Top 10 Free Zone Company Setup Services In Dubai


Top 10 Free Zone Company Setup Services In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most developed cities in our world today, attracting millions of visitors every year. Situated along the Arabian Gulf coast, the city has attracted investors from all over the world with various kinds of investments. It was predominantly known for its oil but there is a lot that has come up in the last twenty years. It is now a common business hub and matches cities in the western world owing to the many business activities happening in the region. To boost such and empower the country’s economy, free zones have been established with an objective of rewarding immigrants with attractive incentives to set up businesses in Dubai.

There is a Free Zone Authority, a government arm in Dubai tasked with the registration issues and processes of getting licenses for non-resident businesses. Its work is to facilitate the setup of foreign-owned businesses in Dubai free zones. The free zone in Dubai presents a great networking opportunity for companies that is good for collaboration and growth. There are lucrative benefits offered in the free zone making the city a preferred destination by investors from around the globe.

Due to the increased establishments in the city, there are services that have been set up to help businesses coming into the free zone areas. Any business and company looking for establishment in the free zone area can make use of these established services for guidance on how to effectively set up a free zone company. Here are some of the top 10 free zone company services in Dubai that you can use:


Company Setup Services In Dubai

Established as the consultancy division of JAXA Chartered Accountants, Commitbiz has now expanded its services to help organizations within Dubai. Over the years, the company has with the help of business professionals helped businesses with management advisory services both in the private and public sectors. The company has developed enough capabilities in a number of speciality and functional segments to provide innovative initiatives for use by businessmen around the world.

Commitbiz helps companies make clear and lasting improvements for stability and growth. It also offers assistance with free zone Company set up by tackling their most challenging and difficult issues. This has been made possible through their scope, scale, knowledge and experience that allows them to address issues unique to different companies. The service boasts of a pool of competent professionals who have over the years been involved in providing business solutions, from setup, accounting bookkeeping and in many other areas.

With a thorough understanding of what goes on in the industry, Commitbiz will give you the necessary help you need to assimilate into the Dubai free zone market. This is what you need to move with speed and get everything ready for your company setup and operations. Help is available all the way from meeting the legal requirements to starting operations in the chosen region. Contact Commitbiz through or call +971 4 3867444 for free zone company setup services in Dubai.

Vertex Global

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Vertex Global located at Suite 3402 Latifa Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai UAE is a consultancy company providing strategies to companies for effective business. The organization endeavors to provide consultation services for businesses in order to make the right decisions in a cost-effective manner. As a new entrant into the Dubai free zone, you need sufficient information to help you make important decisions about your entry and expansion into the Dubai market. Vertex Global helps businesses to realize their goals of earning profits as they get into new markets.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can use the services of Vertex Global to transform their business ideas and successfully set up their companies in the free zone regions. The company boasts of having helped hundreds of companies in the past. The company professionals help you in your business formation, providing you with customized business management solutions to help you thrive in the competitive free zone areas.  Every solution is centered on your needs helping you acquire the necessary documentation for doing business in Dubai.

Business without the fundamental basics and framework cannot work. You need to get the necessary documentation to have a nice flow with it. With the help of these experts, you will acquire the requisite trade licenses and visas to work. Contact Vertex Global via or call +971 04 329 6687 / 0565846663 for help with your business setup!

Make My Firm

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Settling in the Dubai free zone region requires the help of experts who understand the operation procedures inclusive of the legal aspects of it. Make My Firm is an old professional business service offering advisory services for close to twenty years now. The company works on self-assessments. Services include but are not limited to Trade License registration, financial and tax services, insurance advice and legal support.

Make My Firm offers guidance and help to new business establishments on how to establish lasting relations. Therefore, you can reach out to this company for help in getting into the new Dubai market and getting answers to questions revolving around the establishment of businesses in the free zone regions. To successfully establish your business, you need this type of guidance on how to proceed with the processing of requisite documentation ready for entry into the new market.

You can get assistance with business registration and set up in the free zone areas in Dubai today. All you need is a good business idea and a professional to guide you through the process. Contact Make My Firm through or call +971 4 584 7025 +971 52 673 9777 for assistance with your business setup procedures in Dubai.

Business Setup Consultants 

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Business Setup Consultants located at Suite 2508, Level 25 JBC 1, JLT, Dubai, UAE was established to offer customer-focused solutions in the area of business establishment and growth management. The company offers a wide range of services that are efficient and economically feasible. With a rich background and experience in the UAE business world, the company helps new business establishments in Dubai. Most importantly, they help you settle in the free zone areas and make the most use of such locations.

The business services sector is really big and therefore, you need the help of experts to get the right solution for your kind of business. These professionals handle your documentation and registration processes for your business swiftly and in a much more efficient way than it would be when doing it by yourself. Their work is to get you hassle-free company setup and help you grow your business in the new Dubai free zones.

Use business setup consultants to cover all the bases. It will take them less time and effort to get you established because they have been in the industry and they understand how the operations are conducted. Contact business setup consultants via or call +971 4 4301245 | +44 151 947 0729 for help with your business setup.

Shuraa Business Setup

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Shuraa business group is a service with a focus on providing business setup solutions to business organizations in Dubai and the whole of UAE. The company is located in Sheikh Zayed Road, Office 501, 5th floor, Aspin Commercial Tower, Dubai.

With Shuraa, you get the advantage of using a speedy route of entering the UAE market. Services are offered for both SMEs and multinational companies seeking establishment wherever in Dubai, including the free zone regions of the city. With Shuraa, you don’t only get help with business setup requirements but also assistance with an extended scope of your business establishment.

There are a lot of dynamics that take place when getting started with a business in Dubai and that is why you need such services to get established. For instance, you must first understand the scope of your business. That way, you will be able to focus on your growth and how to find customers in the new market. As a new entrant into the market, you wouldn’t know how best you can do it. Therefore, you need such services to get going with your operations.

You wouldn’t know how best to kickstart your business in the Dubai free zones without the help of experts. Therefore, it is important to look for help from the best minds in the industry to have a guarantee for good results. Contact Shuraa Business Setup through or call +971 44081900, +971 507775554 for help with establishing a business in Dubai’s free zone regions.

The CleverCorp

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Starting a business, especially in a new environment can be quite tasking. However, the help of professionals operating in that market could be all that you need to become successful. The CleverCorp is among the leaders in the business services world in Dubai and will help you to successfully set up your business wherever, including the free zone areas. For some years now, the company has been providing international business services to both locals and foreign establishments in Dubai.

The CleverCorp offers custom solutions to different company sizes in getting their operations started in a seamless manner. The company has a team of dedicated professionals loaded with the right information to help businesses thrive in Dubai and in the whole of UAE. If you don’t know how to go about business registration in Dubai, you need such kind of services. This is especially for purposes of accountability and the fear of getting into illegal deals in your entry into the market.

As a registered company, the CleverCorp will get you legal help on how to get started in Dubai. This is more especially in the area of setting up companies in Dubai. They can also be a strategic partner for businesses looking for investment opportunities. Everything is done in-house and will make sure you get what you need to get going with business in the free zone. Contact the CleverCorp via or call +971-4-5804048 +971-58-6412031 for assistance.

EMBS Business Services LLC

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Situated at Office 603, Dubai National Insurance Building Port Saeed, Dubai – UAE, the EMBS Business Services LLC is a company incorporation service company offering a variety of business solutions to both local and foreign entrants into the Dubai market. As a new entrant into the market, EMBS helps you in a speedy path to protect your assets, cut down on entry costs and ultimately maximize your profits. This is the kind of partner you need to help you conduct effective business operations in a new land.

To set up your company in the Dubai free zone are, they will get you help on how to structure your business in an effective way. Everything is done to help you get smooth entry, protect your interests and most importantly, to help you grow your business. The kind of help to expect includes securing residency visas, ID cards, work permits and help in opening bank accounts for purposes of meeting banking needs for your business.

Understanding the way of doing business in a new environment is never easy and that is why EMBS seeks to offer such solutions. With the help of EMBS professionals, you can effectively manage your business administration. This includes taking care of registration, doing annual returns, account auditing, VAT returns and renewals among other business services. The company also offers Freezone, offshore together with Mainland business establishments in Dubai.

Over and above that, you can also get help with incorporation services as your business may require. As professionals work for you, you don’t get to feel the pain of going through all the details. Since they know what is needed and where to get the help, they will do all the work for you as you focus on other equally important aspects of your business. Contact EMBS Business Services LLC via +971 4 526 1888 for help with your free zone company setup.

Aurion Business Consultants

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This is a professional service provider for business incorporation for absolutely expatriate and Freezone business establishments in Dubai among other parts of UAE. Therefore, it is worth considering in your efforts of looking for help with your business setup in Dubai free zone area. The kind of help you should expect includes help with bank account opening with top banks in the region, arrangements for business loans, Visa and PRO services, chamber of commerce registration, Accounting Assistance, Logo creation and Website design and development and several other business services.

Aurion has been in the industry for more than ten years now and continues to offer company incorporation solutions and allied services in Dubai. As an approved registered agent for a number of Freezones in the whole of UAE, you can really trust their services for help with your free zone company setup. The company has helped over 4500 companies to do so both in the offshore regions and the free zones. Therefore, you can be sure of professional help and timely assistance with the kind of assistance you need for your business establishment in Dubai.

The success attributed to Aurion has been due to its alignment with the growing trends in the UAE market. As a trusted company in the region, many find it helpful to work with them. Its reputation has grown big due to the many success stories it has created through the delivery of quality and reliable business services. To this day, Aurion has worked with a wide range of clients stemming from different business backgrounds. Many of the assignments it has completed are repeat businesses and referrals from past clients.

Recommendations coming from past clients and online reviews and feedback are key aspects to tell you the kind of service you expect. Contact Aurion Business Consultants through or call +971 4 250 4150 for all the help you need with your free zone company setup.

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Business Link UAE is a leader in business consulting services in and around Dubai and its environs. Since its inception in 1999, the company has given trustworthy services to emerging startups and foreign establishments in many parts of the UAE. Key solutions to look from Business Link include reliable services, cost-effective solutions for doing business and experts who understand market dynamics and procedures of setting up a business in different Dubai settings. Therefore, setting up a company in the free zone regions won’t be a problem for them.

The company offers a wide range of business solutions and that includes the initial setup, liquidation and closure as well. Typically, they will walk with you throughout the journey to offer you advisory help that you may require along the way. You will get help with legal consultancy, administration and PRO services among other business-related issues as they arise. Their close connections with government agencies make them a reliable choice for setting up new companies especially in the free zone areas. Contact Business Link via, WhatsApp +971556070118 or call +97143215227


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Go straight to UAE free zones and customize your search to free zone company setup services in Dubai. Here, you will get a host of solutions that you need to set up your business. There is no doubt that good business associations are the key to boosting your welfare in the highly competitive market today. Dubai, for instance, presents a very competitive market and many people are really moving there to invest. Anyone looking for services to help them enter the Dubai market will definitely come across the UAE free zones services.

This global resources company will provide you with contacts, links and reliable information to grow your business in the Dubai environment. Help is available for all kinds of business establishments including both startups and already established businesses. A key focus by this service is on the provision of accurate data, statistics and latest information in the Dubai business market. This is an industry leader providing business consultancy services and company formation help. It has been in existence for more than ten years.

If you have a business idea and don’t know how to go about it, UAE Freezones will help you actualize it. They will help you get the resources you need to get started with your idea of business in Dubai. Entrants into the new Dubai market get advisory help for clear direction into great ways of making investments in the UAE in different regions include the free zones. Notable services that you should expect include help with visa, registration and residency permits. On top of that, there is also help with office set up services, banking assistance and document approvals.

Those looking for an in-depth experience in strategy consulting and wide knowledge in the establishment of companies should consult such experts and professionals to do the work for them. It is much easier engaging such than doing it all by yourself. Contact UAE free zones via or call +971 4 3245630 for assistance with your free zone business setup in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Government regulation and policy determines how operations get carried out in the business world. For Dubai free zones, the case is not different. For that reason, companies need the help of professionals who are well-knowledgeable in such. Instead of trying to establish the requirements and following after them on your own, all you need is to engage these services for help with your free zone company set up in Dubai. It will take them less time and effort than if you were to do all the work by yourself.

New entrants into the Dubai market, especially in the free zone areas find an easy time working with company setup services than when going their way. The use of experienced professionals and expatriates makes the registration process, the processing of visas and work permits very possible. Once these professionals have an idea of what you want to do, then it will be a very simple thing for them to do. Use online resources and recommendations from already existing businesses in Dubai to get help with your company set up in free zones. Make use of these free zone company setup services in Dubai to get your business up and running.

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