Top 10 Interior Decoration Companies in Dubai

top 10 interior design companies in dubai

Top 10 Interior Decoration Companies in Dubai

Everyone wants to feel at home in the place where they stay, whether owned or rented. Even an office space should be in such a way that it motivates the occupants as they work. One of the ways to make life more enjoyable is by creating a comfortable, functional, and simply enjoyable. One of the sure ways to achieve this is through interior design. If you do not like the way the interior of your home or office looks like, by all means, change it. This way, you will be able to derive satisfaction and maximum benefit from your kind of space. There are many ways to make your interior space more interesting. It could be a change of furniture, color, texture, lighting among others.

If you are in Dubai, you are lucky to have numerous options at your disposal. You only need to decide what you want with your interior but the actual work is not your headache. There are many incredible interior decoration companies in Dubai. Some have been around for the longest time now, while others are just emerging. Depending on want you want or need, you will be able to choose your interior decoration partner. Mine is just to guide you by providing a list that can start you off. One on one referrals are great but if they are not available then you can do your research even if it means visiting individual company websites. Customer reviews can also be of help during your search.

Being an international trade Centre, Dubai has attracted a lot of good business and this has made interior design companies to up their game. Both locals and foreign investors are constantly looking for interior experts who can deliver on international standards. Below is a list of the top ten interior decoration companies in Dubai:

Luxury Antoniovich Design

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For more than two decades now, this company has continued to make Dubai beautiful through interior design. It is reputable for creating architectural and interior works masterpieces. People from all over the world trust this team of experts to deliver the most sophisticated luxury interior designs. One thing that has continually differentiated them from many other companies in the way they have embraced changing technology. Their designs are modern and they are also keen to deliver what their client is looking for. This has made them one of the leading interior decoration companies not only in Dubai but also across the UAE. Creativity sits at the center of their activity and they do not settle for the ordinary.

Luxury Antoniovich Design has worked on various opulence apartments, elite villas and royal residences across the city if Dubai. The designers and architects bring a rich combination of cutting edge technology and attention to details. Every project they work on becomes a masterpiece with uniqueness ad beauty written all over it. They also do public buildings, gymnasiums, and commercial buildings. Once you give them an idea of what you are looking for, they take it from there to bring your ideas to reality in amazing ways. Their teams are made of experienced architects, polished design engineers, and special work engineers.

If you would like to engage them closely, contact them on Al Wasl Road, Al Badaa, Jumeirah, Dubai, Unit no. 4, Bldg. Plot No, 333-1103. P.O.Box 53820 Dubai. You can also call +971 58 881 2020/+971 4 333 3709/+971 56 997 7797 or email

Elegant Interior Design

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It has been close to eight years of elegant interior services to Dubai. This is a registered interior design company in the UAE and this, therefore, clarifies their legitimacy. It is also one of the most competitive and professional interior design companies in Dubai. They are known to deliver exceptionally luxurious interior work on both commercial and residential projects. If you need interior expert help on any of these areas, I can guarantee you that they are legit. However, your choice of an interior design partner will depend on many more factors. More about this interior design company is that it has a creative team of experts who give a touch of originality on each project. A combination of the client’s specifications and the team’s creativity gives birth to the most amazing work ever.

Interior design is meant to make your environment more comfortable, exciting, and dynamic. Elegant Interior design will do this for you by integrating modernity with authenticity. The team members are all devoted to providing quality services and assistance to their clients. They create unique and personal designs to make each client’s dream a reality. Even though they are more into modernity, they are versatile enough to deliver on classic designs too. Their level of creativity allows them to bring to reality any mental picture that a client has regardless of whether it is classic or modern. Elegant Interior has a team of experts who manage everything from planning, researching, designing, and managing every project detail. They also work within the client’s budget.

For further information, contact Elegant Interior Designs on +971 5080 59259 or email

Al Zaher Interiors

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If you are looking for an interior fit-out solution, Al Zaher Interiors could be your suitable partner. However, the choice lies entirely with you since you have various options at your disposal. If experience is anything to go by, then this team has a wealth of it that gives them an edge over their competitors. For almost twenty-two years now, this interior design company has been decorating property across the UAE with an exceptional touch of professionalism. For any design and layout that a client desires, there is a team of skilled workers to bring them to reality. The civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers work together to give life to the various unique designs.

They also have state-of-the-art joinery tools and woodwork machinery to deliver the latest designs. In-house joinery saves both time and money and this is beneficial to you as the customer. Also, you do not have to worry if you have no technical know-how in interior design. The team in this company takes care of everything right from idea and concept development to the realization. This puts you as the client in a safe place since you do not have to do what you are not good at. They also help you in choosing what works best for you in the event where you have confusing options. 

Contact M22, Al Habtoor Building Salahuddin Road, Opposite Al Ghurair Head Office, Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Call 050 2738611, email for more information on what Al Zaher interiors can do for you.

Zylus Interior Design

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Zylus Interior design was the first online interior decoration platform to be launched in the Middle East. This gave it enough time to gain popularity before others came on board. Their online shop is easy and convenient to use as well as affordable. That said, you can talk to their experts from the comfort of your house at least for the initial stages of your engagement. Owing to their twenty years’ experience, this company has made a huge following as they continue to satisfy their customers. They create diverse and intriguing interior designs to suit their clients’ needs, tastes, and preferences. The dynamism with which they approach their work is what gives them an advantage over their competitors.

If you need interior help with either residential or commercial spaces, Zylus will do it for you. This company has a team of diversely experienced experts who work together to deliver their clients’ interior design desires. Once you give them your raw ideas, they pick them up, develop them, and deliver beyond your expectations. To better serve their clients, they have two distinctly separate operation lines. One caters to residential designs while the other one is for the commercial designs. Depending on what you want, you can use either if the lines to access their online services. This separation has increased its efficiency and effectiveness in customer service.

If you wish to directly engage Zylus Interior Design experts, contact them at Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1 – Tower 2 – Dubai – the United Arab Emirates, call +971 4 409 6722 or email

Falcon Interior Decoration

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Being one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai, Falcon interior continues to put smiles on its numerous customers. Their designs are extraordinary with quality and uniqueness being highly emphasized. This company provides interior decorations for commercial, residential, and hospitality.  Once you entrust them with your product, they handle every aspect of it right from planning and designing to execution. They also deal with the authorities to get the necessary approvals. This means you will not have to run around trying to see what has not been done.

Dubai is a very competitive city due to its rapid growth and development. The interior design companies have had to better their services to survive the competition. Falcon Interior Decoration has its hands firmly on the wheel by providing exceptional services to its clients. To achieve this, the team of experts first seeks to understand their client’s specific needs. They then develop the concept design, get the client approval then get to work. After they are done they allow for inspection and later handover. This ensures that you as the client gets exactly what you wanted or even better. Your satisfaction is their priority so if you are not with something, they are willing to rectify it before proceeding.

Contact Office 203 B, Sama Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai – the United Arab Emirates, call 04 320 2020 or email

Ox Interior Design

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This is another interior design company in Dubai that has been giving the industry giants a run for their money. Based in Dubai, Ox Interior Design is a fast-growing interior decoration company that offers a wide range of services. It has a team of experts who work on commercial, institutional, landscaping, and also residential projects. If you need interior design help for any of these projects, then they could be your right partners. They believe in results speaking for them through satisfied customer testimonials. They are experts in 2D layout, 3D perspective, 3D animation, and everything related to interior designs.  Their business is to take your ideas, own them, and realize your desires.

This company’s mission is to exceed its business partners’ expectations. They achieve this by deploying their highly-qualified team of experts. Their engineers, trained employees, and other professional workers handled each project with utmost integrity and professionalism. They are also committed to creativity and innovation so that they can deliver unique individual designs. They treat each customer with respect regardless of the size of the project. The workers also pay attention to details and follow the client’s instructions to the letter. Since they are all experts in their fields of specialization, they also offer useful interior design advice to their clients. Giving their very best to each of their clients is what makes their services exceptional.

Contact Al Hilal Bank Building, Office #303, Deira, Al Qusies 2 Area, Dubai, UAE. P.O.Box: 232909 Dubai, UAE. You can also call +971 (4) 257-3330 or email for more information and inquiries.

Aujan Interior Decorations

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Since its inception, Aujan has strived for a customer-centric approach, unmatched quality of services, and exceptional business ethics. This team of experts knows that a happy customer is all they need for them to get the next customer. This company has therefore established itself in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. They create and design office interiors that enhance people’s interactions with their work environment. If you are looking for ways to better your office interiors, then Aujan Interior decorations got you on this one. They will provide you with exceptional and fully integrated office fit out designs.

This company does not only do the actual interior decoration work but also offers consultancy services. They provide interested parties with the necessary information as pertains to interior designs. They also educate their clients on what interior decoration is all about together with providing specific guidelines. Engaging their interior design services will put you in a place of being informed, equipped, and helped to have the kind of interiors you desire. The diverse team of experts that have built up Aujan is known for intelligent interior designs. They are capable of converting any apace from a boring one to a highly exciting one. Their designs are very dynamic and they have embraced creativity among their team members. Aujan delivers high-quality services in the shortest time possible for every project.

For more information, contact Aujan Interior Decoration LLC, Warehouse No.3, Al quasis Industrial Area 3, Dubai, UAE. You can also call 0559693936, 0526072547, or email

Idea Art Interior Architects

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This is a highly reputable interior design company that has established its roots in the UAE. For the last three decades or so, this company has continued to decorate royal residential places with exceptional interior designs. Even though the founder started as an individual with his passion as his only tool, he has since then spread his wings far and wide. Idea Art Interior Architects is now a well-known interior decorating company. It has a team of seasoned experts who create exceptional interior designs without exception. They have served both local and international clients and expanded their presence.

Idea Art blends style and function and leave their clients satisfied and smiling. For commercial and residential spaces, this company has a wealth of expertise that produces exceptional results. To achieve these results, they ensure that their process is seamless and they also work towards on-time project completion. Each of the team members is committed to carrying and achieving the client’s vision as well as cost-effective implementation. If you need interior design help for your office or home, Idea Art is a good place to be. They will supplement your vision with their in-depth understanding of interior architecture. Here, you will also get the best price-quality ratio so that your ideas are actualized within your budget.

If you wish to engage this company   further, contact Idea Art at Office A204 Building 5, Dubai Design District P.O. Box 333296, Dubai, U.A.E. Call +971 4 557 5646 or email You can also visit their website and see what they do.

Space and design interior Decoration

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For hospitality restaurants, villas and retails, offices, and even home interior designs, this company will give you what you want. Space and design interior decoration has been in operation since 2007 and continues to amaze its clients with extraordinary designs. The team of experts works on a well-detailed layout as a way of laying a proper foundation for the project. They endeavor to become better ad reliable interior design problem solvers by creating unique and functional designs for their clients. For every project, the team provides the client with design alternatives and also offer the support needed in choosing the best alternatives.

The team emphasizes high levels of integrity and excellence as well as exceptional performance. They believe that these values not only earn them new clients but also repeat customers.  If you contract them for interior design services, you can be sure to have the project completed within the agreed timelines. Their projects are well-regulated with proper cost-control measures in place. Space and Design Interior decoration will not only deliver quality but will also do so within your budget. They do not compromise quality to fit into your budget but rather they offer a favorable budget quality ration.

Just in case you decide to engage this company and have a taste of their designs, contact them on 23 St. DIP2, Dubai, or call (971) 555 380 229, fax (971) 444 10668. You can also email them on

4 Space Interior Design

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This is one of the top interior design companies in Dubai. They collaborate with their clients to get a clear understanding of the needs and requirements of the space in question. This puts them in a good position to execute their plans in line with the client’s vision. Regardless of how complicated your space needs are, this team of experts has a way of actualizing your vision. For easier collaboration, the team provides a detailed plan and an overview of the projected costs and time frame. This helps the client to make sound decisions on what needs to go into the project. For them to provide functional interior design solutions, the experts examine the context of your space so that they can serve you better.

4 space Interior design does not shy away from creativity. The team members are encouraged to explore all that there is so that they can come up with the best combination of all the details. Even in small spaces, they still work their way around and bring out unforgettable luxurious experiences.

Contact this company on Unit No. 2608, HDS Business Center, JLT. P.O.Box 334435 Dubai, UAE. Call +971 4 438 5537/+971 4 438 5546 or email for enquiries.

Final Thoughts

Finding a suitable interior design company to work on your home or office space does not have to be a daunting task. Even though you will still need to do your homework well before choosing, this can happen with minimal trouble. There are very many interior design companies in Dubai most of which have been in the business for quite a while now. Banking on their experience could be helpful as you decide on who to work with. Also, what other customers say about a particular company should guide you as you choose your interior design partner.

Most importantly, know what you want and how you want it. Go through the work done by various companies and see the options you have at your disposal. Remember to take your time so that you do not rush to work with anyone who pops up in your search. For starters, the list I have provided above will be of great help since it contains the top ten rated companies.

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