Top 10 Best International Schools in Dubai

Top 10 Best International Schools in Dubai

International schools are all over Dubai, a great destination for people travelling from all over the world. Therefore, you should not be worried about moving with your children to Dubai because their education will be sorted. Dubai is constantly developing by the day and continues to attract all sorts of people. Part of the investors flooding the lucrative Dubai market are educationists taking care of the educational needs of children of other investors and workers in this UAE city.

The focus in the search for an international school is a convenient location and an environment where children can settle with ease. Most importantly, your child should be able to connect with others and be happy being in such an environment. Therefore, here are a few things to check before settling on any school:

  • Application requirements. Some schools do not allow midway applications through the academic year.
  • Consider your child’s needs. Your child’s specific needs are probably the most important of all. Therefore, you should look into the things that will make your child happy and comfortable learning in a given environment.
  • Ethos and curriculum. Go through the list of programmed offered by the school and confirm whether they match the kind that you want your child to learn.
  • Logistics. Where is the school location? How far is it from home and your place of work?
  • Costs and fees. Compare different fees and costs before picking your choice

This checklist will leave you in a better position to pick a school that perfectly fits your child.  Here are the top 10 best international schools to consider in Dubai:

Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Founded in 2014, the Nord Anglia International School attracted 500 students from the beginning. This number cut across all age groups as set by the school. Since that time, the school has grown to become one of the top school choices in Dubai. Today, the total enrollment exceeds 2,200 students. For that reason, it is among the best international schools that you will find online.

Nord Anglia International School has realized exceptional results and university admissions since its establishment.  Most importantly, some of the former students managed to attend top universities around the globe. Therefore, this is a vibrant community for families as students, their parents and teachers collaborate to make the school a wonderful place for all.

The objective of the schoolteachers is to unlock the students’ potential to assist them to attain success in their academics. In addition, they encourage the students to think creatively and innovatively. The school not only teaches academics but also embraces the innovation and creativity of students with a customized strategy for learning.

According to the principal Matthew Farthing, the warmth in the school community gives a sense of belonging to all. Again, there are extraordinary diversities that value and respect people of all walks of life. This open-mindedness helps learners look at the world in various ways. Ultimately, it helps them to thrive socially, academically and emotionally.

Contact Nord Anglia International School Dubai, Al Barsha 3 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates for general enquiries via +971 (0)4 2199 999 or for more details and information.

Hartland International School

Hartland International School is an excellent learning centre providing rich education based on the National Curriculum for England. The curriculum is designed to empower students to think creatively and hone their problems. Solving skills in a way that exceeds the expectations of all. The model of learning adopted by this great institution is important for unlocking the potential while nurturing talent among students and helping them realize their dreams

The vision of Hartland International School is to build a leading British international school by uniquely blending innovative approaches and conventional values of education. In that case, the school has a mission to create a vibrant community of learners in a happy, secure and safe surrounding that inspires, challenges and supports learners in everything they do. Therefore, it is an all-around learning environment for students.

The school has a strong passion for teaching and learning. Therefore, this has helped to stir up the minds and hearts of all students. Most importantly, the management realizes the importance of providing the right warmth, encouraging transparency and humanity to seamless and smooth learning. For that reason, students achieve limitless goals and are confident as they build capacity that will repair them for life. The ultimate goal is to make sure that students know their indebtedness to society and that the privilege is given to them to serve both now and in their future.

Contact Hartland International School, Sobha Hartland, Nad Al Sheba, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via +971 4 407 9444 | 800-HARTS (800-42787) or email for more details and information.

Swiss International Scientific School

Enrol your child in this unique and ambitious educational setup for special learning support and nurturing that brings out the best in them. The Swiss International Scientific School is all you need for your all-inclusive learning for your children. The institution is built on values of Bilingualism, Excellence, Sustainability and Togetherness. This ensures that students are risk-takers, collaborators, open-minded, linguistically adept and flexible in their learning.

The Swiss International Scientific School is equipped to help students learn and have a life full of drive, consideration and kindness. Providing a dynamic education, based on personal growth and academic excellence, this institution nurtures students to be responsible citizens and compassionate lifelong learners. Therefore, the school’s objective is to not only teach but also contribute to the community through genuine intercultural respect and understanding.

This institution has a diverse student body comprising more than 90 nationalities. For that reason, the institution emphasizes language acquisition to meet the needs of all students. Bilingual courses are provided in German or French or otherwise.  This school has a Swiss vision of excellence in everything they do. That way, students can embrace the many opportunities that exist in their world-class facilities.  Most importantly, they have an Early Years and Primary Years Programme that provides opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Contact Swiss International Scientific School Dubai Healthcare City, Phase 2, Al Jaddaf, Dubai, PO Box 505002 UAE via the main details +971 4 375 0600 or email call admissions via +971 4 375 0600 or email Human resources are available at +971 4 375 0600 or for more information and. details.

Regent International School

Based on the National Curriculum of England, the Regent International School provides quality education that culminates in the GCSEs in years 10 and 11. In addition, years 12 and 13 do their A levels. The British School Overseas Inspection Authority rates this institution highly. Therefore, it is a reliable institution for learning for all students.

More than just offering teaching and good grades for students, Regent International School also aims at developing strength of character, a robust sense of purpose and confidence in them. That way, the institution has a mission to help students soar high and flourish in life.

For more than 40 years, Regent has been a leader in the region due to its innovative strategy and solutions to learning. In addition, it is a global leader in the provision of positive education through the development of strong academic skills and personal achievement. The overall objective is to foster the welfare and character development that guarantees happiness and success in life.

This institution is a great center for building character; inspiring minds and helping students go beyond theoretical learning. Its core values touch on passion, integrity and excellence needed for students to access top colleges and universities around the globe. Therefore, there is everything for students to explore all kinds of possibilities. In summary, this is a character-building and extensively innovative school offering engaging, inspirational and dynamic surroundings.

Contact Regent International School Emaar’s ‘The Greens’ in Emirates Living Community
First Al Khail Street PO Box 24857 Dubai, United Arab Emirates via Telephone: +971 4 360 8830 or Click here to email them for more details and information.

GEMS International School

Established in 2013, the GEMS International School is a premier school providing International Baccalaureate (IB) programmed . The institution has a robust multicultural faculty and students coming from 88 nationalities. For that reason, they educate learners on the importance of communication, understanding, acceptance and appreciation. The school develops vital social and personal skills and maintains a high ethos of education that prepares students to become true global citizens.

GEMS International School is committed to digital citizenship. They have a “bring your own device” program alongside dedicated digital learning which coaches use to implement technology in the classroom. Most importantly, it enables students to discover ways that technology promotes and differentiates learning. The overall objective is to prepare students for life.

There is a record of 89 nationalities with no dominant country and that makes the institution truly international. This is a welcoming school for all because it is open to people with different backgrounds and origins. Therefore, they have a strong community. In addition, the institution holds various events and celebrations around the year to strengthen the school community and unite everyone. All this is to push for the idea of staying connected l, informed and involved in the school.

With the advent of technology and the internet, education continues to evolve. For that reason, this is a school to consider for your children. Contact GEMS International School, Al Khail, Dubai Hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – View Location via email or call +971 4 339 6200 for more details and information.

Ambassador International Academy

The purpose of Ambassador International Academy is to nurture children and help them become global and responsible citizens. This is based on the provision of quality education. Founded by the Ambassador Group, the institution has seventeen years of education experience across the UAE, India and the GCC region. Through the good-rated learning institution, students have an opportunity to be in an all-inclusive learning environment.

If enrolled in this prestigious institution, students get the benefits of quality education matching international standards. This is so because the learning is based on the National Curriculum of England. Ultimately, students have access to great learning outcomes needed to help them succeed and become confident and active in meaningful ways. The journey starts in Pre-KG and then proceeds on to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum while building on their best experience and practice in education.

The curriculum by Ambassador International Academy ensures that learners get equipped to be successful in life and future studies. The curriculum is designed to ensure emotional, physical and social development aimed at changing the lives of children making them inquisitive, confident and self-motivated.

The institution has a diverse and global environment where learners from different parts of the world come for learning. In addition, the academy is built on a strong and lasting model of talented learners, proactive parents and experienced teachers for a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Contact Ambassador International Academy Al Khail, Plot No. 3653942, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates via +971 50 846 4899, 971 4 580 6999 for more details and information.

Global Indian International School

Established in 2002, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) has become one of the best international schools in Dubai. During its initial founding, GIIS began in Singapore with a handful of students, which were less than 50. However, the institution has grown over the years to establish other 22 campuses including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan and the UAE. As of today, the school has become a leader in the provision of quality education in an international setting in Dubai.

Offering international curricula to students from different backgrounds, every need is met through the collaboration of all stakeholders. GIIS has constantly been offering superior education standards to learners from around the globe. The institution has adopted the philosophy of “schools that learn” to make every community member an equal shareholder in the learning process. As a result, they have established themselves as among the top private and international schools in Dubai.

This institution empowers learners to take an active role as they learn. It encourages active participation by students in the promotion of culture and reinforces the joy of learning throughout their lives. The institution is committed to the excellence of its students. Most importantly, they embrace futuristic techniques and ethical engagements to offer exceptional education to our international learners. The overall objective is to nurture all students to become men and women of exceptional quality and excellence.

Contact Global Indian International School located Near Al Manar Islamic Center, Al Meydan Road, Dubai via 800GIISDXB(800 444-7392) +971 4 225 5681 or email them at for more details and information.

Fairgreen International School

As a pioneering education community, the Fairgreen International School has a mission to promote and embrace sustainability in different ways. The institution has been developed to empower learners with a forward-looking education that aims to give inspiration to future generations to make a positive impact on the globe as ambassadors of hope for sustainable development.

The academic environment of this great institution motivates learners to be agents of change. In addition, it helps them to develop as critical thinkers and solution-minded people. To actualize these efforts, the school offers various programmes of performing and fine arts and extracurricular activities including sports to complement what they offer in academics. This whole-child strategy has differentiated learning and teaching to enhance students’ welfare and development.

Typical learning provided in Fairgreen includes architecture and other student-centered curricula. All these are sustainable programs that have an objective to teach students, assess them and influence the social, environmental, and economic impact of their collective current and future actions. The school has a purpose-built campus designed with quality learning facilities. These include solar-powered classrooms, tech labs, shaded play areas and sporting facilities such as a soccer pitch, swimming pool and basketball courts.

Sustainability programs also form part of the school’s training. These are well supported through such facilities as urban farming facilities and mobile food technology labs. Contact Fairgreen International School P.O. Box 392024, The Sustainable City, Dubai, UAE via Tel: +971 4 875 4999 for General Information Admissions Information and Parent Relations Executive email for help and support.

GEMS Cambridge International School

GEMS Cambridge International School integrates both the renowned UK curriculum with the excellence of GEMS education. Therefore, the Cambridge International School in Dubai is one of the top institutions for learning. The institution is set in a spacious environment and subdivided into two: the primary section covering the kindergarten to Year 6 and the secondary school section that accommodates year 7 to year 13. Students have access to outstanding teaching, great facilities and many opportunities that sum up the excellence at this school.

The school’s mandate is to equip students with important skills needed to help them explore present opportunities and face future challenges with confidence. GEMS prepares learners for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) course, the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and the A-level examinations of London and Cambridge universities. That way, the institution has managed to produce results consistently above the UK national average.

This school is an accredited center for the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate as well as for London University. They focus on providing students with sufficient preparation to face the contemporary world. The expectations for the school are very high with every child encouraged to make personal achievements by working hard. In addition, the institution pushes the need for both academic success and the development of social, artistic and sporting skills. This is achieved through the various curricular activities offered in the school.

Contact GEMS Cambridge International School – Dubai Al Twar 1, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates via or call them at +971-4-282-4646 for more details and information.

Apple International Community School

As part of the Leading Education And Management Solutions (LEAMS), education in Dubai, the Apple International Community School (AICS) is an inspirational space that promotes learning among students. Learners get inspiration to explore their talents through various activities such as creative activities and community development programmes. Managed by the LEAMS, AICS has kept a legacy of academic expertise for more than 40 years in the UAE.

The institution is fully compliant with Cambridge Primary Curriculum and EYFS. Therefore, it stands for the principles of innovation, equality of access, inclusiveness and full school participation. Most importantly, it offers a stimulating atmosphere for all school community members where they feel valued and encouraged to achieve their full potential and success. To create healthier and safer spaces, the school has implemented evidence-based strategies to assist in protecting the safety and health of all community stakeholders. This has enhanced the quality of services post-COVID-19.

The Apple International Community School has built a strong policy to empower learners and prepare them to be confident leaders and citizens. The institution is driven by the motto, “Justice, Equality and Unity.” The commitment is always about transforming and building a new crop of leaders through the creation of responsible, informed and self-confident people with a lasting passion for development and learning.

Contact Apple International Community School  29A Street, Behind Karama Centre
Near Karama Park, Al Karama, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates via ‎+97143797732 or ‎Toll-Free: 800 APPLES (800 277537) or email for more help and information.

The Bottom Line

With changing times and seasons, different sectors of the economy continue to shift including education. Learning is no longer for attaining good grades and coming top in class. However, it is about establishing holistic measures that help build students all-round and make them better people to confront situations and provide solutions to our world today.

In Dubai, several international schools are offering all-around learning and teaching to students. Therefore, it is important to look at all the available options before settling on what would make a perfect school for your child. Most importantly, it would help to study the history, the culture and the general community of any institution to make the right choice.

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