Top 10 Corporate Lawyers and Law Firms in Dubai

Which are the best Corporate Lawyers and Law Firms in Dubai

Top 10 Corporate Lawyers and Law Firms in Dubai

Legal representation and consultancy have always been a big deal for both individuals and corporations. At one point or another people will need help with some legal matters. In busy places like Dubai, businesses and large corporations need access to the best legal advisors. Finding a lawyer to help you in legal matters is not the issue since they are quite a number. However, if you are in Dubai, you will need to locate the best law firm to handle your case. You may need help with debt collection, registration, or other legal matters. For whatever reason that you need a lawyer, you will want to find one who best understands your situation. One who will offer them advice and the legal representation you are looking for.

There are many aspects of running a business that will require legal advice at some point. It could be registration, debt management, liquidation, and mergers among others. In all these, you need to find a lawyer or lawyers who can handle all these aspects satisfactorily. This might mean identifying a particular firm with experts in all the necessary fields. This is because you cannot find one lawyer who can handle everything.  Most of the top-ranked law firms in Dubai have been in operation for more than a decade now and I can bank on their experience. The majority also serve clients not only in Dubai but also across the UAE. This also means that their services are top-notch otherwise they would be out of business already.


To kick-start your search for the best corporate lawyer in Dubai, I will provide a list of the top-most. However, the choice of who you will work with depends on you and your specific needs. Getting as much information as possible on each of the firms will enable you to prudently choose your legal partners in Dubai. Below is a list of the top ten corporate lawyers and law firms in Dubai:

Top 10 Corporate Lawyers and Law Firms in Dubai Review

This is one of the top-rated law firms in Dubai. With a team of diverse experts, Tasheel legal consultancy has continued to serve its clients by providing top-notch legal services. They offer services related to debt management, finance, debt collection, and liquidation among others. They not only come in to solve problems but also take it upon themselves to educate their clients on how to avoid unnecessary trouble. If you sign up for their services, then you will not only be covered in case of trouble but will also be kept from most of the possible trouble. As you run your business, they will educate you on how to avoid certain violations in Dubai.

Tasheel legal consultancy will provide you with the legal advice and help you need at very reasonable fees. Their term of experts is highly responsive and they handle each case with the urgency it deserves. Accountability is at the very core of their service and once they take up a matter, they leave no stone unturned. Even though their team members have high levels of legal expertise, they also admit that they do not have it all. To cover this, they have put up a very informative website to educate you and keep you from violating the UAE laws. 

Contact Tasheel Legal Consultancy, Emirates Islamic Bank Bldg. Al Qusais Metro Station, Al Nahda Road (Al Qusais 2), Near Al Twar Center & Ministry of Education Bldg, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, or email You can also call +97165363791+971 501750107+971 50248921 for further information.

BR-Law Firms and Corporate Lawyers

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Since its inception, BR-Law firm has continued to serve its clients not only in Dubai but also across the UAE. This firm has emerged into a leading law firm in Dubai with well-qualified law consultants and solicitors. This team of experts serves their clients with unmatched expertise that has been earned over the last more than ten years. They also have genuine experts in every domain and this enables them to serve different clients with diverse legal needs. Their lawyers are well aware of the Judiciary insights and they also speak more than seven languages and twenty-one local dialects. This means everyone in Dubai, whether a local or a visitor is covered and can be served with ease.

If you need legal help in any of your business dealings, agreements and contracts, check them out and see how much they can offer. All their solicitors, paralegals and lawyers are adequately trained to handle any of your needs. They connect deeply with each of their clients and seek to understand their individual needs. They have also made themselves available online through a very informative website. This means you can engage some of the team members online before any physical meeting. By doing so, you will save on time and cost since you can tell from the onset whether they are what you are looking for.

In case you decide to engage this law firm further, feel free to contact BR-Law firms, Suite 502, AW Rostamani Group Auditorium, Al Ittihad Road, Deira, Dubai – UAE, PO Box: 13917. Call +971 55 883 3642, +971 58 294 4116 or email

Ahmed Salem Al Saaedi

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Finding a qualified lawyer is easy, but getting hold of that one lawyer or a group of them who will handle your case satisfactorily is quite some work. However, the fact that Ahmed Salem Al Saaedi made it to this list, means that they could be what you are looking for. This firm has been serving Dubai and the rest of the UAE for the longest time now. They have a team of experts whose vast experience has contributed greatly to the success of the firm. They have specialists in construction, real estate, civil, corporate, and property law. If your legal needs in any of the aforementioned areas, then this firm will be a good place to begin your search.

The partners in this firm are advocates, attorneys, and legal counsels who came together from global corporate and banking industries. This means they are well-acquainted with the law and especially the corporate laws in Dubai and the entire UAE. They were also serving in senior positions in those corporates hence their ability to deal with various corporate issues. This firm was started to fill a particular niche in the market by providing high-quality services at a cost-effective price. If you work with Ahmed Salem Al Saaedi, you will not only be saving yourself some bucks but also getting the kind of quality legal services that you desire.

Contact Al Saedi, DUBAI- Business Bay, Citadel Tower, office 104. Dubai – UAE. Fax:-97143595999

Tel:-+97143595995 or email for any inquiries.

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With over thirty years’ experience, HHS Lawyers are a sure bet for anyone looking for legal help in commercial, insurance claims, arbitration among others. The attorneys are well-trained and they all have the legal experience needed to advise different clients. No matter the kind of need that one client has, HHS will always have a befitting attorney to handle the case. This as long as the case is within their spectrum. This firm is one of the regulated law firms in the UAE and this gives them an upper hand over their competitors. They also have local attorneys and local Dubai advocate just to ensure that language does not become a problem.

The HHS communication channels are very convenient to use and their response system is well developed to serve their clients in the best way possible. Getting in touch with your attorneys will never be a problem and your queries will be responded to promptly. This firm does not just dish out random attorneys to their clients. They examine each case and assign an attorney who will connect best with the client and offer the needful legal solutions or advice. Their lawyers are well-versed with the rules and regulations of the region. They are also committed to assisting their clients no matter how complicated their cases are.

For more information, contact HHS Lawyers, 5th Floor, Office No.: 5008, Rigga Road Dubai, P.O.Box 4896, U.A.E. You can also call +971 4 2555496 or email

Almontasser Business-Law Consultancy Centre

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This firm is well-positioned to help companies with all their legal needs across the UAE. In its bid to become a leading global law firm, the lawyers strive to deliver quality and value to their clients. This is achieved through innovative and practical legal solutions that are geared towards the success of their clients. Even though this firm deals with different clients with diverse needs, the attorneys have shown consistency over the years. This has earned them both repeat and new clients across the region. If you are using law firm services for the first time in Dubai, you will need to find an authentic firm and Almontasser Business-Law consultancy is one of them.

Also, this firm provides e-services to its clients so that you will not have to visit them physically for all your needs. This will make your work easier in case you decide to engage their legal services and you can also compare what they offer with other firms online. They have a team of experts who do online customer support, e-tailing, and service delivery. Their e-service platforms also reduce the amount of time used to serve their clients since there is less queuing. The platform will also allow you to receive less complicated legal services from the comfort of your home. This is convenient both for you and for the firm. This also means fewer costs since physical meetings are reduced.

For you to gather adequate information to help you in making your choice, contact Almontasser Business-Law Consultancy, Indigo Central 3, Office Suites 105 – Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Call 00971 50 535 7973 or email

Al Suwaidi and Company

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This is one of the highly esteemed law firms in Dubai and across the region. They have a team of multi-law experts who have continued to serve their clients over the years. Their strength has been in identifying practical problems that their clients go through and providing solutions. They are proactive in their operations in that, they do not wait until a problem erupts. They identify possible issues and advise their clients accordingly before real problems occur. This means even when a real issue crops up, it is easily dealt with since the client is well-informed and the lawyers know their job. This approach also ensures that less damage is done in case of a legal issue.

The firm’s choice of lawyers is also another reason why they continue to offer unmatched legal services across the UAE. They have a team of lawyers who are experts in their various fields. This means all cases are handled with the care and the sophistication they deserve. Al Suwaidi and company has full rights of audience before all courts across the region. They couple this up with a wealth of experience in dispute resolution forums which include both mediation and arbitration. If you have any legal issues that need the services of a lawyer, Al Suwaid and company will provide the most suited of them all without disregarding your culture.

Contact Al Suwaidi and Company, 252 Emarat Atrium Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box.7273,Dubai UAE, Tel: +971 4 321 1000, Fax: +971 4 321 1001 or email for more information.

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Over the last two decades, the Legal group law firm has shown unwavering excellence in providing diverse legal services to its clients. The team of legal experts offers advice and legal help in various specializations. If you need legal intervention in corporate and commercial, property leasing, real estate, and investment, the legal group is your trusted partner. Their key strength is in the combination of legal experts and support professionals who work as a team. They follow a client-focused approach that puts customer satisfaction first and they do so by providing exceptional and customized services. When a lawyer is assigned a particular case, they are required to walk with their client step by step until the process is done.

The legal group works closely with various law enforcement authorities globally just to ensure that their practice is within the legal framework. Some of the niche practice areas for this company include market research and study, intellectual property registration, patent, and trademark among others. If you need legal advice or help in any of these areas, you will be in a safe place working with the Legal group. You will be connected to the lawyer who will offer you the advice you need to avoid trouble and also help you with the necessary legal solutions. Making a win for all their clients is usually top of their priority list. This is because a happy client will not only come back but also bring in more clients through referrals.

To enquire further about this firm, contact The Legal Group, E-313 A, Al Saaha Offices B, Souk Al Bahar, Burj Khalifa P.O. Box 20338, Dubai, UAE. Call +971 4 447 7044 +971 4 447 7088 and +971 55 606 2266 for Corporate & Commercial inquiries or email

Motei and Associates

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This firm was founded to provide deep knowledge of local laws and the business culture to its clients. Since 2002, this firm has not only availed legal knowledge but has also helped numerous to successfully solve various legal business issues. This team of experts has also succeeded in providing cost-effective and personalized legal expertise to clients in Dubai and across the region. They operate with a noticeably high level of responsiveness considering their clients’ specific objectives and budgetary requirements. Their ability to provide high-quality services at cost-effective prices has given them an advantage over their competition.

Whether you only speak Arabic or can communicate in other languages, the Motei and Associates lawyers got you. They fluently speak Arabic and can communicate in English and French with equal proficiency. This means that language will not be an issue so your legal needs will be well understood and taken care of. The firm’s core values, namely: integrity, responsiveness, quality, and respect reflected in the way they serve their clients. The lawyers bring their skills, experience, and creativity to provide the needful legal solutions to their clients. They also pursue a personal connection with their clients in the bid to secure customer loyalty. If you work with Motei and Associates, you will get full value for your money.

Contact Motei and Associates, Damac Executive Heights (TECOM), Office No. 801, 8th Floor, P.O. Box: 112888, Dubai, UAE. Telephone+971 4 435 5959, Fax: +971 4 435 5858 or email and find out more about their services.

The International Law Firm

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With its regional office in Dubai, the International Law firm has continued to serve clients in Dubai and across the UAE region. The firm also has close associations and correspondence with reputable international law firms. This adds to its credibility since its services must measure up to the international standards. For many years now, this firm has been serving individuals and companies by providing professional legal services. They start by establishing a legal presence in maintaining business operations. If you have any legal business needs, you are sure to receive high-quality services from this firm owing to its international association.

The experts in the International law firm are known for offering the most practical and sensible legal solution to their clients. The lawyers also have practical experience in a broad range of business as well as extensive knowledge. In this firm, they mainly focus on the client to determine the best legal remedies at the least cost possible. They also work within the clients’ timelines by finding the quickest and most appropriate response. If you engage their services, they will not only solve your legal problems but will also educate you on how to avoid trouble. This means they prefer preventive measures other than solving real problems.

To get more information concerning this law firm, contact The International Law Firm, Al Maktoum Street, Doha Centre Building 7th Floor, Office # 703, P.O. Box 28411, Dubai, UAE. Telephone +971 4 228 7730 – 228 7732, Fax: +971 4 228 7731 or email

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It has been 35years of exclusive service for this law firm. Galadari Advocates and Legal consultants ca today be termed as one of the leading full-service law firms in Dubai. It has an operational team of more than 1oo lawyers and supporting professionals from around the world. This fact proves the vastness of knowledge by which they serve their various clients and should, therefore, give you some confidence to engage them. For any business legal issues, you will need a firm that understands the region best.

Galadari Advocates ad Legal consultants are well-versed with the business practices and regulations in the region. This enables them to handle legal cases with great understanding and also to offer comprehensive legal solutions to their clients. If you have any legal needs regarding compliance and regulation or any other business need, get in touch with Galadari advocates. For further engagements or inquiries, contact Galadari Advocates and Legal consultants P.O.Box: 7992 Dubai – UAE, Tel: +971 4 3778100,

Final Remarks

Getting the proper legal help in Dubai is of paramount importance especially with lots of business operating locally and internationally. Conducting your business within the set regulations is already a big deal let alone finding legal solutions to real problems. Even though there numerous law firms in Dubai, you still need guidance on how to get hold of the best for your case. The list I have provided here is a good place for you to begin since it contains the top-rated firms. However, you will still need to match your specific needs to the services provided by different firms and decide which one is most suited to handle your case.

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