10 Best Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies in Dubai

best Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies in dubai

10 Best Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies in Dubai

Homecare and maintenance services in Dubai are there to help you live comfortably and part of that includes air conditioning cleaning and repairs. This city is known for warm temperatures and therefore, air conditioners are common in both commercial and residential settings. You cannot do without this equipment if you want to make the most of your stay in this prestigious environment. Regular maintenance and repairs are key to avoiding the total breakdown of your AC when you most need it. The services of a professional air conditioning company would be most appropriate to manage your equipment.

Looking for an air conditioning company in Dubai isn’t a problem. However, you must be aware of the kind of solutions available in the market to help you choose the best. Various air conditioning services operating in the Dubai market meet the needs of different clients. There are some handling massive projects while others focus on residential units. Therefore, there will be a reliable company to go for your help with air conditioning maintenance and repair. You can consider asking for referrals from friends or use online platforms to study the available options that match your needs. This will help you save time during your search and most importantly get the best from the rest.

Working with professionals is highly recommended especially because your equipment should be well-maintained at all times. In your search, therefore, make sure that you engage qualified and certified practitioners with diverse knowledge and experience with air conditioners. It is important that you don’t leave your high-cost equipment to unskilled individuals. Professionals come with a guarantee of quality service and affordable solutions. There is a wide range of factors to consider but the key ones include the technical know-how and professionalism exercised in service delivery.  Here are among the best air conditioning maintenance and repair companies to consult in Dubai:

AC Service Dubai

Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies in dubai

This is a reliable company specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioners. AC Service Dubai is a fast breakdown service operating in Dubai and the entire UAE. Their efficiency is attributed to a team of experts with proper training and understanding of air conditioning equipment. These experts have knowledge of what needs to be done for optimum air conditioning. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best of help for your premises. Services are available both for commercial and residential air conditioning. The scope of work includes troubleshooting ac issues, cooling service, routine maintenance practice and repair services.

Get complete air conditioning solutions from AC Service Dubai right from installation to continuous maintenance services. They have different packages for both residential and commercial clients. More than that, they will give you professional advice on the best solutions to cater for your air conditioning needs. For a great result, engage the experts for free consultation and advice if this is not your area of expertise. The best minds have all the answers that you are looking out for your premises. This is an air conditioning company that you can rely on for all your help.

Contact AC Service Dubai on Email contact@acservicedubai.com or Phone +971 56 3000442 and Fax +971 56 3000442 for more details and help with your air conditioning needs. They have professionals that are ready to help you fix your situation. Your help is a call away!


dubai Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies

Established in 2011, this is another company offering preventive home maintenance services to clients in Dubai and the entire UAE. Services are primarily available for residential customers but you can also engage them for your commercial air conditioning needs. This is a trusted company on grounds of quality service. You can get an annual home maintenance package to take care of your air conditioning needs or even contact them for a single service. Whatever plan meets your needs, you will be able to get a solution that perfectly meets your needs. The company offers a wide range of maintenance services including ac maintenance.

Get home maintenance and repair services from a team of competent professionals trained and qualified to handle air conditioning equipment. You will get the best of maintenance services for your home and any other premises as you may desire. Solutions offered by MPLUS include ac installation, ac repair and ac maintenance. They will help install the units, fix them when they breakdown and clean them regularly for maintenance in good condition.  All this work is carried out by a team of experienced ac technicians. They will assess your situation and provide a free quote before offering their services to you!

Contact Mplus via Tel: 800-MPLUS (67587) Tel: 00971 430 89500 (International) Fax: 04 3204969
11b Street, Al Quoz, Dubai, P.O Box 38083 or Email: helpdesk@mplus.ae for more details and information about their air conditioning services. Whether you want to install a new unit, do repairs or conduct routine maintenance, these experts will help you meet your need.

AC Maintenance Dubai

which Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies are best in dubai

Meet specialists in the design and building of air conditioning units, their installation and maintenance for optimum use and function. Services are available for both commercial and domestic air conditioning. They can also offer you heating, refrigeration and ventilation solutions. AC Maintenance Dubai is a professional air conditioning company offering quality services in Dubai and its environments. It is a duly registered and legally operating company that will get you the best of solutions that you need to leave in a friendly environment. Work with well-known experts with a global reputation when it comes to air conditioning.

Professionals know their job and that makes the work easier for you than when doing all by yourself. This is what you will find in AC Maintenance Dubai. They will get you comprehensive air conditioning maintenance solutions both for businesses and residential buildings. With a team of well-trained individuals, they will get you the best solutions in the city. Most importantly they will get you a free site survey report, a free quotation and then design and install your air conditioning system at a friendly cost. You cannot go wrong working with professionals. They got all the necessary tools and resources to make your work perfect!

Contact AC Maintenance Dubai S20, Building Z01, England Cluster Dubai, U.A.E
from Sat – Thu starting 9:00 am. Experts are waiting to take in your calls and reply to your messages. WhatsApp messages can be sent on +971 54 4404432 for details and information about the kind of services you want. They will be glad to assist you!


top Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies in dubai

Get a wide range of home maintenance solutions from We Will Fix IT Services LLC. This is a property and home maintenance company that will offer you all the home services you need and that includes air conditioning solutions. You can engage them through annual maintenance contracts or choose the service that you need from their list of home solutions. If not, you can consider contacting them every time you need their help with anything concerning your air conditioning. They offer solutions in ac installation and maintenance. While in this busy Dubai environment, they are only a call away to get you the help you need.

Since its establishment in 2008, We Will Fix It Services LLC has earned a great reputation in the delivery of quality services in air conditioning. You can read more about their services online and find it out for yourselves. The company is managed by British professionals whose incredible service and workmanship are what you need for optimally functioning ac units. Commitment by the company is towards excellent quality and cost-friendly solutions. You will get the best out of your investment when you work with experts and this is what the company is offering you.

Contact WE WILL FIX IT SERVICES LLC AL QUOZ INDUSTRIAL AREA #4 P.O. BOX 191821 DUBAI UAE 800-FIX or email info@wewillfixit.com for help with professional air conditioning solutions. These are experts who have consistently provided quality ac solutions to all its customers.

Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC

Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies review

Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC has been around for close to two decades now having been established in 2003. Today, it is a well-known technical solutions provider in the UAE especially with air conditioning units. Therefore, you will make a good choice for working with them. They have served many clients in the region and you can use their customers’ feedback and testimonials to understand the kind of help you will be getting from them. The company is well-equipped with certified experts and professionals who are knowledgeable in their job. They will help you with even the most complicated job on air conditioning.

When you need a quick fix for your ac conditioning, you need someone who knows what they are doing. This company will send you experts who will attend to your needs and give you the kind of solutions that fits you at the hour of need. After being in the industry for some time now, Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC has all the solutions that you might have been looking for your premises. The team is packed with the latest technology solutions and will stop at nothing but giving you the best ac solutions.

Contact Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC P.O BOX:   47321 – France P1 – International City – Dubai – UAE WhatsApp messages on +971566675366. Tel: +97143684035 or email info@dreamcoolacs.com. They will be prepared to help you in the best way possible. Whatever your problem is, they will respond within 24 hours and get your premises to normal functioning with a nice breeze.

Repair Plus LLC

best Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies

This is a multicultural company also operating in Dubai. They have as a result been of great help to their residential and commercial clients in the city. Working in a well-defined sphere that attracts people from all walks of life, Repair Plus LLC continues to offer quality solutions those looking for ac conditioning services and other home maintenance services in the city. Found on a GREEN philosophy, the company will offer you with great solutions in the design and installation of ac conditioners alongside their repairs. The company prides itself in employing knowledgeable people and using the right tools and technology to deliver on their promise.

Your air conditioning systems are in safe hands when you choose to work with these experts. Nothing is left to chance because your job will be completed by professionals only. For that reason, you will be sure that everything will be cleaned and repaired following the stipulated rules and regulations in the industry. Being a legally compliant company, Repair Plus LLC ensures you of protection against any third-party liability. They have the right certification, training and tools to get your job done in the best way possible.

Contact Repair Plus LLC Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 24th Street Shed No.1 Dubai – U.A.E

P.O. Box: 282547 or Email address: info@repairplus.ae for help with more details and information concerning air conditioning cleaning and repair. You will get all the help you need from these professionals who have been in the industry for some years now!


dubai Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companiesc review

If you are looking for integrated maintenance services under one roof, AwalExperts is here to make sure you get the best of solutions. You can reach out to them for help with a simple quotation following an analysis of your premises. Part of the services they offer include ac maintenance. These are experts with vast knowledge and experience of AC installation and maintenance services. The company’s employees are well trained and certified in all areas of air conditioning right from the design, installation and maintenance. It is a one-stop point for all types of ac services. Therefore, to won’t have to engage different people to work on you ur ac equipment.

AwalExperts has been in operation for more than two decades and continues to offer excellent services to all its clients in Dubai. It is a well-connected company with a good network of professionals in the industry. Therefore, there will be every bit of help made possible through a team of experts drawn from a rich background of air conditioning. All services are fully packed with the latest technologies and the best resources to give you state-of-the-art solutions. Professionals working for this company will give de you to choose the best products and help you with all you need to have fully functioning air conditioners.

Contact AwalExperts Al Bakhit Center – Al Maktoum Rd near Kabayal Deira, Office 407 – Dubai – the United Arab Emirates call 050 225 0234 04 337 7868 or email info@awalexperts.com for more details and information. They will help you clean and repair your air conditioning equipment with cost-friendly packages.

Adams Care Technical Services

best Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies in dubai

Founded in 2012, Adams Care Technical Services has a team of experts with over 20 years working in the UAE. These dedicated tradesmen have the skill and experience to get your air conditioners fully functioning and provide you with the service you need. The company is packed with the best tools, equipment and other resources to ensure that your work is completed in a high-quality fashion. Having invested in the latest technologies, the company is a good option to use for all your air conditioning needs. They have a team of qualified and legally certified professionals to help you clean and repair your ac.

The company’s main focus is to provide high-quality customer service for clients and make sure they enjoy their air conditioning units’ service. You can get to find more about this from various Google and social media platforms. Adams Care Technical Services will give you professional and specialized ac duct disinfection and cleaning services alongside other property maintenance solutions. This is a certified company and that gives you confidence and the guarantee that you will be getting high-quality solutions for your air conditioning units and systems.

Contact Adams Care Technical Services P.O. Box 454729, Yes Business Center Tower, Al Barsha – Dubai, UAE T. +971 4 557 1800 or email info@adamscare.ae for help with the best air conditioning solutions. These are experts at their work and will give your air conditioning units quality service for optimum functioning.

Qemtek Services

Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies in dubai

Qemtek Services is a building maintenance company and part of what they do is the maintenance of air conditioning systems. It is a reputable home and commercial building maintenance company employing the latest technologies and tools to do a thorough job on your air conditioning units. It ranks well in the building maintenance service industry in Dubai and the entire UAE. The company’s main focus is on their clients and over the years, they continue to offer professional solutions to all its clients. These are people with enough knowledge and experience needed to get you top-notch quality services.

The company believes that skill and the right equipment for the job are key to effective service. That is why the company has invested in the best solutions to make sure that you get the best help. Get the help of experts today to take care of your air conditioning. You can engage them either for residential or commercial purposes. They are out to get you maximum value for your investment. Everything is carefully and professionally done to ensure that there is no damage to any of your installations. This is made possible through the use of professionals and quality tools and the latest cleaning technologies.

Contact Qemtek Services Office# 101 Bank of Sharjah Building Al Garhoud, PO Box: 76990
Dubai – UAE WhatsApp to +971 504152299 Landline No: 042577776 or Email: info@qemtek.ae them for more details and information on how best they can help you with your AC cleaning and maintenance.

SaniServices LLC

dubai Air conditioning Cleaning and Repair Companies

This company offers a wide range of cleaning services that involve disinfection and sanitization. Therefore, you can get all the help you need for the cleaning of your air conditioning units. They have excellent cleaning solutions for buildings and allied installations. Frequent and planned cleaning of your air conditioning systems is vital for your welfare and for that reason, it would be important to engage experts for the job. SaniServices will leave nothing to chance because they have the b at minds and expertise in the cleaning and repair of air conditioning systems. Therefore, you can rely on them for help with quality ac cleaning and maintenance solutions.

SaniServices is among the top cleaning solutions and brands that you will find in the UAE industry. Make use of online resources to find out for yourself on the company’s reputation and their excellence in serving clients in Dubai. You too can use them to get quality cleaning solutions. This is a well-known company for Ac sanitization. Their commitment to quality is something that you will get to enjoy.  

Contact Saniservice LLC 19 Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 (Next to Porsche Service Center)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: 04 321 5505 Email: frontdesk@saniservice.com for help with details and information on how they can assist you. Get the help of professional air conditioning cleaning, repair and maintenance services from these experts.

Final Thoughts

The choice of air conditioning cleaning and Repair Company in Dubai is not a difficult one if you have access to information on what goes on in the industry. There are cleaning solutions of all types, both for residential and commercial premises. Even with these options, it is important to make a choice based on your needs. This approach is recommended so that you get the best value for money alongside quality cleaning for your systems.

Above all, it is important to ensure your preferred company has the right professionals with technical training and knowledge of handling AC systems. They should also show evidence of the technologies, tools and equipment they will be using for the job. Make sure that you are working with a duly registered company in the field to protect you against any liability claims that may arise. There are various factors to look at as highlighted here. These 10 companies are typical examples of the kind of companies to consult for help.

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