Top 10 Security Systems Installation Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Security Systems Installation Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Security Systems Installation Companies in Dubai

Security systems have been around for the longest time now. This is because, safety for people and assets is of paramount importance in both commercial and residential premises. Dubai is without doubt one of the fastest growing cities in the world. This has warranted a rapid increase in human traffic hence the need for advanced security systems. People from all walks of life stream into this city for various activities. Some are on business trips, others sightseeing for fun while others are on their regular shopping sprees. Whatever the reason for your presence in Dubai, you will need to feel safe while there.

Dubai is not short of security systems installation company options. As a matter of fact, if you are in need of such services you will be spoilt for choice. High-quality security services are available at pocket-friendly prices. The competition is very steep so the service providers also offer very competitive services in terms of quality and prices. A wide range of security systems is available in the market to give you the luxury of choice. The companies provide security systems installation services to hospitals, educational facilities, malls, factories and residential among others. Most of the top-rated companies operate across the UAE while some are international. This gives you an assurance of quality for their services even though you will still need to vet them on a personal level.

Highly-ranked Security systems installation companies offer reliable services with customer satisfaction being at the core of their operations. They will deploy experts to install the systems and even do follow-ups and offer assistance in case of any arising issues. Security services are available with unlimited remote access. Dubai is a beehive of activities that do not allow slacking on security systems. Just to get you started, below is a list of top ten security systems installation companies in Dubai:

SEFA Security Systems L.L.C.

Proficient Security Systems Company

For the last seventeen years, this company has been providing security systems solutions to many in Dubai. They provide high-quality security services with innovation being at the core of their business. Since its inception in 2013, SEFA has continued to secure both individual and corporate premises with high-tech security systems. Their services are reliable and they use the latest technology for their installations. One factor you will need to consider when choosing a system installation company is being up to speed with changing technology. This because technology is very dynamic and outdated security systems are as good as none. SEFA security systems got you covered on this one.

This company has its offices strategically located so that they can conveniently reach all their customers. As someone residing in Dubai, you can easily access their offices or reach them through their other contacts to get assistance. They offer a very wide variety of security services ranging from surveillance to access control. Their services are extended to residential, commercial, retail, industrial and even governmental clients. This company values its customers a lot and this explains why their customer service is top-notch.

SEFA servicemen are adequately trained to handle client requests of all kinds. They also work towards customer satisfaction hence their responses are timely and on point.  If you need any kind of security system installation services, feel free to contact SEFA Security Systems L.L.C. Al Safa Building, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Bur Dubai. P.O. Box 111992 Dubai, U.A.E. Fax: 00971 4 397 9913 or call them on Tel: 00971 4 397 9912. You can also email

Syncbyte Security Systems

Proficient Security Systems Company

Technological solutions in the world of security systems are the core business of Syncbyte security systems. Dubai is a center for money and business and only the best security companies can get you the solutions you are looking for while doing your operations there. Security is of importance to any business establishment that wants to thrive in this fast-growing market within Dubai and the UAE. While law enforcement authorities are providing some level of security to businesses in Dubai, you cannot rely entirely on these services.

Getting the help of a company like Syncbyte security systems will give you the guarantee of personalized attention to your security needs. Everyone needs quality security system installations and maintenance and that is what this company offers you. Syncbyte prides itself in the provision of expert security solutions in and around Dubai. You stand a chance of benefiting from their services which include but are not limited to servers and data services, ID Card Printers, Firewall, Biometric Access Control and so on.

Syncbyte is among the top security companies offering professional security systems to all looking for such services. Liaise with their professionals for quality electronic security installations on either your commercial or residential premises. Contact Syncbyte Security Systems  #02, FATHIMA ABDUL FATTAH BLD, AL RAFFA ST, BUR DUBAI PO BOX: 56385 Dubai, UAE. Or call them +97143322827| +971557455212 or email They will get you all the answers to your security questions!

Mega Intersec

Range of Security System Services

Mega Intersec is a reliable security company providing solutions to companies operating in Dubai and in UAE at large. The company provides a wide range of services that includes information consulting, implementation of process control systems, development of management systems, access control system installations and automated security systems. This is among the type of partners you need for robust security systems. Modern-world security systems have undergone serious sophistication and therefore, you need a company with the latest models for your own application. It is important to understand the latest trends so that you can use them to your advantage.

The company is ever-expanding its operations and knowledge of emerging security solutions to help you with close circuit monitoring solutions in various distribution centers in a number of locations. You will get both technical and functional expertise that will help you grow your security systems for your own benefit. The range of services include doing assessment for proper installations and maintenance of installed systems.  The company’s objective is to provide professional and effective services that will add value to your business.

There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you got a security partner who understands what needs to be done to stay in a safe working environment. Get the latest technology solutions in the security industry from a renowned security company. Contact Mega Intersec Al Raffa at Ameer Building, Near Admiral Plaza Hotel, Dubai – United Arab Emirates or call +971 4 333 33 87+971 4 333 38 78 or email them for assistance.

Ansari Security Systems

Security & Surveillance

Ansari Security Systems company has a wide range of services that include automation and control solutions, home automation, access control system and digital signage among other things. Ideally, the company seeks to provide control over your active home devices.  This is a leader in video walls solutions and digital signage in and throughout Dubai. Ansari Security Systems puts you in control of appliances, technology or device in your premises. Being in touch with everything that concerns you is an important focus on your welfare and that is why Ansari is committed to providing such solutions.

With the help of the company’s design team of professionals, you will get the best advice on the installation of CCTV Systems and monitored alarms among other integrated security systems. Nothing beats these types of installations when it comes to security. At this age of technology and the internet, you need competent people to get you the latest security systems. Such can only come through partners like Ansari Security Systems. With digital signage, you will be in a position to interact with your clients in a better way.

You don’t have to worry about what works best for you. There are professionals to get you answers to all the questions you have concerning this matter. Contact Ansari Security Systems 1706 Al Shafar Tower 1, Tecom Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O. Box: 82232 or call +971 55 404 8020, +971 44 5080 78 or email them through for help!


Security & Surveillance

V-its is among the best security solutions partner for businesses in Dubai. The company provides a variety of CCTV camera services, door access control systems, intercom systems for enterprises, educational institutions and hospitals as well as time attendance machines for organizations. Services are also available for residentials around the city and in the UAE at large. Since it’s establishment in 2006 the company has grown to become one of the renowned brands in the security industry in the region. They have successfully undertaken various projects in Dubai and in other cities within UAE.

The company’s excellence has opened up more opportunities within the region and continues to supply the best electronic security solutions in the country. V-its has received a lot of recommendations from satisfied clients and that is why it has been a favorite for those looking for security systems solutions. To match the needs of the ever-growing population in Dubai, V-its has diversified it’s operations and security solutions  to serve a bigger clientele.

With V-its, you will get specialized IT solutions, local area network solutions, car parking Gates and home automation solutions among other services. They have a competent team of professionals who will leave nothing to chance. They will get you all the help you need to establish a robust security system on your premises. Contact VITS LLC located 19th Floor, Office No: 1939 Thamani Arts Building Near Bay Squire, Business Bay Dubai, United Arab Emirates or call them via +971 5457 99883 or email them via for assistance.

Krishcom Satellite Equipment Trading & Installation LLC

Security Surveillance Systems & Equipment Installation

There are different security companies offering various solutions to clients in Dubai. If you are looking for different options, you can try Krishcom Satellite Equipment Trading & Installation LLC. This company is among the best that offers security systems matching internationally recognized standards. The company specializes in Satellite and Electronic security and surveillance solutions in the Dubai city market. All work is coordinated through a team of competent and well-equipped experts with a thorough knowledge of the latest technology solutions in the region.

Krishcom does all the job for you. They will assess your situation, advise, design and implement a reliable security solution that will work for you. Over and above that, maintenance and support services will be made available to get you the help you need to succeed in managing the welfare of your establishments. The objective is to help you work or live with comfort and peace knowing that all your security needs are fully addressed. Nothing is left to chance as the professionals do a thorough audit of your security and help you identify the immediate needs.

Working with a knowledgeable security company is the secret to getting the best solutions for your premises. You need someone who will not only do the job you asked them to do but also one that will advise you on how best you can implement the solution. Contact Krishcom Satellite Equipment Trading & Installation LLC via Phone: +971 4 397 0444 or email them through for assistance!

SafeCity Security Solutions


A good security company should be in a position to do a comprehensive look into your security needs and provide an amicable solution to the situation. With SafeCity Security Solutions FZE, you will benefit from experience with security systems and skills useful in the development of reliable solutions. The work done by this company involves the design, development, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance of feasible and user-friendly security systems while safeguarding your interests all through. Most importantly, you can get customized solutions designed to solely address your specific needs.  

SafeCity has the right minds in place to get you integrated security systems that are unique in providing admirable solutions to your premises. The range of services offered includes long-range thermal camera installations, Solar Wireless CCTV, border security, facial biometrics, command control rooms, vehicle tracking, and many other solutions. The company’s commitment to quality security systems is unmatched and it seeks to provide answers that are Superior to modern-day security challenges.

Work with a company that is thinking ahead to provide bespoke security solutions that are always ahead to combat both existing and future threats to security. The world is quickly changing with the evolvement of technology. Therefore, you need a tech-savvy company handling your security needs. SafeCity Security Solutions has been around Dubai for some time now and has experts knowledgeable in what you want to do. Contact  SafeCity Security Solutions via or call them through +971-50-7830158 for assistance with your security needs!

Solas Safety & Fire Protection Services Co. LLC


Solas Safety & Fire Protection Services L.L.C (Solas Fire) stems out from the larger Solas Marine Services Group that was founded in Dubai, UAE. The company started out with the provision of complete solutions for the industrial and building sectors. As of today, the company is known for the design, distribution, Installation, testing and subsequently commissioning systems for detecting fire and protection systems in the security systems world. Solas will not only do that but also make sure that it maintains, services and do a re-certification of both portable and fixed security systems for all it’s clients in Dubai guided by the Dubai Civil Defense requirements.

One of the best choices you can make is in choosing a company that is duly certified by the reigning authority in the provision of security services. One such company is Solas Safety & Fore Protection Services Co. LLC. It has the best minds and qualified engineers who are thoroughly trained to carry out these assignments in a high-quality fashion. Having the team trained by the manufacturers and at the same time acknowledged by Dubai Civil Defense is a big plus for them.

There is no doubt that Solas has put in place the necessary mechanism required to provide holistic services to all  it’s clients. Contact Solas Safety & Fire Protection Services Co. (L.L.C) via +971-04-8853096 or email them through for assistance with security systems installations. Work with a legally compliant security company!

SNB Middle East


The SNB is yet another security systems installation company operating in Dubai. As part of the SNB group, this is a new generation distributor of value-added technology. The main services offered revolve around security surveillance, backup, data storage and networking solutions. The company’s main office is situated in Dubai but has several other regional offices in various countries such as India and Pakistan. SNB prides itself with an extensive reach to customers in Africa and in the Middle East as well as India.

The company has a diverse team of consultants, system integrators, IT resellers and contractors whom they work with to deliver security systems installations to clients. They will help you grow your business through solution architecting, service, offering support, training and product expertise. This has been made possible through a highly motivated team of professionals with great skills and certified in the various security areas. SNB will give you the most-valuable in-class product solutions that are performance oriented with an emphasis on timely response and establishing a pro-active approach to the installation of robust security systems.

This is among the top IT solutions distributors in Dubai working to provide reliable security systems to customers for their own growth and stability. SNB is a great choice of security company that will provide you with the latest technology in security for your own use. Contact SNB Middle East FZC via: +971 42602760 Fax: +971 42602762 or email them through for help with your security system installations!

FLIR Commercial Systems


This is a manufacturer of technologies aimed at enhancing awareness and perception. Flir commercial systems works by designing, developing and distributing technologies in the security industry. You will get innovative sensing solutions from SNB alongside other security services that include visible-light imaging, measurement and diagnostics, video analytics, thermal imaging and sophisticated threat detection systems. This is your partner in security solutions

having served various industrial, commercial, government and defense markets.

The products designed and developed by Flir are helpful to military personnel and first responders in their efforts to save lives. Further than that, they help in enhancing efficiency in trades. They also develop consumer-facing solutions in an effort to promote public well-being and safety, promote time efficiency and boost your energy while contributing to an intelligent and healthy business environment.

With the help of FLIR professionals, you will be in a position to get a thorough assessment of your situation in preparation for the installation of the best security systems. Further on the same, they will help you design, install and maintain these systems to ensure that they get you the service you need. That is the advantage of working with knowledgeable individuals who are out to provide you with answers to your security needs. Contact Flir Commercial Systems PO Box 54262, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Office C-13, Street WB-21, Dubai, UAE, UAE or call them on +971 4 299 7218 for help with your security systems installations.

Final Thoughts

Businesses thrive in areas where security has been guaranteed. Therefore, it is important to prioritize this issue if you want work in a safe and peaceful environment. There is a lot that you can do to get the best of security companies offering electronic security systems to boost security within your premises. Dubai is not short of these companies. There are those whose work is to help you determine your security needs, design solutions for you and at the same time do the installation. You can never go wrong working with experts.

In your search for security systems installation companies, discussed here are some of the options you got in Dubai. Each has its own unique aspects and therefore, you can consider using their services based on how well they address your needs. Go for experts with experience and well-trained professionals who understand the latest technology development in the security industry. They will be helpful in getting you timely solutions that will see the safety of your operations both in commercial and residential settings.

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