Top 10 Hotel Management Software Providers in Dubai

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Top 10 Hotel Management Software Providers in Dubai

The hospitality industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Operations are becoming more and more versatile and dynamic, which has seen hotels grow at a fast rate to cater for the growing needs as well. In today’s world of technology and the internet, hotel management has undergone many changes to cope up with the complex nature of the business. Dubai is one of the fast-growing cities in the world. Therefore, there is a lot of competition in the market hence the need for hotel management solutions that will make every investor relevant in the market. Managing hotel operations is not easy and that is why technology solutions have come to boost these efforts.

Focusing on the nitty-gritty of hotel operations is a cumbersome process that cannot match today’s dynamic market. Hotel management software solutions are the fashionable thing to implement in order to ensure effective hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, catering services and catering among other aspects. These are vital in keeping pace with the heated competition in the Dubai market. Professional hotel management solutions are the sought-after tools that are helping hotels keep track of their operations and profits in general. It is a sure way to eliminate any mistakes and stay informed of the hotel’s welfare.

To be successful, any hotel operating in Dubai should seek the help of experts who deal with hotel management software solutions. These are the partners you need to streamline your hotel processes and daily operations. So, how do you get to find out about the best hotel management software provider? Well, Dubai is not short of software developers and providers who have tailored their efforts around the hospitality Industry. The most important thing to put into consideration is the ease of integration into your hotel processes. Ideally, the software choice should enhance your operations and make you more productive than before. Here are the top 10 hotel management software providers to consider in Dubai:

XactSoft Multiline IT Solutions

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First in the list is the Xactsoft Multiline IT solutions located in Dubai. The company was established in 2010 and has since been providing great IT solutions to businesses in Dubai and the UAE at large. The services are not limited to Dubai alone but have expanded to other parts of the world. The company started out as a small service company but later diversified into services touching on dedicated several, web hosting, IoT and other solutions to hotels within the region. Xactsoft offers custom solutions to hotels and other retail outlets targeting the proper management and oversight of their operations with the latest software.

The company will get you a wealth of skills and experience to better your hotel management needs in Dubai. The services and solutions provided help you serve your customers in the best way possible. That way, you have sufficient time to take care of other equally important things in your hotel. Many hotels in Dubai have benefited a lot from these software solutions and are now making it big in the industry. Streamlining your hotel operations is the main goal of having this software in place.

Get the help of professionals for hotel management solutions. You need these services to favorably compete with others in the market. Contact Xactsoft Multiline IT Solutions, 211, Building No.7, Ground floor, Gold & Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call +9715 58239809 or email for assistance with your hotel management needs.

IQ Minds Technology

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The IQminds Technology company is a software, web and mobile development providing digital marketing solutions to its clients in Dubai. Located in Dubai, the company has established itself as a market leader in providing hotel management software solutions to businesses in Dubai. With a keen focus on the hotel industry, IQminds continues to offer solutions in web design, POS software, and other IT concepts to optimize your hotel performance in the market. They will help assess your situation and guide you into choosing the best software solutions that will work for your hotel outfit.

There are very many aspects of doing business especially in running a hotel in Dubai. Without the right resources, you wouldn’t know how to coordinate everything and engage in profitable business venture in this lucrative city. Every solution created is aimed at boosting your operations and making the most of your investment. Get the advice from experts and decide on what you need out of the options presented to you. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your budget and the help you are looking for.

IQminds is one of the renowned companies in Dubai that can partner with you to grow your hotel. Managing your operations using tech solutions is all you need to remain competitive. Contact IQ Minds technology 1617, The Binary Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE P.O. Box 444866 via (+971) 4-584-6651 (+971) 559743797 or email them through for assistance.

Focus Softnet

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Founded in 1992, Focus Softnet has grown over the years to provide hotel management solutions to clients in the industry. It started out as a regional IT firm and later on became a global business solutions innovator and provider. The company has been able to provide great solutions due to its investment in research and development through professionals who are knowledgeable enough to address your Management needs. Solutions provided use modern technology and also have an edge towards future development making future integrations a lot easier. This is a resourceful company that has gained partnership globally and can be trusted to offer working solutions to any hotel business.

Part of the solutions and services provided include POS software to manage your so daily operations and effectively serve your customers. You obviously need the help of such a company if you want to make the most out of your management software. You need someone who understands where you are, the Dubai market and what you need to do to thrive in it. With their help, your business should perfectly be streamlined to boost operations and profits.

To benefit from these solutions, take time to do your own research and decide on what works for you out of the choices available to you. Ensure that the vendor understands your needs and provides you with the answers you are looking for.  Contact Focus Softnet via or call +91-800-840-3263 for help with what you need in hotel management.

RSI Concepts

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RSI hotel management system software solutions provided by RSI Concepts is one of the reliable tools that you can get for your business. This is a versatile tool that can help you in the management of front office activities in motels, hotels and guest apartments among other outfits in the hospitality industry. This is an ideal solution for hotel establishments especially those in Dubai and other parts where the company operates in. The overall objective of having these solutions is to reduce operation costs, boost your hotel performance and simply the general management procedure for your company.

Using the RSI Concepts software will help you with reservation modules and systems to book, cancel, check-in and check-out alongside other housekeeping activities that are useful in your business establishment. All these can be realized in a single user or a multi-user setting since the system is set around a flexible and robust RDBMS technology. Most importantly, it can work with Microsoft SQL Server or ORACLE. The experts will explain the benefits in detail for you to make an informed decision.

Working with professional hotel management software providers is recommended to get you good value for money. Don’t hesitate to engage minds that will boost your operations in the competitive Dubai market. Contact RSI Concepts Sharjah Industrial Area 18 Maliha Road, Al Husn Complex 1st Floor, Office # 9 P.O.Box 50890 or call Tel : +971 (0)6 524 8146 or email for hotel management software solutions. They will help you a great deal.


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Having started in 2015, this company has earned a reputation among the best hotel management software providers in Dubai. It is among the top choices to consider in your search for professional management software solutions for hotels. The company employs professional workers with Rich experience in inventory management, field mobility and POS solutions that have been vital to any business in our world today. The company’s ability to focus on their clients has made it possible for them to provide solutions that work for all.

Working with YESPOS is more than just having a provider for hotel management software. They act as partners to your business and will ensure that your business runs smoothly with streamlined Operations and processes. This gives you room to focus on your expansion efforts and diversification in an effort of growing your business. There is no limit to what you can do with this type of solution. Every input by this software solution is a step towards making your hotel operations better and better.

Let the experts do the cumbersome work for you as you coordinate other elements of your hotel for success. When you have streamlined processes, your work is simple – investing in ways that will open up your business to new markets and for growth as well. You can never go wrong with this software. Contact Yespos P.O. BOX No – 117566, Al Nahda Street, Near Astoria Hotel, Al Souq Al Kabeer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates via for help with your hotel management needs.

Winsar Infosoft Pvt. Ltd

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The need for quality, comprehensive and flexible management for hotels and restaurants has been one of the major reasons that led to the establishment of Winsar Infosoft Pvt. LTD. These are experienced people with a thorough understanding of how things work in this industry. Therefore, you can rely on them for advice and solutions that match global standards. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and therefore, every investor in the hotel industry must endeavor to make everyone feel comfortable away from home. However, managing all these processes manually can be quite tasking. For that reason, investing in a good hotel management software is the way to go.


With its origins in India, Winsar Infosoft Pvt LTD has diversified its operations to other places including Dubai and the Middle East at large. Therefore, it is a company that has realized success in this field and would do a good job once contacted to deliver such services. Everything today has gone the technology way and therefore, you cannot stick to old methods of doing things. As a result, you will be left with no choice other to work with tech gurus for modern management solutions.


Managing processes in the fast-moving Dubai economy is not a joke. Look for hotel management partners who have solutions that you might need. Contact WinsarInfosoft Pvt.Ltd.(Dubai Br) No 18, Al Khubaisi Business Centre (Pony Building) 119 Al Ittihad St, Dubai, UAE or call +971 50 409 0074; +971 56 484 3155 or email them via


What is Online hotel management system?

In any industry, there are both the experienced and inexperienced. For different reasons, you may choose to go with either of them. Well, TrueBays is somewhat a new and young company but has taken the Dubai market by storm especially with the provision of hotel management software for businesses operating there. Based in Dubai, this is a company you may want to get in touch with especially if you are just getting started with your operations.  All you need is to vet them and find out the kind of solutions they got for you.

When looking for hotel management software providers, it is important to know the kind of help you are looking for. There are very many options available in the market but you can narrow down to your needs and make a choice of what is best for you. Don’t rely heavily on the experienced in the market. You could still get help from new entrants in the market and get these solutions at an affordable cost. Therefore, it is good to consult various players in the market from which you can make your final choice.

There are many IT solutions in the market today but it depends on what you want. With a list of options at your disposal, you can really tell who has your interest mind. Prior to settling on the final choice, contact TrueBays via or call them via  +971 56 38 38 329 for assistance with your hotel management software needs.

ParTech, Inc., Dubai

What is Online hotel management system

From the time ParTech was established, the objective has been to provide POS solutions for restaurant and outfits in the hospitality industry. Today, the company is a global provider of hotel solutions to the biggest restaurants around the world. Success attained has been brought about by vast experience in the hotel industry and a thorough knowledge of support services to the franchise and corporate operators. Consistency in the business has made them a reliable software company providing bespoke solutions to hotels especially in the effective management of their operations.

Busy markets like Dubai will leave you with no time to do anything else. At the end of the day, you will have a lot of backlogs and unfinished business. For that reason, it is important to have a professional software provider to get you a solution that will fix all this. The hospitality industry continues to change by the day and operations are getting complex by the day. Instead of wondering what to do, it would be a lot better to get the help of software experts who are knowledgeable in hotel management.

Guided by core values of Authenticity, dreaming, awareness, people and perseverance, ParTech promises to partner with you in providing a solution that works for your business outfit. They also offer custom solutions that are designed following your specific needs. Contact ParTech, Inc., Dubai BP02, Freezone South 1 Jebel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E. Post Box 17263 or call them through +971-(0)4-8860601 for help with quality hotel management software solutions.

Coral Business Solutions

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Coral Business Solutions is a leader in Dubai and the entire UAE in the supply of ERP solutions for managing business processes and procedures. Therefore, you can reach out to them for help with solutions customized to run your hotel as well. They serve every kind of business setup and that includes the hospitality industry as well. The company puts together, people, material resources and customers in a system where they coordinated to produce the desired output. New solutions are coming up by the day. Therefore, you need to talk to them to get the latest solution for your hotel.

Some hotel activities and procedures are important but they tend to take up most of your valuable time and effort. In that case, you need to engage experts who will take care of these needs and streamline everything for you. Basically, they will make sure that the processes happen without being a bother to you. All this can only happen when you employ the latest tech solutions in your hotel operations. The ability to keep track of your hotel affairs is all you need to remain focused and realize your goals in your hotel setup.


You may come across the coral business solutions in your search for reliable hotel management software providers. Well, take the time to study what they have to offer. Find out about their policies and the type of solutions and options they have in place. Contact Coral Business Solutions Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. P.O. Box:233356 or email them via or call them via  +9714 240 4942 for help with your hotel management need!


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Looking for a hospitality and retail system specialist? Mycom Systems is a complete IT solutions company specifically dealing with retail businesses and hotels. For over two decades now, the company has been providing much-needed tech solutions to keep track and manage the ever-growing hotel and retail industries. This is more especially in cities like Dubai that are very dynamic on all fronts. Effectiveness and productivity in any establishment are determined by the ability to keep track of everything. This is achievable by having hotel management software in place.

Innovation and quality solutions are the defining pillars of Mycom systems. The company offers end-to-end tools providing you with seamless integration of various modules to enhance your business operations. This covers POS systems to coordinate hotel activities and streamline them to evaluate your productivity and profitability in a busy working environment. With these software solutions, growth is guaranteed.

Make use of market experts for reliable hotel management software solutions today. There is everything you need to be successful in managing your Dubai hotel. Contact MYCOM SYSTEMS P.O. Box 34040, Al Khaleej Center, Office No 710 Mankhool Road, Dubai, UAE or call MOB : +971 55 8795822 MOB : +971 55 8892338 TEL : +971 4 3518228 FAX : +971 4 3512150 or email Sales: and Support: for assistance.

The Bottom Line

Hotel management, especially in a busy work environment, can be quite challenging. This is more especially in this age of internet and technology. Things are moving very fast and you need to come to that level in order to excel in your operations. The best minds in the industry have the solution to help you manage your hotel effectively. Therefore, don’t hesitate to engage them for assistance with these IT solutions. There is a lot of information online to guide you through this process. Put your needs at the center of your search.

In your search efforts, remember that flexibility and ease of integration are very vital. You don’t have the time to deal with sophisticated software. All you need is a system that works for you and take care of things that have been sleeping you down. Having identified a number of hotel management software providers in the Dubai market, it is now time to narrow down to the one that matches your needs. That way, you will stand a good chance to pick the best from the rest.

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