Top 10 Car Rental Companies in Dubai

How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai

Top 10 Car Rental Companies in Dubai

Car hire or rental has been around for the longest time now. People still need the convenience of an express and customized means of transport even if they do not own cars themselves. Sometimes you need several vehicles for a certain occasion hence the need to hire them. It could be that you are going to a place where parking your car could be an issue. In this case, hiring a car and having someone to chauffeur you becomes more convenient for you. Different people will have different reasons for car hire and all their needs are catered for by the rental companies. Renowned car rental companies deal with their clients very professionally. They make sure that customized and personalized services are offered. After all, personalization is one of the main reasons why one will prefer car hire to public transport means.

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing and dynamic cities in the UAE. It has become a prime commercial hub attracting people from all over the world. For these reasons, car rental services have become a booming business and those involved have taken it seriously. There are companies offering car rental services both regular and luxurious. You get personalized services at fairly affordable prices. You also get to choose the kind of car that you would like to hire so that your tastes and preferences are taken care of. Your safety is assured since the companies have adequate insurance and proper follow-up systems. Both locals and visitors have their transport needs covered with numerous options to choose from.

Well, knowing that Dubai has many car rental companies is not enough if you have no idea where to find them. In this era where technology has taken over, it is easier to find your way around the world. You can search online to get both the names and contacts of the various companies. To start you off, below is a list of top ten car rental companies in Dubai:

Shift Car Rental

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This is an ISO-certified car rental and lease company that has conveniently been moving people around Dubai. Its excellence of service has earned it two prestigious awards. Having been in business for quite a while now, Shift car rental understands the details. They have cultivated a niche for themselves and keep their customers satisfied and happy.  Shift offers world-class car rental services giving you value for your money. Innovative technology has kept them on top of the game amidst steep competition.  All their rental vehicles are in perfect condition and are also connected to modern technology.

Every rational customer will look for a service provider values customer’s happiness and safety. Shift got you on this one. It offers comprehensive insurance throughout your trip as well as 24-hour roadside assistance and recovery services. Their rental fleet is the latest and they have a wide variety of cars to choose from. Their delivery and collection services are available across the UAE and their efficiency does not change with distance. They are constantly reliable and always have their ears on the ground to capture and act on their customers’ needs.

To keep up with the fast-moving world of technology, Shift has an online customer portal that addresses all your inquiries and bookings. You will be able to register your car rental details on the portal and get prompt responses. They are open from Monday to Saturday and ready to serve you. Contact Shift Car Rental P.O Box 2128, Dubai UAE. Or call them on 800-74438/0565492707. You can also visit their website

Diamondlease Car Rental

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This top car rental company is a subsidiary of the Al Habtoor Group.  It has excellently served its customers across the UAE for the last 24 years. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Diamondlease has continued to offer comfort and convenience to its customers. It has a fleet of 7000 dealer-maintained vehicles that handle various transportation requirements. With Dubai being a tourist attraction city, the car rental company has been riding on the reputation of its mother company Al Habtoor. The latter has been a force to reckon with in the hospitality and tourism industry and this has given Diamondlease a competitive advantage.

This reputable car rental company was the first local company to be ISO certified. This has earned it massive popularity among the locals and then the visitors. It provides its customers with 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and has fully automated recovery trucks. In case of an accident of any unfortunate incident, they act quickly to rescue and provide alternative transport. You will get the same comfort and convenience as in the initial arrangement. Their wide range of vehicles is available for daily, weekly and even monthly hire.

This car rental company also has adequate and top-notch infrastructure and facilities that support its operations. They also ensure value addition in customer services by optimizing their fleet expenses. Anytime you are in Dubai and you need to rent a car, remember that this company is the home of variety. Contact Diamondlease Head office at Dubai Investments Park, P.O Box 32689, Dubai. You can also reach them on this line +97148852677 or via email for assistance.

Autorent Car Rental

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This is a leading car rental company that has been providing top-notch services in Dubai and across the UAE. With a fleet of more than 12000 vehicles, Autorent is widely spread with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi among others. The excellent services offered here have recently earned the company an award as the best car rental company in the UAE. The staff in Autorent are deeply committed to customer service and always seek to deliver beyond expectations. All the rental vehicles are well-maintained with regular mechanical checks and services. The company also offers comprehensive insurance to ensure that their customers are taken care of.

If you are in Dubai or are planning to be there for your business, then Autorent got you covered on matters transport. They will provide a vehicle of your choice and make sure you arrive safely. In case of any roadside inconveniences, their rescue team is readily available to make you as comfortable as possible. The staff team in this company has been empowered to enjoy what they do so that they can serve their customers satisfactorily. They are driven by the vision to become the most trusted car rental brand in the Middle East.

Autorent believes in continuous improvement and the quality of their customer service is at the core of their performance. This has made a name for them regardless of the steep market competition. Contact Autorent Car Rental, Oud Metha Dubai through +971600549993 or via email address for help.

Dollar Rent A Car

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Being an international company with its headquarters in the USA, Dollar Rent A Car has been in existent for quite some years now. Its presence has been felt in 53 countries with the UAE receiving it in 2004. This executive car rental company has its offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. They are also found in several Airport locations where they make commuting stress-free for both local and international customers. This company offers quality and cost-effective car rental services and is planning to expand its presence across the UAE.

Dollar Rent a Car has a wide variety of vehicles all of which are well-maintained. They range from regular to luxurious rides all of which meet and even exceed the required car rental standards. Innovation has helped this company to scale to great car rental heights since their services are beyond ordinary. They are committed to giving their customers delightful experiences and they keep improving. Whether you are a local or a visitor in Dubai, Dollar Rent a Car will give you a hassle-free renting experience where you get value for your money. Potential inconveniences are proactively taken care of with a 24-hour roadside help team.

Every rational customer in today’s world will prefer a company whose services are highly automated and available online. Dollar Rent a Car provides an online booking platform that will save you time and energy. For any queries that you may have, contact Dollar Rent-a-Car UAE at Arenco Building, Zabeel Road, P.O. Box 2622, Dubai, U.A.E. You can also email them on

Bargain Car Rental

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This a Dubai-based company that has been recorded among the fastest growing in the car rental business. It gives people a chance to drive a car of their choice anytime they want without necessarily owning it. A car is a liability unless it is generating income. This is one of the reasons that most people prefer car renting instead of owning. You can get the car you want, to serve you at a specific time without having to incur maintenance costs. Bargain Car Rental offers its services locally and across the region and the quality of their services are unquestionable.

Bargain Car Rental has a collection of the latest model vans, cars, and four-wheel drives SUVs. You can hire the vehicle of your choice for a day, a weekend, a trip or even a vacation. There are daily and weekly rentals as well as short-long term rentals which range from one month to three years. It all depends on what you need or want and the much you can pay for. They give you the option of driving a different car every year and you get to choose what you want.

As you think about all that this company offers, have in mind that they have free maintenance and vehicle replacement. With fully comprehensive insurance covers and no hidden costs. For any car rental assistance, contact Bargain Car Rental on Al Rigga Rd. Fish Roundabout, Deira, Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Call them on + 971 4 2563846 or email via

Future Star Rent A Car

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This is one of the leading car rental companies in Dubai. They are in business to serve the needs of their customers by providing diverse rental services. The deals are either daily, weekly or even monthly. Pickup and delivery services are provided across Dubai regardless of distance or location. The company has hands-on follow up and rescue teams on the ground to contain any inconveniences that may befall the customers. They offer free car replacement and tire change services on the road. The company has over 200 cars of various sizes and models to address diverse customer needs.

Regardless of what time of the day or week it is, there is always someone available to serve customers at Future Star Rent a Car. They a 24/7 customer service system that will take and respond promptly to all your queries. If you need to seek clarifications before booking with them, they have open lines for communicating with customers. Booking services fast and easy due to simplified procedures that do not give customers a hard time. Renting a car with this company also means that you will not cater for any maintenance costs throughout the period you will be using the car.

Just in case you are wondering who will offer you favorable car rental services in Dubai, Future Star Rent A Car will be a great starting point. Contact them at Al Qusais Dubai, Damascus Road. Same Building of Dubai Driving Center 2nd flour 215. You can also call them on +971528288789, +971528996262, +97142558466, +971566245620 or write to them on

Parklane Car Rental

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Apart from the convenience that comes with renting a car, style and luxury are the other two factors that cause people to rent vehicles. The fact that you can drive any luxurious car of your choice anytime you want is quite impressive. Parklane Car Rental has made it possible for people to drive or get driven in the latest models of luxurious cars that they do not even own. This company provides a variety of state-of-the-art vehicles giving people a chance to enjoy them. Their staff is also dedicated to giving exemplary car rental services to all their clients.

Parklane serves major cities in the UAE among them being Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Anyone looking for an exotic and luxurious car to rent will find a matching option in this company’s showroom. They have access to the latest and the most advanced models all of which are available to their clients. Their fleet is well-diversified to give clients the time of their life depending on their various needs and wants. Parklane helps you to enjoy moments of your dreams without incurring car maintenance costs.

For you or your friends living in or visiting Dubai, Parklane is dedicated to facilitating your movements in any of the fifty luxury cars of your choice. All you need is to get in touch with them at Po. Box: 48872 Dubai – UAE or call them on these lines + 9714 3471779/ +971529999981. The official email address is

Fleet Management

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This company does a whole lot of other things but car rental and leasing are some of the major ones. They have a fleet of vehicles ranging from regular cars to luxurious and classy vehicles. They offer top-notch car rental services to their clients ensuring that each is served as per their individual needs. The vehicles on their fleet are well-maintained and can be easily and freely replaced when necessary during a customer’s trip. Fleet Management offers 24-hour tracking services for all their vehicles hence ensuring the safety of their customers. In case of any inconveniences, they can intervene as fast as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

Modern technology is one of the key strengths that have seen Fleet Management rise to the top of car rental service providers in Dubai. They introduced a state-of-the-art car rental software to automate workflow. Manual operations are now limited hence both efficiency and effectiveness have been improved. There is a real-time and unified digital system to track all the rental vehicles. This company is committed to satisfy their clients and offer them real value for their money. They take care of both the customer and the vehicle throughout the journey.

If safety has always been a challenge for you as far as car rental is concerned, then Fleet Management is here to give you a different and amazing experience. Contact them in Office NO.102, Emirates Islamic Bank Building, Near Qusaise Metro Station. You can also call them on +971558188662 or email via for assistance.

Be VIP Rent a Car

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Just as the name indicates, this car rental company allows you to move around like a real VIP. Regardless of whether you own a car or not, you can lease whatever kind of car you desire or need. This company has been serving the UAE since 2012 after its establishment in Dubai. It has since then grown its fleet to more than 100 vehicles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They offer VIP car rental services at very competitive prices and their strategic locations in the cities also work to their advantage. The customer service team does not leave anything to chance and has worked tirelessly not only to maintain old customers but also to make new ones.

This company was born out of love for luxurious and exotic cars. They desire to give their clients a regular touch of class and luxury. Vehicles are available for daily hire and the wide variety enables them to serve their clients conveniently. There are exclusive and new model brands that customers can hire at their convenience. They serve both locals and visitors with commitment and dedication that sets them apart from their competitors. They are open to serve their clients around the clock and this makes it very convenient to work with them. Their online services are organized and tailored to satisfy all customers and queries are handled promptly.

If you have been dreaming of driving or taking a ride on one of these luxurious sports cars, Be VIP Rent a Ca will make it happen. Contact them on +971522447777/+971567699555, northwest of Dubai Marina Mall or visit their website  for any queries.

Number One Car Rental

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Since 2014, this company has been facilitating VIP movements across Dubai. They provide luxurious cars and services to their clients and they have only gotten better over the years. One of the reasons to trust this company is because most of their clients are VIPs and so their services are of high-quality. They also have international standards applied to their service delivery since Dubai is an international business hub. By seeking their services, you will avoid unnecessary disappointments.

From the world’s leading automotive companies, Number One Car Rental has access to dozens of luxury cars and SUVs. Among them being Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini and any other that you can think of. They constantly replenish their fleet so that they can keep satisfying the diverse needs of their diverse customers. They also have car rental with a personal driver and this is convenient mostly for those who are going for business trips. You cannot exhaust the car rental options available in this company. They are as dynamic as the customers can be and this makes the adaptive and relevant.

If you are looking for luxurious and latest car options to hire, then Number One Car Rental got you covered. For any assistance, contact them at Midtown Business Center, The One Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. Call them on +971 4 246 29 11 and email for reservations via

Final Advice

Being one of the fastest-growing cities in the UAE, Dubai is a beehive of activities. Both locals and international visitors are constantly moving up and about for either personal touring or business-related trips. This makes it needful to have many car rental options to serve the diverse needs of all these people. Consequently, Dubai is not short of car rental companies. You only need to identify and work with the best. The list above will be of great help as you try to identify a company that will meet all your car rental needs.

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