Top 10 Barber Shops in Dubai

Top 10 Barber Shops in Dubai

Top 10 Barber Shops in Dubai

Unlike centuries ago when men would just do the bare minimum as pertains to their grooming, the modern man takes his appearance more seriously. In order to take care of the emerging grooming trend, several barbershops and beauty places have been opened. There now professional barbers who do more than just the regular haircut. They do artistic haircuts, beard-trimming and head massage among other services. The modern-day man is very particular with the kind of look he prefers even for different occasions. Also, depending on one’s profession, skin color, and head shape, different men are able to get hairstyles that suit them best. The secret is in discovering what is best for you as an individual and identify a professional who best meets your needs. 

Dubai, being the world-class business hub that it has become, has a constant flow of individuals going about their daily lives. A big percentage of these people are men some of which are locals while others are visitors from all over the world. To meet the grooming demand for all these men, modern professional barbers have risen to the occasion. There are several state-of-the-art barbershops that offer luxury services to their customers. Also, some women who prefer their hair short get their favorites cuts in some of these shops. The services offered are top-notch with the use of modern equipment and technology. Being a fast-growing city in the UAE, Dubai is not short of experts in this field and many others.

If you have recently moved to Dubai or are planning a visit, it is good to have an idea of where you can get high-quality barber services. Trying out different places may work but having specific recommendations is better. You need to know the details of the services offered, location and even the prices. This will save you time and avoid unnecessary disappointments caused by poorly delivered services. You will need to get value for your every cent by achieving the look and the feeling you desire. That said, below are the top ten barbershops that you could check out while in Dubai:

Beats & Cuts

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This is not your regular kind of barbershop. The barbers here have a perfectionist mentality which pushes them to offer the best that there is. Their services appeal to personal style and modernity. The staff are well-trained and dedicated to customer satisfaction. They are committed to giving their customers unique and authentic services. At Beats & Cuts, each client is treated to customized and high-quality services and such experiences cause them to return.

The hip hop background gives customers the right mood to just relax, feel good and enjoy the luxury services offered here. Their queues are well-managed and so you will not have to wait for an unnecessarily long period. Located at Al Wasl Road in Dubai, Beats & Cuts has become a converging point for elites who get a variety of services. Here, men get their hair cut and colored. As a way to emphasize their expertise, they refer to themselves as artists and not just barbers. They also get a signature massage to relax their scalps and shoulders.

Their dedication to maintaining their existing customers as they make new ones does not leave any room for mediocrity. Every job they do is given the attention it deserves and every customer counts. Just in case you are in Dubai and are wondering where you can have your hair cut, visit Beats & Cuts on Al Wasl Road, Box Park, Shop M10-08. You can also contact them on this number +971 4 342 7727 or via email,

Unison Barber

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Located at Palm Strip Mall Dubai, Unison barbershop has been a force to reckon with since 2018. Men in Dubai have been treated to modern-day and high-quality hair services with a touch of class and elegance. Even though there have been other barbershops in Dubai, this particular one came and brought freshness into the industry. As its name suggests, Unison symbolizes a harmonious relationship between the client and the barber. The services offered to each customer are uniquely customized to suit specific needs.

Clients get more than they have bargained for with value delivery being top of the barbers’ priority list. At Unison barbershop, you will get a plain or an artistic cut as per your preference. If you need your beard shaved or trimmed, the barbers here are at your service.  They also give straight razor haves and many more style combinations per each customer’s needs. For those who like their hair a bit long but stylish, there is something for you at Unison. You will have your hair washed and styled to your preference. Kids also get their fancy cuts and the equipment used on them are sterile and safe.

This barbershop is usually open on a daily basis from 10 am to 10 pm. Their working hours are convenient for the majority of the Dubai population and even visitors. They manage their clients well to avoid delays in service delivery. Contact Unison Barber Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call +971 055 745 1751 for more information.


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Julian’s barbershop has been serving Dubai since 2003. It a British-owned and run a barbershop in hence the assurance of international standards. Men have been enjoying exceptional and professional barbershop services offered in a very conducive and relaxing environment. Even though the industry is highly competitive, Julian has cultivated a niche to beat the competition. The services offered in this barbershop are world-class and highly customized. Also, you can book for your cut online which is very convenient.

You will only need to show up in time for your cut and this saves you unnecessary queueing time. Again, since bookings are done online, you have a higher chance of being among the first to be served if you book early enough. Julian’s barbershop is the epitome of class in Dubai. They offer a wide variety of services from haircuts to beard trimming. They use high-quality hair products and after-shave products. They understand that the impression they make on each customer determines whether they will be repeat customers or not. Using high-quality products ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

Quality products are also safe and less likely to have any side effects on clients.  Their opening times are from 10 am to 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 10 am to 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. If you have any queries about their services, contact Julian’s Barbershop, Arenco Tower, Shop 3, Media City, Dubai, UAE. You can also call them on this line +971 4 447 3188 for help.

Barberia Italiana Dubai

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This barbershop offers modern barber services topped with the Italian heritage. Having its origin in Italy, Barberia Italiana has come to serve Dubai with all the dedication it deserves. Men in Dubai already have a sense of style that should be met with commitment and devotion. Since there are many modern barbershops in Dubai, this particular one differentiates itself by blending in Italian culture.

Top-notch barber services are offered alongside Italian coffee and music just to make it special. This way, they have succeeded in lending the Italian and Arabic cultures in a manner that gives them an edge over their competitors. They believe that their customers’ final look and feel is their calling card so they are committed to excellence. At Barberia Italiana, you will get accurate haircuts and beard trimming services from their professional barbers. Even though their heritage is mainly Italian, they collaborate with Arabic barbers who bring in the traditional Arabic styles where necessary. This brings a balance so that the natives can belong even better.

For your convenience as the customer, there is a private parking space available and the barbershop is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Also, you can book for any of their services online and choose your convenient time. This is the kind of place where you are assured of getting total value for your money and even more. Contact Barberia Italiana Dubai located at Dubai Marina / JBR Dorra Bay Tower Dubai Marina or call +971 04 220 4437 for assistance.

Skills Barbershop Dubai

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Just as the name suggests, Skills barbershop is the place where men in Dubai get their hairs done skillfully by dedicated and passionate barbers. Their services are luxurious and of high-quality. They have over 20 years of barbering experience. Owing to this experience and skill, they have made a name for this barbershop having served people from almost all nationalities. Skills barbershop offers beard grooming and hair services as well as facial treatment services.

The shop has a rich history in the industry and has over the years developed its own techniques and styles. This is the kind of place where people from all walks of life can be attended to. They offer variety, based on tastes and preferences leaving you with quite a number of options to choose from. Here, you will meet skilled and experienced barbers offering the best of services in Dubai. The barber services offered are world-class and will get a thrilling experience, leaving you with a perfect look.

Skills barbershop promises quality, value for money, providing you with premium products, a special grooming experience, privacy, and exclusivity. You will feel special as professional barbers attend to your hair needs. This is what has made the shop one of the most trusted barbershops in Dubai. Contact Skills Barbershop Dubai 15th Floor, #1504 Clover Bay Tower Marasi Drive via 04 368 4327, 800 754557 or 056 877 0949 for an appointment and more information.

LA Maison Barbers

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La Maison Barbers are among the top in Dubai offering haircut services such as little masters haircut, colouring, keratin treatment, and hair straightening treatment. The company also offers special beard cut services including light beard trim, custom beard trim, bro-stache trim, traditional hot towel shave, and colouring. You can also get extras, facials and some work done on your hands and feet. The shop is usually opened Sun-Sat from 10 AM to 11 PM. You can make your booking early enough so that you don’t waste a lot of time waiting to be served. If for whatever reason you want to cancel the appointment, you are allowed to do that two hours before the agreed time.

Working with professionals for a perfect haircut is a great experience for anyone. When you are not sure, especially in Dubai, which may be new to you, it is important to look at a service offering globally accepted services. That way, you will rest assured that there won’t be any disappointments. You can do this by checking online reviews and feedback. You will realize that La Maison Barbers have been in the industry for some time now, providing high-quality services to people like you.

You can get a great cut today because your help is a call away. Contact La Maison Barbers Ground Floor, Tamani Marina Hotel Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marina Near Damac Properties, Dubai, UAE via or call +971 56 423 4741, +971 42 263 300 for assistance!

Good Fellas Dubai

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Good Fellas Dubai barbershop is established entirely for men who have value exceptional quality and a flawless look on them. With good organization and the option of allowing you to book their services, the barbershop seeks to help you save time when going for a shave. It makes shaving an enjoyable experience as you also get to spend a nice time with your friends. You will get all these services in Dubai once you contact this professional barbershop. These are people who are not only interested in your money but also in serving you in the best way possible.

Barbers in this shop are all conversant with various shaving procedures and techniques. Typical examples include straight razor shaving, beard care, hair styling, and eyebrow grooming. All these services will be done by professionals who have mastered the art of shaving and will stop at nothing but giving you the best of quality haircuts. You can visit them for a quick touch or just get the complete pack. 

This is more than just a barbershop. Get your shaving in a relaxed and chilling environment. It is all about class and topping up your Dubai experience. You will not feel a disconnect from your current life because the experience will be among the best. Contact Good Fellas Dubai, Shop 1, Mag 218 Building Dubai Marina, DUBAI, UAE via or call +971 4 553 9882 for booking or guidance on what you need to get shaving services!

MK Barber Shop

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Having been established in Al Wasl Street Alwasl, Dubai, UAE, back in 2016, the MK barbershop has established a unique pool of professional barbers and hairstylists knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in the delivery of top-notch shaving services in Dubai. Today, shaving is not just about getting rid of all or part of your hair. It is an experience that your barber will give you to ensure that all your needs are met. You will be given great shaving ideas to choose from alongside other extras that will make you enjoy being there.

You don’t have to be worried despite the complexity you want in your haircut. MK barbershop has invested a lot in customer service and the best shaving techniques. They have the right tools and equipment to make sure that all your needs are perfectly handled.  These barbers have developed trust among their clients and as a result, have received many referrals. As you get your shave, you will enjoy great conversations that will leave you entertained before leaving their premises.

Professional grooming services come with experts and you can only get this from people who have taken the time to study the best way to offer shaving services. This barbershop is focused on giving you a good reason to visit them again and again for quality cuts and hairstyles. Contact MK Barber Shop Al Wasl Street Alwasl, Dubai, UAE via or call (+971) 4 3353223, (+971) 56 8750008 for help!

The Groom Room

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The Groom Room is a premium barbershop meant for men who value quality cuts and shavings. They are a real-definition of modern styling and grooming services that are a complete package of what men are looking for in a Barbershop. For that reason, this is the place to go if you are looking for services that will highlight your personality. Every cut is customized to every client to make sure that it perfectly meets their needs. If you want a specific style done on your hair, the Groom Room will be the place to go.

With the help of these professional barbers, you will get the best of services located in Dubai’s business bay. They offer a complete shaving package to give you a modern-look for gentlemen who value fashion. It is all about giving you the best feel from your cut. However, the focus is not on modern cuts alone, you will also get old-school service if that is what you are looking for. All shaving and styling techniques can be done from this professional barbershop.


As you prepare to visit the Groom Room, expect to get more than just a professional haircut. These barbers offer customized services, facials and other extras that will leave you relaxed. Contact The Groom Room Damac Cour Jardin Marasi Drive Business Bay via +971 4 770 6936 for appointment and assistance on the kind of help you will get from them. Get your hair done by professionals!

Fade and Shave

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Shaving is very important for men who value it. Therefore, it is important that they get it from professionals who will boost their confidence with a perfect look of modern man. For that reason, Fade and Shave barbershop employs the best barbers in town with a good understanding of the different groups living in Dubai and the different haircuts and styles as well. The team here is highly trained and skilled to give you expert services that you are looking for. Fade and Shave has invested in the best barbershop tools and equipment to give you a thorough and clean cut of your hair and beard.

Services offered by this barbershop include straight razor shaves, hair coloring, hair styling, pedicure, manicure, facials and hair treatments. If this is the package you are looking for, be sure to visit Fade and Shave barbershop. You can also check online for their competitive prices tagged alongside what they offer in this prestigious barbershop. This is the place to go if you value your time, a perfect look and premium quality shaves!

Experience a great shaving experience in an environment with good music, free Wi-Fi and professional barbers by your side. It can never get better than that. This is not the kind of place you wish to get your haircut rushed. You get to enjoy every moment. Contact Fade and Shave Shop No.7 – Princess Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE via or call (+971) 4 564 8515 for booking.

Final Thoughts

Barbershops have revolutionized these days and the case is not different for those in Dubai. This tremendous city has seen the rise of great barbershops designed and established to meet global standards. With the many people flooding the city from different parts of the world, any professional barber service that wants to excel must be sensitive to the needs of the dynamic market. For that reason, it is important to study the different options in the market to pick the service that has your interests.

There is a lot that you can get from your barbershop in Dubai. More than just getting great haircuts and beard styles, there will be eye grooming services, manicure, and pedicure among other extras. The experience is a great one especially if you pick the best from the rest. These top barbershops highlighted here are the kind you may want to consider!

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