Top 10 Security Guard Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Security Guard Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Security Guard Companies in Dubai

Dubai is one of the busiest cities in and around the globe welcoming visitors from all over the world. With the beehive of activities happening in one of the world’s most rated business hub, the need for safety and security is inevitable. Being part of what enhances a good business environment, security services have grown by leaps and bounds to provide the much-needed help for supporting all establishments thrive in the region. Running day-to-day operations knowing that there is someone taking care of your security needs gives you the peace you need to explore more and more opportunities.

As businesses in Dubai continue expanding, they will definitely need more resources to manage their operations. That is why security guard services are vital to the process. Security guard companies get you the protection and cover you need for peace of mind and to coordinate your activities without losing track of any. Therefore, it is important you engage a trusted security service for the provision of professional security services that meets your needs.

Choosing a Security Guard Company

Every security guard company has its own strengths and weakness but there are important characteristics that cut across all. Therefore, your choice should be guided by a number of factors such as security machinery being offered, the legal nature of the company and the guards’ training and qualification. Prior to picking any security service, you should establish whether the company is registered and that it operates within the stipulated Dubai regulations that of the larger UAE!

Security is a very important aspect to look at in your efforts of getting help to take care of and effectively manage your premises. At this age of technology and the internet, it will be important for you to get information from online resources to help you decide on what would be the best service to use based on your needs. Here are the top security guard companies that you can engage while in Dubai:

G4S Secure Solutions L.L.C

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G4S Secure Solutions LLC is a renowned brand in the security industry around the globe. Therefore, it is among the top services that you should consider while in Dubai. Since its establishment, the company has been providing professional security services alongside the design and installation of other supporting security systems other than man guards. Over the years, the company has diversified its operations providing help in such areas as risk management, project management, and other technical solutions.

In Dubai, UAE, G4S has a branch that provides these services to its clients within the area. The company boasts of over ten thousand security staff in and around the UAE. G4S provides you with both main guarding solutions and other integrated solutions that can be outsourced. Having understood the wide concept of security, the company has established solutions that will not only give you physical surveillance but also take care of your company data and information as you may require.

G4S has been providing security services to both government and private organizations all over the world. It is a company that you can rely on for your security needs. It offers proper training for its employees to guarantee professional services for all its clients. You can contact the G4S Secure Solutions L.L.C Dubai Branch Office Address, Office No.1, Indigo 7, Al Manara Street, Sheikh Zayed Road P.O Box: 32634, Dubai United Arab Emirates or call Tel No.: +971 4 381 5800 for security services today!

Securiguard Middle East – LCC

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For close to 15 years now, the Securiguard Middle East Company operating in the UAE has been offering security solutions to clients in and around the UAE. The company was established back in 2005 and has since established itself as one of the reliable security services in the region and specifically in Dubai. The company’s primary objective was to offer professional security guard solutions in the private sector. Later, the company diversified its resources and operations that have made it also a favorite among government departments. Today, Securiguard services are now present in Dubai providing security solutions to clients both in the private and government sectors.

You can now get services such as manned Guarding, Event management, escort devices, access control, emergency Management help and any other situation that needs security services. This is an outfit that has established itself in Dubai and has been offering reliable security services around the city of Dubai. They have a pool of well-trained and compensated guards who love their job and are committed to offering quality security help. It is one of the highly ranked security guard companies in the region.

The company’s professionalism and legal compliance in the delivery of its services make it a top choice for clients in the region. Therefore, it is a company that you can rely upon when in need of trusted security help. It is among the companies providing MOI guard to the interior ministry in UAE. Contact the Securiguard Middle East – LCC Dubai office Tel.: +971 4 3583149 or Fax: +971 4 3583249 for help with their services.

Securitas UAE L.L.C

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Just like G4S, the Securitas UAE LLC is a multi-national establishment offering security solutions to clients around the globe including Dubai, UAE. It is also present in North America, Europe, and Latin American. The company has employed over three hundred thousand employees around the world with operations in more than fifty countries. It pays its employees well alongside other free services given to them to help them deliver on their job. Clients benefit greatly from the services of well-trained guards who are experts in their area of operation.

Securitas UAE LLC has a global reputation and has been consistent in the delivery of security services to both big and small establishments around the world. This has not been without a reason. The company has invested a lot in the best security technologies to help in the delivery of quality services. As a leader in the security industry, the company continues to provide trusted services to clients in Dubai and beyond.

You can expect help with professional guards and the installation of electronic security solutions on your premises to get you the answers you need in matters of security. The company brings you skills and experience to boost your security based on your needs. Contact the Securitas UAE L.L.C Dubai Office located at Sh. Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1 123209 U.A.E or call +971 4 315 3300 or Fax: +971 4 395 1525 for help.

Spark security

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Spark Security is a well-established private security company with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi but also operating in Dubai. For purposes of maintaining professionalism and authenticity of services provided, the company is licensed by PSBD and DPS as a uniform security guard company. They provide a wide range of services that include event security management, physical security services, and security consultancy to companies in the region. It is among the common security companies that you will find in Dubai offering professional security services in various settings.

If you are looking for a ready security solution, Spark Security is worth considering among the list of renowned security companies. The company has many clients throughout the UAE and specifically in Dubai. Despite being a local company, Spark Security has continuously provided dream solutions to clients in need of professional security services. It competes favorably with other security ventures with the global security corporation. Reliability has been one of its key strengths.

You can rely on the services offered by Spark Security because they understand the market needs in Dubai. They have a professional team of guards well trained and equipped to offer security services that match international standards. Get the help of experts if you want peace of mind when going about your business in Dubai. Contact the Spark security  Dubai office through post office box 62130, Dubai, UAE or call Tel. : +971 4 432 7915 or Fax : +971 4 421 4259

Libra Group Facilities Management

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With the main office located Diera Clock Tower, Dubai, UAE, the Libra Group Facilities Management is a professional company providing a wide range of security services and support solutions in facilities management. The company will take the work of handling your support services and leave you to do other important things in your premises. If you want a partner who will take care of your security needs and help you create time for other things, then Libra Group Facilities Management is a choice to consider.

The company offers various services aimed at helping clients with ongoing operations and management of plant and building assets. The company’s objective is to give you a centralized point of accountability that enables you to reduce and manage your costs of operation. Ultimately, Libra Group Facilities Management will help you maximize your leverage enterprise cutting downtime cost and make it possible for you to create time for other things.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Libra Group of Services, which is the larger umbrella continues to offer facilities management and security services for more than a decade now. The company has established itself as a leader in the security industry. Other services offered include maintenance services, cleaning and security systems installations for its clients.  Services are available for all types of establishments both small and big establishments in the region. Contact Libra Group Facilities Management via or call +971 4 252 5838  for help.

Hawk Security

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Hawk Security is located # 906, Opal Tower, Burj Khalifa Blvd., Business Bay, P.O. Box 91750, Dubai, UAE. It is a leading service provider company that will meet all your security and cleaning needs efficiently. Hawk Security has cultivated its niche in the market as one of the top-notch service providers in the UAE. There are over 1200 employees working tirelessly to ensure that their clients are served satisfactorily. If you are looking for diverse security services, then you could consider them.  Their differentiating factors are innovation and their passion for customer satisfaction. 

Being an ISO 9001: 2015 company, Hawk security has swiftly gained popularity in UAE. The company serves a wide range of customers including hospitals, banks, residential, construction sites, and even malls. Their services are well customized to meet the various need of their customers. Their innovative spirit makes them versatile hence capable of serving their clients effectively even in the most dynamic situations. Since its inception, the company has been all about making a difference in the world of security.

Regardless of the type of security needs that you may have, Hawk security services will always have something to offer. Their services are top-notch and tailored towards efficiency and effectiveness in customer service. Their team is professional and dedicated to meet all their customer needs no matter how diverse. Contact Hawk Security via or call +971-4-4378887 for assistance.

Guard Force Security

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Guard Force Security, located 103 AL-Khazan Building, Nadd al Hamar Road, Dubai, UAE, P.O. Box 79921 has been around for close to three years now. Since April 2017, this company has been providing top-notch security services to customers in the UAE. Even though the company was first established in 1993, its arrival in UAE was not until 2017. Their presence has been felt in the United Kingdom with the headquarters being in Watford. Guard Force security is dedicated to providing services that meet and even exceed their customers’ expectations. This is one sure bet of building their reputation in UAE even amidst completion.

Guard Force Security is focused and determined to provide top-notch security and other related services to the local business community. This firm will meet all your diverse security needs with an amazing touch of professionalism. Quality and customer satisfaction are at the core of their service provision. They offer diversified security services in the hospitality industry, retails, educational and also the industrial business. Partnering with them means that all your needs are covered.

In the bid to maintain a high quality of services, Guard Security staff are trained according to the UAE policies governed by the department of police. Thus should clear your doubts on staff competency. They also operate with a result-oriented outcome that has been processed and approved by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency. For help with security queries and needs, contact Guardforce Security via or call +971-4285-6141.

Black Horse Security and Cleaning Services

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Established in the year 2007, Black Horse Security services is one of the leading security firms in UAE. This company has built its reputation over the years by providing quality services to its customers. One of its key strengths is the presence of well trained and experienced staff who consider quality as a core value. The staff on all levels are known to be courteous, attentive to details and professional. They have security officers available for both permanent solutions as well as temporary or occasional security needs. If you have an event that needs any kind of security detail, they will provide their officers to see to it that all goes well.

If you are worried about the costs of hiring security officers and equipment, then worry no more. Black Horse security offers very affordable services without compromising on quality. You get security services that fit your budget with all your needs taken care of effectively. They have a corporate culture that is built on social, ethical and economic values geared towards excellence. This helps them to strike a healthy balance between quality of services and the costs of offering the same hence a win-win relationship with customers.

Their never-ending passion to satisfy their customers drives them to work even harder. For whatever security needs that you may have, you will be home and safe with Black Horse security. Contact through PO Box: 90365 Dubai U.A.E or via email on

Or call 04 236 8699 and WhatsApp 056 484 3828 for security help.

Magnum Security Services

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Among the top security firms in Dubai is Magnum Security. This company was formed twenty years ago with the aim of providing professional security services to various industries. This company has served its purpose since inception by providing high-quality security services. The company serves both the private and public sectors with customer satisfaction being at the core of their operations. Its success could also be attributed to high levels of credibility and integrity.  They do not settle for the norm when it comes to serving their clients but rather go over

and above just to satisfy their customers.

Magnum Security has also made a major investment in its workforce. The management has taken the issue of staff training with the seriousness it deserves. They understand that even with the best of intentions, inadequately trained staff cannot meet clients’ expectations. The staff recruitment process is also undertaken with a high level of professionalism. The management gets guidance from clean record military and security officers on how to go about it. If you are in need of a security partner, then Magnum security services will make a great one. Their officers are trained on how to maintain high industry standards.

The company’s mission and vision statements form a big part of its culture. The staff and partners are committed to core principles of service, strength, trust, and experience. These are the pillars that hold and elevate the company giving you enough reasons to get I touch. Contact Magnum Security Services PO Box 111094 Dubai, UAE via or call +971 4 3885404 to get help.

Al Safwan Gulf Security LLC

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Being part of the Al Safwan Group of companies, Al Safwan security LLC has served Dubai for the last ten years. Dedication and excellence have been the company’s core values and the reason why its client base continues to grow. This firm offers high-quality security services and care mist about the satisfaction of its customers. There is also a clear commitment to supervision and effective management. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to service provision. The staff is well trained and they understand that customer satisfaction is at the heart of the management.

There is open communication with the clients and close follow-ups are also part of the deal. If you shop for security services form Al Safwan Gulf security then you are assured of getting the best. The staff conveniently disburse necessary information to the customer and issues are also addressed promptly. The management holds monthly meetings to receive feedback from clients as well as exchange information. In these meetings, the team on the ground gives a report of what is happening and appropriate measures are taken to improve customer service.

By understanding that quality does not just happen, this company has remained on top of the quality management game. The management deliberately works towards quality improvement with the help of dedicated staff members. There is a stringent system that ensures that consistency is observed. If you would like to get any security help, contact Al Safwan Gulf Security LLC via or call +971 4 422 2559.

Bottom Line

Dubai is one of the most dynamic commercial cities in the world. There are a lot of businesses thriving here hence the need for commercial security services. Apart from businesses, there are also many wealthy individuals who need security services. These facts have necessitated the establishment of several top-notch security service providers some of which are discussed here. The top companies offer very competitive services and prices which makes it hard to choose one and not the other. However, depending on your specific security needs, you can analyze them individually and decide which one serves you the best.

To make the right choice for a security service provider, you will need to know the laws of operation in Dubai. This way, you are able to avoid uncompliant companies and partner with the law-abiding ones. Do research well before engaging a particular company. The list of companies given here will be of great help as you look for the best security partner.

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