10 Best Restaurant POS machine system providers in Dubai

10 Best Restaurant POS machine system providers in Dubai

Operating a restaurant in Dubai and in many other places around the world requires that you have management, administrative and marketing skills. The work involves making sure that there is sufficient inventory and making monthly reports for sales among other important documentation. For the smooth running of your restaurant, it is important that you have these skills in place. In our world today, these processes are complex and that is why technology systems have been created to help in this kind of work.

Today, there are Point of Sale (POS) machine systems that have helped a lot in enhancing smooth restaurant operations and in many other similar scenarios. Therefore, it is important to have a POS today if you want to effectively run your restaurant in Dubai. For that reason, you need to partner with a good POS machine provider who will provide this much-needed solution at this age. Getting a POS for your restaurant is inevitable and with that in mind, you must ensure that you got the best solution there is in the market.

A POS is a system where transactions in a retail setting are completed. As the merchant, you will calculate the money owed by the client, indicate it, prepare an invoice as may be required and provide payment options for them. Ideally, the POS is that point where the client pays for services and/or goods provided at your restaurant. As customers purchase from the restaurant, they must complete what is referred to as a Point of Sale transaction.

Serving as the central component for your restaurant operations, the POS is comparable to a hub since it captures everything to do with inventory, sales and customer management. It merges all these processes at one point. POS systems have hardware and software components that help in the day-to-day running of your restaurant operations, making them a lot easier and faster. Therefore, it is important to understand the kind of POS software options available for your use and what services are offered by each one of them. Here are top restaurant POS machine system providers to contact for help in Dubai:


the best point of sale system and POS machine in Dubai to suit their business requirements

Sapaad is a universal SaaS product company that has been providing superb software experiences. Its products are used internationally. The company has a pool of experts that work to develop and design Sapaad innovative solutions that have constantly revolutionized the industry. Their main offices are in Singapore but have an office in Dubai and several other places.  Therefore, you can contact them for a powerful and user-friendly POS machine to serve you in your business. The company’s POS is developed with high usability standards aimed at helping you serve your clients instantly whether in dine-in, walk-in, take-away or delivery orders to their premises.

Reliability and ease of use of your POS machine are key in determining the quality of service that you will get. Sapaad’s interface is designed in a way that gives you a great experience whether on a touch-screen tablet, laptop or on a desktop. With their machine system, you can add discounts and notes, configure surcharges and taxes, create multilingual invoices and menu alongside other useful elements. It is built in such a way that adapts to various scenarios such as your restaurant.


Sapaad’s POS machine system design is compatible for use regardless of your business size and region of operation. You need such a solution in Dubai to enhance your business practices. You can check more information about their products and get to find out how they have been of help to other users in the market  Contact Sapaad, Zabeel Road, P.O Box 115800, Dubai United Arab Emirates or call them via +971 4370 6766 for assistance with POS machine system today!


Top-notch POS Solutions provider

Founded in 1984, POSIFLEX has over the years provided design and manufacturing solutions to businesses around the globe. Operations for the design and making of POS management systems started in 1991 and the company has since provided OBM products to customers around the globe. It is a leading brand not only in Dubai but in many other parts around the globe. You can rely on them for the provision of prompt business services for you to boost your business operations. POS systems created by POSIFLEX come with open architecture as well as cross-platform integration.

There is a host of services that include but are not limited to integrated POS systems, LCD displays, customer displays, fingerprint readers alongside other relevant peripheral products needed for such systems. These products adhere to customer-centric principles and are tailored to make your experience great while serving your restaurant customers. The company continues to pursue excellence in research and design of user-friendly interfaces and reliable features to make your work a lot easier.

POSIFLEX is a leader in POS machine system design and development and therefore, it is a reliable company that you can engage for such solutions. They will advise and give you a system that suits the size and operations in your restaurant. Contact POSIFLEX Office, 1409 Churchill Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE or call +971 4 566 8608 or email sales@posiflex.com.tw for your POS solutions.

Focus Softnet FZ LLC

Delivering business goals with the latest POS System in Dubai

Focus makes POS software perfectly integrated into robust hardware systems with highly capable VAT. The company has been offering professional retail solutions that include cloud-based store management solutions. They come with features aimed at managing and operating both single and multi-located operations. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you have several branches for your restaurant in Dubai. Focus POS is an all-in-one solution to many retail businesses and can perfectly work for your restaurant in providing operational solutions that cut down costs and maximize profits.

These solutions are designed to optimize your restaurant and its integration by providing an efficient system that is easy, scalable and fast to deploy. The use of various software for different divisions leads to inefficiency and wastage of resources and that is what the Focus POS seeks to address. With this POS machine system, you can analyze your inventory, accounting, point of sale and purchases alongside other restaurant aspects. Ultimately, the system helps you reduce time-consuming activities and Costa associated with such operations.

With the business work environment in Dubai, you need a solution that quickly synchronizes your operations and allows you to control remote stores from a single point. That way, it becomes easier to coordinate everything and run your restaurant smoothly. There is a lot that you could do with this kind of software. Contact Focus Softnet FZ LLC Suite 302, Building 1, Dubai Internet City P.O. Box: 500151, Dubai – UAE via +971 4 391 2670 or Fax: +971 4 391 8700 or email dubai@focussoftnet.com for assistance.


What is the most commonly used POS System for restaurants in Dubai

Established by a team of dynamic professionals, Cubes benefited from the wealth of experience earned from work in the retail and hospitality industry to be specific. All these were drawn globally and within the UAE as well. Based in Dubai, Cubes creates software with a future-proof concept that makes it possible for you to reinvent your restaurant. The company has attained excellence in the delivery of innovative services and products in various platforms becoming one of the most sought-after companies in this industry. This is a partner who will listen to your needs and deliver a POS machine system that matches them.

The ultimate goal in the design and development of these systems is to enhance customer satisfaction and at the same time help your business to grow. The company is in touch with the present and the future and that is why it will help you to make transitions seamlessly without incurring unnecessary costs. With a team of highly competent professionals, you will get a product that is optimized for your operations. Get a full-fledged POS product for your restaurant to enhance your operations.

Many restaurants in Dubai cannot survive without a POS machine system and that is why you need one too. Business in this city is intense and you can easily lose track of you don’t have a proper plan in place. Contact Cubes suite# 108/107/102, 1st Floor, Al Khaleej Center, Al Mankhool Road, Dubai, UAE, PO BOX: 29592 via +971-4-3522550 or email them via info@pdtuae.com for a POS solution!

Alpha EBM

What is the best restaurant software in India & UAE

Alpha EBM is a global business solutions company bringing you over 19 years of work experience in this industry. It stems from Zelenium Infotech group of companies who are leaders in the IT industry. The company offers hyper-niche solutions with the objective of producing better solutions for doing business everywhere in the world. Starting out as a regional IT company, Alpha EBM went ahead to become a great innovator and multinational tech company with operations in 14 countries in three contents. One of those locations is in Dubai, UAE and that is why is among the companies you can contact for your Dubai restaurant business.

Today’s fast-paced and highly competitive economy has prompted organizations to move away from such tools like spreadsheets and similar products to implement their operations. Alpha EBM helps retailers save time and costs by providing reliable solutions to streamline business operations. These industry-specific POS machine systems have come to replace professional manual support and generic software whose input has been limited.

A good POS machine system is a much-needed investment for any restaurant that wants to thrive in Dubai. This can only come from a trusted reliable partner in the industry. Research about these services to get the best for your application. Contact Alpha EBM P.O. Box 86460, Burdubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call Tel: +971 4 3518503, Fax: +971 4 3518504 or email sales@alphaebm.com for help with POS machine system.

PCNET Microsystems LLC

Which is the best restaurant software in Dubai

The PCNET Microsystems commonly referred to as PCNET is a robust software company that was founded in 2008. The main objective in its establishment was to steer customers through the next phase of business innovation using technology and modern business automation solutions. Key products for the company revolve around consultancy in IT solutions and software development. If you are looking for POS machine systems in Dubai, this is a company that you can consider. It has invested in research for new tools and plans of adapting to new workplace challenges.

Today’s workplace requires employees to constantly acquire skills needed to deal with modern-day challenges. A lot of changes are happening in the marketplace as well, making operations a lot more complex than they have been in the past. Therefore, the need for machines with integrated software for managing such is required. This is more especially in the pursuit of excellence and maximization of business productivity. This is your partner in running your Dubai restaurant business.

PCNET will help you with consultancy services and the development of solutions in the area of barcode solution, retail management, documents management and software among other allied solutions. That is the only way to favorably compete with other establishments in this fast-growing city. Contact  PCNET Micro Systems LLC via  +971529256234,+97143528550 +971529256234 or email info@pcnetdubai.com, sales@pcnetdubai.com or write to them PO Box: 126301, Khalid Bin Al Waleed St, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE for assistance with POS machine systems.


Which is the best POS software company in Dubai

OrderMate primarily operates in the hospitality industry providing business solutions that you could otherwise not have found elsewhere. The main products produced by the company are POS systems enhancing the experience of all. The solutions being crafted are informed by the changing patterns of ordering services and goods in the market. Dubai presents a complex market for those conducting business operations in the city. Therefore, staying on top of the game requires the use of these business solutions that have been designed to enhance effectiveness and productivity.


This company invests in research to provided refined integrated POS systems that give the user an easy time going about the business of the day. This has been a possibility through the use of advanced technology solutions tailored to your needs in the market. At this age of quickly advancing technology, you need a partner that understands the Dynamics to provide you with a ready solution when you need it. The focus is on the provision of a simple, yet a reliable solution that you can use for your restaurant or any other retail business.

The need for a reliable POS machine system cannot be overemphasized especially when working in a busy environment like Dubai. Staying informed and keeping track of your business is all you need to excel in. Contact Ordermate Dubai office Al Ittihad Rd, Next to Al Mulla Plaza, Saheel 2 Tower. 5th Floor, No. 508, P.O.Box 1303, Dubai – United Arab Emirates or call +971506970074  or email info@sepia.ae for assistance


How do I enable POS on offline mode

This company provides the best POS machines in the market to help you run your retail business effectively. You can never go wrong by engaging the experts in the industry. As a renowned player and business solutions provider in Dubai, POSBRANDS is committed to helping you meet your business operations needs and thrive in a fast-paced environment. There is a lot that you can learn from these professionals. They will not only provide the machine system but also help you understand the options you got to run your restaurant effectively. Know what is best for you before using any POS machine system in your restaurant.

Running your restaurant in Dubai will be a lot easier if you got the perfect solution for it. A POS system is a much-needed tool for your complex operations. Attaining success requires that you be in touch with every activity going on in your business. This is what you will get from POSBRANDS. They will get you a wealth of experience and skills that will help you grow your business.

Try this company for help in managing the affairs of your restaurant in Dubai. Make use of the available information to decide whether the services offered are fit for your restaurant or not. It is important for you to get a product that works for you. Contact PosBrands PB No. 72280, SD1-287, 2nd Floor, CNN Bldg., Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates. Call or WhatsApp +971 56 415 3480 or email them at info@posbrands.com for assistance.


Point Of Sale POS System Bundle Offer in Dubai, UAE

Get quality and cheap POS machine system from Point of sale Tech in Dubai. At pointofsale.com, you will get sophisticated yet easy to use innovative POS solutions at highly affordable prices. They are the kind of solutions you need to expand your operations and make them the best they can be especially in a busy work environment like that of Dubai. A POS management system is very vital in today’s world of doing business. The company has, therefore, continues to provide software and hardware solutions to business over the years with advanced options coming in 2013. The objective has been in the provision of solutions that can compete favorably in the market especially in coordinating and monitoring business operations.

There is every category of point of sale software and products that come with reasonable costs to your business. The most effective solutions for your business are those that enhance your operations without incurring a lot of costs. Pointofsale.com is therefore committed to helping businesses in Dubai and beyond to make the most out of their operations by using reliable POS systems that match their needs.


Today, you can streamline your Dubai restaurant operations by getting a quality POS machine system for the business. There is no short of information and details of where you can get help with these kinds of systems. Basically, you will be in a position to pick a system based on your needs. Contact POINTOFSALE Tech via  +971 56 494 7700 or email them via info@pointofsaletech.com for assistance with your POS machine system needs!


Restaurant POS System & Consumer Edition

For the last close to twenty years, iPOS has been providing Point of Sale software services not only in Dubai but across the Middle East. Its Software is being used in department stores, leading supermarkets, and even prestigious restaurants. This company provides high-quality and customized POS systems’ products. Since its inception, commitment to excellence has been the major drive in its performance. Having spotted a niche in the POS systems technology, this company has scaled the heights by providing the best. They offer restaurants with customer service solutions that make operations more effective and efficient.

Being a leading provider in POS machine systems in Dubai, iPOS has made a name for itself. Restaurants are now able to offer superior services to customers. For instance, orders are taken and served easily with POS systems making the customers happy and satisfied. If you are operating a restaurant in Dubai, you could try IPOS for the latest and most efficient POS machine systems. Contact iPOS COMPUTER SOFTWARE TRDG LLC, Empire Heights Tower, Business Bay, PO Box -68051, Dubai, UAE. You can also call them on Tel: +9714 4281510, or email on info@ipossoft.com

Final Thoughts

Every investment into your business must show proof of the value it’s bringing to you. Therefore, you should endeavor to get the best of help with your POS machine system. Out of the many options available in the Dubai market, it is important to study a number of them before picking what works for you. As you make that decision, remember that a good POS machine system is one that is easy to integrate into your processes and operations. Flexibility for business is very important.

There are different kinds of POS machine systems but not all will work for you. Make sure that your vendor uses a payment gateway that suits your use. That way, you will be in a better position to manage the cost. Also, take into account the applications that you are already using and you feel are vital to your business. There should be a seamless integration without having to make a lot of adjustments. The objective is to streamline your operations but not doing a complete overhaul of everything. Make use of the options discussed here and find out which works for you.

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