10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Dubai

10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Dubai

10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city. For some years now, it has become the center of attraction to many people from all walks of life. This has created an environment where different cultures are celebrated. Today, there are many Japanese sushi restaurants in Dubai. Ideally, you can be at home in Dubai if you are Japanese or want to be associated with the Japanese culture. A lot of sushi bars have been established in Dubai and are offering great meals for sushi lovers while in this dynamic city in the UAE. If you want to feel like you are in Japan while in Dubai, these are some of the great places to visit.

Travelers coming to Dubai can enjoy their foods because this is like a small world where world cultures and foods have infiltrated the market. You can go grab a sushi meal while in Dubai and keep up with your life normally. For that reason, there is no worry of missing your favorite sushi while on the go b cause there are partners in the hospitality industry who understand your needs. They will get you the best meals from Japan and help you with what you need to live a comfortable life.

Well established Japanese restaurants in Dubai are offering you delicious meals wherever you are in this prestigious city. Each of these restaurants offers ingenious solutions of packing the food to ensure that the food gets to you fresh after ordering your sushi. If you don’t want home deliveries, you can also go for a blissful dining experience in fascinating environments. Sushi is one of the most favorite Japanese things around the world. This is especially based on reports from social feeds. Many people around the world love Japan for many things and sushi is among the top ones.

Sushi restaurants in Dubai don’t only target Japanese people but those who appreciate its culture and food as well. Even if you want to try it for the first time, there are a lot of options for you in Dubai. There is a lot of variety of sushi in our modern world today. As a result, it has been renamed, remolded and combined with other items. Get into these Japanese restaurants in Dubai for sushi with pies, burritos, cakes and burgers among other food items. ,

Even with all these changes to sushi, you will still get the real taste of rice, fish and seaweed wrapped together. Just as is the case with other delicacies, Dubai has great places for sushi. These restaurants are everywhere in fancy places and malls. Here are the 10 beat Japanese sushi restaurants in Dubai to visit:

Miyako Restaurant

sushi restaurant in dubai mall

Miyako is among the top Japanese sushi restaurants offering authentic cuisines comparable to the kind you have tasted in Japan.  Here, you will get contemporary, fresh and an inviting atmosphere that will give you the kind of experience you are looking for. If you are looking for great sushi while in Dubai, then this is an option for you. The restaurant has three real dining experiences. One is the main dining section, a live Teppanyaki room that has a sushi bar and an intimate Tatami room too. The comfortable bar has a variety of Shochu and Sake.

Great sushi experiences come from professionals who have mastered the Japanese culture and that’s what Miyako seeks to give you. The restaurant has among the best chefs who will make sure that you get authentic meals for a great experience. Don’t worry about your sushi joint anymore when you visit Dubai. You got an option to explore for great deals.

This is a great place for business meetings, relaxes dining, casual dining and family dining as well. The available dining options include Ala carte dining, Dinner, Group Dining, Informal gatherings, Late nights, Lunch, Private gatherings, Quiet Dinner, and Wine dinners. Contact Miyako Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Al Khaleej Road, Corniche Deira | Al Khaleej Road, Deira Corniche, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 209 6911 for bookings and reservations.

Cara Restaurant

japanese food in dubai mall

This is another Japanese spot in Dubai offering you the best of sushi and other Japanese meals. It is a complex joint for breakfast and lunch that gives you high-quality buffet served with influences from all over the world including Indian, Asian, Middle East and European cuisines. These influences have reshaped the usual sushi cuisine and have added some flavor and diversity. On top of that, you will get beverages made from the best ingredients. Cara is inspired through dramatic face artworks adorning the restaurant walls and all this has been derived from expressive body parts.


Other than serving great sushi, the restaurant has a great ambience with an inviting look that will enhance your experience as you enjoy the meal. For that reason, you got every reason to try out these services while in Dubai. You can enjoy your sushi either from the spacious terrace or inside the Cara restaurant. You can do group bookings or private events with room for 115 guests indoors or a team of 52 people outside.

Do you want to get the best of sushi in Dubai while doing other things in the city? Well, Cara helps you realize that. You will be amazed at how best you can spend your evening dining from this prestigious joint and feel like you are in Japan. Contact Cara Restaurant The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre | Gate Village, Dubai 482032, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 372 2323 for reservations.

Zengo Restaurant

japanese restaurant near dubai mall

Have you ever imagined packaging Japanese bites and carrying them to Dubai? Well, you probably don’t have to do that. The Zengo restaurant makes sure that you will have all of that in this wonderland. That is the comfort and peace you need while in this Middle East destination. There are authentic Asian meals that will give you the experience you are looking for in these delicacies. The most loved Japanese sushi is arguably a common meal where cultures meet. It is even common among non-Japanese people. Many people want to be associated with this wonderful meal and that is why Zengo won’t disappoint.

Get exotic and satisfying sushi from this restaurant that comes with nooks and alcoves handcrafted and inspired by Asian culture and origins. This restaurant presents you with an opportunity to dine and drink indoors and outdoors in the company of whomever you will choose. There are also special occasions such as the sushi Sundays for unlimited mouth-watering sushi portions done by a sushi master. Go there when it is all sushi and you will really enjoy the experience. Here, you will be allowed to pick from a variety of delicacies that you want to enjoy.

Contact Zengo Restaurant Al Mamsha Street | Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai 24970, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 316 5550 or email them via resbook.leroyalmeridien@lemeridien.com


sushi food court dubai mal

Armani restaurant gives you the ultimate blend of hospitality and modern Japanese cuisine in a lively setting set facing the iconic Dubai fountain. This is an innovative interpretation of conventional Japanese cuisine. The menu covers fresh fish brought into the city on a daily basis for artful sushi and sashimi. All these are professionally prepared alongside hand-chosen beverages. The set includes an elegant backdrop for a memorable dining experience usually accompanied by alfresco dining on the outside terrace filled with modern music beats.

The restaurant brings together a great taste of Giorgio Armani that is global in its nature and arrangement. This is a leading integrated lifestyle that you will experience as you enjoy your sushi. It is a place with fashion with Armani themes creating a brand and a product at the same time. Feel at home in Dubai by picking the Armani/sushi dinner either with friends or family. The restaurant is among the best Japanese outfits doing the best sushi in Dubai.

Your dinner is a call away if you want to make arrangements for a special occasion. You can get all that you need for perfect sushi meals done by professional chefs who have a rich background of this wonderful meal. Contact Armani/Hashi Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard | Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 888 3666 for more information.


Sushi in Dubai

Izakaya is serving you more than just sushi. Enjoy social sushi alongside friends while in Dubai. This great food is shared in a lively environment buzzing with a lot of fun for those looking for a perfect Japanese experience in a far country. Here, you will get authentic Japanese sushi, noodles and teppanyaki set in a colorful modern place. The entire experience is spiced up with Wasabi Girl preparing fresh wasabi right at your table who will guide you through Izakaya’s tastiest sushi.

You definitely need this kind of feel, especially when in a far country. It is an exciting moment giving you the best of service. Tuesdays are the best for sushi and bubbly in Izakaya. This day of the week has an evening with sushi theme accompanied by free-flowing beverages for this special menu in a wonderful restaurant. If not, you can get a delicious bubbly served with unlimited sushi. The occasion starts from 6 pm to midnight.


Make your sushi dinner special by getting the best of service at Izakaya either alone or in the company of friends. This is an exciting environment that will leave you with a wonderful sushi experience. Your dinner will be made special in a cosy environment. ContactContact Izakaya Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 121000, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 414 3000 or email mhrs.dxbjw.restaurant.reservation@marriott.com them for bookings and reservations on sushi meals.

Sakura Restaurant

Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Visit Sakura restaurant for conventional live teppanyaki tables, Tatami and a sushi bar offering menu with various specialties of Japanese origin. Meals are served between 6 pm and midnight. The restaurant offers various themed nights such as Sushi unlimited nights usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. For a Teppanyaki night, you will have to go there on Sundays and Thursdays. Sushi and steak are served on Mondays. Basically, the Sakura restaurant has you sorted with superb sushi meals in an arrangement that you probably will not find anywhere.

Japanese sushi cuisines in Dubai are authentic although can be reshaped with other food items as you may desire. Restaurants like Sakura are making this a reality for you with the help of dedicated chefs and teams already prepared to serve you on arrival. You cannot have enough of this meal because it is such a delicacy that many people want to be associated with. Every time you are looking for impeccable sushi experience, then this is the place to go.

Contact Sakura Restaurant Sheikh Zayed Road | Crowne Plaza Dubai, Dubai 23215, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 331 1111 for help on how you can make the most out of the opportunity to dine here. There is a lot to enjoy in this environment on top of your wonderful sushi meal. It is indeed a complete experience for you.

Zuma Restaurant

Best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai

The Zuma restaurant is among the top unique and perfect places for any event of your r choosing. The restaurant has elegant private dining spaces that are a perfect place for you to host social luncheon or corporate dinner, cocktail receptions or brunch. This destination features contemporary Japanese cuisine that is unique and original although not conventional. They sever various dishes from three different kitchens. There is the robata grill, the main kitchen and the sushi counter. All these are part of what makes the Zuma restaurant unique for anyone looking for a wonderful sushi experience in Dubai.

Only expert sushi chefs can get you the sushi experience you are looking for in a far country. It makes all the difference. There is a team of professionals who understand the Japanese culture and will give you the best of help to realize your dream. Once you meet the sushi experts in Dubai, you will experience great Japanese culture. You can either plan. In advance or just walk in the day you want sushi.

When making reservations, you can always contact Zuma Restaurant Gate Village 06, DIFC, Dubai 506620, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 425 5660 them for help with what you need. This destination in Dubai will get you a thrilling experience, especially for something that you can relate with only this time round in a distant location away from home.

Creekside Japanese Restaurant

Best Sushi Restaurant in Dubai

Creekside Japanese restaurant is a great place for sushi meals and other Japanese cuisines. Therefore, you got a lot of options when moving in and around Dubai when it comes to special meals from different cultures. Here, you will get to pick your own sushi over the counter or use the opportunity to wander across the Teppanyaki grill and observe as your food gets prepared right in front of you. It is all about having a wonderful experience while in this prestigious restaurant and not just eating sushi.

This restaurant will give you a spectacular Japanese experience in an environment where you feel part and parcel of the entire setting. Dinner is usually served from 6 pm to 11 pm and A La Carte from 9 pm to 11 Pm. Once you get the timings right, you will definitely have the best of service walking into the Creekside Japanese restaurant. There is a lot to enjoy in this lovely environment. You can choose when and how to have your sushi in this restaurant. You can just walk in or plan in advance for experience with friends.

Great experiences are born of thorough preparation and attention to details. Therefore, it is important to pick the best setting for sushi in Dubai. Contact Creekside Japanese Restaurant Baniyas Rd | Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel, Dubai 4250, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 207 1750 or creekside.reservations@sheraton.com for assistance and guidance on how best you can plan for a great sushi experience.

Zeta Restaurant Lounge

japanese restaurant near dubai mall

The Zeta Restaurant Lounge is perched in between a wonderful environment on the expanded pool terrace facing vistas of Dubai skyline, the tallest building in the world and the Dubai fountains as well. As expected for sushi meals, this is an Asian inspired restaurant setting standards for culinary indulgence. The restaurant offers you carefully prepared sushi cuisine with the best of seafood to your delight. The place is not short of great offers that it can make to those looking for great experiences.

Get the best of dining experience from professionals who understand what sushi is all about. There is a lot to pick from the variety of offers made for food in such an environment. When people are looking for unique and special experiences, they always go for the best. For that reason, Zeta seeks to help you have enough of your sushi. These are expertly prepared meals that will leave you thrilled and wanting more of that quite often.

You can make your sushi experience special, in the company of friends and family. Think of how best you can do it or ask for opinions from the hotel. Contact the Zeta Restaurant Lounge Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard | Lobby Level, Address Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 888 3444 for more information on how you can get a complete experience here.

Kiku Restaurant

japanese food in dubai mall

Kuku restaurant is an elegant reflection of the exotic culinary heritage of Japan and home to the home to the land of the rising sun. The restaurant offers classic cuisines of Japanese origin making it one of the best sushi destinations in Dubai. The restaurant is influenced and inspired through various aspects of the vibrant culture of Japan and it’s artworks. The culinary present here evokes a nostalgic comfort sense to Japanese travelers and anyone in search for sushi meals in Dubai. It gives you a memorable experience with carefully prepared authentic Japanese cuisines.

Dining has a whole lot of experience stemming from an inviting environment and perfectly planned meals drawing inspiration from a far country. Don’t hesitate to pick the Kiku restaurant for sushi for a complete experience of Japanese culture in Dubai. This city has almost everything you need to stay entertained. It is an international hub for business, tourism and many other activities and that is why it has a robust hospitality industry to enhance your experience.

Professional sushi cuisines are available for anyone looking for a thrilling experience. All you need is to provide pick the right restaurant for quality service. Engage the experts in the market today. The Kiku restaurant is among the top choices to go for sushi experience. Contact Kiku Restaurant Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Airport Road, PO Box 10001, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 702 2455 or email restaurants.lmd@lemeridien.com for reservations and bookings.

Final Thoughts

Sushi restaurants are all over the world including Dubai, one of the fastest-growing cities in our world today. Being part of the Japanese main culture and foods, sushi has great fans both from Japan and other parts of the world. As a result, there are many people who will be looking for sushi in the international scene. In Dubai, these restaurants get visitors from all walks of life looking for a thrill of Japanese food and culture. There is no short of experience with Japanese cuisines in Dubai.

Great experiences come with professional services. Discussed in here are some of the top Japanese sushi restaurants in Dubai. It all depends on what you are looking for. You can now study more about each one of them and see which serves your interests. There are those that require early bookings and reservations while for others, you just walk in for your sushi meal. We all have different tastes and preferences but all these options are available in Dubai. There are places with the authentic Japanese sushi while others have customized options with new food items added to the cuisine.

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