Top 10 accounting bookkeeping services in Dubai

Top 10 accounting bookkeeping services in Dubai

Top 10 accounting bookkeeping services in Dubai


Bookkeeping is an important practice for businesses that want to keep track of their growth and the progress they are making. With expansive growth realized in business all around the world, it has become vital for businesses to outsource these services as they focus on their core business. That way, it becomes possible to manage the welfare of your business and at the same time monitor your accounts. The case is not different in Dubai, UAE. There are a lot of bookkeeping services helping companies manage this important part of doing business.

Part of the work that these bookkeeping services do include managing expenses, payroll and general bookkeeping as would be required for any business. At this age, all businesses need is to pick a service that can integrate into your cloud accounting software. Another option would be outsourcing the bookkeeping services entirely. It is part of business regulation to ensure that good books of accounts are kept indicating every financial record. Ideally, the books are meant to show your income sources and business expenses. They can also be used in separating both your taxable and non-taxable income.

Choosing a Bookkeeping Service

Prior to choosing a bookkeeping service in Dubai, you definitely need to be guided by a number of factors. These include:

  • Cost. You definitely do not want expensive services that will weigh too much on your business. Therefore, pick a service that matches your budgetary needs.
  • What’s in the package? Find out what you are paying for. Ideally, you have to get to the details of the services included in the package. Match the listed services with the money you are paying to your service provider.
  • Compatibility and Use. Ensure that the solution you are using enhances your business operations. Since you are paying for the services, ensure that there is no work left for you to do. Check aspects of integration as well. The software solutions provided should be such as those that will give you a quick glimpse into your business progress.

There are quite a number of benefits that come with bookkeeping. They are not entirely meant for legal compliance and tax requirements. As a business person, it helps you evaluate the growth and progress of your business. It simply shows your money sources, your expenditure and find out ways to boost your business. Despite its importance, bookkeeping requires effort and time. In Dubai, based on what you do, you may not afford the luxury of hiring a chief finance officer hence the need to outsource these services. If you are considering this option, here are the top 10 accounting bookkeeping services to consider using in Dubai:

Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants

Book Keeping Service & Accounting in Dubai

Established in 2004, Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants in Dubai brings a wide experience in the global market in all aspects of finance. This firm offers such services as auditing, accounting, business accountancy, legal compliance, company formation and loans syndication among others. Services are provided by certified public accountants like Mr Hassan Abdulla who have previously worked for the government for close to two decades.

Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants have a wealth of experience particularly from working with the Dubai government. The firm helps businesses with a number of functions especially in the area of finance and compliance. Other areas of service include MIS reporting, business valuation, auditing, management consultancy, loan syndication, personal wealth management, project appraisal, and human resource planning and review and company formation. All these solutions are tailored to the success of business activities.

The firm offers a wealth of experience in the management of accounting books for businesses in Dubai and beyond. With the increased economic globalization, it has become somewhat difficult to manage these activities and that is why this company seeks to simplify these processes to their clients. Their main work is to understand and evaluate all the aspects impacting on your business. Contact Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants through or call 04- 3379 966 and Fax: 04- 3379 796 for more details and help!

FNH Accounting & Bookkeeping LLC

List of the Top Dubai Bookkeeping Consultancies

Located in Office A04-08, Podium Level 3 Empire Heights, Tower A, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, this firm offers chief finance officer services, bookkeeping assistance, accounting software solutions and auditing help. The firm has a rich background in finance having been in the industry for many years. The company is known for innovative bookkeeping solutions that have been of great help to businesses in and around Dubai. The firm started out as a small service in 2013 with an objective of offering solutions that no other person was offering. In 2017, the company established the FinHub in a free zone and began operations in the world of finance at a somewhat higher level.

In an effort to offer better solutions, the company partnered with Zoho, especially to boost its operations with information technology solutions. As a result, the company used technology to better assess and analyze their data. With the use of information technology, the company has been able to provide quality analysis to clients throughout Dubai. There is continued research by the firm to constantly offer bookkeeping solutions informed by new technologies and make their processes efficient and for the customers as well.

With continued service delivery to its clients, the firm saw expansion and opening of other offices. A notable office is now located at the center of Dubai next to Burj Khalifa. Most of the clients come from Dubai and that is why the firm is well-established in the region to provide bookkeeping and financial solutions to companies, both small and large. Contact FNH Accounting and Bookkeeping LLC through, or call T: +971 04 2628934, M: +971 54 7754999, M: +971 54 7757999 for help!

Alya Almarzooqi Auditing

Top Bookkeeping Services in Dubai

Alya Almarzooqi auditing bookkeeping services situated at Office 102, First Floor, Al Buhaira Building, Buhaira Corniche, Sharjah is a medium-sized firm offering dynamic and innovative solutions to business establishments in Dubai. Owned by two partners, and several other staff, the company has established itself as one of the leading chartered accountants’ firms and is listed in DMCC. It has a network of offices that give clients value-added services that are aimed at enhancing business growth, particularly in specialist sectors.

This firm started in 2013 with a keen focus on the provision of in-class service in accounting, Tax services, and auditing and company formation services. As it continued to serve clients, its operations expanded to other regions leading to the opening of offices in Dubai and other branches in UAE and India as well. Basically, the head office is located in Dubai. The firm provides state-of-art solutions in the area of finance and bookkeeping to all its customers in and throughout Dubai and its environs. Contact Alya Almarzooqi Auditing via or call (+971) 6 5732742, (+971) 6 5732643.

KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC

Top Accounting Firms in Dubai

The KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping services is a professional financial institution offering its services in Dubai. It is among the top accounting and bookkeeping services in the city covering every facet of accountancy. The company provides customized solutions to its clients based on your needs. Typically, the firm offers accounting help to business establishments in Dubai, assisting them to realize long-term goals by putting together solutions that will help specific businesses realize their targets.

Some of the key services provided by KBA include accounting, VAT consultancy, bookkeeping, auditing, formulation of tax strategies with an objective of reducing tax liability and enhancing revenue among other things. As a top accounting and bookkeeping firm in the region, the company has continued to offer financial consulting services tailored around the needs of each business. Therefore, businesses go for it to get help on how to successfully manage their operations and monitor their cash flows.

The firm helps small businesses to set up bookkeeping systems that can be a great solution for those who are starting up and want to keep track of their operations. There is a wide range of accountancy services that include but are not limited to accounts management, VAT returns, business planning and payroll. These solutions are available for various companies and industries both in Dubai and around the globe.

Services offered by this company have been made possible through fast-growing professionals that are qualified and dedicated to providing commercial and innovative strategies. There are solutions even for the most challenge and complex business outfits. The team comprises experts on VAT and professionals drawn from renowned global audit firms. Contact KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC via or call +97143962233 for assistance.

Strategists Consultant (SC)


Helping businesses with various business solutions, the Strategists Consultant is a firm with operations in Dubai targeting both startups and already established companies. Key services offered by this firm include administrative consultancy, administrative performance analysis, and tax services among others. The company is registered with the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates and that gives it credibility for purposes of maintaining professionalism and authenticity. It is, therefore, a leader in the provision of business solutions touch tax issues, administrative services and studies to public companies and departments.

SC targets any business in need of procedural engineering services, administrative performance analysis, lying out flow-charts and allied documents circulation, organizational restructuring, innovation work procedures, internal policy formulation, strategic plans development and the designing of balanced scorecards. Essentially, the company has various skills set and has put in place professionals in accounting, business and management offering both financial and technical solutions to businesses in Dubai.

Businesses can benefit from the services and input made by professionals with a rich background and knowledge in the management of business operations. Solutions offered are based on individual client needs. The company has partnered with experts and organizations to effectively deliver its services.

SC has also been able to deliver due to its cordial relations with respective government authorities in this industry. Through collaboration with institutions such as the Association of International Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) – England and Wales, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and several others, service delivery is certain for SC.  Contact Strategists Consultants by filling this form!

Prime Services Dubai

Accounting Firms & Bookkeeping Services in Dubai, UAE

The Prime Services firm in Dubai is primarily a business consulting and VAT consultant service provider. The firm conducts its operations in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi helping both small and big enterprises with VAT solutions and expert advice to help them grow and manage their establishments. Business consultancy services offered by the firm target a wide range of operations in various industries such as IT, Hospitality, logistics, Tours and Travel, Real Estate and many others.

Businesses looking for VAT consulting, VAT registration among other financial needs can get help and knowledge from Prime Services Dubai. They provide in-depth expertise and knowledge of Tax regulations and laws to a wide range of business establishments in Dubai. There are all sorts of bookkeeping and business management solutions. Ideally, the company’s main objective is to provide its clients with accounting solutions for their businesses.

The company draws strength from professionals with collective intelligence, professional training, creativity and experience from renowned fields. The firm has a team of chartered accountants, financial management, certified public accountants and business administration professionals. These skills set have been key in initiating every engagement with a fresh approach and custom solutions that lead to innovative solutions and ideas for clients. Contact Prime Services through or call +0559 716-033, 0423 55-682 for help.

Capella Tax Consultancy

Why Outsource to Accounting Firms in Dubai

Capella is a reputable Accounting firm in Dubai and has actively been involved in a full service, especially in the provision of multi-disciplinary services in the key areas of Auditing, Accounting, Supply of Accountants, VAT Filing and supply of Receptionists. The firm comprises a team of dedicated and knowledgeable chartered accountants located in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. The company’s main objective is to help businesses in their daily transactions and in the keeping of accounts as required. The work also includes the keeping of company accounts for businesses to track their income and expenses.

The firm also has dedicated help to clients especially in their efforts to do with banking, keeping accounts, documentation and providing statutory compliance help on their doorstep. Capella ensures timely delivery of accounting reports and the provision of quality accounting services around the client’s needs. As a result, the company has expanded its operations and is a well-known bookkeeping firm in and throughout Dubai. Contact Capella tax consultancy through or call 03 722 0418   | 050 17 88 00 2 for more information.

Push Digits

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Dubai now made much simpler for you

Push Digits is a firm providing value and help to business establishments in the area of finance and accounting. The company has invested a lot in accounting and tax values with an objective of serving businesses and providing them solutions to problems they might be experiencing in this sector. The firm has established itself as an ethical accounting and bookkeeping firm offering various financial solutions to businesses in Dubai. The company is made up of staff from various backgrounds and cultures but with shared values in the scope of doing business. That way, the firm has been able to deliver help to business clients and advise on what they should do to become successful at what they do.

In its establishment and organization, Push Digits is a strategic partnership of professional chartered accountants with an objective of offering various professional business solutions in tax audits, business, accounting and related software alongside other management consultancy services. The main objective is to offer services that are both of high quality and at the same time add value to your operations. Part of what the firm does is to provide cost-effective solutions that are flexible based on the client’s needs and requirements.

The work at Push Digits has been a huge possibility due to the team of professionally qualified accountants with a lot of experience in the area of tax, audit, accounting and consultancy in business. All these matched with international standards makes it possible to deliver the much-needed help to businesses operating in Dubai. Partnerships with professionals in the industry and the commitment towards quality service delivery have been a key defining factor for this company.  Contact Push digits via or call +971 50 395 8931 for help!

DDP Accounting & Bookkeeping


The DDP Accounting and Bookkeeping firm has vast experience in the area of business management and finance. The company boasts of a team of MBA and CAs professionals working tirelessly to deliver business solutions to business clients in Dubai and beyond.  Effectiveness in service delivery has been realized through the building of lasting relations with business clients and delivering services as promised. The firm provides complete business solutions in finance and provides helpful advice to clients.

Success for DDP has been due to the wealth of experience gained in the field and the level of expertise exercised by the company. You can expect to get help with a complete legal, accounting, financial and bookkeeping help from DDP. The company is well-packed with professionals in many aspects of running successful business establishments. Over the years, the company has attained great experience and delivery in the provision of integrity business solutions and leadership in the industry.

This firm provides much-needed solutions to business in an ethical manner that has attracted many clients over the years. It has established a rich culture in research, training and innovation to provide the best practices in the management of businesses and operations. With the rapid growth of technology and tech-based solutions in the area of finance and accounting, business clients can get innovative solutions from DDP regardless of the complex nature of your operations. Contact DDP accounting and bookkeeping via or call +971 50 301 3616 , +971 4 339 3787 for assistance!

Nishe Accounting & Consulting

Range Of Accounting Services

Last but not least is the Nishe Accounting & Consulting firm. The company is involved in the provision of VAT and accounting related services to a wide clientele in the entire Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) including Dubai. Therefore, it is a trusted service provider in the area of accounting and ethical bookkeeping practices. Its main offices are situated in Dubai having been established in 2016 tailoring its ambition and energy to the elegant Dubai city.

Nishe provides custom business solutions to business clients throughout Dubai and beyond. The company boasts of international standard services and undivided individual attention to clients who need their help. With a pack of well-trained professionals, the firm has been able to provide tailor-made solutions to all its clients in the region. Nishe is committed to becoming a socio-commercial firm. Basically, it wants to be successful in commerce and also be relevant on social grounds.

The company’s aspiration is to work towards the empowering and support of women by giving them the support they need to grow. As part of what they do, the firm hires and nurtures women professionals who are dedicated and determined to create an impact on all the staff working with them.   Contact Nishe Accounting & Consulting via or call
+971 4 2400244 for help!

Final Thoughts

Dubai is definitely a great destination for investors from all over the world. Therefore, there are a lot of business activities going on there. This goes along with the much-needed accounting and bookkeeping to keep track of business growth and development. For that reason, it is important to make sure that you identify a good solution for these services if you are considering making investments in Dubai. A lot of time and effort is required in the keeping of clean books of account and managing business affairs. Therefore, it is prudent to outsource these services, especially in the busy Dubai Environment.

Instead of hiring a Chief Financial Officer for your business, it may be a lot helpful to work with accounting bookkeeping services in Dubai. They will get you all the help you need to track your business income and expenses. Getting the best of bookkeeping help would require in-depth research guided by online reviews and feedback of notable firms within the region. Make use of either of these top accounting bookkeeping services based on your needs.

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