. It is almost easy to get a cheap luxury car dealer in Dubai. If you are looking for extravagance, then you are in the right place. Above you will see a brief review of the top luxury car dealership in Dubai. Visit any one of them and you will be determined to somewhat buy a new exotic car of your choice. All the showrooms promise to provide value for money luxury cars and great customer satisfaction.

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